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Addington Rd ((1300-1699)) Addison Ave ((900-1099)) Alldays Ave ((900-1299)) Allenby Rd ((2100-2199)) Alvin St ((1700-2199)) Amelia St ((700-799)) Amsterdam Rd ((4000-4299)) Arco Dr ((1-499)) Ascot Ave ((300-599)) Avondale Ave ((800-4199)) Avondale Ct ((1000-1099)) Avondale Dr ((1000-1099)) Baron Steel Ave ((1300-1699)) Bell Ave ((1300-1699)) Belmont Ave ((800-1799)) Ben Lomond Ct ((3800-3899)) Bloomfield Ave ((1-199)) Bloomfield St ((257-259)) Blucher St ((1-399)) Blum St ((800-1399)) Bowlus Ave ((900-1299)) Brewster St ((900-999)) Broer Ave ((600-1299)) Brookley Blvd ((600-1299)) Brown Ave ((300-1299)) Buckingham St ((800-1799)) Burbank Dr ((1-799)) Burke Glen Rd ((600-999)) Calumet Ave ((1700-2199)) Calverton Rd ((2600-2699)) Campbell St ((1000-1699)) Carver Blvd ((500-999)) Charlevoix Ct ((1-99)) Cherry Valley Rd ((1500-1599)) Circle Dr ((1900-2099)) Clarendon Dr ((1900-2199)) Clifton Blvd ((500-999)) Clifton Rd ((1-4198)) Clinton St ((1300-2199)) College Dr ((1400-3499)) Conrad Ave ((300-599)) Continental Blvd ((500-999)) Coventry Ave ((900-1299)) Crompton Cir ((4200-4299)) Crosswell Pl ((1900-2099)) Croton Dr ((400-498)) Cuthbert Rd ((600-1099)) Darrow Ave ((300-599)) Deerwood Ln ((4350-4399)) Dickens Dr ((1-499)) Dolores Ave ((3200-3299)) Dorchester Dr ((4101-4199)) Dorr St ((300-4427)) Downing Ave ((3200-3499)) Eden Ct ((1600-1699)) Elysian Ave ((600-1299)) Emmajean Rd ((3900-4199)) Estateway Rd ((3900-4199)) Evansdale Ave ((1700-2199)) Evergreen Rd ((1800-1899)) Evesham Ave ((2-1299)) Ewing St ((400-1599)) Fairlawn Ave ((1300-1699)) Falcon Rd ((600-3699)) Farnham Rd ((1900-2099)) Fernhill Rd ((1900-2098)) Fernwood Ave ((800-2099)) Forest Ave ((600-1799)) Forrer St ((2200-2299)) Foster Ave ((1700-1999)) Foxchapel Rd ((4200-4499)) Frenchmens Rd ((3100-3299)) Garden Ln ((1900-2099)) Glann Rd ((1000-4399)) Glenway Rd ((1500-1599)) Grand Ave ((1601-2199)) Greenbriar Rd ((2400-2599)) Greenhills Rd ((1000-1199)) Greening Rd ((600-699)) Greenway St ((2500-2699)) Gretna Green Ave ((1100-1299)) Hamilton St ((800-1800)) Hartwell Ave ((2300-2799)) Hastings Ave ((1000-1298)) Hawkins St ((2600-2799)) Heathshire Dr ((300-599)) Hermosa Ave ((4000-4199)) Heston St ((800-1299)) Hill Ave ((1900-4399)) Hilltop Blvd ((3500-3599)) Hinde Rd ((2200-2399)) Hoag St ((200-1799)) Holbrook St ((100-199)) Hopkins Ct ((4100-4199)) House of Stuart Ave ((3700-3899)) Hunters Trail Dr ((4200-4399)) Independence Rd ((1-1299)) Indiana Ave ((100-1799)) Indian Knoll Dr ((501-699)) Indian River ((2601-2699)) Inverdale Ave ((4200-4399)) Inverness Ave ((1100-3999)) Jamestown Dr ((500-699)) Joffre Ave ((1700-2199)) Johnson St ((700-899)) Junction Ave ((200-1299)) Keil Rd ((800-1199)) Kensington Rd ((1700-2199)) Kingsley Ct ((4100-4199)) King St ((1000-1199)) Klondike St ((1000-1199)) Kopernik Ave ((300-799)) Kury Ave ((1100-1299)) Lawnview Ave ((1300-1699)) Lawrence Ave ((1300-1799)) Lincoln Ave ((500-1599)) Loch Lomond Ave ((900-3899)) Lucas St ((1200-1399)) Macauley Ct ((4100-4199)) Mackow Dr ((600-1299)) Manila St ((1100-1299)) Marcella Ct ((1600-1699)) Marmion Ave ((600-1299)) Marthal Rd ((1500-1599)) Marwood Ave ((2600-2699)) Mercereau Pl ((1400-1599)) Midway Plaisance St ((1800-2399)) Montebello Rd ((2500-2699)) Montrose Ave ((600-1299)) Moran Ave ((600-1299)) Mount Vernon Ave ((1600-2199)) Nancy Dr ((700-799)) N Byrne Rd ((1-1399)) N Detroit Ave ((200-4498)) N Douglas Rd ((1300-2199)) Nebraska Ave ((800-4199)) N Fearing Blvd ((1-199)) N Hawley St ((1-1299)) N Miller St ((300-1099)) Norwood Ave ((800-1899)) N Terrace View St ((4100-4499)) N University Ave ((600-899)) N Westwood Ave ((1-2199)) Oakwood Ave ((500-2999)) Olds Ave ((2400-2599)) Overlook Blvd ((1100-4199)) Palmwood Ave ((800-1899)) Parkdale Ave ((1700-2199)) Parkside Blvd ((1-2198)) Patmore Ct ((4100-4199)) Pelee St ((1100-1199)) Perth St ((1700-2199)) Pilgrim Rd ((1700-1899)) Pinewood Ave ((800-1699)) Polonia Ct ((600-699)) Potomac Dr ((1300-2199)) Pulaski St ((200-599)) Ranch Dr ((600-1099)) Redondo Ave ((4100-4199)) Richards Rd ((1-2099)) Richmond Rd ((1800-2198)) Richmond Rd W ((2101-2199)) Roosevelt Ave ((1300-1699)) Roosevelt Cir ((1700-1799)) Ross St ((800-899)) Ruskin Dr ((4000-4199)) Ryder Rd ((300-599)) Saint Andrews Rd ((600-1499)) San Rafael Ave ((1-199)) Scotsmoore Ln ((3800-3899)) Searles Rd ((600-1299)) Secor Rd ((600-1918)) Shenandoah Rd ((1300-2199)) Shirley Ave ((900-1299)) Sierra Ct ((100-199)) Sobieski St ((200-299)) Southbriar Rd ((600-899)) Squad Rd ((2900-3099)) State Rte 246 ((300-4427)) S Terrace View St ((4100-4499)) Stockdale St ((2600-2799)) Sussex Pl ((1900-1999)) Swinburne Rd ((3900-4099)) Tecumseh St ((800-1898)) Telstar Dr ((1-199)) Tiffany Square Dr ((1-99)) Tower View Bl ((2900-2999)) True St ((900-1299)) Turner Ave ((700-1299)) Turret Green Dr ((3500-3799)) Underwood Ave ((600-1299)) Upton Ave ((1100-2199)) US Hwy 24 ((1-1798)) Valleston Pkwy ((3300-3599)) Vance St ((800-1799)) Verona Ave ((4000-4099)) Victory Ave ((1900-3799)) Victory St ((4000-4199)) Vineyard Ct ((3600-3699)) Waite Ave ((1500-1799)) Wamba Ave ((1-1299)) Warwick Ave ((900-1299)) Waverly Ave ((600-1699)) W Bancroft St ((1900-2704)) W Campus Loop ((1400-3199)) W Campus Rd ((1400-3199)) Weirwood Dr ((500-699)) Wellington St ((1-299)) Westmonte Rd ((2200-2399)) Whitegate Dr ((3500-3899)) Wickford Point Dr ((4200-4299)) Willow Run Dr ((3500-3799)) Winterfield Ct ((1-99)) Woodland Ave ((800-1699)) Woodstock Ave ((600-1299)) W Terrace View St ((1900-2199)) W Woodruff Ave ((1700-2199)) Wyndhurst Rd ((1700-2199)) Zenda St ((2500-2599))

43607 Places and Attractions

Air Line Junction Airline Junction Post Office (historical) Amazing Grace African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Bancroft Hills School Bass Playground Beulah Baptist Church Blessed Hope Baptist Temple Bueches Plaza Shopping Center Byrne-Glanzman Shopping Center Byrnegate Plaza Shopping Center Calvary Cemetery Carter Hall East Carter Hall West Central Baptist Church Charity Baptist Church Christ Congregational Missionary Baptist Church Christian Community Church Christian Love Missionary Baptist Church Christian Temple Baptist Church Church of the Living God Community Church of God in Christ Comtech Scott Park Campus Connelly Field Dennis Ditch East Engineering Building El Bethel Church Faith Hope and Charity Church of God in Christ Faith Way Church of God in Christ First Antioch Baptist Church of Christ Freedoms Temple Baptist Church Freemans Gardens Friendship Baptist Church Galilee Missionary Baptist Church Gesu Catholic Church Gesu School Glass Bowl Stadium Glass City Church of Christ Gods Way Holiness Temple Good News Chapel Grace Presbyterian Church Greater Harvest Baptist Church Hamilton Playground House of Prayer Holiness Church Indiana School Keyser Elementary School King of Peace Apostolic Church Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Landers Park Larimer Athletic Complex Monastery of the Visitation Mott Branch Library Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church Mount Nebo Baptist Church Mount Olive Church Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church Mount Sinai Pentecostal Church Mount Vernon Elementary School Nathan Hale Elementary School National Center for Tooling and Precision Components Nativity School New Bethel Bountiful Blessing Church New Gethsemane Church New Good Samaritan Church New Hope Missionary Baptist Church New Hopewell Church of God in Christ New Jerusalem Christian Center New Jerusalem Church of God in Christ Non Denominational Bible School North Engineering Building Open Door Baptist Church Owens-Illinois Technical Center (historical) Paradise Baptist Church Paradise Missionary Baptist Church Parks Tower Pentecostal Church of God Peoples Missionary Baptist Church Pickett Elementary School Power House Tabernacle Church of God in Christ Redeemer Lutheran Church Roosevelt School Ryder Elementary School Saint Anthonys Catholic Church Saint Anthonys School Saint Francis de Sales High School Saint Hyacinths Catholic Church Saint Hyacinths School Saint James Baptist Church Saint James Holiness Church Saint John Church of God in Christ Saint Johns Baptist Church Saint Jude Catholic Church Saint Judes School Saint Mark Baptist Church Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Saint Paul Church of God in Christ Saint Pauls Baptist Church Saint Stanislaus Catholic Church Saint Teresa Catholic Church Saint Teresa School Savage Hall Scott Park Scott Park Scott Park Campus of the University of Toledo Scott Park Heliport Scott Park Pond Shiloh Apostolic Faith Tabernacle House of God Smith Park Solid Rock Assembly of God Church Soul City House of God South Engineering Building Southern Missionary Baptist Church Southwest Academic Center Staine Martin Temple of Divine Science Tabernacle of Faith Third Tabernacle Bethel Toledo Christian Training Center Toledo Early College High School Toledo Grace Brethren Church True Church of God Sanctified Union Grove Baptist Church United Church of God and Christ Universal Holiness Church Vulcan WOTL-FM (Toledo) WWWM-FM (Sylvania) WXUT-FM (Toledo) Westmoreland Historic District Westwood Research Annex Williams Ditch Zion Church of God in Christ Zion Lutheran Church Zion School