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44114 Street Addresses

Alabama Ct ((2500-2699)) Bethel Ct ((1-1699)) Breck Ct ((3100-3199)) Buck Ct ((3100-3199)) Canfield Ct ((1400-1699)) Chester Ave ((900-3999)) Cleveland Memorial State Hwy ((200-299)) Commerce Ave ((4001-4399)) Danford Ct ((2900-3199)) Davenport Ave ((1400-2199)) Dayton Ct ((3700-3799)) Dodge Ct ((1300-1899)) E 10th St ((1100-1299)) E 12th St ((1100-1899)) E 13th St ((1100-1999)) E 16th St ((1100-1199)) E 17th St ((1100-1899)) E 18th St ((1100-1899)) E 19th St ((1500-1999)) E 1st St ((2000-2099)) E 20th St ((1100-1399)) E 21st St ((1300-1899)) E 22nd St ((1100-1899)) E 23rd St ((1200-1899)) E 24th St ((1300-2099)) E 25th Pl ((1700-1899)) E 25th St ((1300-1899)) E 26th St ((1100-1499)) E 27th St ((1-1899)) E 2nd St ((100-998)) E 30th St ((1300-1999)) E 31st Pl ((1500-1699)) E 31st St ((1300-1899)) E 32nd Pl ((1500-1699)) E 32nd St ((1300-1899)) E 33rd St ((1-1899)) E 34th St ((1300-1699)) E 35th Pl ((1700-1899)) E 36th St ((1300-2099)) E 37th Pl ((1800-1899)) E 37th St ((1700-1899)) E 38th St ((1000-1899)) E 39th St ((1300-1799)) E 3rd St ((1300-1999)) E 40th Pl ((1700-1799)) E 40th St ((1000-1349)) E 45th St ((1200-1349)) E 49th St ((1001-1421)) E 53rd St ((1200-1399)) E 54th Pl ((1100-1199)) E 6th St ((1200-1999)) E 9th St ((800-2599)) Emerald Ct ((1400-1799)) Erieside Ave ((100-799)) Erieview Plz ((1-1199)) Euclid Ave ((100-999)) Hamilton Ave ((100-5499)) Hamilton Ct ((4000-5499)) Hickory Ct ((1100-1299)) Kelley Ave ((3700-3999)) Kelley Ct ((3700-3999)) King Ave ((3300-3899)) Kingsbury Blvd ((10303-10899)) Krause Ct ((2000-3599)) Lake Ct ((5400-5499)) Lakeside Ave E ((1-5499)) Lemar Ave ((3800-3899)) Marginal Rd ((900-1199)) Marquette St ((1100-5399)) N Marginal Rd ((1101-5598)) Packard Ct ((2400-2699)) Payne Ave ((1200-5499)) Payne Ct ((2400-2599)) Perkins Ave ((3000-5499)) Perry Ct ((2400-2599)) Public Sq ((100-198)) Radio Ln ((1-1399)) Rockwell Ave ((200-2399)) Saint Clair Ave NE ((1200-3999)) S Marginal Rd ((2400-5499)) Sonora Ave ((3000-3299)) State Rte 2 ((200-299)) St Clair Ave NE ((1-1199)) Stuber Ct ((1500-1598)) Superior Ave E ((1-3999)) Theresa Ct ((600-899)) US Hwy 20 ((100-999)) US Hwy 322 ((1300-3999)) US Hwy 6 ((2-3999)) Vincent Ave ((600-899)) W 3rd St ((100-1099)) Walnut Ave ((900-1699)) Waring Ct ((3000-3199)) Webster Ct ((3300-3999)) W Mall Dr ((1200-1399))

44114 Places and Attractions

Aviation High School Burke Lakefront Airport Central Armory (historical) Central Station Cleveland Police Department Christ Lutheran Church for the Deaf Cleveland Arena (historical) Cleveland Browns Stadium Cleveland City Hall Cleveland Fire Station 5 Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum Cleveland Medical College (historical) Cleveland Municipal Stadium (historical) Cleveland Public Hall Cleveland Public Library Clinton Park (historical) Cuyahoga County Criminal Court David N Myers College Dock Number 28 Dock Number 30 Dock Number 32 Dock Number 34 Donald Gray Garden Erieview Plaza Euclid Avenue Baptist Church (historical) Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Fenn College Fort Huntington Park Gordon Shore Boat Club Great Lakes Museum Interchange 173B Interchange 173C Interchange 174A Interchange 174B Interchange 175 Josaphat Arts Hall Josephatowa Kirtland Park Kirtland Pump Station Lakeside Yacht Club Morris School (historical) New Chinatown Old Chinatown Park Centre Shopping Center Public Auditorium Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Saint Johns Cathedral Saint Johns College Saint Josephats Polish Catholic Church (historical) Saint Josephats School Saint Marys Orphan Asylum for Females (historical) Saint Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church Saint Peters Catholic Church Saint Peters School Schifflein Christ Church (historical) Sisters of Notre Dame Convent Sterling Park Superior Avenue Baptist Church (historical) Superior Street Church (historical) The Galleria at Erieview Shopping Center The Mall WABQ Radio Tower WABQ-AM (Cleveland) WCSB-FM (Cleveland) Waring School Willard Park