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Mc Kee

40447 Schools


  • Jackson Area Technology Center
  • Jackson County Middle School
  • Mckee Elementary School
  • Jackson County High School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 40447 is located in Jackson County (95.10%) Owsley County (2.90%) Lee County (1.10%) Rockcastle County (1.00%)

    40447 Street Addresses

    1st St ((101-199)) 2nd St ((0-98)) Alum Cave Rd ((2-98)) Amos Baker Rd ((100-199)) Apple Flat Rd ((500-598)) Azbill Rd ((100-2499)) Baldwin Rd ((101-599)) Barnhill Rd ((1-99)) Bean Pole Rd ((100-999)) Begley Rd ((100-197)) Begley Rd S ((300-1198)) Beuloh Lake Rd ((1-99)) Big Hill Mountain Rd ((100-398)) Big Ridge Rd ((100-499)) Big Rock Rd ((1-87)) Birch Lick School Rd ((101-539)) Black Lick Rd ((100-699)) Black Ridge Rd ((100-199)) Bowles Rd ((106-399)) Bradshaw Hill Rd ((100-198)) Bradshaw Hills Rd ((100-199)) Bridge Rock Rd ((100-599)) Brushy Ridge Rd ((100-299)) Buggy Ln ((301-399)) Buzzard Rock Rd ((100-198)) Byrd Ridge Rd ((227-399)) Cain St ((101-199)) Carpenters Ridge Rd ((0-98)) Cave Springs Rd ((101-399)) CCC Bottom Rd ((100-199)) Cedar Point Ridge Rd ((100-199)) Charlotte Ln ((100-199)) Chasteen Ln ((100-598)) Chestnut Flat Rd ((100-5399)) Chestnut Flat School Rd ((3901-3999)) Clark Rd ((2-2098)) Clemmons Ln ((1-298)) Clemmons Rd ((300-398)) Clifton Ln ((100-199)) Climax Rd ((10401-11898)) Coal Rd ((100-199)) Congleton Hollow Rd ((612-618)) Cornelius Rd ((200-498)) Cox Hollow Rd ((2-98)) Cr-1038 ((100-199)) Cr-1044 ((1-499)) Cr-1073 ((401-499)) Cr-1089 ((100-198)) Cr-1223 ((101-199)) Cr-1226 ((100-298)) Cr-1254 ((100-199)) Cr-1256 ((201-399)) Cr-1259D ((101-199)) Cr-1349 ((100-198)) Cr-1371 ((1-199)) Cr-1424 ((100-1398)) Cr-1438 ((100-398)) Cr-1455 ((301-399)) Cr-1477 ((2-98)) Cr-1484 ((100-198)) Cr-1508 ((100-199)) Cr-1510 ((101-199)) Cr-1513 ((100-198)) Cr-1522 ((100-199)) Cr-1524 ((1-398)) Cr 1546 ((1-99)) Cr-1547 ((100-398)) Cr-1702 ((100-398)) Cr-1704 ((1-99)) Crowley Mountain Rd ((101-185)) Cruise Ridge Rd ((100-598)) Cs-1006 ((101-199)) D and M Rd ((101-199)) Davidson Rd ((1-223)) Dean Rd ((100-399)) Dry Fork Rd ((100-198)) Durham School Rd ((100-1399)) Earl Bowles Rd ((100-198)) Eberle Rd ((101-1398)) Edward Rd ((100-199)) Elisha Branch Rd ((100-699)) Evans Hollow Rd ((100-898)) E Water St ((101-199)) Farmers Cemetery Rd ((101-299)) Gray Hawk Acres Rd ((101-199)) Gray Hawk Dairy Rd ((2-198)) Gray Rd ((100-698)) Happy Top Rd ((100-429)) Hatton Rd ((100-199)) Hays Rd ((201-898)) Hellard Rd ((1-1478)) Hickory Hill Dr ((201-299)) Hisel-Blanton Flats Rd ((1657-1891)) Hisel Rd ((100-1398)) Hog Branch Rd ((100-199)) Huff School Rd ((100-199)) Hurst School Rd ((101-399)) Indian Ridge Rd ((1-399)) Indian Springs Rd ((100-198)) Isaac Parret Rd ((300-398)) Jackson County High School Rd ((200-399)) Jackson Valley Rd ((1201-1299)) Jacks Ridge Rd ((100-299)) J A Farmer Rd ((1-99)) Johnny Kirby Rd ((1-398)) Jusdale Ln ((101-199)) Kelly Rd ((100-599)) Knob Richmond Rd ((100-499)) Lakes Creek Rd ((2-1098)) Lower Hays Rd ((300-423)) Low Gap Rd ((1-199)) L Russell Rd ((100-199)) Lunsford Hollow Rd ((100-798)) Luther Davidson Rd ((200-298)) Macedonia Rd ((100-598)) Marcum Rd ((2-298)) Mary Kay Isaacs Rd ((401-499)) McCammon Ridge Rd ((1-299)) McQueen Ln ((100-298)) Mildred Rd ((100-199)) Mullins Hollow Rd ((201-299)) Nellie Baker Rd ((100-199)) New Zion Post Office Rd ((1-499)) N Main St ((101-999)) Nunn Rd ((100-199)) Old 2004 Rd ((2-98)) Old Big Hill Rd ((100-199)) Old Gray Hawk School Rd ((1-99)) Peters Rd ((100-199)) Pilgrims Rest Rd ((100-1199)) Potter Rd ((100-199)) Powell Rd ((1-199)) Quail Run Ests ((101-199)) Rice Hill School Rd ((100-1799)) Ridgeway E ((100-299)) Ridgeway Rd ((2-298)) Ridgewood Dr ((100-198)) Roberts Ct ((1401-1499)) Robinson Rd ((100-1198)) Rogers Cemetery Rd ((301-399)) Rut Hill Rd ((100-136)) Salt Rock Rd ((100-4498)) Sand Bank Rd ((300-498)) Sandlin Cemetery Rd ((2-299)) Sandlin Hill Rd ((144-499)) Shelton Tyree Rd ((100-198)) Shirley Ridge Rd ((100-198)) Sinking Valley School Rd ((100-1099)) Southern Sun Rd ((100-199)) Sparks School Rd ((100-299)) Sparrow Ln ((1-199)) Spurlock Store Rd ((300-699)) State Hwy 1209 ((101-999)) State Hwy 2002 ((101-798)) State Hwy 2003 ((301-9111098)) State Hwy 2004 ((100-7399)) State Hwy 290 ((3-298)) State Hwy 30 E ((7000-7098)) State Hwy 3445 ((100-4199)) State Hwy 3447 ((100-599)) State Hwy 587 ((100-12499)) State Hwy 89 ((100-15861)) Taylor Banks Rd ((100-398)) Tower Rd ((100-198)) Turkey Foot Rd ((2-898)) Upper Dry Fork Rd ((100-499)) Upper Hays Rd ((201-399)) US Hwy 421 N ((260-14499)) Van Hollow Rd ((100-199)) War Fork Rd ((100-998)) Wild Dog Creek Rd ((101-299)) Wild Dog Trl ((100-199)) Wilder Ridge Rd ((100-299)) Wind Cave Rd ((500-2098)) Wise Rd ((100-155)) Wren St ((2-199)) York Rd ((100-198))

    40447 Places and Attractions

    Abner Hollow Adkins School (historical) Alcorn Alcorn Branch Alcorn Post Office Alum Cave Branch Ardery Ardery Post Office (historical) Arvel Ash Ground Branch Ash Gut Branch Atkinstown Baker Baker School Becket Branch Bee Branch Bethel Bethel Baptist Church Bethel School Beulah Lake Big Buck Lick Big Hill Bighill School Big Hollow Bills Branch Birch Lick Church Birch Lick Creek Birch Lick School (historical) Black Lick Branch Black Lick School Blanton Flats Blanton Flats Blooming Grove Blooming Grove Church Blooming Grove School Bradshaw Bradshaw Post Office (historical) Bradshaw School Brazil Brazil Post Office (historical) Brushy Ridge Buzzard Branch Calvary Church Cane Branch Carko Post Office (historical) Carpenter Ridge Cavanaugh Creek Cavanaugh School Cave Branch Cave Branch Cave Spring Church Cave Spring School (historical) Cedar House Hollow Cedar Point Ridge Chestnut Flat Chestnut Flat School City of McKee Clover Bottom Clover Bottom Church Clover Bottom Creek Clover Bottom Post Office (historical) Clover Bottom School (historical) Collingsworth Post Office (historical) Combs Cemetery Congleton Hollow Cox Cave Branch Cox Cemetery Coyle Cemetery Crab Apple Branch Croley Mountain Cruse Ridge Cruse Ridge School Dabolt Dabolt Seven Pines School Davis Church Debolt Post Office (historical) Deer Lick Deer Stable Baptist Church Deese Post Office (historical) Devils Den Branch Drip Rick Post Office (historical) Drip Rock Drip Rock Lookout Tower Drip Rock School Dry Branch Dry Fork Dry Fork Dry Fork Dry Fork Branch Dry Fork School Dunn Cemetery Durham Ridge Durham Ridge Eberele Post Office (historical) Eberle Eglon Eglon Post Office (historical) Elisha Branch Elsam Fork Evergreen Post Office (historical) Fairview Fairview School Fall Branch Flat Hollow Fork Flat Lick Church Flat Lick Creek Flatton Flat Top Church Flat Top School (historical) Foxtown Foxtown Post Office (historical) Garden Hollow Grassy Springs Church Gravel Lick Gray Hawk Fire Department Gray Hawk Post Office (historical) Griffee Branch Guys Branch Hale Ridge Harris Branch Harrison Cemetery Hart Hollow Hayes Branch Hisel Hisel Elementary School Hog Branch Hooten Branch Hopper Cave Branch Horse Lick School (historical) Huff Huff Church Huff School (historical) Hugh Hugh Church Hughes Fork Hugh Post Office (historical) Hugh School Hurd Spring Ridge Hurley Hurley Post Office (historical) Hurst School Indian Creek Indian Spring Indian Springs School Isaacs Cemetery Jackson County Jackson County High School (historical) Joes Branch Johnson School Kerby Knob Kirby Knob Post Office (historical) Kirby Knob School (historical) Lake Creek Lakes Lakes Branch Lantana Lantana Post Office (historical) Laura Post Office (historical) Laurel Branch Laurel Branch Laurel Branch Laurel Fork Lear Cemetery Left Fork Sand Springs Branch Lime Kiln Branch Lime Kiln Fork Lime Kiln Ridge Limestone Branch Little Buck Lick Branch Little Clover Creek Little Wild Dog Creek Loam Hill Long Branch Lost Lick Lower Bills Branch Lower Foxtown School Macedonia Macedonia Church MacKanaw Creek Mayapple Branch McCammon Branch McKee McKee Division McKee Fire Department Station 2 McKee Fire Department Station 1 McKee Post Office McKee School McKee Work Center Middle Fork Elsam Fork Middle Fork Post Office (historical) Middle Fork Rockcastle River Middle Fork School (historical) Mill Creek Mill Creek Wildlife Management Area Mill Seat Branch Morrill Morrill Post Office (historical) Mount Bethel Church Muncey Post Office (historical) Neil Hollow New Zion New Zion Post Office (historical) New Zion Ridge New Zion School (historical) Oak Grove Oak Grove Church Oak Grove School (historical) Old Bend Old Field Branch Old Orchard Lookout Tower Old Orchard School Old Pigeon Roost Olin Olin Post Office (historical) Orpha Post Office (historical) Otter Branch Panther Branch Panther Creek Parrot Post Office (historical) Peoples Peter Branch Peter Cave Branch Pigeon Roost Creek Pig Hollow Pilgrims Rest Church Pine Flat Pine Flat Church Pine Flat School Pine Grove Pine Grove School Plowman Cemetery Polly Spark Branch Pond Creek School (historical) Pond School Pony Lot Church Poplar Lick Branch Powell Branch Powell School Powells Mill Radford Hollow Randale Branch Renfro Branch Rice Hill Rice Hill School Robinson Creek Rock Lick Branch Rock Lick Creek Rocky Branch Rolling Fork Rose Cemetery Roses Fork Rose's Mill Russell Flat Russell Flat Cemetery Salt Rock Salt Rock Cemetery Salt Rock School Sand Bluff Post Office (historical) Sandgap Sandgap Division Sand Gap Fire Department Station 2 Sand Lick Sand Lick Creek Sand Lick School Sand Spring Branch Sand Springs Sand Springs Post Office (historical) Sand Springs School Saruis Branch Saw Mill Church Seven Pines Shop Branch Shop Branch Post Office (historical) Silver Mine Hollow Sinking Valley Sinking Valley Sinking Valley School Skinner Cemetery Smith Smith School South Fork South Fork Church South Fork Rockcastle River South Fork School South Fork Station Camp Creek South Tree Church Sparks Sparks School Sparks School (historical) Spice Lick Branch Spivey Branch Steer Fork Stelle Cemeteries Stone Coal Branch Stone Coal Lick S Tree Campground S Tree Lookout Tower Sugar Camp Creek Sugar Cane Branch Tarpin Lick Branch Tattlers Hollow Threelinks Three Links Post Office (historical) Toms Branch Toms Branch Trace Branch Turkey Foot Turkey Foot Campground Turkey Foot Church Tyner Lake Upper Indian Creek Upper Indian Creek School Viney Bottom Waneta Waneta Post Office War Fork Whetstone Branch White Oak Creek Wilma Post Office (historical) Wilson Cemetery Wind Cave Wind Cave Branch Wind Cave Church Wind Cave Post Office (historical) WKXO-FM (Berea) Wood Cutting Branch