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44106 Street Addresses

Abington Rd ((2000-2199)) Adelbert Rd ((2000-2299)) Alexander Ave ((12201-12399)) Ambleside Dr ((2100-2299)) Ambleside Rd ((2100-2299)) Amesbury Ave ((9200-9399)) Amwell Ave ((9300-9399)) Ansel Rd ((1300-1999)) Ardleigh Dr ((2200-2399)) Arey Rd ((2100-2199)) Arthur ((10601-10799)) Arthur Ave ((10500-10899)) Ashbury Ave ((10200-12499)) Bellfield Ave ((2100-2498)) Bellflower Ct ((11000-11499)) Bellflower Rd ((11000-11499)) Berkshire Ln ((2400-2499)) Berkshire Rd ((2500-2811)) Beulah Ave ((11500-12499)) Bicentennial Pl ((8600-8699)) Birchdale Ave ((8600-9299)) Blackwell Ct ((9300-9499)) Blaine Ave ((8600-9299)) Boulevard Ct ((10200-10499)) Brookdale Ct ((8600-8799)) Calvin Rd ((2200-2299)) Carlton Rd ((11800-11999)) Carnegie Ave ((8610-10999)) Cecil Pl ((2700-2899)) Cedar Ave ((8493-11499)) Cedar Glen Pkwy ((11300-12398)) Cedar Rd ((12300-12799)) Chatfield Dr ((2100-2399)) Chester Ave ((9300-10699)) Chestnut Hills Dr ((1800-2299)) Churchill Ave ((10200-10999)) Circle Dr ((2000-2299)) Colchester Rd ((2500-2799)) Colonial Ct ((10700-10899)) Coltman Rd ((1800-1999)) Cornell Cir ((11600-11699)) Cornell Rd ((2000-2299)) Crawford Ct ((8900-8999)) Crawford Rd ((1400-1899)) Cummington Rd ((2100-2299)) Deering Ave ((10700-10899)) de Forest Rd ((2100-2199)) Delamere Dr ((2200-2399)) Delaware Dr ((2100-2399)) Demington Dr ((2100-2499)) Denton Dr ((1900-2099)) Derbyshire Rd ((2400-2899)) Devonshire Dr ((2200-2299)) Dorm Ct ((11200-11299)) E 100th St ((2000-2399)) E 101st St ((1700-2399)) E 102nd St ((2000-2198)) E 103rd St ((2100-2399)) E 105th St ((1300-2399)) E 106th St ((1400-2299)) E 107th St ((1300-2199)) E 108th St ((1300-2299)) E 109th St ((1300-2199)) E 110th St ((1300-1499)) E 111th St ((1300-1599)) E 112th St ((1300-1499)) E 114th St ((1300-2399)) E 115th St ((1300-2099)) E 116th Pl ((1601-1799)) E 116th St ((1300-1999)) E 117th St ((1300-1999)) E 118th St ((1400-1799)) E 119th St ((1800-1999)) E 120th St ((1300-1999)) E 122nd St ((1500-1599)) E 123rd St ((1300-1999)) E 124th Pl ((1300-1999)) E 124th St ((1300-1499)) E 125th St ((2000-2099)) E 126th St ((1900-1999)) E 85th St ((1300-2399)) E 86th St ((1300-2399)) E 87th St ((1700-2399)) E 88th Pl ((1700-1799)) E 88th St ((1300-2399)) E 89th St ((1300-2399)) E 90th St ((1300-2399)) E 91st Pl ((1600-1699)) E 91st St ((1300-1499)) E 92nd St ((1300-1499)) E 93rd St ((1300-2399)) E 94th St ((1300-1699)) E 95th St ((1300-2399)) E 96th Pl ((1500-1699)) E 96th St ((2000-2199)) E 97th St ((1800-2399)) East Blvd ((500-11199)) Edgehill Rd ((2200-2811)) Edith Ave ((11500-11699)) Edmunds Ave ((9000-9799)) Edwards Rd ((2300-2399)) Elandon Dr ((2100-2299)) E Overlook Rd ((2602-2831)) Ethel Ave ((8900-8999)) Euclid Ave ((8501-12499)) Euclid Heights Blvd ((2300-2799)) Fairchild Ave ((11400-11599)) Fairhill Rd ((2100-11499)) Fairmount Blvd ((2400-2758)) Fairview Ave ((2000-2199)) Fairview Ct ((2000-12499)) Ford Dr ((1800-2099)) Frank Ave ((10500-10899)) Glenwood Ave ((11300-11499)) Grandview Ave ((2100-2499)) Hampshire Ln ((1700-2698)) Hampshire Rd ((2501-2799)) Harcourt Dr ((2100-2399)) Harkness Rd ((8600-8999)) Hazel Dr ((1500-1699)) Herrick Mews ((1-99)) Hessler Ct ((1900-1999)) Hessler Rd ((11200-11598)) Hollingsworth Ct ((9600-9799)) Holyrood Rd ((1600-1699)) Hough Ave ((8400-10699)) Hudson Ave ((10500-10799)) Hull Ave ((10700-10999)) Itasca Ave ((11200-11499)) Juniper Dr ((11100-11398)) Juniper Rd ((11300-11499)) Kee Mar Ct ((10000-10099)) Kelton Ave ((11500-11999)) Kenilworth Ln ((2100-2499)) Kenilworth Rd ((2300-2599)) Kenmore Ave ((8600-9599)) Kent Rd ((2000-2099)) Knowlton Ave ((11200-11499)) Lakeview Rd ((1300-1421)) Lamont Ave ((9300-10099)) Lancashire Rd ((2601-2799)) Lee Ave ((10500-10999)) Lennox Rd ((2000-2199)) Lenore Ct ((10800-11199)) Logan Ct ((9700-9799)) Magnolia Dr ((10500-11399)) Mayfield Rd ((2001-12698)) Meridian Ave ((8600-8999)) Middlefield Rd ((1800-2299)) Mistletoe Dr ((1500-1699)) Mornington Ln ((2-2199)) Morris Ct ((8900-9499)) Moulton Ave ((11500-12399)) Murray Hill Rd ((2000-2399)) Newton Ave ((9700-10099)) Norfolk Rd ((2400-2699)) Norman Ave ((10500-10699)) Nottinghill Ln ((2500-2699)) N Park Blvd ((1600-2711)) N St James Pkwy ((2100-2399)) N Woodland Rd ((2800-2849)) Oakland Ave ((12000-12399)) Orville Ave ((10500-11499)) Overlook Ln ((2000-2699)) Overlook Rd ((2100-2599)) Park Ln ((10500-10699)) Paul Ave ((12000-12099)) Petrarca Rd ((2200-2299)) Prior Ct ((2100-2199)) Quebec Ave ((9300-10899)) Quincy Ave ((8500-10799)) Random Rd ((2000-2199)) Reserve Ct ((10500-10699)) Rockhurst Ave ((10200-10999)) Rosalind Ave ((9200-9299)) Rosa Parks Dr ((1300-1399)) Rosedale Ct ((11400-11499)) Roxboro Rd ((2300-2499)) Scarborough Rd ((2600-2775)) Shelbourne Ct ((2300-8799)) Shipherd Ave ((9100-9199)) Shipherd Ct ((9100-9199)) S Overlook Rd ((2100-2399)) Stearns Rd ((2000-2199)) Stokes Blvd ((1900-11299)) Streator Ct ((9900-9999)) Superior Ave ((8500-12499)) Surrey Rd ((2000-2199)) Talbot Ave ((9300-9699)) Thompson Ct ((12300-12399)) Tudor Dr ((2200-2399)) University Hospital Dr ((2000-2199)) US Hwy 20 ((8501-12499)) US Hwy 322 ((2500-11999)) US Hwy 6 ((8500-12499)) Wade Oval Dr ((1-99)) Wade Park Ave ((1700-12399)) Wain Ct ((10100-10499)) Wilbur Ave ((10000-10699)) W Murray Hill Rd ((2300-2399)) Woodhill Rd ((2300-2399)) Woodmere Dr ((2200-2499)) Woodward Ave ((9700-10099)) W St James Pkwy ((2400-2799))

44106 Places and Attractions

A W Smith Building Academy of Medicine Adelbert Gymnasium Adelbert Hall Allen Memorial Medical Library Alta Branch Cleveland Public Library Amasa Stone Chapel Ambler Heights Ambler Heights Historic District Ambler Park Baker Building Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Bingham Engineering Building Bolton Avenue Presbyterian Church (historical) Bolton Elementary School Calvary Church of God in Christ Calvary Hill Baptist Church Carnegie Medical Building Case Western Reserve University Cathedral Latin High School (historical) Cedar Hill Baptist Church Cedar Hill School Charles Orr Academy Church of Faith Church of the Covenant Clark Hall Cleveland Clinic Cleveland Clinic Foundation Heliport Cleveland Health Education Museum Cleveland Health Sciences Library Cleveland Institute of Art Cleveland Institute of Music Cleveland Museum of Art Cleveland Museum of Natural History Cleveland Music School Cleveland Veterans Administration Hospital Clinic Hospital Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum Crawford Hall Crawford Road Christian Church Daniel Morgan Elementary School Divine Revelation Church Doan School Doans Corners Doans Corners Post Office (historical) Doctors Hospital East Cleveland Cemetery East Eightyninth Street Historic District East End Baptist Church (historical) East End Branch Young Mens Christian Association East End Church of God in Christ East Mount Zion Baptist Church Elred Hall Elysium (historical) Emerson Building Emmanuel Episcopal Church Enterprise Hall Epworth-Euclid United Methodist Church Euclid Avenue Christian Church (historical) Euclid Avenue Church of God Euclid Avenue Congregational Church Euclid Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) Euclid Heights Fairmount Pumping Station Fellowship Lutheran Church Fifth District Police Station Finnigan Field First Church of Christ Scientist First Church of Christ Scientist First English Lutheran Church (historical) Four Square Gospel Church Fourth Church of Christ Scientist Frances P Bolton School of Nursing Freiberger Library Garden Center of Greater Cleveland Garfield Tomb Glennan Building Glenville Church of Christ Gospel Baptist Church Gund Hall Hallinan Center Hanna Perkins School Harkness Chapel Harold T Clark Library Harry E Davis Junior High School Haydn Hall Holy Rosary Church Holy Rosary School (historical) Hough Branch Cleveland Public Library Hough School Howard Dittrick Museum of Historical Medicine Ingalls Library Jessica Gund Memorial Library John Hay High School John W Raper Public School Lake View Cemetery Lake View Cemetery Flood Control Reservoir Lilly Baptist Church Little Italy Lulu Diehl Junior High School Magnolia-Wade Park Historic District Mandel School of Applied Social Science Marmarosher Jewish Center Martin Luther King Branch Cleveland Public Library Martin Luther King Junior Shopping Center Mary B Martin Elementary School Mary McLeod Bethune Public School Mather Gymnasium Mather Memorial Building Mayfield Cemetery Millis Science Center Morley Chemistry Laboratory Mount Lebanon Baptist Church Mount Olive Primitive Baptist Church Mount Sinai Hospital (historical) Mount Sinai Medical Center Heliport Mount Zion Church Mount Zion Congregational Church Murray Hill School Newton Avenue Historic District Notre Dame Academy Observation Public School (historical) Ohio College of Podiatry Olin Building One Hundred Fifth Street Church of God in Christ One to One Fitness Center Pardee Hall Park Congregational Church (historical) Pentecostal Church of Christ Quail Building Ralph Perkins II Wildlife Center and Woods Garden Richard F Celeste Biomedical Research Building Rockefeller Park Rockefeller Physics Building Rosedale School Roxboro Elementary School Roxboro Middle School Saint Albans Episcopal Church Saint John Baptist Church Saint Johns Beckwith Memorial Church Saint Marian Catholic Church Saint Marians Catholic Church Saint Marians School Saint Marks United Presbyterian Church Saint Matthew United Methodist Church Saint Pauls Episcopal Church Sears Library Second Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church Severance Hall Stone Dining Hall Strosacker Auditorium Superior Branch Cleveland Public Library Temple Museum The Triangle at University Circle Shopping Center Tomlinson Hall Union Grove Baptist Church University Church of Christ University Circle University Circle Regional Branch Library University Circle Research Center University Euclid Church University Hospitals University Hospitals of Cleveland Heliport Ursuline College Van Horn Field WJMO-AM (Cleveland Heights) Wade Lagoon Wade Memorial Chapel Wade Park Wade Park Historic District Werner United Methodist Church Western Reserve Historical Society Museum White Building Wickenden Building Womens Hospital (historical) Woodruff Memorial Institute (historical) Yost Hall