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19th Pl ((3000-3099)) Abbey Ave ((1100-2599)) Agnes Ct ((1700-1799)) Allman Ct ((1500-1699)) Apple Ave ((4200-4399)) Auburn ((1100-1298)) Auburn Ave ((1000-1899)) Aust Ave ((2500-2799)) Bailey Ave ((3401-4499)) Bank St ((600-899)) Barber Ave ((1700-3299)) Barber Ct ((2600-3399)) Blackstone Ct ((300-599)) Bradford Ave ((1600-1799)) Branch Ave ((1401-1699)) Brayton Ave ((700-999)) Brevier Ave ((1700-2399)) Bridge Ave ((2200-4499)) British St ((1000-1699)) Buckley Ave ((4100-4399)) Bunnell Ct ((2900-2999)) Burton Ct ((4000-4099)) Canal Rd ((1-2799)) Carroll Ave ((2500-3299)) Carroll Ct ((2500-3199)) Carter Rd ((1700-2199)) Castle Ave ((1100-2499)) Center St ((1000-2599)) Chatham Ave ((2500-3799)) Chester Ave ((10700-10899)) Church Ave ((2500-3199)) Church Ct ((2800-3099)) Circle Ct ((2800-3199)) City View Dr ((2201-2399)) Clark Ave ((800-1199)) Clinton Ave ((2800-4499)) Cloud Ave ((4100-4299)) College Ave ((700-999)) Columbus Rd ((1400-2499)) Commercial Rd ((2600-2899)) Conn Ct ((2400-2499)) Crawford Ct ((700-799)) Crown Ave ((1400-1499)) Cyrano Ct ((4100-4299)) Detroit Ave ((2000-4499)) Dexter Pl ((1500-1599)) Division Ave ((2500-3999)) Dollar Ct ((3200-3299)) Drydock Ave ((2100-2299)) Drydock St ((2100-2299)) Elm Ave ((1900-2599)) Elm St ((1900-2599)) Elvira St ((2000-2299)) Erin Ave ((2500-3799)) Fairfield Ave ((1000-1699)) Fall St ((1600-1799)) Fenwick Ave ((4101-4601)) Fillmore Ave ((2500-2699)) Follett Ct ((2000-2198)) Frankfort Ave ((200-899)) Franklin Ave ((1900-2499)) Franklin Blvd ((1500-4499)) Freas Ave ((3801-4099)) Freeman Ave ((1900-2499)) French St ((1000-1199)) Front Ave ((300-1199)) Fruit Ave ((900-999)) Fulton Ct ((3800-4399)) Fulton Pl ((1900-1999)) Fulton Rd ((1500-3099)) Gehring Ave ((2000-2499)) Gehring Ct ((2400-2499)) Gehring St ((2000-2499)) Girard St ((1600-1699)) Gould Ct ((2200-2499)) Hancock Ave ((2500-3499)) Harrison St ((600-699)) Hemlock Ave ((1100-1299)) Herschel Ct ((500-699)) Horace Ct ((3300-3498)) Houston Ave ((400-3498)) Howard Ave ((1400-1699)) Howlett Ave ((4100-4399)) James St ((900-1099)) Japan Ct ((2000-2299)) Jay Ave ((2500-2999)) Jefferson Ave ((200-999)) John Ave ((3800-4499)) John Ct ((3801-4399)) Johnson Ave ((600-899)) Johnson Ct ((600-899)) Joy Ct ((3001-3199)) Keene Ct ((2500-3199)) Keiper Ct ((3300-3399)) Kenilworth Ave ((1000-1599)) Lakeside Ave E ((1-601)) Lamoille Ct ((1700-1999)) Leonard St ((1000-1851)) List Ct ((4000-4099)) Literary Rd ((300-1099)) Loop Dr ((2500-2899)) Lorain Ave ((1600-4499)) Lorain Ct ((4100-4499)) Mabel Ct ((3000-3099)) Mahoning Ave ((1-699)) Main Ave ((900-1399)) Market Ave ((2500-2599)) Marquardt Ave ((500-699)) Mary Ave ((300-399)) Masterson Ct ((2600-2799)) Mc Lean Ct ((2600-2799)) Mentor Ave ((1200-1799)) Merwin Ave ((1500-1899)) Mill Ct ((3000-3499)) Miller Ct ((400-499)) Miller Pl ((400-499)) Minkon Ave ((800-899)) Moltke Ct ((1900-1999)) Monroe Ave ((2500-3499)) Moore Ct ((1900-2099)) Mulberry Ave ((2100-2599)) Mulberry St ((2100-2599)) N Clark Ave ((400-699)) Novak Aly ((500-699)) Old River Rd ((900-1491)) Ontario St ((1200-2599)) Orchard Ave ((4100-4399)) Oriole Ct ((2600-2799)) Parafine Ave ((1500-1699)) Peach Ct ((4100-4399)) Pearl Ct ((2000-2499)) Pelton Ct ((1000-1099)) Penn Ct ((3200-3399)) Potter Ct ((1900-2499)) Professor Ave ((2001-2699)) Public Sq ((1-199)) Pueblo Ct ((2700-2799)) Queen Ave ((2500-2899)) Quigley Rd ((2500-3299)) Railway Ave ((400-898)) Randall Rd ((1700-1999)) Reservoir Ave ((4000-4399)) Richner Ave ((3800-4099)) Ridge Rd ((3984-3993)) Riverbed St ((1000-1999)) River Rd ((1100-2999)) Rushmore Ct ((24700-25098)) Rushmore Dr ((401-25099)) Saint Olga Ave ((2500-2699)) Sanders Pl ((1500-1699)) Scotham Ave ((200-399)) Scranton Rd ((1700-3097)) Seymour Ave ((2000-3799)) Ships Channel ((1-2499)) Siam Ave ((3500-3799)) Siam Ct ((2000-2299)) Simms St ((1100-1599)) Smith Ct ((1800-2199)) Spruce Ave ((1190-1307)) Spruce Ct ((1200-1399)) Starkweather Ave ((600-2584)) State Rte 10 ((1900-4499)) State Rte 3 ((1400-3099)) St Olga St ((2500-2699)) Stone Ct ((2500-2799)) Stones Levee ((200-899)) St Tikhon Ave ((2500-2599)) Superior Ave ((700-1199)) Superior Via ((1100-2499)) Swift Ave ((2500-2699)) Sycamore St ((2000-2399)) Terrett Ave ((3800-4399)) Thurman Ave ((2000-2599)) Thurman St ((2000-2599)) Train Ave ((1700-4539)) Tremont Ave ((2300-2499)) Tremont St ((2300-2499)) Twinkie Ln ((3000-3099)) United Ct ((2500-2599)) University ((421-505)) University Ct ((700-799)) University Rd ((400-1599)) US Hwy 20 ((1385-2499)) US Hwy 322 ((10700-10899)) US Hwy 42 ((1400-3099)) US Hwy 6 ((1385-2499)) US Hwy 6 Alt ((2500-4499)) Vega Ave ((2500-3699)) Vermont Ave ((2400-2899)) Vestry Ave ((2500-2799)) Vine Ct ((2900-4799)) W 10th St ((1100-2699)) W 11th Pl ((2000-2099)) W 11th St ((900-3099)) W 12th St ((2700-4298)) W 130th St ((3900-4026)) W 13th Pl ((2000-2099)) W 13th St ((2700-3099)) W 14th St ((2000-3099)) W 15th St ((2000-3299)) W 16th Pl ((2300-2399)) W 16th St ((3000-3099)) W 17th St ((2000-2999)) W 18th Pl ((1700-2699)) W 18th St ((2000-2699)) W 19th Pl ((2000-2599)) W 19th St ((1600-2699)) W 20th Pl ((2000-2099)) W 20th St ((1900-2599)) W 21st Pl ((1800-2199)) W 22nd St ((1800-1999)) W 23rd St ((1700-1999)) W 24th Pl ((1600-2099)) W 24th St ((1300-1999)) W 25th Pl ((2000-2299)) W 25th St ((1200-3099)) W 26th Pl ((1800-3199)) W 26th St ((1200-2299)) W 27th Pl ((1500-1599)) W 27th St ((2400-2699)) W 28th Pl ((2500-2699)) W 28th St ((1300-2299)) W 29th Pl ((1700-1899)) W 29th St ((1300-2299)) W 2nd St ((1300-1699)) W 30th St ((1700-3099)) W 31st Pl ((1400-1899)) W 31st St ((2000-2199)) W 32nd Pl ((2600-3198)) W 32nd St ((1400-3298)) W 33rd Pl ((1800-2199)) W 33rd St ((1400-2299)) W 34th Pl ((2000-2199)) W 36th St ((2000-2799)) W 37th Pl ((2000-2299)) W 37th St ((2000-2399)) W 38th St ((1400-3898)) W 3rd St ((100-3099)) W 40th Pl ((2000-2299)) W 40th St ((2200-2399)) W 41st Pl ((2000-2699)) W 41st St ((2000-2918)) W 42nd Pl ((1900-2199)) W 42nd St ((2000-2399)) W 43rd Pl ((2000-2199)) W 43rd St ((2100-3099)) W 44th Pl ((1300-1399)) W 44th St ((1700-3099)) W 45th Pl ((2000-2099)) W 4th St ((1100-2099)) W 5th St ((2100-3099)) W 6th Pl ((2500-2699)) W 6th St ((1100-3499)) W 7th Pl ((2000-2299)) W 7th St ((2000-3899)) W 8th St ((2400-2599)) W 9th St ((1000-2599)) Waco Ct ((2500-3099)) Wade Ave ((1900-3699)) Walton Ave ((1800-3799)) Walworth Ave ((1700-4399)) Wand Ave ((1100-1199)) Washington Ave ((1000-2899)) W Eagle Ave ((1500-1699)) West Ave ((900-999)) West St ((900-999)) Wheat Ct ((3300-4499)) Whitman Ave ((3100-4399)) Whitman Ct ((3800-4399)) W Huron Rd ((1-899)) Willey Ave ((1600-2199)) Williamsburg Dr ((2090-2199)) Winslow Ave ((1000-1399)) Winter St ((1600-1899)) W Lakeside Ave ((1-899)) Woodbine Ave ((3000-4399)) W Prospect Ave ((200-699)) W St Clair Ave ((1-9999)) W Superior Ave ((601-798)) York Ave ((2800-2999)) York Ct ((2800-2899))

44113 Places and Attractions

Academy of Music (historical) Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Bardons and Oliver Building Bingham Building Bloch Block Brooklyn Cemetery Camp Cleveland (historical) Camp Wade (historical) Center For Minority Public Health Central Viaduct (historical) Church of the Holy Ghost Cleveland Cleveland Free School (historical) Cleveland Marshall Law School Collision Bend County Nursing Home Number Two for the Aged Courthouse Square Crittenden Block Cuyahoga County Childrens School Detroit Superior Viaduct Division Avenue Pumping Station Dock Number 20 Dock Number 24 Dock Number 26 Emmanuel Evangelical Church Erin Avenue German Baptist Church Fairview Park First Congregational Church (historical) First Evangelical United Brethren Church (historical) First Hungarian Spiritualist Church First United Brethren Church (historical) Fort Huntington (historical) Franklin Boulevard Methodist Church (historical) Franklin Circle Franklin Circle Christian Church Fulton Road Baptist Church Galvin Hall George Worthington Building Gilcrest Building Gospel Church of God Grace Hospital Grand Arcade Hellenic Orthodox Church of the Annunciation Hicks School (historical) Hilliard Block Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church Holy Ghost School Hope Memorial Bridge Howells Junior High School Hoyt Atrium Hoyt Block Immanuel Lutheran Church Immanuel School Independent Evangelical Church Innerbelt Bridge Interchange 169 Interchange 170 Irishtown Bend Jefferson Branch Cleveland Public Library Johnson Block Joseph and Feiss Building Kentucky Elementary School Kentucky Garden Kentucky Street Reservoir (historical) Kingsbury Run Klein-Marks Building Lakeside Place Lakeview Terrace Lincoln Junior High School Lincoln Park Lincoln Park Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) Lincoln Recreation Center Lourdes Academy Lourdes Education Center Luis Munoz Marin School Lutheran Medical Center Lutheran Medical Center Heliport Main Avenue Viaduct Market Square Memorial Lutheran School Mill School Monroe Cemetery Morgan Run Moses Cleveland Landing National Terminals Warehouse New York Coach Building Ohio City Ohio City Post Office (historical) Ohio City Preservation District Old Stone Church Orchard Elementary School Otis Terminal Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church Our Lady of Mercy School Ox Bow Bend Perry-Payne Building Pilgrim Congregational Church Redeemer Lutheran Church Rockefeller Building Root and McBride-Bradley Building Saint Augustine Roman Catholic Church Saint Augustine School Saint Emmericks Roman Catholic Church Saint Emmericks School Saint George Orthodox Church Saint Ignatius College Saint Ignatius Roman Catholic Church Saint John Cantius Catholic Church Saint John Cantius Elementary School (historical) Saint Johns Cantius High School Saint Johns Episcopal Church Saint Josephs Convent Saint Malachi School Saint Malachis Catholic Church Saint Marys Cemetery Saint Marys of the Assumption Roman Catholic Church Saint Patricks Catholic Church Saint Patricks School (historical) Saint Pauls German Methodist Church (historical) Saint Theodosius Russian Orthodox Cathedral Saint Vincents Orphan Asylum (historical) Saint Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Church Saint Wendelin Catholic Church Saint Wendelin School Saints Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church San Juan Bautista Catholic Church Scranton Elementary School Scranton Road Baptist Church Soldiers and Sailors Monument South Branch Cleveland Public Library Stone Block Swiss Hall Sycamore Marina The Angle The Flats Third Baptist Church (historical) Tremont Tremont Elementary School Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Turning Basin Ukrainian National Hall Union Terminal Union Terminal Viaduct Urban Community School Valleyview Homes (historical) Walton School Waring Block Wesley Methodist Church West Branch Cleveland Public Library West Side Community House West Side Hungarian Reformed Church (historical) West Side Market West Third Street Bridge Western Reserve Building Westside United Church of Christ Willett Cemetery William Holmes McGuffey Elementary School York Street Methodist Church (historical) Zion School Zion United Church of Christ