Jackson, KY 41339 ZIP Code Map


Jackson ZIP Codes


41339 Schools


  • Jackson City School
  • Breathitt County Area Technology Center
  • Cadet Leadership Education Program
  • Breathitt County Day Treatment Ctr Alt
  • Breathitt Co. Juvenile Det. Ctr.
  • Sebastian Middle School
  • L B J Elementary School
  • Breathitt County High School
  • Census



    ZIP Code 41339 is located in Breathitt County (97.70%) Knott County (2.20%) Lee County (0.20%)

    41339 Street Addresses

    Abbie-Vic Rd ((100-199)) Abe Cole Dr ((1-99)) Airplane Hollow ((1-299)) Airport Rd ((100-299)) Albert Ln ((1-99)) Almond Ave ((1-99)) Altro Rd ((201-898)) Alyssa Ln ((2-98)) Andy Hayes Rd ((1-199)) Armory Dr ((1-1599)) Arrowood Dr ((1-99)) Arrow St ((1-99)) Athol Rd ((300-1870)) Back Ln ((2-199)) Back St ((1-299)) Baker Dr ((1-198)) Banks Rd ((1-99)) Barwick Rd ((101-1599)) Bays St ((2200-2299)) Bean Fork Rd ((100-299)) Beattyville Rd ((100-9798)) Beech Grove Rd ((2-498)) Beech Point Estate Rd ((100-399)) Belcher Caney Fork Rd ((1-299)) Belcher Fork Rd ((1-2099)) Benny Ln ((1-198)) Bertha Ln ((101-199)) Bethlehem Rd ((100-399)) Beverly Heights Rd ((100-398)) Beverly Hills Rd ((100-499)) Big Branch Rd ((2-998)) Big Branch Southfork Rd ((1-1099)) Big Fork Rd ((1-299)) Birch Ln ((1-299)) Bj Fugate Dr ((200-298)) Blackberry Dr ((1-99)) Blake Dr ((1-199)) Blue Jay Dr ((101-199)) Bobcat Ln ((1400-1499)) Boggs Dr ((1-99)) Boomer Ln ((2-98)) Bowling Cove Rd ((1-99)) Bowling Rd ((1-599)) Bowlings Creek Rd ((1-4299)) Bowman Fork Rd ((601-1499)) Bradburn Branch Rd ((3801-3899)) Brewer Dr ((1-199)) Brewer Fork ((2-199)) Brewers Dr ((1-199)) Bridge Hollow Rd ((1-399)) Bridge Pointe Ln ((1-198)) Broadway St ((1-399)) Bryants Creek Rd ((1-4398)) Burcham Fork Rd ((100-499)) Burnett St ((1-199)) Butter Point Rd ((1-4499)) Buzzard Fork Rd ((101-899)) Calhoun Branch Rd ((301-999)) Callahn Ln ((1-99)) Campbell Branch Rd ((203-598)) Campbell Cir ((1-99)) Campbell Ln ((1-99)) Camp Lewis Rd ((201-299)) Cane Creek Rd ((300-1098)) Canoe Rd ((201-28299)) Carpenter Branch Rd ((2-498)) Cedar Bend Rd ((601-1998)) Cemetery Rd ((2-398)) Chapman Rd ((101-499)) Chenowee Branch Rd ((100-599)) Cherry St ((1200-1299)) Chestnut Dr ((1-99)) Chestnut Gap Rd ((1-898)) Chick Little Rd ((1-199)) Childers Ln ((1-99)) Clay Alexander Rd ((501-798)) Clemons Branch ((1-99)) Clemons Fk Rd ((1-3998)) Clemons Fork Rd ((1-799)) Clemons Ln ((101-298)) Cliso Dr ((2-98)) Clover Fork ((101-299)) Cochran Dr ((1-99)) College Ave ((200-1099)) Collier Ave ((1-299)) Collins Rd ((2-298)) Colts Fork Rd ((2-699)) Combs and Perry Dr ((1-198)) Combs Branch Rd ((1300-1498)) Combs Family Cemetery Rd ((100-299)) Combs St ((1-599)) Coomer Fork Rd ((200-799)) Courtney Ln ((0-198)) Court St ((400-499)) Cove Hollow ((1-99)) Cox Dr ((101-199)) Cr-1130 ((700-899)) Cr-1410 ((244-298)) Cripple Creek Rd ((2-199)) Curt Rd ((1-3599)) Dange Creek ((1-299)) Daniel Dr ((101-199)) Daniel Rd ((200-298)) Darrell Tharp Rd ((1-99)) Daves Rd ((1-1599)) Davis St ((1-99)) Deaton Ln ((1-199)) Debbie Branch Rd ((1-99)) Democrat Dr ((2-98)) Denve Ln ((1-198)) Dogwood Dr ((1-599)) Drive-in Ln ((1-198)) Dry Bread Rd ((101-298)) Dube Rd ((2-299)) Duck Hollow Rd ((101-599)) Dulsena Ln ((2-198)) Dumont Ridge Rd ((1-99)) Dunn Ln ((1-99)) Earl Johnson Rd ((2-298)) Elige Roberts Rd ((2-498)) Elmrock Decoy Rd ((9400-11398)) Elm St ((1400-1499)) Ethan Dr ((2-98)) E Thompson St ((1-199)) Ezra Dr ((2-98)) Falcon Rd ((2-399)) Fallen Rock Rd ((2-199)) Finley Rd ((100-199)) Fire Station Dr ((2-98)) Fire Trail Rd ((800-1798)) Fish Pond Loop ((100-399)) Fletcher Rd ((101-199)) Floyd Spicer Dr ((1-199)) Forest Bryant Rd ((300-398)) Frank Turner Dr ((2-2898)) Frazier Ln ((100-399)) Fred Stewart Ln ((1-99)) Gabbard Hill Rd ((2-598)) Gabriel's Dr ((1-599)) G and G Ln ((2-98)) Garden Ln ((1-99)) Gb Ln ((1-99)) Gilliam Rd ((300-1099)) Granny's Branch ((1-199)) Grass Roots Ln ((1101-1199)) Griffith Branch Rd ((2-699)) Griffith Rd ((1-199)) Gross Fork Rd ((1-699)) Gross Valley Rd ((1-199)) Gum Log Branch Rd ((201-599)) Haddix Church Dr ((1-99)) Haddix Depot Rd ((1-299)) Haddix Dr ((1-99)) Haddix Fork Rd ((2-698)) Hall Branch Rd ((1-798)) Hall Cemetery Rd ((1-199)) Halls Dr ((1-198)) Hargis Hill Dr ((2-98)) Hargis Ln ((1500-1599)) Hargis St ((1-1599)) Hawk St ((1300-1399)) Hays Ave ((1-99)) Hazel Dr ((1-199)) Heather Ln ((100-198)) Helton Ln ((2-98)) Hensley Rd ((200-898)) Herald Ln ((1-198)) Hess Ln ((2-98)) Higgins Dr ((1-198)) Highland Ave ((1-999)) Highland Rd ((1-11798)) Highland School Rd ((2-98)) Hillcrest Dr ((1-99)) Hill Top Dr ((1-398)) Holler Point Rd ((1-99)) Holley Branch Rd ((400-498)) Hollon Rd ((2-98)) Holly Fork Rd ((1-298)) Hoover Bridge Rd ((801-899)) Hounshell Rd ((1-4098)) Howards Creek Rd ((500-1299)) Howell Hts ((100-299)) Hunting Creek Rd ((201-598)) Hurricane Branch Rd ((2-299)) Hurst Ln ((1600-1699)) Hutch Ln ((3801-3899)) Hwy 1098 Ky ((1000-9899)) Ice St ((1-99)) Improvement Branch ((101-199)) Indian Grave Branch ((1-399)) Indian Grave Rd ((1-399)) Indian Hollow Rd ((1-199)) Industry Rd ((100-198)) International Ln ((1-99)) Ison St ((2100-2199)) Ivy Court Dr ((1-99)) Jackson St ((1-99)) Jacob Dr ((2-98)) James Branch ((1-299)) James Gross Rd ((200-298)) J D Rd ((1-99)) Jefferson Ave ((600-699)) Jerry Miller Dr ((1-99)) Jesse Spencer Rd ((1-199)) Jett Dr ((1-498)) Jetts Creek Rd ((1800-3176)) Jim Gross Dr ((1-6899)) Joe Little Fork Rd ((1-2099)) John Hollon Ln ((101-199)) John Maco Dr ((1-99)) John St ((1-99)) Jones Branch ((100-699)) Jorbray Ln ((2-98)) Joseph Ln ((8101-8799)) Jw Adams Dr ((1-198)) Katie Ln ((1-99)) Katlin-Jerrica Dr ((2-198)) Kayla's Ln ((1-99)) Keck Ln ((2-198)) Keen Fork Rd ((900-998)) Kenny King Rd ((1-99)) Kentucky Ave ((200-2099)) Kings Ridge Rd ((1-1298)) Lakeside Dr ((1-1299)) Lakeview Village Dr ((1-99)) Landrum Rd ((1-199)) Laura Ln ((1-99)) Lawrence Dr ((101-199)) Lawson Ln ((1-99)) Left Fork Duck Hollow Rd ((101-298)) Lewis Dr ((1-99)) Lewis Fork Rd ((100-198)) Lick Branch-Armory Rd ((1-1999)) Lick Branch Noctor Rd ((1-1199)) Lick Branch-Noctor Rd ((1200-1399)) Lick Branch Talbert Rd ((2-1798)) Licking Fork ((200-399)) Lick Log Br ((101-199)) Lillies Ln ((401-499)) Lincoln Ave ((301-899)) Lindon Branch ((1-99)) Little Creek Rd ((1-1898)) Little Earl Rd ((1-298)) Lockard Hollow ((1-299)) Lonnie Ln ((1-99)) Lonzos Rd ((101-199)) Lower Beaver Dam Rd ((307-321)) Lower Twin Rd ((700-2599)) Lucas Dr ((400-499)) Mace Branch Rd ((201-299)) Mae Branch Rd ((1-99)) Main St ((1000-1299)) Manns Rd ((700-798)) Ma & Pa Rd ((1-199)) Marie Roberts Rd ((232-999)) Markham Fork Rd ((200-2698)) Martin Turner Rd ((1-99)) Meadow Lark Dr ((100-198)) Meat Scaffold Rd ((101-1499)) Middle Fork Rd ((100-598)) Middle Quicksand Rd ((301-2199)) Mill Branch Rd ((801-2099)) Mill Creek Lawson Rd ((1-2398)) Mill Creek Rd ((2-2098)) Miller Branch Barwick Rd ((400-12398)) Miller Hollow Rd ((2-98)) Millers Branch Elkataw Rd ((1-1499)) Molands Dr ((1-99)) Mosquito Holw ((2-199)) Mountain View Rd ((300-498)) Mountain Vw ((600-698)) Mount Carmel Rd ((300-2198)) Mt Craft Rd ((100-499)) Mulberry Ln ((2-2799)) Mullins Dr ((1-99)) Mullins Rd ((2-899)) Nathan Ln ((201-299)) N Copeland Rd ((400-498)) Neace Dr ((2-199)) New Branch Rd ((201-299)) Newton Branch ((100-298)) N Oak Hill Dr ((1-198)) N Point Ave ((1-99)) Oaks Ln ((2-1399)) Oakwood Dr ((200-398)) Oakwood Trailer Ct Rd ((2-98)) Oj Fugate Dr ((1-99)) Old Buck Rd ((100-2299)) Old Ky 30 ((1-7198)) Old Quicksand Rd ((201-3199)) Old Railroad Rd ((101-199)) Oliver Dr ((2-199)) Ollie J Ln ((1-99)) Omega Ln ((1-99)) Opal Dr ((100-198)) Open Fork Ln ((1-199)) Panbowl Branch ((1-899)) Panbowl Rd ((1-1999)) P and S Dr ((1-199)) Park Rd ((200-398)) Parson Dr ((1-199)) Paso Ln ((1-99)) Patton Ave ((1601-1999)) Peacock Ln ((1-298)) Pearlie Dr ((1-99)) Pearlie Fork Rd ((200-299)) Pennington Ln ((2-198)) Picnic Hill Rd ((2-599)) Pine Grove Rd ((1-99)) Pine Grove Spr ((1-99)) Pine Hill Dr ((1-499)) Pipe Mudd Rd ((2-798)) Polly Miller Hl Rd ((1-199)) Pond Branch Rd ((1-199)) Potter Hill Loop ((2-198)) Potter Hill Rd ((1-198)) Press Howard Fork ((301-1899)) Privett Ln ((1-199)) Prudent Ln ((2-199)) Quicksand Creek Rd ((3501-4998)) Race Track Branch ((2-98)) Railroad Lock St ((1-798)) Railroad St ((1-799)) Raleigh Branch Rd ((1-299)) Raven Dr ((1-99)) Redbird Hollow Rd ((1-198)) Reed Hudson Dr ((1-198)) Reeds Dr ((2-98)) Reynolds Dr ((2-198)) Right Fork Snowden Branch ((2-98)) Ritchie Ln ((2-98)) Ritchie Rd ((100-198)) Riverside School Rd ((2-399)) River St ((100-199)) Roark Branch Rd ((100-498)) Roark Rdg Rd ((100-898)) Roberts Cemetery Rd ((2-98)) Robertson Dr ((1-298)) Robinson Fork ((501-1399)) Robinson Ln ((1-99)) Robinson Rd ((1-599)) Rock House Loop Rd ((1-199)) Rocklick Rd ((1-3898)) Rode Fork Rd ((701-799)) Roscoe Noble Ln ((1-99)) Rose Branch Rd ((101-299)) Round Bottom Rd ((300-799)) Ruby Dr ((101-199)) Sam Moore Ln ((100-198)) Sandlin Fugate Dr ((1-199)) Sandy Lynn Dr ((1-99)) Sarah Ln ((1-1199)) Sawmill Ln ((2-98)) S Copeland Rd ((1-899)) Seldon Jett Rd ((2-499)) Seminole Dr ((1-199)) Sewell St ((1-99)) Shacks Branch Rd ((2-1498)) Shacks Ln ((2-685)) Shadow Wolf Hl ((101-298)) Shady Ln ((101-199)) Shawnee Hill Dr ((1-99)) Shelton Dr ((100-198)) Sherman Dr ((100-198)) Shoal Branch Rd ((1600-1698)) Short St ((1700-1799)) Shouse Ln ((1-199)) Shucky Bean Hollow ((1-399)) Sigman Rd ((401-898)) Silk Stocking Rd ((201-399)) Skycap Mountain Rd ((500-598)) Slate Branch Rd ((401-998)) Slayrean Dr ((1-99)) Smiley Branch ((2-198)) Smith Branch Rd ((300-1799)) Smith Br Rd ((501-1899)) Smith Ln ((2500-2599)) Smith Rd ((1-198)) Snapper Dr ((1-99)) Snowden Branch Rd ((1-798)) S Oak Hill Dr ((1-199)) Sol Ln ((2-98)) Solomon Rd ((1-99)) Southers Ln ((2-198)) Spencer Bend Rd ((83-1099)) Spencer Fork Old Buck Rd ((1-498)) Spicer Branch Rd ((101-399)) S Rock Lick Rd ((1-99)) Stamper Dr ((1-99)) Stamper Fork Rd ((1-1698)) State Dr ((1-199)) State Hwy 1098 ((1-19999)) State Hwy 1110 ((700-15699)) State Hwy 1388 ((51-4299)) State Hwy 15 ((2-3628)) State Hwy 1516 ((2147-2199)) State Hwy 15 N ((500-5598)) State Hwy 15 S ((7301-12399)) State Hwy 1812 N ((2-5799)) State Hwy 1933 ((593-4798)) State Hwy 205 ((3501-4799)) State Hwy 2462 ((401-999)) State Hwy 2463 ((1000-1098)) State Hwy 2466 ((981-1299)) State Hwy 2469 ((1-3798)) State Hwy 2471 ((223-1154)) State Hwy 2472 ((428-630)) State Hwy 28 ((11601-13598)) State Hwy 30 ((2-698)) State Hwy 3068 ((1133-1299)) State Hwy 30 E ((1-22199)) State Hwy 30 W ((257-91198)) State Hwy 315 ((100-2946)) State Hwy 3193 ((401-5298)) State Hwy 3237 ((3274-5035)) State Hwy 378 ((51-2899)) State Hwy 399 ((8735-8799)) State Hwy 52 ((178-4398)) State Hwy 540 ((200-3799)) State Hwy 541 ((101-8199)) State Hwy 542 ((1-116198)) Steel Fork Rd ((401-798)) Stewart Ln ((2-98)) Stidham Dr ((1-99)) Stone House Dr ((2-98)) Stray Branch Rd ((2-2298)) Strong Fork Rd ((200-3799)) Strongs Branch Rd ((201-1099)) Sturgen Rd ((1-8599)) Sugar Camp Rd ((101-299)) Sulpher Gap Rd ((2-199)) Susan Turner Dr ((100-199)) Sycamore Ln ((2-4898)) Sycamore St ((200-299)) Tee Pee Dr ((1-99)) Thelma Dr ((1-199)) Thomas Dr ((1-99)) Thorpe Rd ((1-199)) Tincher Ln ((100-198)) Tk Crawford Ln ((1-199)) Tom Branch Rd ((1-298)) Tower Rd ((2900-2998)) Town Hill Rd ((101-2599)) Trace Fork Rd ((1-999)) Tracy Ln ((100-298)) Trash Branch ((1-99)) Trent Hollow Rd ((2-399)) Trinity Ln ((2-98)) Tunnel Rd ((2-98)) Turner Dr ((1-299)) Turner Rd ((201-398)) Twin Cedar Rd ((1-99)) Tyler Dr ((1-199)) Upper Boone Fork Rd ((601-1099)) Upper Fork Rd ((100-398)) Vera Gap Rd ((101-199)) Vires Fork Ln ((2-299)) Walk Log Branch Rd ((300-1870)) Walk Logging Rd ((300-1399)) Wall St ((1-498)) Walnut Fork Rd ((1-599)) War Creek Rd ((1-698)) Warrix Dr ((1800-1899)) Washington Ave ((700-799)) Watkins Holw Rd ((501-599)) Watts Rd ((101-1199)) Wesley Dr ((1-99)) Whick Lick Branch Rd ((2-598)) White Oak Creek Rd ((1-999)) Wilder Cemetery Rd ((101-298)) Wilkris Rd ((1-99)) Williams Dr ((1-198)) Wireman Rd ((1-99)) Wolf Coal Rd ((400-499)) Wolf Creek Rd ((300-2298)) Wolverine Hollow ((2-598)) Wolverine Rd ((2-398)) Woodcenter Dr ((1-399)) W Thompson St ((1-199)) Yeadon Branch ((1-99))

    41339 Places and Attractions

    Allen Fork Allen Patton Branch Altro Altro School Alum Cave Branch Anderson Cemetery Andys Branch Appalachia Police Department Appalachia Rescue Squad Appalachia Volunteer Fire Department Arkansas Branch Arrowood School Bach Cemetery Bach Memorial Church Bailey Hollow Bald Hill Ball Jim Branch Barnett Branch Barwick Bays Bean Fork Bear Branch Bear Branch Bear Fork Beck Branch Beech Beech Gap Beech Grove Church Beech Grove School Beech P O Beginning Branch Belcher Fork Ben Smith Branch Benton Mann Cemetery Bethlehem Church Betts Mann Branch Betts Mann Cemetery Big Branch Big Branch Big Branch Big Branch Big Bridge Branch Big Caney Church Big Caney Creek Big Caney School Big Cudge Branch Big Falling Rock Branch Big Fork Big Laurel Branch Big Laurel Branch Big Leslie Branch Big Lovely Branch Big Lovely Mountain Big Rock School Big Sourwood Branch Big Sue Branch Bill Mann Branch Black Log Branch Blanche Haddix Church Boardinghouse Branch Boardinghouse Branch Bob Branch Booker Fork Bowlin Cove Cemetery Bowling Creek Bowling Creek School Bowman Branch Bradburn Branch Bradey Cemetery Breathitt County Brewer Cemetery Brewer Fork Bricky Branch Brushy Fork Bryant Creek Buckeye Hollow Buckhorn Post Office (historical) Buck Lick Branch Bucklick Hollow Burnt House Branch Bush Branch Butterpoint Cemetery Buzzard Fork Cabin Log Branch Calhoun Branch Calhoun Cemetery Calico Branch Campbell Branch Campbell Cemetery Camp Lewis Camp Robinson University of Kentucky Engineering Camp Cane Creek Cane Creek Church Caney Fork Canoe Canoe Creek Canoe Hollow Canoe Volunteer Fire Department Carpenter Branch Carpenter Cemetery Cedar Bend Cedar Creek Chaney Cemetery Chenowee Chenowee Tunnel Chestnut Gap Chick Fork City of Jackson Clayhole Clear Fork Clear Fork Cemetery Clemons Cemetery Clemons Church Clemons Fork Clover Branch Cocker Lick Branch Cockrill Fork Coles Fork Colts Fork Combs Cemetery Combs Cemetery Combs Fork Cook Fork Copebranch Cope Branch Cope Fork Copland Core Branch Cotton Hollow Crafts Cemetery Cripple Creek Curt P O Cy Bend Davis Branch Davis Creek Day Cemetery Deadmans Hollow Deaton Cemetery Decoy Post Office (historical) Decoy School Deep Ford Branch Dill Hollow Drew Memorial Church Drill Knob Dry Bread Branch Duff Fork Dumb Betty Branch Eaf Hollow Elkatawa Elsome Creek Elvania Branch Evanston Eye Fork Falcon Heliport Falling Rock Branch Falling Rock Branch Field Branch Figured Beech Cemetery Fishtrap Branch Fishtrap Shoals Fivemile Fivemile Branch Fivemile Church Flat Branch Flat Branch Flat Branch Flat Hollow Fletcher Fork Flintville Fourmile Branch Franks Fork Frozen Creek Frozen Creek Frozen Lookout Tower Fugate School Gabbard Flat Cemetery Garden Branch Gas Well Hollow George Mullins Branch Gilum Branch Gin Hollow Goff Hollow Goodloe Branch Gouge Branch Grace Chapel Granny Branch Grassy Hollow Griffith Branch Gross Fork Guage Guerrant Gullett Branch Gum Log Branch Haddix Haddix Cemetery Haddix Cemetery Haddix Fork Haddix Fork Church Hade Fork Hagins Cemetery Hall Cemetery Hall Cemetery Hard Cemetery Hargis Branch Hawes Fork Hawes Fork School Hayes Cemetery Helton Cemetery Hickory Gap High Knob Highland School High Top Church Hilltop Church Hogston Branch Hogtown Knob Holland Branch Holland Cemetery Holley Branch Hollybush Hollow Holly Creek Holly Fork Horsemill Branch Horsemill Branch Hoskins Fork Hounshell Cemetery House Seat Branch Howard Cemetery Howard Fork Howard School Howards Creek Howards Creek Church Hughes Creek Hurricane Branch Improvement Branch Indian Grave Jack Branch Jack Lick Branch Jackson Jackson Cemetery Jackson Division Jackson Fire Department Jackson Hollow Jerry Fork Jim Ritchie Branch Jims Branch Joe Ward Fork John Carpenter Fork John Joy Howard Cemetery John Littles Branch John Noble Fork Jones Branch Julian Carroll Airport Kates Branch Kay Fork Keck Keen Cemetery Keen Fork Keith School Kentucky Mountain Bible Institute Kentucky River Medical Center Kings Branch Kings Branch Cemetery Kragon Lambric Laurel Branch Laurel Fork Laurel Fork Laurel Fork United Baptist Church Lawson Leatherwood Creek Left Fork Lick Branch Left Fork Turners Creek Left Fork White Oak Creek Lefthand Fork Old Buck Creek Levis Branch Lick Branch Lick Branch Lick Branch Lick Branch Lick Branch Lick Branch School Lick Creek Lick Fork Licking Fork Licking Fork Lindon Branch Lindon Fork Line Branch Line Tunnel Lish Branch Little Little Caney Creek Little Cemetery Little Cemetery Little Cemetery Little Falling Rock Branch Little Fork Little Fork Canoe Creek Little Jerusalem Church Little Leslie Branch Little Millseat Branch Little Rock Lick Creek Little Sue Branch Lost Creek Lost Creek Lower Bearpen Branch Lower Field Branch Lower Twin Creek Lunah Lynn Fork Lynn Log Branch Mandy Fork Maple Hollow Markham Fork McDaniel Cemetery McQuinn Cemetery Meatscaffold Branch Meatscaffold Church Medlock Cemetery Meetinghouse Branch Middle Fork Canoe Creek Mill Branch Mill Creek Mill Creek Mill Creek Church Miller Bend Miller Branch Miller Branch Miller Branch Miller Branch School Miller Cemetery Miller Cemetery Miller Cemetery Miller Hollow Millseat Branch Morgue Fork Mountain Valley Mount Carmel School Mud Lick Branch Mud Lick Branch Mulberry Branch Mullins Branch Nailors Rock Negro Branch Negro Fork Nelse Hollow Nerve Fork New Bethlehem Church Noctor Oakdale Oakdale Cemetery Oakdale Division O and K Tunnel Old Buck Creek Old Buck School Old Cove Hollow Old House Branch Old House Branch Old Trace Branch Oliver Branch Oney Branch Onionpen Hollow Open Fork Open Fork Orchard Branch Orchard Branch Orchard Hollow Palmer Memorial Church Panbowl Panbowl Branch Panbowl Church Panbowl Lake Panhandle Pasture Branch Pawpaw Hollow Peach Orchard Branch Pennington Cemetery Pete Branch Picnic Hill Pigeonroost Hollow Pilot Branch Pilot Knob Pine Hollow Pipemud Branch Pitts Branch Poll Branch Polly Miller Branch Pond Branch Poplar Branch Porter Fork Porter Hollow Portsmouth Prater Branch Press Press Howard Fork Press Howard Fork School Puncheon Camp Creek Puncheon Gap Quicksand Quicksand Church Quicksand Creek Quicksand Fire Department Rainbow Hill Rehoboth Mountain Mission Rich Branch Rich Hollow Richie Branch Richie School Right Fork John Littles Branch Right Fork Little Fork Right Fork White Oak Creek Risner Branch Riverside Christian Training School Road Branch Road Fork Road Fork Road Fork Roaring Fork Roaring Shoals Branch Roark Branch Roark Cemetery Roark Ridge Robbins Branch Robinson Fork Rockhouse Fork Rock Lick Fork Rock Lick Mission Hall Rose Branch Rose Branch Rough Hollow Round Bottom Rousseau Division Russell Branch Russell Cemetery Rye Cove Branch Rye Hollow Sable Branch Salyor Cemetery Sam Hollow Schoolhouse Branch Sebastian Branch Shack Allen Cemetery Shacks Branch Shelly Rock Fork Shoulderblade Shoulderblade Church Shoulderblade Creek Shucky Bean Hollow Sizemore Fork Slate Branch Slusher Branch Smith Branch Snowden Branch Snowden Cemetery South Fork Quicksand Creek Spencer Cemetery Spice Branch Spicer Branch Spicer Cemetery Spicer Cemetery Spicer Church Spicewood Branch Spicewood Fork Spring Branch Spring Branch Spring Branch Spring Fork Quicksand Creek Spring Fork School Squirrel Fork Stable Branch Stable Branch Stacy Branch Stacy Cemetery Stamper Fork Steel Road Fork Steep Bank Branch Steer Fork Steer Fork Stevenson Stidham Bend Stidham Fork Stillhouse Branch Stillhouse Branch Stillhouse Hollow Stone Coal Hollow Stray Branch Stray Branch School Strong Branch Strong Branch School Strong Fork Sugarcamp Branch Sugar Camp Branch Sulphur Spring Branch Sulphur Springs Fork Talbert Talent Cemetery Taulbee Taulbee Fork Teapoint Cemeteries The Cutoff Thorpe Cemetery Toms Branch Town Branch Town Flats Trace Fork Trace Fork Trent Cemetery Troublesome Creek Tumbling Branch Turkey Branch Turkey Creek Turner Cemetery Turner Cemetery Turner Cemetery Turner Cemetery Turner Cemetery Turners Creek Turtle Branch Twin Branch Twin Lick Branch Twomile Branch Twomile Fork Tyra Branch University of Kentucky Experimental Farm Upper Bearpen Branch Upper Twin Creek Vancleve School Vancleve Volunteer Fire Department Vanderpool Branch Vires Fork Walters Cemetery War Creek War Creek War Shoal Branch WEKG-AM (Jackson) Wells Branch Wells Fork Wet Fork White and Francis Cemetery White Oak Cemetery White Oak Creek White Oak Fork Williams Cemetery Williams Hill Willow Branch Wilstacy Winnie Branch Winnie Branch Wireman Fork WJSN-FM (Jackson) WMTC-AM (Vancleve) WMTC-FM (Vancleve) Wolf Creek Wolf Creek Wolfe Coal Volunteer Fire Department Wolfpen Branch Wolf Pen Branch Wolfspur Branch Wolverine Wolverine Hollow Wynn Branch