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Pineville ZIP Codes


40977 Schools


  • Cumberland Technical College
  • Cumberland Valley Health Tech Center
  • Pineville High School
  • Pineville Elementary School
  • Bell County Area Technical School
  • Bell County Education Center
  • Page School Center
  • Bell Central School Center
  • Bell County High School
  • Recovery/Alt School/Day Treatment
  • 40977 Hotels

  • Pine Mountain State Resort
  • Census


    ZIP Code 40977 is located in Bell County

    40977 Street Addresses

    1 Ferndale Apartments ((1-99)) 2nd St ((300-427)) 3rd St ((300-326)) 4th St ((300-439)) 5th St ((300-336)) 6th St ((600-626)) Alabama Ave ((401-999)) Alexandria Dr ((1-99)) Alva Saylor Ln ((1-199)) Ann St ((100-198)) Arnold Maiden Ln ((2-98)) Arrowhead Subdivision Rd ((200-498)) Baker Goodin ((1-99)) Balkan Rd ((100-1198)) Barnett Rd ((278-278)) Bays Hill Rd ((1-99)) Bea Mason Ln ((2-98)) Ben Hoskins Rd ((800-898)) Bennett Loop ((101-199)) Benny Rd ((300-398)) Bill Branch Rd ((100-598)) Bill Hoskins Rd ((100-198)) Bingham Hollow Ln ((2-198)) Bird Branch-Laurel Hill Rd ((401-598)) Bird Branch Rd ((101-598)) Blanton-Rutherford Rd ((101-199)) Blue Ridge Church Rd ((1-725)) Blue Ridge Rd ((100-725)) Bradford Town Rd ((2-699)) Bradfordtown Right Rd ((1-199)) Breastwork Hill Rd ((1-99)) Brock Hollow Rd ((1100-1198)) Brock Roark Rd ((1-99)) Browning Dr ((200-498)) Browning Hill Rd ((2-98)) Browning Loop Spr ((200-399)) Callaway Rd E ((100-198)) Caloway Rd ((100-198)) Calvin Rd ((1-4898)) Campbell Ln ((1-99)) Camp Branch Rd ((400-898)) Carl Givens Rd ((1-99)) Carrol Hollow ((100-499)) Carroll Branch Rd ((201-299)) Carroll Br Rd ((200-298)) Carter Branch Rd ((1-499)) Carter Brock Rd ((1-99)) Cary Hollow Rd ((1-299)) Catalpa St ((300-3098)) Cedar St ((101-399)) Centers Branch Rd ((2-498)) Chanda Ln ((1-99)) Cherry St ((101-399)) Cinnamon Ln ((2-98)) Cotten Centers Rd ((1-99)) Creech Hollow Rd ((2-299)) Crockett Dr ((1-99)) Cypress St ((101-344)) Dean Hill Dr ((100-299)) Dean Hill Rd ((2-799)) Dewey Evans Rd ((200-298)) Dogwood Trl ((100-199)) Doncaster Rd ((100-198)) Dorton Branch Rd ((201-299)) Dorton Br Rd ((101-398)) Dorton Ln ((2-98)) Ebaneizer Goodin Rd ((101-399)) Ebb Bailey Rd ((1-99)) Ed Megaffee Rd ((2-199)) E Jelico Slusher Loop ((200-299)) E Jellico Rd ((100-699)) Elliotts Ln ((2-98)) E Pineville Church Rd ((2-998)) E Tennessee Ave ((201-399)) Faye Miracle Rd ((2-98)) Ferndale ((2-198)) Ferndale Acres Rd ((1-99)) Ferndale Rd ((1-99)) Fernwood Heights Rd ((1-99)) Fernwood Hts ((1-99)) Flora Holland Ln ((2-98)) Florida Ave ((400-498)) Flossie Cox Rd ((1-99)) Ford Lawson Rd ((101-199)) Frasure Rd ((100-1298)) Freeman Ln ((2-98)) Garfield D Robbins Rd ((1-99)) George Neal Hill Right Rd ((2-98)) George Neil Hill Rd ((1-199)) Georgia Ave ((301-499)) Gilbert Memorial Hwy ((1000-10098)) Goodin Branch Rd ((401-499)) Greenbriar Rd ((800-1298)) Green Farm Rd ((1-99)) Happy Hollow Rd ((1-99)) Harbell Hts ((1-999)) Harlan Rd ((1-299)) Hatfield Ln ((2-98)) Hazel Partin Rd ((1-99)) Hembree Ln ((2-98)) Henderson Hall Rd ((2701-4098)) Hestle Brock Rd ((1-899)) Highland Ave ((1-599)) Hinkle Hill Rd ((101-199)) Holly St ((100-199)) Honeycutt Hill ((101-13199)) Honeycutt Rd ((201-299)) Hope Ln ((2-298)) Horseshoe Dr ((100-199)) Hubbard Hollow Rd ((100-299)) Hunter Hollow Rd ((1-498)) Hurst Mtn ((101-499)) Jack Hall Rd ((1-99)) Jackson Dr ((1-99)) Jackson Ln ((1-99)) Jackson Rd ((2-499)) James Ramsey Ln ((1-99)) Jenson Hollow Rd ((1-199)) Jim Branch Hollow Rd ((1-99)) Jobie Collet Rd ((2-98)) Joe E Dell Rd ((1-199)) Joe Jones Rd ((2-98)) Joe Saylor Rd ((1-99)) John Jackson Ln ((1-99)) Johnny Jackson Ln ((1-99)) Johns Cir ((100-198)) Jones Ave ((1-698)) Jones Ln ((401-699)) Kentucky Ave ((100-998)) Laurel Hill Rd ((1-999)) Laurel St ((101-399)) Law Branch Rd ((101-199)) Lawson-Turkey Creek Rd ((200-298)) L D Saylor Rd ((1-199)) Left Fork ((201-1199)) Limestone Branch Rd ((1-199)) Little Clear Creek Rd ((1-2999)) Log Mill Rd ((100-799)) Lynnwood Ter ((2-199)) Magnet Hollow Rd ((1-799)) Maple St ((300-399)) Marrys Ln ((1-998)) Marys Ln ((1-998)) Mary St ((100-199)) Mason Combs Rd ((102-198)) Mason Hill ((300-998)) Mathel Right Fk Rd ((1-398)) Mavito Hill Rd ((101-199)) McGaffie Loop ((2-98)) Meyers Ln ((2-199)) Middle Fork Rd ((301-1299)) Mink Ln ((100-1098)) Miracle Ln ((1-299)) Mo Greene Rd ((2-199)) Mo Green Rd ((2-98)) Mona St ((401-599)) Monroe St ((100-298)) Morris St ((401-499)) Newtown Rd ((101-107)) Northside Dr ((100-199)) Oak St ((100-199)) Oatfield Branch Rd ((200-298)) Oat Field Branch Rd ((101-299)) Old 25 Loop ((644-656)) Old E Pineville Rd ((0-298)) Old Hwy 119 ((100-142)) Old Jenson Rd ((1401-2099)) Old Ky 92 ((301-699)) Old Lone Jack School Ln ((101-598)) Old Smith Hill Rd ((1-99)) Osborne Rd ((101-299)) Oscar Phipps Rd ((1-99)) Oscar Smith Ln ((1-99)) Page Cutoff Rd ((2101-3998)) Park Ave ((100-3198)) Partin Branch Rd ((1-398)) Partin Ridge Rd ((100-799)) Pat St ((100-316)) Patterson Branch Rd ((201-899)) Paula Dr ((1-199)) Pine Mountain Estates Blvd ((1-399)) Pine St ((101-399)) Piney-Gibson Ln ((1-199)) Polly Ln ((2-198)) Porter Maiden Rd ((1-99)) Potter Rd ((2-98)) Prospect Ave ((501-599)) Raymond Partin Rd ((2-299)) R E North Ln ((2-98)) Rhodea Cemetery Rd ((1-99)) Rhodes Ln ((2-298)) Richard Asher Rd ((100-198)) Ridgewood Cir ((100-298)) Right Fork ((1-803)) Riverview Ave ((800-898)) Riverview Rd ((900-999)) Rogers Rd ((1-99)) Rose Rd ((1-399)) Round Ridge Rd ((100-799)) Roy France Rd ((101-199)) S 20th St ((503-505)) Sandra Hendrickson Ln ((2-98)) Sawmill Ln ((2-98)) Saylor Hollow ((1-498)) Saylor Hollow Rd ((400-898)) Shooting Match Flats ((1-1199)) Skipper Str ((101-398)) Sluher Smith Rd ((1-199)) Smith Ln ((1-99)) Spruce St ((201-399)) State Hwy 1534 ((1-4898)) State Hwy 2013 ((1401-1499)) State Hwy 2015 ((693-998)) State Hwy 2077 ((100-699)) State Hwy 221 ((400-5499)) State Hwy 2403 ((503-505)) State Hwy 3485 ((2701-4098)) State Hwy 382 ((1000-1098)) State Hwy 66 ((300-698)) State Hwy 92 ((485-710)) State Hwy 987 ((1-999)) State Park Rd ((1000-1098)) Stewart Branch Rd ((2-999)) Stone Rd ((200-40977198)) Stoney Fork Rd ((400-5499)) Summit Dr ((101-299)) Sunny Ln ((1-198)) Sycamore St ((300-499)) Tall Oak Trl ((100-199)) Taylor Hill Rd ((1-99)) Taylor Rd ((300-398)) Teague Rd ((2-98)) Tejay Spr ((100-1198)) Tennessee Ave ((1-999)) Terry Lee Partin Jr Rd ((2-199)) Thompson Cemetery Rd ((2-98)) Thompson Ln ((2-98)) Tipton Hill ((800-898)) Tipton Hill Rd ((2-98)) Tn St ((600-698)) Troy Mason Rd ((100-398)) Turkey Creek Rd ((1-799)) Uncle Charlie Rd ((2-98)) US Hwy 119 ((1-299)) US Hwy 25E ((1-3198)) Valley Ln ((1-498)) Valley Rd ((101-498)) Virgil Gibson Rd ((1-99)) Virginia Ave ((100-699)) Walker Rd ((1101-1437)) Wallsend Hollow Rd ((200-298)) Walnut Ln ((1-199)) Walnut St ((100-399)) Watts Rd ((1-298)) Webb Rd ((100-198)) White Church Left Fork Rd ((301-699)) White Church Right Fork Rd ((101-399)) Wilderness Rd ((2-198)) Wilderness Trl ((1-398)) Wildwood Trl ((100-199)) Williams Br Rd ((1-1299)) Winkler Rd ((200-1298)) Woodland Trail Rd ((100-199)) Woodland Trl ((100-1199)) Woods Ln ((1-99)) W Tennessee Ave ((501-599)) Young Ln ((2-98)) Zeek Smith Rd ((1-99))

    40977 Places and Attractions

    A Carrp Mine (historical) Acosta Railroad Station (historical) Alcedo Railroad Station (historical) Bear Creek Bear Wallow Gap Becky Branch Bell County Bell County Volunteer Fire Department Calloway Station Bell County Volunteer Fire Department Clear Creek Station Bell County Volunteer Fire Department East Pineville Station Bell County Volunteer Fire Department Four Mile Station Bell County Volunteer Fire Department Headquarters Bell Jellico Branch Bens Fork Benway Railroad Station (historical) Big Eb Hollow Bills Branch Bingham Cemetery Birchfield Railroad Station (historical) Bird Branch Bird Branch Lookout Tower Blanton Branch Blue Ridge Church Bobs Hollow Bratcher Branch Bratcher Cemetery Brooks Branch Buckeye School Bunchs Branch Cairnes Railroad Station (historical) Callaway Calvin Calvin Church Calvin Railroad Station (historical) Campbell Branch Camp Buckner (historical) Caney Creek Cannel Coal Hollow Cannon Creek Cannon Creek Lake Carrigan Railroad Station (historical) Carroll Cemetery Carter Branch Carter Branch Carter Gap Cary Castro Railroad Station (historical) Centennial Church Centers Branch Chain Rock Chenoa Chenoa Cemetery Chenoa Church Chenoa Lake City of Pineville Clear Creek Clear Creek Baptist Bible College Clear Creek Railroad Station (historical) Clear Creek School (historical) Clear Creek Springs Collins Branch Davisburg Davisburg School Dorton Branch Dorton Branch Dorton Branch School Dorton Hill Dunns Camp Hollow East Jellico Baptist Church East Jellico Branch East Pineville Elliots Ford Elliott Branch Evenston Railroad Station (historical) Flag Top Flat Branch Fourmile Creek Fox Cemetery Frakes Frakes Volunteer Fire Department Furnace Branch Fuson Branch Fuson Branch Fuson Chapel Fuson Gap Gamphor Branch Gibson Branch Gibson Branch Gleason Railroad Station (historical) Goodin Branch Goodin Cemetery Greasy Creek Greene Cemetery Greene Cemetery Hamblim Happy Hollow Harbell Harbell Railroad Station (historical) Harmony Church Harmony Elementary School Harrison Railroad Station (historical) Hatfield Gap Head Branch Head Cemetery Hemlock Garden Picnic Area Henderson Cemetery Henderson Grove Henderson Grove Church Horseshoe Gap Hosman Church Hurst Cemetery Ingram Ingram Branch Jack Branch Jenson Jenson Railroad Station (historical) Keenox Kentucky Division of Forestry Southeastern District Kentucky Ridge Division Kentucky Ridge Lookout Tower Kentucky Ridge State Forest Kettle Island Branch Kettle Island Cemetery Knuckle Cemetery Knuckle Church Korval Railroad Station (historical) Lafontain Post Office (historical) Lark Railroad Station (historical) Laurel Cove Amphitheater Laurel Fork School Laurel Fork School Laurel Hill Laurel Hill Cemetery Laurel Hill School (historical) Laurel Lakes Law Branch Lee Branch Lee Cemetery Lee Gap Left Fork Straight Creek Left Fork Williams Branch Levi Branch Liberty Cemetery Limestone Gap Little Clear Creek Living Stairway (historical) Lockes Gap Logan Switch Station (historical) Log Mountains Log Mountains Logsen Railroad Station (historical) Loom Hollow Madon Branch Maiden Ridge Major Branch Manito Church Mansfield Railroad Station (historical) Markley Railroad Station (historical) Mason Branch Mason Cemetery Meetinghouse Branch Middle Fork Watts Creek Mile Branch Moss Chapel Nation and Iron Company Mine (historical) Nelson Branch Newt Branch New Vine Church Nussbaum Railroad Station (historical) Oat Field Branch Olcott Olcott Railroad Station (historical) Old Cannon Creek Baptist Church Old Carroll Cemetery Page Railroad Station (historical) Page School Partin Branch Partin Cemetery Partin Cemetery Partins Mill (historical) Patterson Branch Peavier Cemetery Phoebe Branch Pickerin Branch Pickering Railroad Station (historical) Pine Grove School Pine Mountain Lake Pine Mountain Lodge Pine Mountain State Resort Park Pineville Pineville City Fire Department Pineville Community Hospital Piney Spur Ponza Ponza Railroad Station (historical) Pruden-Fonde Division Puncheon Camp Hollow Ramona Railroad Station (historical) Right Fork Williams Branch Salem Church Salem Number 2 Church Sam Low Branch Saw Mill Branch Schoolhouse Branch Shelton Branch Shelton Cemetery Sill Branch Simpson Branch Slusher Cemetery Smith Branch Smith Cemetery Stewart Branch Stillhouse Branch Stilson Railroad Station (historical) Straight Creek Straight Creek Straight Creek Railroad Station (historical) Taylors Cemetery The Old Narrows Thorpe Railroad Station (historical) Timsley Tracy Branch Baptist Church Turkey Creek Vogel Railroad Station (historical) Wallsend Wallsend Cemetery Wallsend Post Office (historical) Wallsend Railroad Station (historical) WANO-AM (Pineville) Wasioto Wasioto Church Waterdale Railroad Station (historical) Water Tank Branch Webb Branch Wenrick Railroad Station (historical) Wessell Railroad Station (historical) Westcott Railroad Station (historical) White Church White Row Branch Wildcat Branch Wilder Cemetery Williams Branch Willis Branch Wilson Hollow Windy Gap Wolfpen Branch WZKO-FM (Pineville) Yearwood Railroad Station (historical) Yellow Creek Yellow Creek Church