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Oneida ZIP Codes


40972 Schools


  • Oneida Elementary School
  • Big Creek Elementary
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    ZIP Code 40972 is located in Clay County Perry County (0.60%)

    40972 Street Addresses

    1st St ((1-99)) 2nd St ((1-99)) Alfred Bowling Ln ((1-399)) Allen Maloney Rd ((301-399)) Baker Hil Rd ((2-299)) Bakers Hill Rd ((1-999)) Banks Branch Rd ((1-999)) Bartley Moore Rd ((100-498)) Bear Creek Rd ((4400-10198)) Beechgrove Ln ((1-199)) Bob's Fork Rd ((7180-7198)) Bullskin Branch Rd ((301-998)) Center St ((1-199)) College St ((1-99)) Couch Hollow ((200-298)) Couch Loop ((201-599)) Crane Branch Rd ((100-1798)) Crane Creek Rd ((301-857)) Danger Branch Rd ((2-1198)) Davidson Hollow ((100-298)) Davidson Ln ((100-298)) Dry Branch Rd ((301-1199)) Fork Field Rd ((2-1198)) Hwy 1482 ((2-10599)) Irvin Hill Rd ((1-298)) Jacks Creek Rd ((300-3198)) James Gibson Rd ((101-199)) John Robinson Rd ((500-598)) Laurel Branch Rd ((3200-3298)) Little Bullskin Rd ((200-1599)) Long Branch Rd ((2-1899)) Lower Jack's Creek Rd ((300-3198)) Lower Wolf Branch Rd ((4501-4599)) Martin Branch Rd ((100-398)) Mary Ln ((1-199)) Mill St ((1-198)) Mulberry St ((1-299)) Newfound Creek Rd ((6501-7999)) Newfound-Oneida Rd ((100-6099)) Newfound Rd ((4500-11199)) Oneida Bottom Rd ((2-1198)) Orchard St ((1-199)) Otter Branch ((100-998)) Pattys Rock Rd ((500-598)) Potter Branch Rd ((1-398)) River St ((14800-14899)) Rock Br Rd ((200-2898)) Rocky Branch Rd ((200-2898)) Sizemore Ln ((2-198)) Spruce Pine Rd ((10123-10133)) State Hwy 11 ((14500-15298)) State Hwy 1482 ((7180-7198)) State Hwy 2000 ((601-899)) State Hwy 2022 ((10123-10133)) State Hwy 66 ((1146-14899)) Statue Ln ((1-99)) Twist N Sourwood Rd ((2-998)) Tyler Courtney Dr ((2-198)) Wagon Branch Rd ((801-899)) Wren Branch ((100-499))

    40972 Places and Attractions

    Aldridge Rock School Antepast Post Office (historical) Antepast School Bar Creek Post Office (historical) Barger Branch Barger Branch Barger Post Office (historical) Barn Branch Bee Branch Big Branch Big Branch Big Briar Branch Big Creek School Big Dan Branch Big Lick Branch Big Rooster Branch Bishop Cemetery Bishop Road School Brutus Brutus Church Brutus Post Office (historical) Bullskin Creek Charley Fork Dry Branch Cherry Tree Branch Cherry Tree Knob Cherry Tree Lookout Tower Chestnut Gap Branch Chicken Branch Collins Branch Collins Fork Crane Branch Crib Branch Danger Branch Drench Branch Dry Branch Dry Branch Eriline Erline Post Office (historical) Fairview School Fish Trap Branch Flat Woods Flat Woods Gar Hole Branch Goose Creek Grayham Branch Head of Bullskin School (historical) Hoot Owl Hollow Irvin Hill School Jacks Creek Jacks Creek Jacks Creek Post Office (historical) Jacks Creek School Jeff Branch Joshua Post Office (historical) Keith Branch Laurel Branch Left Fork Dry Branch Lip Branch Little Bullskin Creek Little Bullskin School Little Rooster Branch Long Branch Longdon School Lou Branch Lower Gap Branch Lower Jacks Branch Lower Teges Creek Lucey Branch Martin Branch Meadow Branch Mill Branch Narrows Post Office (historical) Narrows School Newfound Church Newfound Creek Newfound Post Office (historical) Newfound School New Hope Church New Hope School Oneida Oneida Baptist Institute Oneida Census Designated Place Oneida Fire Department Oneida Grade School Oneida Post Office Oneida Seventh Day Adventist Church Otter Branch Panco Panco Branch Pancone Post Office (historical) Panco Post Office (historical) Pooter Branch Prop Cave Branch Pruitt Branch Pruitt Branch School Red Bird River Road Run Church Road Run Post Office (historical) Road Run School Rocky Branch Rocky Branch Seth Post Office (historical) Smithern Fork Spring Branch Spurlock Spurlock Fork Stable Hollow Branch Sugar Camp Branch Sugar Camp Branch Teges Teges Post Office (historical) The Narrows Trace Branch Trace Branch Trixie Trixie Post Office (historical) Turkey Gap Branch Upper Teges Creek Walnut Branch Wiles Branch Williams Cemetery Wolf Branch Wolf Branch