Columbus, OH 43203 ZIP Code Map


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43203 Street Addresses

Almond Ave ((900-999)) Atcheson St ((700-1599)) Australia Aly ((1-299)) Author Pl ((1101-1299)) Avon Pl ((600-999)) Bassett Ave ((400-599)) Beary Ave ((1500-1599)) Bolivar St ((400-699)) Boone St ((700-799)) Brunson Ave ((1-199)) Buckingham St ((700-899)) Burt St ((1-399)) Caldwell Pl ((700-1099)) Callender Ave ((1-99)) Capitol View Dr ((400-599)) Capitol View Pl ((1000-1099)) Centab Dr ((300-1799)) Clifton Ave ((1200-1797)) Clifton Ct ((100-299)) Devoise St ((1000-1099)) E A Perham St ((700-899)) Eastwood Ave ((35-1799)) E Broad St ((1536-1822)) Edward St ((601-799)) E Gay St ((800-1098)) Elda Ct ((500-1099)) Elda St ((500-599)) Eldridge Ave ((300-599)) Ellison St ((400-499)) E Long St ((300-1843)) Emerald Ave ((1500-1799)) E Spring St ((600-1099)) Eton Grove ((801-1099)) Fabron Ave ((1000-1199)) Fair Ave ((1050-1103)) Fairfield Ave ((400-599)) Garfield Pl ((700-799)) Governors Pl ((1-199)) Graham St ((200-599)) Granville St ((1200-1699)) Greenway Ave ((1500-2098)) Grove St ((700-799)) Hallidon Ave ((1000-1299)) Hamilton Ave ((1-599)) Hamilton Park ((1-99)) Hanley St ((400-499)) Harvard Ave ((1400-1799)) Hawthorne Ave ((1201-1599)) Hawthorne Park ((100-1699)) Hildreth Ave ((1000-1598)) Hughes St ((100-299)) Jefferson Ave ((2-201)) Johnson St ((200-1498)) Kiefer St ((700-799)) Leonard Ave ((700-1399)) Madison Ave ((1003-1044)) Maplewood Aly ((1500-1699)) Market Aly ((800-1699)) Market St ((1201-1299)) Martin Luther King Jr Blvd ((200-299)) Maryland Ave ((1300-1803)) Mayme Moore Pl ((700-799)) Menlo Pl ((1400-1599)) Metro Ave ((1200-1299)) Miami Ave ((1-399)) Mink St ((100-199)) Monypenny Ave ((1-99)) Mount Vernon Ave ((700-1599)) Mt Vernon Ave ((200-1498)) N 17th St ((1-399)) N 18th St ((100-399)) N 20th St ((1-499)) N 21st St ((1-399)) N 22nd St ((1-399)) N Champion Ave ((100-699)) N Garfield Ave ((1-599)) N Monroe Ave ((1-499)) N Ohio Ave ((1-699)) Old Leonard Ave ((700-1399)) Parkwood Ave ((1-1298)) Pembroke Ave ((1500-1699)) Phillips St ((101-399)) Richmond Ave ((100-1799)) Rosethorne Ave ((1401-1599)) Saint Claire Ave ((200-672)) Sawyer Blvd ((400-599)) Seemic Cir ((300-3298)) Sisco Aly ((600-798)) St Clair Ave ((100-298)) Talmadge St ((100-399)) Taylor Ave ((1-599)) Thorn St ((100-298)) Toronto St ((1100-1299)) Trevitt St ((400-599)) US Hwy 40 ((1536-1822)) US Hwy 62 ((1536-1822)) Vogel Ave ((1600-1699)) Wespot Dr ((300-399)) Winner Ave ((1-399)) Woodland Ave ((1-699))

43203 Places and Attractions

Apostolic Glorious Church Asbury United Methodist Church Beatty Park Bethany Presbyterian Church Bethel Baptist Church Broad Street Presbyterian Church Calhouns Memorial Temple Church Calvary Tremont Baptist Church Centenary United Methodist Church Champion Alternative Middle School Christ Memorial Baptist Church Church of God and Saint of Christ Church of Universal Forces Church of the Living God East High School Eastwood Avenue School Eddie Saunders Park Emmanuel Community Baptist Church Emmanuel Tabernacle Baptist Church Faith Mission United Methodist Church Felton School Franklin Park Freewill Pentecostal Holiness Church of Christ Garfield School Gospel Tabernacle Church Grace Temple Greater Life Evangelistic Temple Highway Church of God Holy Church of God Interchange 109B Interchange 109C Islamic Center Church Jerusalem Tabernacle Baptist Church Jireh House Full Gospel Church Little Flock Church Martin Luther King Center Martin Luther King Library Mayme Moore Park Meredith Temple Church of God in Christ Monroe Junior High School Mount Calvary Holy Church Mount Vernon African Methodist Episcopal Church Mount Vernon Avenue Missionary Baptist Church Mount Vernon Plaza Shopping Center Mount Zion Church of God in Christ Ohio State Archives Pilgrim Baptist Church Pilgrim Elementary School Pleasant Hill Church of the Living God Praise Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Rehoboth Temple Saint Anthony Medical Center Heliport Saint Anthonys Hospital Saint Dominic Roman Catholic Church Saint Dominic School Saint Mark African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Philip Lutheran Church Saint Philips Episcopal Church Second Baptist Church Shady Grove Baptist Church of Christ Shiloh Baptist Church Trevitt Elementary School Trinity Baptist Church Union Grove Baptist Church Union Tabernacle Church of God Woodland Christian Church YMCA