Webbville, KY 41180 ZIP Code Map


Webbville ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 41180 is located in Lawrence County (79.00%) Elliott County (18.90%) Carter County (2.10%)

41180 Street Addresses

Abb Creek Rd ((101-1499)) Adams Fork Rd ((901-1799)) Beetree Fork Rd ((400-1099)) Bells Trce ((601-2698)) Bentley Branch Rd ((101-199)) Bishop Knob-Overda Rd ((1200-6098)) Bison Dr ((100-198)) Blaine Trace Rd ((1300-4099)) Boys Home Ln ((1-99)) Brushy Branch Rd ((201-1198)) Brushy Creek Rd ((201-299)) Bushy Branch Rd ((201-498)) Camp Branch Rd ((1-698)) Coal Branch Rd ((200-298)) Co Rd 1301 ((1-699)) Co Rd 1305 ((2-198)) Co Rd 1328 ((1100-1198)) Co Rd 1330 ((501-698)) Co Rd 1332 ((101-298)) Co Rd 1335 ((2-1399)) Co Rd 1339 ((100-199)) Co Rd 1341 ((200-8698)) Co Rd 1342 ((2-699)) Co Rd 1343 ((101-199)) Co Rd 1344 ((100-299)) Co Rd 1346 ((2-299)) Co Rd 1352 ((1-298)) Dewey Johnson Rd ((400-498)) Diamond Ridge Rd ((801-6098)) Dry Fork Rd ((200-8698)) Elkin Hollow Ln ((100-198)) Fishertown Branch Rd ((101-1698)) Freedom Tabernacle Rd ((1-298)) Gallion Branch Rd ((2-998)) Gallion Dr ((101-199)) Green Branch Rd ((1-699)) Griffith Branch Rd ((100-199)) Hensley Hollow Rd ((100-299)) Hogston Cemetery Rd ((2-1299)) Irish Creek Rd ((2100-6098)) Knotty Poplar Fork Rd ((2101-2498)) Leadman Cemetery Rd ((100-1299)) Lick Creek Rd ((500-2398)) Lick Fork Rd ((2-1399)) Little Bear Dr ((300-399)) Needmore ((1200-3099)) Oakhill Rd ((1-699)) Orr-Equal Fork Rd ((1200-3099)) Overda Ridge Rd ((2-498)) Peachtree Ln ((2-299)) Right Fork Irish Creek ((701-3198)) Right Fork Irish Creek Rd ((701-3198)) Rockhouse School Rd ((500-598)) Saddle Town Rd ((300-398)) Shady Grove Rd ((1-298)) Spankem Branch Rd ((1701-2599)) S State Hwy 1 ((9200-10598)) State Hwy 1 ((2268-101899)) State Hwy 1122 ((4100-4198)) State Hwy 201 ((201-13099)) State Hwy 486 ((2-3398)) State Hwy 828 ((900-6599)) Twin Bridge Rd ((5800-6599)) Twin Licks Rd ((101-199)) Waterson Rd ((701-3198)) Welman Dr ((300-399)) Wilks Farm Rd ((1-298)) Woods Branch Rd ((600-898)) Yatesville Cat Forkt Rd ((2501-2599)) Young Circle Rd ((2-198))

41180 Places and Attractions

Abb Creek Abb Creek School Adams Cemetery Bates Fork Bays Branch Bells Trace Railroad Station (historical) Bells Trace School Bentley Branch Bishop Knob Blaines Trace Blaine Trace Blevins Post Office (historical) Boggs Cemetery Booth Branch Brammer Branch Brammer Gap Brammer Gap Church Brammer Gap School Brushy Branch Camp Branch Caney Falls Caney Falls School (historical) Caney Fork Cherokee Cherokee Gap Cherokee Hill Cherokee Post Office (historical) Chestnut Grove Church (historical) Chestnut Grove School (historical) Clevinger Knob Lookout Tower Coalbank Branch Coal Branch Coffee Branch Combs Branch Conway Hollow Cooksey Fork Crabtree Cemetery Daniels Creek Daniels Creek School (historical) Dead Horse Hollow Dead Man Hollow Dennis Post Office (historical) Dobbins Dobbins Post Office (historical) Dry Fork Community Church Dry Ridge School (historical) Edsel Edsel Post Office (historical) Elk Branch Elm Grove School Equal Fork Evans Fork Fannin Branch Ferrel Fork Fielden Fishertown Branch Galion Branch Gomez Gourd Lick Greasy Ridge Green Branch Green Branch Griffin Branch Griffith Branch Hammond Cemetery Hensley Cemetery Hensley Hollow Hicksville Post Office (historical) Hicksville School Hinton Knob Holbrook Branch Houckville Howard Branch James C Webb Cemetery Jean Post Office (historical) Jordan Fork Knotty Poplar Fork Lane Branch Leadman Cemetery Lester Branch Lick Creek Lick Creek Lick Creek Lick Creek School (historical) Little Brushy Creek Little Fork Church Lower Blaine Trace School (historical) Marantha Bible Church (historical) McCoy Branch McDavid Cemetery Middle Daniels Creek Muddy Branch Mud Lick Mullins Branch Needmore Railroad Station (historical) Oak Hill School Old Kentucky Home School Olioville Post Office (historical) Olioville School Orr Orr Post Office (historical) Overda Overda Post Office (historical) Parker Branch Perkins Branch Pine Grove School (historical) Porter's Store (historical) Ratcliff Post Office (historical) Red Mud Ridge Rhoads Branch Right Fork Irish Creek Road Fork of Daniels Creek Rockhouse Fork Rockhouse School (historical) Rockville Post Office (historical) San Branch Sandy Valley Baptist Church Sansilk Post Office (historical) Sawmill Branch Shingle Gap Sloan Branch Smith Chapel Stuart Branch Thompson Branch Thompson Cemetery Thompson Cemetery Tivis Hollow Twin Licks Branch Upper Blaine Trace School Webbville Webbville Cemetery Webbville Division Webbville High School Webbville Post Office Webbville Volunteer Fire District Whiteface Branch Wildlick Branch Winding Stair Wolf Branch Woods Branch Young Cemetery Young School