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6th Ave ((101-299)) Alden Ave ((300-499)) Apollo Pl ((1000-1199)) Battelle Blvd ((1200-1499)) Beacon Aly ((900-1199)) Belmont Ave ((1400-1599)) Big Four St ((401-1799)) Bradley St ((500-699)) Camden Ave ((700-1199)) Campus Pl ((1-99)) Chittenden Ave ((1-499)) Clark Pl ((1-99)) Cleveland Ave ((121-1322)) Corrugated Way ((1000-1399)) Courtland Ave ((1200-1399)) Delaware Ave ((701-1099)) Dennison Ave ((898-1399)) Detroit Ave ((100-299)) Dick Ave ((800-999)) Division Aly ((900-1099)) Dora Dr ((1800-1999)) Dupont Ave ((800-999)) E 10th Ave ((1-99)) E 11th Ave ((1-999)) E 12th Ave ((1-499)) E 13th Ave ((1-499)) E 14th Ave ((1-499)) E 15th Ave ((1-499)) E 16th Ave ((1-499)) E 17th Ave ((1-466)) E 18th Ave ((1-499)) E 19th Ave ((200-6398)) E 1st Ave ((1-799)) E 20th Ave ((200-499)) E 2nd Ave ((1-899)) E 3rd Ave ((1-899)) E 4th Ave ((1-999)) E 5th Ave ((1-1412)) E 6th Ave ((1-399)) E 7th Ave ((1-399)) E 8th Ave ((1-699)) E 9th Ave ((1-499)) East Aly ((1000-1099)) E Frambes Ave ((1-299)) E Greenwood Ave ((1-399)) E Lane Ave ((1-499)) English Way ((400-499)) E Northwood Ave ((1-499)) E Norwich Ave ((1-499)) E Oakland Ave ((1-299)) Essex Ave ((1100-1499)) E Starr Ave ((400-1099)) Euclid Ave ((1-199)) Ewing Aly ((900-1099)) E Woodruff Ave ((1-299)) Fassett Ave ((1100-1199)) Fields Ave ((1100-1381)) Forsythe Ave ((1100-1499)) Frances Pl ((1100-1599)) Gibbard Ave ((500-1399)) Grant Ave ((1000-1099)) Grant St ((1001-1099)) Gray St ((700-1099)) Grumwell St ((100-199)) Hamlet St ((700-1599)) Harrison Ave ((948-1299)) Harrison Park Pl ((900-1098)) Helen Ct ((400-499)) Highland St ((600-1699)) Howard St ((700-1099)) Hunter Ave ((900-1699)) Indiana Ave ((2000-2234)) Indianola Ave ((1100-2248)) Iuka Ave ((1900-2199)) Kessler St ((900-999)) King Ave ((1-682)) Leona Ave ((700-1199)) Lexington Ave ((800-1199)) Lockwin Ave ((600-799)) Loew St ((800-999)) Mc Millen Ave ((1-999)) McMillen Ave ((37-199)) Michigan Ave ((600-1599)) Mount Pleasant Ave ((801-1299)) N 3rd St ((77-566)) N 4th St ((200-2234)) N 5th St ((2-1599)) N 6th St ((900-1499)) N 9th St ((700-1099)) Neil Ave ((101-2324)) New York Ave ((600-799)) N Grant Ave ((800-1599)) N High St ((510-2294)) N Pearl St ((1100-2499)) N Wall St ((803-1499)) N Washington Ave ((800-1099)) Olmstead Ave ((900-1199)) Oregon Ave ((2-1299)) Pennsylvania Ave ((601-1599)) Penny St ((1100-1199)) Perry St ((901-1599)) Peru Aly ((800-999)) Peters Aly ((1437-1499)) Peters Ave ((1000-1199)) Piscitelli Pl ((100-199)) Price Ave ((1-199)) Punta Aly ((100-299)) Reynolds Ave ((400-899)) Riga Aly ((900-1299)) Roberson St ((900-999)) Roselle Ave ((1000-1199)) Saint Clair Ave ((1000-1299)) Saint Claire Ave ((673-1098)) Say Ave ((1000-1199)) Section Aly ((1200-1599)) Shoemaker Ave ((600-1199)) Sidney Ave ((1000-1298)) Sidney St ((1000-1298)) Smith Pl ((1-99)) Sommerfeld Pl ((100-199)) State Rte 3 ((700-1284)) Summit St ((881-2239)) Tappan St ((200-399)) Timken St ((400-599)) Tuller St ((2000-2299)) Turpie St ((2200-2299)) Tuttle Park Pl ((2180-2299)) US Hwy 23 ((656-2234)) Vermont Pl ((400-499)) W 10th Ave ((1-499)) W 11th Ave ((1-299)) W 1st Ave ((1-599)) W 2nd Ave ((1-698)) W 3rd Ave ((1-798)) W 4th Ave ((1-599)) W 5th Ave ((1-803)) W 6th Ave ((1-499)) W 7th Ave ((200-499)) W 8th Ave ((1-499)) W 9th Ave ((1-399)) Waldeck Ave ((1800-2299)) Walters St ((1000-1299)) Welch Pl ((1500-1599)) W Greenwood Ave ((1-199)) Williams St ((2200-2312)) W Lane Ave ((1-438)) W Northwood Ave ((1-299)) W Norwich Ave ((1-299)) W Oakland Ave ((1-299)) Wooley Ave ((1100-1299)) Worthington St ((1400-1699)) W Starr Ave ((1-199)) Yeoman Ave ((400-698))

43201 Places and Attractions

Battelle Memorial Institute Bethel Holy Temple Church of God Calvary Apostolic Church Christ Anglican Church Christian Community Church Christian Community Church North Columbus First Freewill Baptist Church Consolidated Baptist Church Doctors Hospital North (historical) Emmanuel Holy Church of God Eternal Life Church Everett Junior High School Faith Tabernacle Faith Temple House of Prayer Fawcett Center Fawcett Center for Tomorrow Heliport Fifth Avenue Low Head Dam Fifth Avenue Low Head Reservoir Fifth Avenue School Fifth Avenue Wesleyan Church Fifth Avenue and North High Historic District First Brethren Church First Church of the Nazarene Fourth Avenue Christian Church Good Neighbor Community Church Grace Bible Baptist Church Grace Independent Methodist Church Graves Hall Greater Emmanuel Church Harrison West Park Higher Ground Always Abounding Assembly Church Holy Name School Indianola Church of Christ Indianola Presbyterian Church Indianola School Indianola Shopping Center Interchange 110A Iuka Park Iuka Ravine Historic District King Avenue United Methodist Church Lighhouse Church of Christ Lord Jesus Christ of Apostolic Faith Church Meiling Hall Metropolitan Community Church Michigan School Milo Milo Post Office (historical) Milo School Mount Nebo Baptist Mission Mount Pisgah Baptist Church Mount Sinai Holy Temple Neil Avenue Baptist Church Neil Avenue Mennonite Church Neil Hall New Bethlehem Baptist Church New Indianola Historic District New Life United Methodist Church Newton Hall Ninth Avenue School North Columbus Friends Meeting House Northminster Presbyterian Church Northside Branch Library Northside Library Northwood School Ohio Stater Mall Shopping Center Rose of Sharon Baptist Church Ruth Temple Apostolic Original Holy Church of God Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church Sacred Heart School Saint Johns Baptist Church Saint Luke Lutheran Church Saint Mark Lutheran Church Saint Paul Baptist Church Saint Peters School Second Avenue Elementary School Seventh Avenue Community Baptist Church Solid Rock Baptist Church Spring Hill Baptist Church Summit United Methodist Church The Unification Church Third Avenue and North High Historic District Thompson Park Thompson Recreation Center Triedstone Baptist Church Truth Tabernacle University Baptist Church University Bible Fellowship Church University Lutheran Chapel Unveiling and Unfolding of the Truth Ministries Victorian Village Church of God Way of Holiness Church Weinland Park Weinland Park Elementary School West Second Avenue Presbyterian Church Wheeler Memorial Park