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41514 Schools


  • Belfry Area Technology Center
  • Belfry Middle School
  • Southside Elementary School
  • Belfry High School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 41514 is located in Pike County

    41514 Street Addresses

    Aflex Bottom ((2-298)) Aflex Cemetery Rd ((1-99)) Ailiff Branch ((1-298)) Beckett Branch ((1-199)) Bevins Rd ((1-399)) Black Gem Rd ((201-599)) Blevins Branch ((1-199)) Booth Hill ((1-198)) Broadhead Hollow ((1-799)) Brushy Hollow ((1-299)) Burgett Branch ((1-999)) Caney Fork ((1-999)) Carl Shelton Rd ((1-199)) Carol Hunt Ln ((2-198)) Carrol Hunt Ln ((2-198)) Cedar Dr ((1-299)) Chestnut Dr ((1-99)) Church House Hollow ((1-899)) Church of Christ Rd ((1-299)) Church St ((3201-3299)) Cold Fork ((1-799)) Coleman Rd ((1-199)) Compton Bottom ((1-798)) Co Rd 1156 ((2-98)) Cow Branch ((1-298)) Crum Hill ((1-199)) Culler Hollow Rd ((1-599)) Davidson Hill ((1-199)) Elkins Fork ((1-1199)) Falls Branch ((1-299)) Fletcher Hill ((2-199)) Flower Garden Hollow ((1-499)) Francis Rd ((1-99)) Francis Subdivision ((1-99)) Gilliam Branch ((1-499)) Goody Rd ((1-99)) Hager Dr ((1-99)) Happy Hill ((1-99)) Harrison Hollow ((1-199)) Hatcher Rd ((1-99)) Hickory Ct ((1-299)) Hickory Hill ((2-199)) Higgins Rd ((2-299)) Hillcrest Ave ((1-399)) Hillcrest St ((100-399)) Holly Dr ((1-299)) Hurricane Branch Rd ((201-1098)) Ivy Hill ((1-99)) Jade Ct ((1-99)) Jimmy Maynard Rd ((1-99)) Left Fork Bevins Rd ((1-99)) Lick Branch ((1-799)) Lick Fork ((1-199)) Lick Frk ((1-198)) Little Mudlick Br ((2-98)) Little Mudlick Branch ((200-299)) Loftis Tipple Rd ((100-199)) Loggins Rd ((1-299)) Long Branch Rd ((3400-8698)) Lowe Btm ((1-199)) Lower Stringtown Rd ((1-699)) Main St ((1-399)) Mall Rd ((101-199)) Marcum Bottom ((1-299)) Marcum Rd ((1-99)) May Branch ((101-299)) Maynard Hill ((1-99)) Maynard Hollow ((1-99)) Maynards Branch ((400-499)) McCoy Branch ((1-299)) McCoy St ((1-199)) Middle Fork ((1-1299)) Mike Williamson Hollow ((2-199)) Money Branch ((100-299)) Monty Bevins Btm ((100-498)) Mountain View Dr ((100-198)) Mountain View Rd ((1-199)) Murphy Bottom Rd ((1-499)) N Big Creek Rd ((2-13399)) Nosben Fork ((1-1199)) N State Hwy 292 ((5150-7698)) Old Hardy ((1-99)) Old Hardy Ct ((1-99)) Old Hardy Ln ((1-99)) Old Hardy Rd ((1-698)) Old Hwy 119 ((1-199)) Orinoco Hollow ((1-399)) Park Ave ((1-199)) Paw Paw Fk ((1-299)) Pearl St ((1-99)) Pecco Hollow ((2-899)) Pennington Dr ((1-99)) Pine St ((1-298)) Pinsonfork Rd ((400-698)) Pinson Rd ((1-199)) Preece Hill ((1-199)) Prock Murphy Rd ((1-199)) Quick St ((1-199)) Rainbow Ln ((1-199)) Ralphie Stepp Rd ((13100-13198)) Rank Fork ((101-199)) Recall Rd ((1-299)) Reed St ((1-99)) Right Fork of Nosben Fork ((1-99)) Right Fork Pecco Hollow ((101-499)) Right Fork Swinge Camp Branch ((1-299)) Rockhouse Fork ((301-1998)) Romans Btm ((2-198)) Rosewood Ct ((1-99)) Runyon Dr ((2-98)) Salem Hill ((1-99)) Sam Ball Hill ((1-199)) Sam Ball Hollow ((1-199)) Sky View Dr ((1-199)) Slaters Branch ((1-899)) Smith Bottom Loop ((1-598)) Smith Cemetery Rd ((1-91)) Southside Mall Rd ((101-199)) Spring Branch ((1-199)) S State Hwy 292 ((2250-4698)) Stafford St ((1-99)) Stanley Hl ((1-99)) State Hwy 292 ((1-7699)) State Hwy 292 E ((1-5142)) State Hwy 292 W ((1801-7699)) State Hwy 319 ((474-1139)) State Hwy 468 ((1978-13398)) State Hwy 612 ((1-8698)) Stringtown Ct ((1-99)) Sukey Fork ((1-599)) Swinge Camp Branch ((1-398)) Sycamore Rd ((1-299)) Taylor Fork ((1-1698)) Thacker Rd ((1-199)) Thomas H Furley Brg ((1-99)) Thomas Hollow ((1-299)) Toler Loop ((1-99)) Toler Rd ((2-199)) Trace Fork ((100-198)) Tug Fork Dr ((1-99)) Turkey Creek Rd ((1-3399)) Upper Stringtown Rd ((1-799)) US Hwy 119 ((23601-29233)) Varney Dr ((1-598)) Varney Rd ((1-299)) Virse Rd ((2-98)) Walters Fork ((1-599)) Watson Hill ((1-299)) Watson St ((1-99)) Well Digger Hollow ((1-399)) Wildwood Ln ((1-99)) Willow Creek Ln ((100-299)) Wilson Ct ((1-99)) Woodhill Dr ((1-27299)) Woodland Dr ((1-99))

    41514 Places and Attractions

    Aflex Aflex Post Office (historical) Aflex School (historical) Becket Branch Belfry Belfry Elementary School Belfry High School Belfry Railroad Station (historical) Belfry Volunteer Fire Department Bent Branch Bent Branch School Big Canoe Branch Big Creek Big Creek Church Blackberry Fork Blackberry Fork Park Black Cemetery Borderland School (historical) Burgett Branch Burnwell Burnwell Post Office (historical) Burris Post Office (historical) Buzzard Roost Hollow Caney Fork Chaffin Branch Churchouse Hollow Cold Fork Cold Fork Cow Branch Culler Hollow Dick Fork Double Blind Lick Dunkard Church (historical) Elkins Fork Elkins Fork School (historical) Flower Garden Hollow Fraley Branch Fraley Cemetery Frog Pond Hollow Goody Goody Post Office (historical) Groundhog Hollow Halfway Branch Hatfield Hatfield Post Office (historical) Hatfield Railroad Station (historical) Hatfield Volunteer Fire Department Hayes Lowe Cemetery Helsey Post Office (historical) Indian Grave Hollow Johns Hollow Leckieville Left Fork Lick Branch Left Fork Spring Branch Lick Branch Licklog Branch Long Fork Long Pole Branch Lowe Branch Lower Lick Branch Lower Stringtown Branch Lowe School (historical) Low Gap Fork Mary Elizabeth Church May Branch Maynard Branch McCoy Branch McCoy Cemetery McCoy Cemetery Meetinghouse Branch Millstone Branch Money Branch Mouth of Long Fork Mouth of Pond Post Office (historical) Murphy Cemetery Negro Hollow Nosben Branch Nosben Fork Old Field Branch Old Pond Church Oranoco Railroad Station (historical) Orinoco Hollow Orrison Lowe Branch Number 2 Cemetery Orrison R Lowe Number One Cemetery Pauley Hollow Peachtree Fork Peg Branch Phillips Bottom Phillips Cemetery Phillips Hollow Point Truth Church (historical) Pond Creek Pond Creek Tunnel Puncheoncamp Branch Rank Fork Rattlesnake Fork Reed Hollow Right Fork Lick Branch Road Fork Road Fork Rockhouse Church Rockhouse Fork Rocklick Branch Rogers Park Rogers Park Church Romans Cemetery Rough Fork Round Bottom Branch Runyon Cemetery Runyon Post Office (historical) Rural Rural Post Office (historical) Salter Branch School (historical) Sand Lick Scant Branch Scott Cemetery Sharondale School (historical) Skinned Chestnut Branch Slater Branch Slatter Branch Smith Cemetery South Side Mall Shopping Center Spring Branch Spring Branch Stepp Cemetery Stepp-Vance Stringtown Stringtown School (historical) Sukey Fork Swinge Camp Branch Tandy Sester Alley Cemetery Taylor Branch Taylor Fork Taylor Fork Thomas Shermon Lowe Cemetery Toler Toler Census Designated Place Trace Branch Turkey Branch School (historical) Turkey Creek Turkey Creek Consolidated School Turkey Creek School Turkey Creek Volunteer Fire Department Upper Lick Branch Upper Stringtown Branch Upper Turkey Varney Cemetery Varney Cemetery Varney Post Office (historical) Varney School Varney School (historical) Walnut Fork Weddington Cemetery White Post Office (historical) Whitepost School Williamson Branch Yardley Coal Camp (historical) Yates Cemetery