Elkhorn City, KY 41522 ZIP Code Map


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41522 Street Addresses

1st St ((1-99)) 2nd St ((1-99)) 7th St ((101-127)) Adams Branch Rd ((1-1799)) Adkins Belcher Rd ((1-198)) Alexander Ave ((101-199)) Alfie St ((600-798)) Anthony Coleman Dr ((1-99)) Anthony Coleman Rd ((1-99)) Ashcamp Rd ((7801-11599)) Atkins Belcher Rd ((1-199)) Badfork Rd ((300-1499)) Ball Park Rd ((100-298)) Bascom Mullins Rd ((1-199)) Beaver Bottom ((1-17299)) Beaver Creek Rd ((1-3999)) Belcher Dr ((1-99)) Bentley Rd ((1-99)) Big Branch Rd ((1-1399)) Blair-Adkins Rd ((1-399)) Blair-Adkins St ((1-199)) Blue Head Rd ((1-699)) Blue Pond Fork ((1-39)) Bowling Fork Ln ((100-499)) Bowling Fork Rd ((1-2499)) Bridge St ((1-599)) Brushy Branch ((100-1099)) Camp Fork ((1-299)) Camp Fork Rd ((1-3099)) Carmen St ((101-299)) Carson Island Rd ((101-398)) Center Creek Rd ((1-599)) Center St ((100-298)) Chestnut Log Hollow ((1-199)) Childers Dr ((1-6598)) Circle St ((101-199)) Clevinger Rd ((1-99)) Clevinger St ((2-98)) Coleman Hill ((1-99)) Coleman Rd ((1-198)) Cougar Dr ((100-199)) Cumberland Rd ((100-298)) Cure Hill ((1-199)) Dave Hollow Rd ((1-399)) Democrate Rd ((100-199)) Dennis Clevinger St ((1-199)) Drew Village Rd ((1-99)) Elizabeth Childress Hollow ((2-50)) Elizabeth Childress Rd ((1-199)) Elkhorn Creek ((1000-14799)) Elkhorn Crk ((2701-2799)) Elkhorn St ((100-17299)) Elswick Ave ((1-99)) Elswick Fork Rd ((1452-1498)) Epling Ave ((1-99)) Epling Ln ((1-299)) Epling Rd ((1-299)) E Rasnick Bottom ((1-399)) Ercelle St ((101-399)) E&R Rd ((1-99)) E Russell St ((100-599)) Fish Pond Btm ((2-98)) Gibson Bottom ((1-199)) Gibson Btm ((101-199)) Hack Dr ((4901-4999)) Happy Hollow Rd ((1-599)) Hassel Potter Btm ((1-2799)) Hatcher St ((100-299)) Hellier 1st St ((1-99)) Hellier St ((1-99)) Henry Clay Hill Rd ((2-199)) Henry Clay Rd ((1-199)) Henry Clay St ((1-199)) High St ((100-198)) Hilton Rd ((1-199)) Holly Ave ((300-598)) House Log Fork ((100-298)) Huffman St ((1-99)) Hurricane Br ((1-298)) Hurricane Creek ((1-99)) Hurricane Crk ((200-298)) Jackson Branch Rd ((1-1899)) James Swiney Rd ((1-99)) J C Ratliff Rd ((1-99)) Jessie Branch Rd ((100-398)) Jessie Branch River Rd ((200-699)) John Ln ((100-198)) John Moore Branch ((2100-2731)) John Moore Branch Rd ((1-3099)) John Paul Ave ((100-199)) John St ((101-199)) Jones Rd ((1-299)) Kettlecamp Branch Rd ((100-1599)) King Rd ((2-198)) Ky 80 ((700-799)) Laura Ann Ln ((100-199)) Lawson Rd ((1-99)) Lee Adams Rd ((1-199)) Left Fork Dry Fork ((100-1199)) Left Fork Dry Fork Rd ((1-199)) Left Fork Happy Hollow ((1-199)) Left Fork Jackson Branch ((1-399)) Left Fork of Rockhouse Creek ((1-1199)) Left Fork of Rockhouse Creek Rd ((1-1199)) Lick Branch Rd ((1-698)) Lick Fork Rd ((1-899)) Lick Logging Rd ((1-299)) Little Branch Rd ((1-1299)) Lookout St ((1-199)) Lower Branch Rd ((2-198)) Lowe Rd ((1-199)) Main St ((100-199)) Marrowbone Bottom ((1-99)) Marrowbone Creek Rd ((1-8598)) Marrowbone Dry Fork ((1-1898)) Marrowbone St ((1-99)) Mays Branch Rd ((1-499)) Middle Branch Rd ((100-399)) Mossy Falls Dr ((2-298)) Mountain Branch Rd ((1-199)) Mutter St ((1-99)) N Short St ((1-99)) Ohio St ((200-398)) Patty Loveless Dr ((100-5799)) Peter Fork ((1-99)) Pike St ((100-198)) Pine St ((101-199)) Polley St ((200-398)) Pond Branch Rd ((1-599)) Pond Creek Rd ((1-3998)) Poor Bottom Frk ((1-99)) Poor Bottom Rd ((1-5998)) Price Ave ((1-299)) Priest Fork Rd ((1-399)) Proctor Ward Rd ((1-199)) R ((1-199)) Railroad Rd ((2-198)) Railroad St ((1-199)) Rasnick Bottom ((1-11399)) Ratliff Ave ((1-99)) Ratliff Bottom ((1-199)) Ratliff Btm ((1-13899)) Ratliff Hill Rd ((1-199)) Ratliff Hollow Rd ((1-199)) Ratliff St ((1-99)) Regina Belcher Hwy ((61-144899)) Right Fork Beaver Creek ((1-1599)) Right Fork Jackson Branch ((1-299)) Right Fork Lick Fork Rd ((200-299)) Right Fork of Big Branch ((1-299)) Right Fork of Rockhouse Creek Rd ((1-799)) Right Fork Road Creek ((1-7299)) River Ct ((1-99)) River Rd ((1-1098)) Road Creek Rd ((100-2099)) Robinson Rd ((100-299)) Rockhouse Camps Rd ((70-198)) Rockhouse Cir ((1-399)) Rockhouse Creek Rd ((1-2799)) Rockhouse St ((1-4799)) Rose Hollow ((1-299)) Rush St ((101-199)) Russell St ((100-599)) Seng Branch Rd ((1-699)) Silver Spur Ln ((3300-13199)) Spa Ct ((1-199)) Spa Rd ((1-199)) Spa St ((2-198)) S Patty Loveless Dr ((700-799)) Spring St ((101-298)) S Short St ((1-99)) Stalker Rd ((1-399)) State Hwy 1373 ((1-3999)) State Hwy 195 ((2-11598)) State Hwy 197 ((101-7298)) State Hwy 611 ((3601-5998)) State Hwy 80 ((100-21998)) Stillhouse Ave ((101-698)) Stonecoal Fork ((1-699)) Swiney Rd ((1-199)) Todd Rowe Dr ((101-298)) Trace Fork Rd ((1-999)) Twin Hollow Rd ((1-99)) Twins Hollow Rd ((1-99)) Upper Branch Rd ((1-699)) US Hwy 460 ((10200-14839)) Vine Ln ((1-199)) Virgie St ((101-299)) W 4th St ((105-754)) W 5th St ((101-844)) W 6th St ((105-387)) Wallace Rd ((1-99)) Water Branch Rd ((100-3499)) Wild Rose Dr ((1-299)) William St ((100-299)) Willowtree Hollow ((1-799)) Wolfpit Branch Rd ((1-3099)) W Russell St ((100-1099)) Yellow Hill Ct ((1-198)) Yellow Hill Rd ((2-399)) Yellow Hill Spr ((1-198))

41522 Places and Attractions

Abes Fork Abes Fork Abner Fork Adams Branch Allegheny Mine Ashcamp Ashcamp Branch Bear Hollow Beaver Bottom Beaver Creek Beaver Creek Church Beaver Creek School Beaver Knob Beaver Ridge Belcher Big Branch Big Branch Big Branch Big Branch School (historical) Big Island Branch Blowing Rock Gap Blue Head Branch Blue Head Rock Board Fork Bowling Fork Brushy Branch Brushy Fork Camp Branch Cedar Grove Church Cedarville Chestnut Hollow Childers Hollow Coal Branch Cow Fork Dave Hollow Dilse Branch Dilse Branch Dilse Branch Draffin Dry Fork Dry Fork Dunleary Dunleary Hollow Dutton Gap Dutton Gap Earns Branch Edgewater Elkhorn City Elkhorn City School Elswick Hollow Federal Ferrell Creek Ferrell Creek Church Flat Fork Flat Gap Flat Gap Glade Spring Police Department Goose Hollow Gum Branch Harless Creek Hellier Henry Clay Honey Fork Honey Fork Houselog Fork Hurricane Branch Jackson Branch Jackson Branch School Jessie Branch Jimmie Creek John Moore Branch Johnson Cemetery Kettlecamp Branch Kettlecamp Church Laurel Branch Laurel Fork Left Fork Beaver Creek Left Fork Dry Creek Left Fork Wolfpit Branch Lick Branch Lick Branch Little Branch Little Island Branch Locust Thicket Locust Thicket Locust Thicket Lookout Lower Branch Marrowbone Marrowbone - Regina Post Office Marrowbone Creek Marrowbone School Meadow Branch Middle Branch Mikegrady Mill Branch Mill Branch Mountain Branch Mud Lick Mullins Branch Mullins Cemetery Oscar Right Hollow Piney Fork Piney Fork Pinnacle Rock Polerack Branch Pond Branch Pond Creek Pool Point Pool Point Tunnel Poor Bottom Fork Potter Flats Praise Fork Priest Fork Ratliff Ratliff Cemetery Right Fork Beaver Creek Road Creek Road Fork Rockhouse Rough Branch Seng Branch Shop Branch Skeet Rock Knob Skeet Rock Knob Skegg Knob Skegg Knob Slickrock Fork Spencer Gap Spruce Pine Fork Spruce Pine Island Stagerweed Fork Stonecoal Fork Sulphur Springs Church Toms Branch Trace Fork Trace Fork Trace Fork Upper Branch Upper Pond School Upper Wolfpit School WKPI-TV (Pikeville) Water Branch Weddington Fork Wilson Cemetery Wolfpen Branch Wolfpit Wolfpit Branch