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  • Ewing Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 41039 is located in Fleming County (88.50%) Nicholas County (11.50%)

    41039 Street Addresses

    Abners Mill Rd ((300-5899)) Baptist Ln ((1-998)) Blair Rd ((200-699)) Buchanan ((2-2899)) Buchanan Creek Rd ((3301-3399)) Cassidy Pike ((101-1498)) Cherry Ave ((1-99)) Cherry St ((1-99)) Clover Hill Rd ((2-1398)) Colemire ((1-598)) Comar Rd ((1-598)) Connie Ln ((101-399)) Cord Ln ((1-999)) Cowan Loop ((100-198)) Cowan Rd ((1-299)) Craintown Rd ((300-2598)) Dayton Chapel Rd ((413-3699)) Deer Lick Rd ((2-1898)) Delaney Rd ((400-1499)) Dogwood Dr ((2-198)) Drive Runyons Aly ((2-98)) Elizaville Rd ((5901-9299)) Energy Rd ((1201-1399)) Euclid Ave ((1-399)) Evergreen Dr ((1-4198)) Ewing Rd ((900-3098)) Gray Ln ((1-99)) Hammonds Rd ((1-1199)) Harpor Rd ((801-899)) Hudson Ln ((1-398)) Hunter Trace Dr ((100-299)) Iva Johnson ((1-198)) Johnson Creek Rd ((100-2198)) Junction Rd ((400-999)) Kidwell Rd ((1-1499)) Lake View Rd ((201-499)) Log Cabin Ln ((1-299)) Love Ln ((101-199)) Maple St ((1-99)) McIntyre St ((1-199)) Metcalf Mill Rd ((1-2599)) Mexico Rd ((901-1098)) Meyers Ave ((2-198)) Money Ln ((1-499)) Mooney Ln ((801-899)) Morford St ((1-199)) Mount Pleasant Rd ((101-799)) Mount Tabor Rd ((1-3598)) Murphy St ((2-34)) Myers Rd ((4400-5798)) Nepton Ln ((1-998)) Nepton Rd ((1-6099)) Old US Hwy 68 ((1-4299)) Pike Bluff Rd ((2-3199)) Pittsfield Pl ((101-199)) Pleasant View Dr ((1-99)) Railroad St ((1-199)) Regal Ln ((1-299)) Runyon Ave ((2-98)) Sorrell Ln ((100-299)) State Hwy 165 ((1800-5099)) Sunrise Dr ((1-198)) Sunset Rd ((301-399)) Sweet Dr ((1-199)) Tea Run Rd ((1-3599)) Thomas Rd ((401-499)) Tribby Ln ((100-798)) US Hwy 68 ((200-5099)) Victory Heights Ln ((1-99)) Wallingford Rd ((5647-5821)) Willow Dale Dr ((1-199)) Willow Rd ((1-199)) Wright Rd ((701-1099))

    41039 Places and Attractions

    Abner Post Office (historical) Abners Mill (historical) Absalom Creek Barbees View School (historical) Barbie View School (historical) Battle Run Battle Run Post Office (historical) Battle Run Presbyterian Church Bethel School (historical) Big Tunnel Bruce Cemetery Buchanan Creek City of Ewing Clover Hill Church Cowan Cowan Post Office (historical) Cowan Railroad Station (historical) Craintown Branch Daton Chapel Deer Lick School (historical) Doty Branch Elizaville Elizaville Cemetery Elizaville Census Designated Place Elizaville Post Office (historical) Elk Creek Evans Mills Ewing Ewing Division Ewing Fairgrounds Ewing Post Office Ewing Railroad Station (historical) Ewing Volunteer Fire Department Fairview Fairview School (historical) Fleming Creek Frank Cemetery Goose Creek Harper Branch Herndon Cemetery Hildreth Church Hildreth School (historical) Hill Branch Hill Top Hill Top Post Office (historical) Hoovers Run Jackson Cemetery Johnson Bridge Licking Post Office (historical) Licking River Bridge Mount Pisgah Baptist Church Mount Tabor Episcopal Methodist Church Mud Lick Bridge Mud Lick Creek Nepton Nepton Post Office (historical) Nepton Railroad Station (historical) Oakwood Post Office (historical) Pleasant Ridge Church Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Mills (historical) Pleasant Valley Post Office (historical) Pleasant Valley Railroad Station (historical) Poorhouse Branch Poplar Creek Poplar Creek Cemetery Poplar Run School Sap Branch School Number Thirty-five (historical) School Number Twenty (historical) Snow Hill School (historical) Standiford Cemetery Stony Creek Sunnyside Cemetery Tabor Branch Tea Run Tea Run Church Tea Run School (historical) The Bend of Licking Tunnel Hill Tunnel Hill School (historical)