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Aberdeen Ave ((7400-7899)) Addison Rd ((800-1698)) Ansel Rd ((800-1102)) Artic Ct ((6700-6899)) Ashland Rd ((2100-2299)) Bayliss Ave ((6700-6999)) Beacon Pl ((8101-8399)) Beaumont Ct ((8000-8199)) Becker Ct ((6900-7099)) Bellevue Ave ((7900-8499)) Belvidere Ave ((5600-6799)) Bittern Ave ((7200-7699)) Bliss Ave ((6500-7099)) Bonna Ave ((5500-6899)) Broad Ave ((7900-8199)) Brookline Ave ((8200-8599)) Buck Ave ((7900-8199)) Burnham Ct ((7000-7099)) Burnham Pl ((7000-7099)) Carl Ave ((6200-6499)) Carnegie Ave ((524-10899)) Carry Ave ((5500-6099)) Cedar Ave ((4000-8498)) Ceylon Ct ((6200-6599)) Chadakoin Ct ((5700-6499)) Chester Ave ((1001-10899)) Chester Pkwy ((8100-8399)) Clarkwood Rd ((2100-2399)) Commerce Ave ((4000-5499)) Constance Ct ((7100-7199)) Cooper Ave ((3900-4099)) Cornelia Ave ((7400-7899)) Cory Ave ((7701-8199)) Crumb Ave ((7900-8499)) Curtis Ct ((5600-6199)) Danbury Ave ((8100-8199)) Decker Ave ((7400-8599)) Dellenbaugh Ave ((7100-7499)) Detour Ave ((7300-7699)) Dibble Ave ((5500-6499)) Dix Ct ((7700-7899)) Donald Ave ((7100-7899)) Dorothy Ct ((5500-5599)) Duluth Ave ((7100-7399)) Dunham Ave ((6600-6799)) E 40th St ((1000-2299)) E 41st St ((1300-1799)) E 43rd St ((101-2299)) E 45th St ((1350-1899)) E 46th St ((2000-2299)) E 47th St ((1300-1899)) E 48th Pl ((1300-1499)) E 49th St ((1349-2299)) E 50th Pl ((1600-1699)) E 51st Pl ((1400-1499)) E 51st St ((1300-1499)) E 52nd St ((1300-1499)) E 53rd St ((1300-1499)) E 55th St ((700-2299)) E 56th Pl ((1600-1699)) E 57th St ((1400-2299)) E 58th St ((1100-1299)) E 59th St ((1200-1999)) E 60th St ((1100-1799)) E 61st St ((1000-2199)) E 62nd St ((1000-1099)) E 63rd St ((800-2398)) E 64th Pl ((2000-2199)) E 64th St ((900-1199)) E 65th St ((1300-2299)) E 66th Pl ((900-2099)) E 66th St ((1000-1999)) E 67th St ((800-1299)) E 68th Pl ((1700-1799)) E 68th St ((1000-2299)) E 69th Pl ((900-1799)) E 69th St ((900-2299)) E 70th St ((800-2299)) E 71st St ((1000-2599)) E 72nd Pl ((900-2299)) E 72nd St ((600-1199)) E 73rd Pl ((1200-1299)) E 73rd St ((700-2299)) E 74th St ((900-2299)) E 75th Pl ((1300-2299)) E 75th St ((800-1999)) E 76th Pl ((1300-1399)) E 76th St ((700-2299)) E 77th St ((800-2299)) E 78th Pl ((1300-1399)) E 78th St ((900-2299)) E 79th St ((700-2299)) E 80th Pl ((1500-1599)) E 80th St ((1100-2299)) E 81st Pl ((1400-2299)) E 81st St ((1100-2299)) E 82nd Pl ((1400-1499)) E 82nd St ((600-2299)) E 83rd St ((1100-2294)) E 84th St ((1100-2299)) Edna Ave ((6100-6899)) Euclid Ave ((4000-21099)) Everett Ave ((7500-7999)) Everett Ct ((7500-7999)) Fancher Ave ((8100-8299)) Giddings Rd ((1300-1499)) Glass Ave ((6000-6399)) Golden Ave ((7900-8299)) Grdina Ave ((6100-6199)) Hamilton Ct ((4900-5299)) Harlem Ave ((4900-5499)) Harlem Ct ((4900-5299)) Hawthorne Ave ((5600-6499)) Hawthorne Ct ((5700-6499)) Hecker Ave ((6900-7399)) Hedwig Ct ((8200-8651)) Holden Ln ((8900-9099)) Home Ct ((7600-7899)) Homer Ave ((5300-5499)) Hough Ave ((5500-8499)) Ida Ave ((900-7998)) Irvington Ter ((7000-7099)) Juniata Ave ((6500-6599)) Kirkland Ct ((4700-4899)) Korman Ave ((7400-8399)) Kosciuszko Ave ((7900-8699)) la Grange Ave ((7500-7899)) Lagrange Ave ((7500-7899)) Lawnview Ave ((6600-7799)) Lexington Ave ((4700-7899)) Linwood Ave ((5500-8499)) Lockyear Ave ((7100-7899)) Longfellow Ave ((5600-6199)) Lucerne Ave ((6600-6899)) Luther Ave ((4900-6499)) Machinery Ave ((6700-6999)) Madison Ct ((7800-7899)) Marquette St ((1358-1398)) Maud Ave ((900-1099)) Maud St ((900-1099)) Medina Ave ((7900-8499)) Melrose Ave ((7100-8199)) Metta Ave ((6500-6699)) Myron Ave ((7100-7899)) Nichols Rd ((1300-1499)) N Marginal Rd ((5500-6299)) Norwood Rd ((1100-1299)) Olive Ct ((5900-6199)) Orton Ct ((6300-6499)) Payne Ave ((3950-5499)) Peck Ave ((6900-7099)) Pennsylvania Ave ((6600-6999)) Perkins Ave ((4000-5498)) Perkins Ct ((5500-5599)) Prospect Ave ((4000-5499)) Prospect St ((4200-4999)) Prosser Ave ((5500-5999)) Pulaski Ave ((7900-8499)) Quimby Ave ((5500-7099)) Quinn Ct ((7000-7299)) Redell Ave ((7400-7999)) Russell Ct ((7000-7099)) Russell Rd ((1300-1499)) Sagamore Ave ((7500-7899)) Saint Clair Ave ((4000-8699)) Schade Ave ((6100-6399)) Schaefer Ave ((6500-7099)) Simon Ave ((7900-8299)) Simpson Ave ((7100-7299)) S Marginal Rd ((5500-6899)) Sorg Ct ((4700-4899)) Sowinski Ave ((7900-8699)) Spangler Ct ((7200-7299)) Spencer Ave ((5300-5499)) Spilker Ave ((6400-6499)) Stanard Ave ((5300-5499)) Star Ave ((7400-7899)) Sunset Ct ((8000-8199)) Superior Ave ((4000-8499)) Thackeray Ave ((5500-6399)) Tivoli Ct ((5700-6299)) Train Pl ((1900-1999)) US Hwy 20 ((4000-9598)) US Hwy 322 ((1300-10899)) US Hwy 6 ((4000-8499)) Utica Ave ((5500-6499)) Van Pl ((2100-2199)) Varian Ave ((6400-6499)) Virginia Park Pl ((7300-7599)) Wade Park Ave ((5700-8499)) Wheelock Rd ((800-1099)) White Ave ((5500-6499)) Whitethorn Ave ((7800-8199)) Whitney Ave ((6600-7099)) Whittier Ave ((5500-6499)) W Superior Ave ((1-798)) Zoeter Ave ((6600-7099))

44103 Places and Attractions

Academy of Creative Expressions Academy of Human Resources Addams High School Addison High School Alphia Baptist Church Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Attucks School Bethel Seventh Day Adventist Church Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church (historical) Brooks School for Young Ladies and Misses (historical) Calvary Presbyterian Church Camp Brown (historical) Case Elementary School Central High School Chronic Illness Center Church Square Family Health Center Church of Christ Church of God (historical) Church of the Good Shepherd Cleveland Aquarium (historical) Cleveland Lakefront State Park Community African Methodist Episcopal Church Corithian Baptist Church Cottage Chapel (historical) Doan Brook Dunham Christian Church Dunham School East 55th Street Marina East 79th Street Branch Cleveland Public Library East High School East Madison Elementary School (historical) Edison School Eleanor B Rainey Memorial Industrial Institute Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Faith Tabernacle Church Fidelity Baptist Church Fire Station Number 17 First Assembly of God Church First Baptist Church of Cleveland (historical) First German Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) General Johnnie E Wilson Military Academy George Washington Carver Public School (historical) Gethsemane Baptist Church Giddings Elementary School Good Hope Baptist Church Good Shepherd Church Goodrich House Community Center Gordon Park Greater Avery African Methodist Episcopal Church Hodge School Hosea Missionary Baptist Church Hough Hough Avenue Church (historical) Hough Avenue United Church of Christ House of God Idaka Chapel (historical) Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church Immaculate Conception School Institute of Business, Law and Technology Interchange 176 Interchange 177 Intercity Yacht Club John E Hubbard Memorial Hall Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses League Park Liberty Hill Baptist Church Madonna Hall Margaret A Ireland Elementary School Messiah Baptist Church Midtown Nursing Home Midtown Plaza Shopping Center Mount Gillion Baptist Church Mount Hope United Holy Church of America Nazarene Baptist Church New Community Baptist Church Newton D Baker Health Center Nike Site CL-02C (historical) Ninth United Church of Christ North Congregational Church (historical) North Presbyterian Church Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church Pentecostal Faith Holiness Church of God Pilgrim Church of Our Lord Jesus Polyclinic Hospital Poznan Rockefeller School Russian American Union Church Saint Agnes Catholic Church Saint Agnes School Saint Andrews Catholic Church Saint Andrews Episcopal Church Saint Andrews School Saint Casimir Catholic Church Saint Casimir School Saint Clair Recreation Center Saint Francis Catholic Church Saint Francis School Saint George School Saint Georges Lithuanian Catholic Church Saint James African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint James Anglican Church Saint James Church Saint John African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Martin De Porres High School Saint Paul Lutheran Church Saint Pauls Catholic Church Saint Pauls Episcopal Church Saint Pauls Lutheran School Saint Pauls School Saint Philip Neri Catholic Church Saint Philip Neri School (historical) Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church (historical) Saint Timothy Missionary Baptist Church Saint Vitus Catholic Church Saint Vitus School (historical) Sardis Baptist Church School of Applied Science,Design and Technology Second Church of Christ Scientist (historical) Second New Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Sharon Hill Missionary Baptist Church Sowinski School Stanard School Street Academy (historical) Swedish Congregational Church (historical) Temple Baptist Church The Lane Metropolitan Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Trinity Congregational Church (historical) Tristate Free Will Baptist Church Unitarian Society of Cleveland Church United Peace Baptist Church Wade Park Elementary School Walworth Swedish Methodist Church (historical) Westminster Presbyterian Church Willing Workers Baptist Church Wilson Junior High School Wilson United Methodist Church