California, KY 41007 ZIP Code Map


California ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 41007 is located in Campbell County (85.50%) Pendleton County (14.50%)

41007 Street Addresses

Aa Hwy ((8600-16198)) Avery Rd ((12200-12299)) Barker East Rd ((1-1299)) Barker Rd ((201-1299)) Barkers Spr ((2-599)) Bayless Rd ((2-599)) Baynum Hill Rd ((2700-2899)) Bezold Rd ((11600-12199)) Bob White Ln ((10300-10599)) Branch Lick Rd ((2900-3199)) Burns Rd ((206-13199)) California Cross Rd ((1800-3999)) Carthage Rd ((200-3499)) Country Lake Dr ((2900-2999)) Cr-1056 ((2-98)) Cryer Rd ((2500-9499)) Daniels Rd ((2900-3499)) Dead Timber Rd ((3300-3999)) Decker Rd ((1702-1798)) Dobbs Ln ((3300-3499)) E Main St ((1-8514)) Fardo Ln ((1-499)) Fisher Rd ((101-13699)) Flagg Springs Pike ((393-13099)) Flatwoods Rd ((12180-12199)) Gubser Mill Rd ((301-2799)) Haubner Rd ((100-1899)) Herald Dr ((1-199)) Hidden Ridge Ln ((13400-13599)) Hwy 10 N ((17100-19498)) Hwy 154 ((3500-3542)) Hwy 8 ((15901-17198)) Ison Ln ((2-299)) Ivor Rd ((2-3699)) Ivor Spur Rd ((1-199)) Jackson St ((4000-4099)) Jefferson St ((1-10199)) Kandigwa Dr ((1-599)) Kennedy Rd ((3500-3599)) Koehler Rd ((2900-3699)) Lanes End ((11300-11599)) Lick Hill Rd ((3300-3499)) Little Plummer Rd ((1-999)) Lock Rd ((1110-2315)) Madison Ave ((1-10299)) Main St ((600-4099)) Makena Ln ((3400-3499)) Maple St ((11400-11598)) Mary Ingles Hwy ((0-12499)) Mays Rd ((1-899)) Monohon Rd ((1-399)) Neises Rd ((2-3999)) Nelson St ((1-99)) Newberry Rd ((2300-2499)) Newkirk Rd ((1-499)) New Richmond Rd ((3500-3999)) Old Stepstone Rd ((1-599)) Oneonta Rd ((3200-3999)) Oregon Lndg ((4000-4099)) Painter Rd ((3500-8799)) Peach Grove Rd ((12802-13999)) Persimmon Grove Pike ((10516-11499)) Picnic Rd ((2600-2699)) Plum Creek Rd ((1401-14187)) Poe Ln ((1-99)) Reis Ln ((12501-12999)) Reis Ridge Rd ((1900-2399)) Schababerle Hill Rd ((2700-3399)) Schmidt Ln ((101-298)) Shaw Goetz Rd ((12000-13299)) Sheanshang Rd ((300-10799)) Shortcut Rd ((3500-3599)) Short Ivor Rd ((2-98)) Siry Rd ((200-1699)) Smith Rd ((3500-3999)) Spur Rd ((10300-10399)) State Hwy 10 ((1-13099)) State Hwy 10 N ((16714-18599)) State Hwy 1121 ((10516-12899)) State Hwy 154 ((3543-13999)) State Hwy 1996 ((2196-2299)) State Hwy 1997 ((7967-8513)) State Hwy 735 ((3500-3931)) State Hwy 8 ((4-12499)) State Hwy 9 ((8600-12699)) Stevens Branch Rd ((2196-2299)) Stonehouse Rd ((7967-8513)) Summer Hill Rd ((9500-9799)) Sunrise Rd ((3500-3599)) Sutherland Ln ((3500-3699)) Timbercreek Ct ((10000-10099)) Torline Ridge ((3300-3399)) Truesdell Rd ((100-7999)) Union St ((2-4098)) Victory Ln ((1-199)) Wagoner Rd ((2-2799)) Washington St ((1-4098)) Washington Trace Rd ((8300-11499)) Wesley Chapel Rd ((101-12899)) Wish Rd ((12400-12599)) W Kennedy Rd ((12300-12399))

41007 Places and Attractions

A J Jolly Memorial School (historical) Aspen Grove Post Office (historical) Aspen Grove Seminary (historical) Beagle Beagle Railroad Station (historical) Beech Grove Seminary (historical) Belmont (historical) Brayville Post Office (historical) Brush Creek Buckners Playground California California Post Office (historical) Campbell County Lake Camp Meacham Carntown Carthage Carthage Elementary School (historical) Carthage Methodist Church Carthage Post Office (historical) Cedar Grove School (historical) City of California City of Mentor Deer Lick Dry Ridge School (historical) Fire Protection District 1 Eastern Campbell Station First Twelvemile Church Fisher Ridge Fisher Ridge (historical) Flagg Spring Flagg Spring Creek Flaggspring Post Office (historical) Flagg Springs Baptist Church Cemetery Flagg Springs Baptist Church (historical) Goose Creek Grandview Cemetery Grants Lick Division Gubser Mill Gubser Mill Post Office (historical) Humphrey Branch Immaculate Conception Catholic School (historical) Immaculate Conception Church Immaculate Conception Church Cemetery Ivor Ivor Post Office (historical) Ivor Railroad Station (historical) Kennedys Ferry Post Office (historical) Kohler Kohler Post Office (historical) Lick Branch Marr Post Office (historical) Mentor Mentor Post Office (historical) Milburn Lake New Richmond Station Old Bear Wallow (historical) Oneonta Oneonta Post Office (historical) Oregon Landing (historical) Painter Run Peach Grove Peach Grove Church Cemetery Persimmon Grove Persimmon Grove Baptist Church Persimmon Grove Baptist Church Cemetery Reis (historical) Rouse Post Office (historical) Rouses Mill (historical) Saint Peter And Paul Cemetery Saint Peter And Paul Roman Catholic Church Saints Peter And Paul School Schoolfield Post Office (historical) Slab Run Smith Landing Stepstone Creek Stepstone Landing (historical) Sunset Overlook Tenmile Station (historical) Tibbatts Crossroads Tibbatts Crossroads Post Office (historical) Turkey Run Twelvemile Creek Wesley Chapel Willow Branch Young Creek