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Alumnae Scholarship House Arps Hall Baker Hall Baker Systems Engineering Building Bevis Hall Bolz Hall Botany and Zoology Building Boyd Laboratory Bradley Hall Bricker Hall Brown Hall Browning Amphitheatre Caldwell Laboratory Campbell Hall Canfield Hall Celeste Laboratory of Chemistry Central Classroom Building Central Service Building Chadwick Arboretum Cockins Hall Converse Hall Cunz Hall of Languages Davis Medical Research Center Denney Hall Derby Hall Doan Hall Dodd Hall Drake Union Dreese Laboratories Drinko Hall Dulles Hall Enarson Hall Evans Hall Evans Laboratory Fontana Laboratories French Field House Fry Hall Galbreath Equine Trauma Intensive Care and Research Center Goss Laboratory Hagerty Hall Hale Hall Hamilton Hall Haskett Hall Hayes Hall Hitchcock Hall Hopkins Hall Howlett Greenhouse Howlett Hall Hughes Hall Independence Hall Ives Hall James Cancer Hospital and Research Institute Johnston Laboratory Kennedy Commons Koffolt Laboratories Kottman Hall Kuhn Honors House Larkins Hall Lazenby Hall Lincoln Tower Lord Hall MacQuigg Laboratory Mack Hall McCampbell Hall McCracken Power Plant McPherson Chemical Laboratory Means Hall Medical Center Heliport Mendenhall Laboratory Mershon Auditorium Mirror Lake Morrill Tower Morrison Tower Mount Hall Murray Hall Ohio Stadium Ohio State University Ohio Union Orton Hall Oxley Hall Page Hall Park Hall Parks Hall Paterson Hall Plumb Hall Pomerene Hall Postle Hall Pressey Hall Prior Health Sciences Library Ramseyer Hall Ranger Heliport Rhodes Hall Rightmire Hall Robinson Laboratory Saint John Arena Saint Stephens Episcopal Church Scott Hall Siebert Hall Sisson Hall Smith Hall Smith Laboratory Starling-Loving Hall Steeb Hall Stillman Hall Stradley Hall Sullivant Hall Townshend Hall Trautman Field University Hall University Hospital University Hospitals Clinic Upham Hall Vernal G Riffe Junior Building Vivian Hall Watts Hall Weigel Hall Welding Engineering Laboratories Wilce Student Health Center William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library Wiseman Hall Womens Field House