Salyersville, KY 41465 ZIP Code Map


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41465 Street Addresses

1st Ave ((2-6498)) 22 Mile Branch ((2-398)) 2nd Ave ((1-199)) Adams St ((901-999)) Adam St ((100-999)) Allen Dr ((100-598)) Arnett Branch Rd ((200-298)) Arnett Subdivision Rd ((201-299)) Audrey Cooper Rd ((2000-2098)) Auxier Branch Rd ((100-898)) Back St ((100-198)) Bailey Branch Rd ((100-199)) Bailey St ((101-299)) Bear Branch Rd ((101-298)) Beetree Branch Rd ((500-598)) Bellow Rd ((1-199)) Bend Branch Rd ((101-699)) Bentley Rd ((101-298)) Big Branch Rd ((1-99)) Big Pricy Creek Rd ((1-999)) Birch Branch Rd ((100-498)) Black Powder Ln ((800-898)) Blaze Branch Rd ((100-498)) Bloomington Branch Rd ((200-6899)) Bloomington Rd ((500-8199)) Bluegrass Rd ((100-499)) Board Tree Rd ((400-598)) Brad Dr ((400-598)) Broadway St ((100-599)) Brushy Fork Rd ((301-1098)) Buck Branch Rd ((2-8842299)) Buffalo Creek Rd ((401-2699)) Bullmare Rd ((2-98)) Bull Mare Rd ((2-98)) Bull Mire Rd ((2-598)) Burning Fork Rd ((500-5099)) Burton Fork Rd ((100-898)) Cain Rd ((1-298)) Cardinal Ct ((100-498)) Carpenter Bend Rd ((1501-1599)) Carty Branch Rd ((500-598)) Carver Rd ((301-599)) Caudill Branch Rd ((2-898)) Caudill Hollow Rd ((101-898)) Central Ave ((1-299)) Clifton Branch Rd ((100-298)) Coal Branch Rd ((300-1199)) Coffee Branch Rd ((1181-11898)) Cole Branch ((2-199)) College St ((1-698)) Collett Rd ((100-199)) Collins Rd ((1-999)) Combs Branch Rd ((1-398)) Combs Branch Spr ((101-199)) Combs St ((100-399)) Conley Rd ((3401-3499)) Conley St ((101-199)) Coon Creek Rd ((1-6099)) Cooper St ((101-598)) Corb Reed Branch Rd ((101-798)) Co Rd 1415 ((100-6098)) Co Rd 1437 ((2-2498)) Co Rd 1869 ((100-7798)) Co Rd 1888 ((500-5099)) Co Rd 3334 ((1-4198)) Cr-1012 ((5000-6098)) Cr-1018 ((201-499)) Cr-1020 ((100-898)) Cr-1026B ((1-99)) Cr-1029 ((1-999)) Cr-1030 ((2-1599)) Cr-1034 ((5901-5999)) Cr-1040 ((301-3599)) Cr-1047 ((1698-1799)) Cr-1053 ((200-1199)) Cr-1055 ((700-1198)) Cr-1057 ((100-599)) Cr-1063D ((201-299)) Cr-1096 ((101-199)) Cr-1103 ((1-898)) Cr-1105 ((701-799)) Cr-1109R ((100-399)) Cr-1148 ((5301-5399)) Cr-1156 ((2-98)) Cr-1164 ((400-498)) Cr-1169 ((200-298)) Cr-1172 ((100-498)) Cr-1174A2 ((100-198)) Cr-1174A3 ((100-199)) Cr-1174H ((400-498)) Cr-1174V ((100-199)) Cr-1176 ((1-199)) Cr-1182 ((101-298)) Cr-1203 ((1600-2298)) Cr-1205C ((600-998)) Cr-1208 ((1-99)) Cr-1218 ((301-399)) Cr-1305 ((100-2598)) Cr-1311A ((201-299)) Cr-1324 ((100-198)) Cr-1326 ((100-198)) Cr-1372 ((101-199)) Cr-1389 ((1500-1598)) Cr-1392 ((501-698)) Cr-1614 ((3401-3499)) Cr-1618 ((2-398)) Cr-1821 ((801-899)) Cr-1870D ((201-299)) Cs-1024 ((500-598)) Cs-1045 ((247-499)) Cutuno-Hager Rd ((801-899)) Dale-Cutino Rd ((701-899)) Debbie Dr ((100-198)) Dixie Ave ((2-1198)) Donnie Barnett Rd ((1-99)) Donnie Bnt Sub ((1-99)) Dora Lee Rd ((101-299)) Dotson Branch Rd ((2-799)) Dry Bread Fork Rd ((1-1599)) Dry Bread Rd ((1-1299)) Duco Rd ((1-99)) Earl Collins Rd ((1-798)) Elam St ((200-498)) Elk Creek Rd ((1-7099)) Equal Fork Rd ((1-99)) E Wireman Rd ((2201-4117)) Fairchild Rd ((200-8599)) Falcon Rd ((100-6599)) Flat Branch Rd ((2-98)) Flat Fork Rd ((4100-6199)) Fletcher Branch Rd ((100-298)) Fletcher Branch Spr ((101-298)) Fletcher Rd ((301-399)) Flint Branch Rd ((1-99)) Flint St ((100-198)) Fox Run Rd ((2-398)) Frank Williams Rd ((101-199)) Gains Howard Rd ((200-6198)) Gamble Branch Rd ((100-599)) Gardner Trl ((100-1299)) Gipson Hollow Rd ((2-98)) Gobel Jenkins Rd ((100-198)) Gullett Branch Rd ((300-598)) Gun Creek Rd ((1-5098)) Half Creek Rd ((5301-5399)) Half Mountain Creek Rd ((5301-5399)) Half Mountain Rd ((700-4798)) Hammond Fork Rd ((101-1098)) Helton Rd ((100-499)) Hensley Rd ((100-299)) Higgins St ((100-198)) Horsepen Rd ((2-99)) Howard Branch Rd ((301-2199)) Howard Dr ((1-299)) Hud Adams Rd ((1201-1299)) Hunt St ((101-199)) Hwy 1090 ((202-298)) Improvement Fork Rd ((101-1898)) Ivyton Rd ((100-598)) Jack Adams Subdivision Rd ((200-4098)) Jellicoe Branch Rd ((900-2399)) Jim Arnett Branch Rd ((200-2999)) Joe Branch Rd ((101-199)) John C Bale Yard ((300-499)) John C Conley Rd ((300-499)) Johnson Fork Rd ((0-98)) Judge Williams Rd ((100-499)) Kelly Branch Rd ((201-598)) Kentucky St ((100-499)) K Patton Branch ((200-298)) Lacey Creek Rd ((301-3599)) Lakeville Rd ((1-498)) Lee Howard Rd ((301-1699)) Left Fork of Jim Arnett Br ((400-498)) Left Fork of Jim Arnett Branch Rd ((400-498)) Left Fork of Vanzel Borders Rd ((201-299)) Left Sugar Camp Rd ((901-999)) Lick Branch Rd ((1-599)) Lick Creek Rd ((1-6399)) Limestone Branch Rd ((300-799)) Litteral Fork Rd ((2-2498)) Littlebear Rd ((100-199)) Long Branch Rd ((300-1299)) Lt Fk Borders Rd ((101-199)) Lykins Subdivision Rd ((1000-1098)) Maple St ((1-1499)) Mash Fork Rd ((1-3098)) May Branch Rd ((200-298)) May Dr ((1-398)) M Caldwell Rd ((100-398)) Meatskin Branch Rd ((400-498)) Middle Creek Rd ((1-235)) Middle Fork Rd ((800-899)) Mine Fork Rd ((100-3398)) Minix Dr ((400-498)) Mountain Pkwy ((101-8099)) Mud Lick Rd ((1-1998)) N Church St ((101-199)) New Paintsville Rd ((2-5799)) N River Rd ((201-399)) Oak Rd ((201-299)) Old Bend Branch Rd ((100-198)) Old Burning Fork Rd ((100-898)) Old Lee Howard Rd ((2-98)) Painters Lick Rd ((100-598)) Patrick Branch Rd ((100-399)) Patrick Dr ((1-498)) Patrick Rd ((1-199)) Phipps Fork Rd ((101-1799)) Pine Point Rd ((201-299)) Porter Rd ((100-399)) Pricy Creek Rd ((100-7798)) Puncheon Camp Creek Rd ((701-799)) Right Oakley Creek Rd ((300-499)) Right Sugar Camp Rd ((100-198)) Rinker Ln ((2-199)) River Rd ((100-1099)) Rock House Creek Rd ((2301-6599)) Rock House Ln ((5000-6098)) Rock House Rd ((100-6098)) Rock Lick Branch Rd ((200-1599)) Royalton Rd ((1200-7451)) Salt Lick Branch Rd ((901-1498)) Scaffold Fork Rd ((300-898)) Schoolhouse Rd ((300-568)) S Church St ((200-298)) Scott Ave ((1-598)) SE Licking River Rd ((6100-19398)) Short Fork Rd ((1-898)) Short Fork Spr ((701-799)) Short St ((100-499)) Spurlock Loop ((600-998)) Spurlock Rd ((600-2298)) State Hwy 1081 ((2-8199)) State Hwy 1090 ((142-156)) State Hwy 114 ((159-7698)) State Hwy 134 ((0-498)) State Hwy 1471 ((1901-2398)) State Hwy 1635 ((400-498)) State Hwy 1734 ((1496-1498)) State Hwy 2019 ((2901-3299)) State Hwy 2020 ((1783-2868)) State Hwy 30 ((2-598)) State Hwy 364 ((1101-6599)) State Hwy 378 ((600-7798)) State Hwy 40 ((1-6099)) State Hwy 404 ((2112-2198)) State Hwy 7 ((101-19398)) State Hwy 867 ((11-55)) State Rd Creek ((1801-3099)) Stevens Branch Rd ((666-670)) Stinson Rd ((202-298)) Strip Mine Rd ((1500-1598)) Sugar Camp Rd ((100-998)) Superior Rd ((100-299)) Sure Shot Oil Rd ((5901-5999)) Tackett Bottom Rd ((2-298)) Tackett Br ((1-99)) Teacher Ln ((1-99)) Tick Lick Rd ((200-298)) Tin Can Branch Rd ((101-199)) Trojan Powder Rd ((1-199)) Twenty Two Mile Branch Rd ((2-1599)) Twin Branch Rd ((200-1199)) Twin Lick Rd ((700-1199)) Upper Mash Fork Rd ((201-499)) US Hwy 460 ((159-3398)) Vanzel Borders Rd ((101-199)) Walters Rd ((801-899)) Walter Wireman Rd ((2-98)) Wheeler Branch Rd ((1200-1298)) White Lick Rd ((201-398)) Williams Fork Rd ((1-499)) Will May Branch Rd ((1-898)) Willow Dr ((100-199)) W Maple St ((0-1298))

41465 Places and Attractions

Adams Cemetery Adams Cemetery Adams Cemetery Adams Cemetery Adams Cemetery Allen Branch Allen Cemetery Allen Cemetery Allen School Alsept Fork Alum Rock Branch Arnett Branch Arnett Branch Arnett Branch Arnett Branch Arnett Cemetery Arnett Cemetery Arnett Cemetery Arnett Hollow Back Branch Back Branch Back Cemetery Back School Bailey Branch Bailey Cemetery Bailey Cemetery Bear Branch Bear Branch Bear Branch Bear Branch Bear Branch Cemetery Bear Fork Church Beartree Fork Beartree School Beech Grove School (historical) Beetree Branch Bend Branch Bethanna Big Branch Big Half Mountain Big Lick Branch Big Lick Branch Blanton Cemetery Blaze Branch Bloomington Boardtree Branch Boardtree Fork Borders Cemetery Bradley Brown Cemetery Browns Fork Brushy Fork Brushy Fork Brushy Fork Brushy Fork Cemetery Brushy Fork School (historical) Buck Lick Branch Buck School Buckhorn Gap Buffalo Church Buffalo Creek Bull Branch Bull Branch Bullmire Branch Burgett Branch Burgett School Burke Cemetery Burning Fork Burning Fork Burton Cemetery Burton Fork Burton Fork Came Branch Caney Branch Carpenter Bend Carty Branch Carver Carver Station Caudill Branch Caudill Cemetery Caudill Cemetery Cherry Orchard Branch Cisco Coal Branch Coffee Branch Cole Branch Collins Cemetery Collinsworth Branch Conley Conley Cemetery Conley Cemetery Conley Cemetery Conley Cemetery Connelley Cemetery Cooper Cemetery Cooper Fork Cotton Knob Cow Creek Craft Cemetery Crafts Fork Crafts Fork School Cranes Nest Branch Crusade School (historical) Cutuno Cyrus Dale Ditney Ridge Dotson Branch Dotson Cemetery Dry Bread Fork Duco Duco School Dutton Branch Edna Elk Creek Emma Post Office (historical) Epson Equal Fork Ever Faith Mount Church Falcon Flat Fork Flat Fork Fletcher Cemetery Flint Branch Flora Holliday Branch Foraker Franklin Cemetery Fredville Freewill Church Fritz Galdia Gapville Gapville School (historical) Gardner Branch Gardner Cemetery Gifford Gilliam Cemetery Gose Branch Grace Cemetery Granddaddy Branch Grape Creek Grayfox Guad Post Office (historical) Gullett Gullett Cemetery Gun Creek Gun Creek Church Gun Creek School (historical) Hackworth Cemetery Hager Hale Cemetery Hammond Fork Hard Fork Harkin Fork Harper Harris Arnett Branch Head of Right Oakley School Hendricks Hendricks School Hensley School Higgins Branch Holbrook Branch Horse Pen Branch Horsepen Fork Howard Branch Howard Cemetery Howard Cemetery Howard Cemetery Howard Cemetery Howard Cemetery Howard Cemetery Howard Cemetery Howard-Shepard Cemetery Hurt Cemetery Improvement Fork Ingram Whitt Branch Isaac Cemetery Ivyton Jack Branch Jackson Cemetery Jake Fork Jane Arnett Branch Jellicoe Cemetery Jenkins Cemetery Jenkins School Joe Hollow Joe Push Branch John Arnett School John Bailey Cemetery Johnson Branch Johnson Creek Jones Fork Joseph Branch Keeton Branch Keeton Branch Keeton Cemetery Kelly Branch Kentucky 30 Interchange Kentucky 7 Interchange Kernie Lacey Lakeville Laurel Branch Laurel Fork Leatha Left Fork Arnett Branch Left Fork Licking River Left Fork Puncheon Creek Lems Branch Lick Branch Lick Branch Lick Branch Lick Branch Lick Branch Lick Creek Lickburg Limestone Branch Linecamp Branch Litteral Fork Litteral Fork Church Little Martha Church Logville Logville School (historical) Long Branch Long Branch Long Branch Lykins Maggard Marshall Cemetery Marshall Cemetery Marshallville Mary Post Office (historical) Mash Fork Mashfork Mashfork Post Office (historical) Mason Mason Fork May Branch May Cemetery May Cemetery May Cemetery Meadows Branch Meatskin Branch Middle Fork Middle Fork Licking River Mill Branch Minefork Montgomery Branch Montgomery Cemetery Moore Branch Mount of Rockhouse Church Mouth of Buffalo School (historical) Mouth of Lacey School (historical) Mullins Gap Netty Oakley Creek Old House Branch Open Fork Open Fork Orchard Branch Orient Post Office (historical) Ova Owens Cemetery Oxier Branch Painters Lick School Patrick Branch Patrick Branch Patrick Branch Patrick Cemetery Patrick Cemetery Patton Branch Patton Cemetery Patton Fork Perkins Branch Perlie Post Office (historical) Pet Ex School Peter Cave Branch Phipps School (historical) Pigpen Branch Plutarch Pond Branch Pound Branch Powers Cemetery Powers Cemetery Prater Branch Prater Branch Prater-Borders School Pricy Creek Puncheon Camp Creek Puncheon Cemetery Puncheon Creek Puncheon School Purcell Branch Raccoon Creek Ramey Memorial Park Ramp Branch Reed Branch Rice Cemetery Right Fork Arnett Branch Right Fork Buck Branch Right Fork Licking River Right Oakley Creek Risner Cemetery Road Fork Rock Lick Branch Rock Lick Branch Rockhouse Cemetery Rockhouse Church Rockhouse Fork Rocklick Fork Rose Branch Round Hole Branch Round Mountain Branch Rowan Branch Royalton Rudd Cemetery Salt Lick Branch Salyer Branch Salyer Cemetery Salyersville Sam Branch Samaria Church Sand Lick Branch Sandlick Branch Seaffold Fork Seitz Settlement Branch Sheep Pen Branch Short Fork Short Fork School (historical) Slone Cemetery Sprague Branch Spring Fork Spruce Branch Spruce Pine Fork Stable Branch Stamper Branch State Road Fork State Road Fork Church Stella Stevens Cemetery Stevens Fork Stevens School Stinson Creek Stringtown Sublett Sugar Cane Branch Swampton Church Swampton School (historical) Sycamore Branch Sycamore Fork Tackett Cemetery Tackett Cemetery Tackett Memorial Cemetery Thomas Conley Branch Tick Lick Creek Tick Lick School Tim Branch Tin Can Branch Tiptop Tobacco Branch Trace Branch Trapp Branch Trimble Cemetery Turkey Branch Twentytwo Mile Branch Twin Lick Fork WRLV-AM (Salyersville) WRLV-FM (Salyersville) Wagers School Wesley Fork Wheel Rim Fork Wheeler Cemetery Wheelersburg Whitley Branch Whitt Branch Will May Branch Williams Branch Williams Branch Williams Cemetery Williams Fork Wireman Cemetery Wise County Sheriff's Office Wise Police Department Wolfpen Branch Wonnie Wright Branch Zion Church