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  • Crossroads Elementary School
  • Bath County Middle School
  • Bath County High School
  • Owingsville Elementary School
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  • Super 8 Owingsville
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    ZIP Code 40360 is located in Bath County (95.80%) Montgomery County (4.20%)

    40360 Street Addresses

    Adams Rd ((100-2599)) Alcar Rd ((2-1799)) Anderson Rd ((101-199)) Atkinson Rd ((201-699)) Banker St ((1-199)) Barbara Lynn Dr ((1-398)) Bath Ave ((1-199)) Blevins Valley Rd ((1-2799)) Blue Bank Rd ((1-1199)) Blue Berry Ln ((2-798)) Blueberry Rd ((2-798)) Bluebird Ln ((201-299)) Blue Hollow Rd ((1-798)) Bob O Link Rd ((1-499)) Brandy Ln ((1-298)) Brent Ln ((1-199)) Brooks Aly ((1-99)) Burbridge Branch Rd ((2-1698)) Burton Rd ((2-598)) Cardinal Ln ((400-499)) Cecil Ave ((1-299)) Ceder Rd ((300-398)) Cemetery St ((1-199)) Chenault Dr ((600-698)) Cherokee Ln ((101-199)) Chesapeake Dr ((1-398)) Church Dr ((1-99)) Copher Rd ((200-299)) Coyle St ((1-999)) Cr-1008 ((3193-7125)) Cr-1011 ((2-3098)) Cr-1015 ((1701-2199)) Crain Rd ((200-596)) Craycraft Rd ((200-298)) Creek Side Dr ((100-399)) Crockett Dr ((1-199)) Crouch Rd ((200-1199)) Danny Station Ln ((901-999)) Day Rd ((2-3099)) Denton Dr ((1-198)) Didddakley Pebble Rd ((200-353)) Donohue Rd ((1-1499)) East Aly ((1-99)) Edwin Rd ((500-598)) E Fork Rd ((1-6599)) E High St ((61-899)) Elm Rd ((700-798)) Elys Branch Rd ((100-1299)) E Main St ((1-1399)) E State Hwy 36 ((2402-5795)) E Tunnel Hill Rd ((1-2798)) E US Hwy 60 ((1-2639)) Everman Rd ((2-299)) Fallen Rock Rd ((101-199)) Fearing Rd ((2-2299)) Ferguson Rd ((1-1199)) Flat Bottom Rd ((700-1098)) Flat Creek Rd ((1-2998)) Forge Hill Rd ((200-1899)) Foxcliff Rd ((2-598)) Gladys Ave ((1-99)) Goodpaster Ave ((1-299)) Goodpaster Cemetery Rd ((2-398)) Gosset Rd ((100-190)) Green Tree Dr ((1-99)) Greenway Dr ((7101-7199)) Gudgell ((1-198)) Gudgell St ((1-298)) Gudyell St ((1-298)) Happy Hollow Rd ((101-299)) Harrisburg Ave ((1-3298)) Harrisburg Rd ((2-3298)) Hartgrove Cemetery Rd ((2-98)) Hart Grove Rd ((200-598)) Hart Pike ((201-2599)) Hendrix Rd ((2-1398)) High Haven Dr ((201-399)) High St ((1-264)) Homestead Rd ((701-799)) Howard's Mill Rd ((5759-5898)) Howards Mill Rd ((101-5881)) Hummingbird Ln ((1-198)) Indian Creek Rd ((201-898)) Jackson Cemetary Rd ((2-399)) Jackson Cemetery ((301-399)) Jay Rd ((201-598)) Johnson Ford Rd ((1-3198)) John Stan St ((1-299)) Jones Rd ((300-398)) Kendall Spring Cemetery Rd ((2-98)) Kendall Springs Ave ((100-599)) Kendall Springs Rd ((2-5398)) Laranda Ct ((1-99)) Little Sandy Ln ((100-299)) L Tipton Hill Rd ((400-598)) Lyons Rd ((1-1099)) Maeberryman Way ((200-998)) Magnolia Rd ((400-498)) Malibu Dr ((1-499)) Mandy Ave ((1-99)) Mariella Dr ((1-299)) Midland Trl ((638-6099)) Mill Creek Rd ((3300-4496)) Mill Dr ((1-99)) Moore Rd ((3201-3999)) Moores Ferry Rd ((3137-3398)) Morning View Dr ((1-699)) Mt Pleasant Rd ((501-2699)) Naylor Rd ((300-1599)) N Court St ((2-98)) N Lick Branch Rd ((200-1798)) N Mink Run Rd ((1-399)) N Stepstone Rd ((1-4999)) N Teresa Dr ((1-99)) Oakland Rd ((1-1199)) Oakley - Pebble Rd ((300-7098)) Oberline St ((49-67)) Old Ky 111 Rd ((801-899)) Old Oakley Rd ((2-399)) Old Peasticks Rd ((2-998)) Old Sand Rd ((1000-4798)) Old State Rd ((2-3094)) Old Wyoming Rd ((801-899)) Ore Mines Rd ((1-899)) Outlook Dr ((1-99)) Owingsville Rd ((4402-4887)) Panhandle Rd ((700-798)) Paradise Ln ((1-499)) Pasadena ((1-99)) Peasticks Rd ((2-2299)) Peeled Oak Rd ((101-5898)) Pergram Rd ((1-3299)) Perry Rd ((1-1499)) Pickshein Rd ((300-2098)) Pickshien Rd ((300-2098)) Pigeon Forge Rd ((1-798)) Powers Branch Rd ((100-1798)) Preston Cemetery Rd ((101-8199)) Preston Rd ((2133-7898)) Prickley Ash Rd ((800-1098)) Quesenberry Rd ((2-3098)) Racoon Rd ((101-299)) Raven Dr ((2-98)) Redbird Rd ((801-899)) Red Hill Rd ((1-298)) Rice Rd ((2-999)) Rick Dr ((2-199)) Riddle Rd ((1-2599)) Ridge Rd ((2-3198)) Ridgeway Dr ((100-399)) Roberts Rd ((100-299)) Rock Springs Rd ((5301-5399)) Rocky Ln ((1-299)) Rolling Hills Rd ((400-798)) Rooster Run Rd ((1-1398)) Rose Bush Ln ((1-199)) Roselawn Ct ((2-398)) Rowland Ave ((2-299)) Saltwell Rd ((1-4299)) Satterfield Ln ((201-698)) School Rd ((700-798)) Sharon Rose Ave ((1-899)) Sherman Ct ((100-299)) Short Rd ((600-698)) Shrout Rd ((1-998)) Skillet Branch Rd ((100-798)) Slate Ave ((2-565)) Slate Bend Rd ((1-299)) Slate St ((49-67)) S Lick Branch Rd ((100-798)) S Minks Run Rd ((300-699)) Smoky Hollow Rd ((101-299)) Smoot Dr ((2-998)) Snedegar Rd ((5900-5998)) Springfield Rd ((3701-4599)) S Stepstone Rd ((7101-7199)) Stacy Dr ((2-98)) State Hwy 1106 ((1495-2699)) State Hwy 111 ((1-7599)) State Hwy 1198 ((1-2998)) State Hwy 1269 ((2-4696)) State Hwy 1325 ((2300-6160)) State Hwy 1331 ((1789-2299)) State Hwy 1602 ((5037-5157)) State Hwy 1944 ((1077-6398)) State Hwy 2500 ((43-99)) State Hwy 3289 ((3500-3799)) State Hwy 36 ((1-13399)) State Hwy 965 ((2133-11773)) Stepstone Rd ((3193-7199)) S Teresa Dr ((1-298)) Stevens Rd ((100-1699)) Street No 3 ((1-99)) Stulltown Rd ((1101-12498)) Suddith St ((2-12)) Sugar Grove Rd ((101-4498)) Sunset Dr ((2-298)) Swampy Hollow Rd ((200-499)) Swartz Dr ((100-198)) Sycamore Rd ((300-498)) Sycamore St ((100-103)) Tamric Rd ((1-198)) Thompson Dr ((2-199)) Tobacco Rd ((2-198)) Tony Ln ((1-99)) Tower Rd ((200-1299)) Toy Rd ((1-398)) Treadway Dr ((1-298)) Tulip Rd ((600-698)) Upper Saltwell Rd ((3201-3299)) US Hwy 60 ((1-11295)) Van Thompson Rd ((3251-5899)) Vista Ln ((101-299)) Walker Rd ((1-99)) Walnut Rd ((1-499)) Walters Rd ((69-199)) Warner Ln ((2-199)) Washington Branch Rd ((200-2198)) Waterdell Rd ((1-2498)) Water-Dell Rd ((2101-2299)) Water Plant Rd ((1-199)) Water St ((1-198)) Weaver Ln ((1-199)) Wells Ave ((1-299)) Wells Ln ((65-299)) Wells Rd ((101-999)) White Oak Rd ((1-6398)) Wildcat Rd ((201-299)) Wilder Ln ((1-99)) Williams Ln ((201-299)) Williams Rd ((201-299)) Winding Way ((400-498)) W Main St ((2-599)) Wonderful Ln ((401-499)) Woods Ln ((78-96)) W Paul Lewis Dr ((1-99)) W State Hwy 36 ((401-13399)) W Tunnel Hill Rd ((1-2998)) W US Hwy 60 ((2-6099)) Wyoming Rd ((1-7599)) Young Rd ((100-198))

    40360 Places and Attractions

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