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  • Blaine Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 41124 is located in Lawrence County

    41124 Street Addresses

    Apricot Ln ((1-99)) Ash Ln ((1-299)) Bays Branch Rd ((600-1399)) Bear Branch Rd ((101-899)) Belflower Rd ((1-199)) Big Branch Rd ((501-1149)) Birch Branch Rd ((100-599)) Blaine Hill Rd ((1-399)) Blaine Hollow Rd ((2-199)) Blaine School Rd ((1-1099)) Brushy Creek Rd ((2-2798)) Brushy Cr-Left Fork Brushy Cr Rd ((2-2798)) Brushy Cr Rd ((101-2798)) Buffalo Branch Rd ((301-1498)) Burton Branch Rd ((1-299)) Cains Creek Rd ((400-5898)) Cedar St ((2-199)) Co Rd 1052 ((1-99)) Co Rd 1206 ((100-598)) Co Rd 1209 ((201-799)) Co Rd 1211 ((2202-2979)) Co Rd 1213 ((174-298)) Co Rd 1222 ((2001-2099)) Co Rd 1223 ((1200-1298)) Co Rd 1240 ((901-1498)) Co Rd 1248 ((801-1149)) Co Rd 1255 ((101-299)) Co Rd 1256 ((101-398)) Co Rd 1273 ((1-99)) Co Rd 1274 ((200-999)) Co Rd 1276 ((1-199)) Co Rd 1277 ((1-299)) Co Rd 1278 ((500-598)) Co Rd 1281 ((1501-2299)) Co Rd 1337 ((5700-5898)) Cordle Branch Rd ((2-98)) Cs-2000 ((1-399)) Deans Branch Rd ((1-1499)) Faith Ln ((2-198)) Fork Rd S ((1-598)) Hilltop Ave ((1-399)) Joe Branch Rd ((1-298)) Knob Branch Rd ((100-1298)) Left Fork Cains Creek Rd ((501-4599)) Left Fork Laurel Creek Rd ((601-699)) Left Fork Laurel Rd ((2001-2099)) Lindy Ln ((2-198)) Lower Laurel Creek Rd ((601-1298)) Mosley Branch Rd ((101-398)) Muddy Branch Rd ((1-598)) Music Ln ((1-99)) Raccoon Branch Rd ((1-1798)) Ramey Branch Rd ((200-999)) Right Fork Irish Creek Rd ((1-1099)) Right Fork Laurel Rd ((1200-1298)) Right Fork Lower Laurel Creek Rd ((2901-2999)) Rockhouse Branch Rd ((2202-2979)) Rock House Trace Rd ((2202-2979)) Rood Fork Rd ((100-198)) Ross Branch Rd ((601-1098)) S Fork Rd ((1-399)) Slate Branch Rd ((200-399)) Smithfield Rd ((101-299)) Snow Dr ((1-199)) Songbird Rd ((1-299)) State Hwy 201 ((100-4899)) State Hwy 2562 ((1-1099)) State Hwy 32 ((16500-17799)) Steel Branch Rd ((201-799)) Steele Branch Rd ((201-799)) Stone Coal Branch Rd ((1-599)) Swan Branch Rd ((100-899)) Tarklin Branch Rd ((200-1098)) Waterson Rd ((1-1099)) Whitley Branch Rd ((401-499)) Wilber Rd ((100-2299)) Winter Green Dr ((101-298))

    41124 Places and Attractions

    Adams Fork Arrington Branch Ayersville Post Office (historical) Bays Branch Bear Branch Big Blaine Church Big Branch Birch Branch Bishop Cemetery Blaine Blaine Division Blaine Post Office (historical) Blaine School (historical) Blaine Volunteer Fire Department Blevins Blevins Post Office (historical) Boggs Mill (historical) Boggs School Briar Fork Buffalo Branch Burton Branch Cains Creek Cherokee Creek City of Blaine Coalbank Branch Cordell Cordell Freewill Baptist Church Cordell Post Office (historical) Cordell School (historical) Cordle Branch Curnutte Cemetery Dave Boggs Cemetery Davis Branch Davisville Davisville Post Office (historical) Deans Branch Dingus Branch Edwards Cemetery Elm Grove (historical) Fishtrap Branch Franks Creek Gartin Branch Gravel Branch Griffith Cemetery Hannah Hannah Post Office (historical) Hayes Cemetery Hillside School (historical) Hood Creek Hoods Fork United Baptist Church Irish Creek Jason Boggs Cemetery Jess Boggs Branch Jim Sturgill Branch Knob Branch Lawrence County Left Fork Cains Creek Lick Branch Lick Branch Lick Fork Long Branch Lower Brushey Creek School (historical) Lower Brushy Creek Church Lower Cains Creek School Lower Laurel Creek Low Gap Church (historical) Martha Martha Post Office Martha School Marvin Sparks Cemetery Mattie Post Office (historical) May Branch Middle Branch Left Fork Cains Creek Moore Branch Mount Olive United Baptist Church (historical) Muddy Branch Orchard Hollow Pawpaw Branch Payne Hollow Raccoon Branch Ramey Branch Ran Boggs Cemetery Rice Cemetery Richmond Branch Riggs Fork Right Fork Cains Creek Roberts Branch Rockhouse Branch Rockhouse Fork Rockhouse Fork Rocky Point School (historical) Rood Fork Ross Branch Sacred Wind Post Office (historical) Skaggs Branch Sparks Branch Sparks Branch Sparks Cemetery Sparks Cemetery Sprucy School Steele Branch Steels Branch Stonecoal Branch Swan Branch Swetnam Cemetery Swetnam Creek Tarkiln Tarkiln Branch Tarkiln Post Office (historical) Tarkiln School (historical) Tarklin Church (historical) The Narrows Upper Cains Creek School Upper Laurel Creek Waterson Post Office (historical) Watterson School (historical) Wheeler Branch Wheeler Branch Whitley Branch Williams Cemetery Wolfpen Branch