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  • Owen County Primary School
  • Maurice Bowling Middle School
  • Owen County High School
  • Owen County Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 40359 is located in Owen County

    40359 Street Addresses

    Agee Rd ((1-2298)) A Hammond Rd ((100-299)) Ashley Ct ((1-99)) Backwater Rd ((2-98)) Bacon Aly ((100-198)) Ballard Ln ((1-499)) Ball Ridge Rd ((1-2298)) Banks Rd ((11200-11298)) Beach Rd ((100-599)) Beck St ((200-299)) Bell Ln ((2-499)) Big Twin Creek Rd ((2801-2899)) Blanche Davis Rd ((1-598)) Botts St ((1-198)) Bramblett Ln ((300-398)) Breck Rd ((1-6059)) Breezy Point Dr ((2-299)) Bridge St ((1-198)) Browns Bottom Rd ((2-1598)) Brown St ((1-99)) Bryan St ((100-198)) Bucks Run Rd ((1-598)) Burkes Ln ((1-1499)) Caney Creek Rd ((200-3999)) Cardinal Dr ((1-199)) Cardinal Ln ((1300-1399)) Carter Ln ((100-198)) Cecil Ln ((100-398)) Cedar Creek Rd ((1-5098)) Cedar Rd ((1-99)) Cherry Cove ((1200-1399)) Citizens Pike ((1-3498)) Claxon Ridge Rd ((1000-8099)) Clay Lick Pike ((2-1098)) Clay Lick South Rd ((1-1098)) Clay Lick St ((1-1098)) Clifton Ln ((2-499)) Clyde St ((101-199)) Crittenden St ((1-699)) Cubbage Ave ((400-499)) Cull Rd ((1-5698)) Davis Lake Rd ((1-2999)) Davis Lake Rd 2 ((2-398)) Dickey Ln ((501-599)) Divided Ridge Rd ((1-599)) Dividing Ridge Rd ((2-599)) Dogwood Dr ((1-199)) Driftwood Dr ((1-299)) Duncan Hill Rd ((1-599)) E Adair St ((1-1099)) Eagle View Ln ((200-899)) E Blanton St ((101-299)) Eden Shale Rd ((1-2498)) el Bethel Church Rd ((201-1399)) Elk Lake Resort Rd ((301-1999)) Ellis Rd ((200-999)) Elmer Davis Dam Rd ((601-1398)) Elmer Davis Dr ((2-398)) E Perry St ((100-199)) E Ransdell St ((201-399)) E Seminary St ((101-199)) E Shore Y Cir ((1000-1099)) Fairgrounds Rd ((1-299)) Fairview Dr ((801-998)) Fairview Rd ((1-3498)) Finch Ln ((1-99)) Ford Ave ((201-299)) Fortner Ridge Rd ((1-598)) Frank Clark Rd ((100-998)) Gaines Ave ((100-199)) Gaines Village Dr ((100-998)) Gainesville Rd ((100-998)) Garnett Ln ((200-499)) Garnetts Rd ((101-899)) Gayle Ave ((101-399)) Georgetown Rd ((101-14399)) Gess St ((100-299)) Gills Branch ((1-799)) Golden Circle Rd ((701-3298)) Goldsvalley Rd ((400-1198)) Goose Creek Rd ((1-999)) Gratz Rd ((2-8298)) Green Acres Rd ((1-499)) Greenup Rd ((1-4599)) Hammond School Rd ((1-3099)) Handy Ln ((101-899)) Harlin St ((1-399)) Harmony Rd ((101-4898)) Harris Ridge Rd ((1-1599)) Hawk View Ln ((100-699)) Heath Rd ((102-998)) Hensley Rd ((301-1298)) Herman Green Rd ((1-2799)) Hickory Rd ((400-499)) Hide A Way Ct ((2-299)) Hide A Way Dr ((341-3199)) High St ((2-199)) Hillcrest Dr ((300-398)) Hillcrest St ((2-199)) Holbrook Ln ((2-299)) Horizon Cir ((1-99)) Howard Ellis Rd ((301-399)) Hudson Ln ((301-499)) Hunter Ln ((301-13199)) Hwy 368 Cedar Creek Rd ((2245-3599)) Hwy 607 Claxton Ridge ((1001-1099)) Indian Creek Rd ((2-799)) Jodie Travis Ln ((101-4298)) Jonesville Rd ((201-14898)) J Pruett Ln ((305-599)) J Pruitt Ln ((301-599)) J Saylor Rd ((600-698)) Juniper Rd ((800-898)) Karsner Ln ((200-298)) Kay Branch Rd ((1901-3298)) Kays Branch Rd ((401-3298)) Keith Rd ((601-1298)) Kelly Ct ((100-299)) Kemper Rd ((1-899)) Kerns Ln ((100-599)) Kincaid Ln ((100-1299)) Lake Shore Cir ((1000-1499)) Lake Shore Cove ((1201-1498)) Lake Shore Dr ((2-5299)) Lake Shore Loop ((200-799)) Lakeview Dr ((1-899)) Laura Ln ((200-299)) Lead Mine Rd ((1-1799)) Leeward Ct ((1-298)) Leeward Dr ((201-299)) Lincoln St ((1-398)) Locust Dr ((2-199)) Locust Ln ((2-198)) Longridge Ln ((300-498)) Lucas Ln ((101-1598)) Lusbys Mill Ln ((1-299)) Lynn Ln ((1100-1198)) Lyons Ln ((200-1199)) Madison St ((100-198)) Main St ((100-6298)) Maple Dr ((401-499)) Marker Ln ((101-199)) Martin Rd ((300-1698)) McDowells Branch Rd ((301-399)) Mint Springs Rd ((301-1658)) Monterey Pike ((1-16098)) Morgadora Rd ((500-698)) Morgans Rd ((501-2898)) Mount Vernon Rd ((201-578)) Mount Vernon Ridge Rd ((201-699)) Mt Vernon Ridge Rd ((600-698)) Mussel Shoals ((1300-1999)) Mussel Shoals Rd ((101-1999)) N Adams St ((300-499)) Natlee Swope Rd ((501-999)) New Columbus Rd ((9801-12747)) Nim Smith Rd ((200-298)) N Lakeshore Dr ((501-599)) N Madison St ((100-398)) N Main ((101-4238)) Oak Rd ((200-499)) O'Banion Ln ((1-1299)) Old Beechwood Rd ((1-2949)) Old Columbus Rd ((1-3498)) Old Frankfort Pike ((101-3398)) Old Greenup ((100-3998)) Old Kenny Rd ((201-1399)) Old Landing Rd ((100-2998)) Old Lusby Mill Pike ((1-599)) Old Mill Rd ((1-299)) Old Monterey Rd ((2-5099)) Old New Liberty Rd ((101-5198)) Old Owenton-Georgetown Rd ((1000-3598)) Old Pleasant Grove Rd ((400-1098)) Old Sweet Owen Rd ((1-2898)) Old Teresita Rd ((2-3998)) Panther Lick Rd ((1-4899)) Parker Aly ((1-99)) Park Ridge Rd ((2-799)) Parts Ln ((1-299)) Paytons Ridge Rd ((1-1399)) Pennington Ln ((100-698)) Petetowles Ln ((100-2799)) Phil Hawkins Rd ((200-298)) Platt Dr ((201-299)) Pleasant Cem Rd ((1-198)) Pleasant View Cemetery Rd ((1-198)) Plummer Branch Rd ((400-798)) Point of Rock Rd ((400-3099)) Procter Ln ((201-398)) Red Bud Dr ((100-398)) Red Hawk Ln ((1000-1099)) Red Oak Rd ((2-498)) Red Thorn Ln ((601-699)) River Front St ((100-399)) Robin Dr ((100-199)) Robin Ln ((1-1599)) Rockdale Rd ((200-3643)) Roland Ave ((100-499)) Rosebourn St ((1-598)) Rose Ct ((100-199)) Rose Hill Ln ((1-599)) Sawdridge Creek Rd ((2-899)) Shady Ln ((100-1098)) Slippery Rock Rd ((501-2599)) S Madison ((100-299)) Smith Rd ((500-1099)) Snell Ln ((300-1698)) Solomans Ln ((1200-1698)) Southfork Rd ((2-4598)) Squiresville Rd ((1-7098)) S Shore Cir ((200-1399)) State Hwy 1197 ((100-1523)) State Hwy 1287 ((2-1098)) State Hwy 1316 ((432-3125)) State Hwy 1670 ((500-2803)) State Hwy 1739 ((127-1999)) State Hwy 1761 ((957-2799)) State Hwy 1883 ((1-3099)) State Hwy 1982 ((1247-6698)) State Hwy 22 ((1-40199)) State Hwy 227 ((101-13499)) State Hwy 2353 ((101-205)) State Hwy 2354 ((101-338)) State Hwy 3070 ((22-98)) State Hwy 3103 ((1-499)) State Hwy 330 ((100-12163)) State Hwy 355 ((2-12144)) State Hwy 36 ((1332-14898)) State Hwy 368 ((701-5098)) State Hwy 607 ((4847-12299)) State Hwy 845 ((1300-7582)) State Hwy 897 ((1501-3298)) Stewart Ridge Rd ((1335-4599)) Sunrise Dr ((2-2399)) Sunset Dr ((100-199)) Swan Ct ((100-598)) Sweet Owen Rd ((2300-2498)) Switzer Rd ((401-499)) Swope Rd ((1-499)) Taylor St ((1-399)) Teresita Rd ((900-3998)) Thomas St ((100-298)) Todd Ln ((101-1899)) Tolbert Ln ((100-698)) Towles Ln ((100-2799)) Truesville Rd ((201-299)) US Hwy 127 ((2-16199)) Vance O'Banion Rd ((1-799)) W Adair St ((100-299)) Walnut Dr ((400-599)) Walnut Rd ((400-599)) W Blanton St ((201-299)) Wilson Rd ((500-599)) Windy Hill Ct ((1-198)) W Lakeshore Dr ((400-498)) Worth St ((1-99)) W Perry St ((200-299)) W Seminary St ((101-499))

    40359 Places and Attractions

    Assembly of God (historical) Ballards Landing (historical) Balls Branch Barnes Cemetery Beech Grove Baptist Church Beech Grove Baptist Church Cemetery Beechwood Beechwood Post Office (historical) Benjamin Hancock Cemetery Bethany Christian Church Bethany Christian Church Cemetery Bethany Post Office (historical) Bowen Branch Bradleyville (historical) Brammell Branch Breck Breck Post Office (historical) Browns Bottom Buck Elk Creek Burfort Cemetery Caney Creek Caney Fork Baptist Church Caney Fork Baptist Church Cemetery Cave Spring Branch Cedar Creek Cedar Hill Church Cedar Hill School (historical) City of Gratz City of Monterey City of Owenton Clark Hollow Claxon Ridge Claxton School (historical) Clay Lick Creek Coxs Branch Craddock Bottom Dickey Fork Doty Cemetery Duvall and Steger Cemetery East Eagle Post Office (historical) El Bethel Christian Church El Bethel Christian Church Cemetery Elk Lick Church Elk Lick Creek Elk Ridge Elk Ridge Post Office (historical) Elm Fork Ep Post Office (historical) Estes Cemetery Fairbanks Fairbanks Post Office (historical) Forsee Cemetery Frame School (historical) Franks Cemetery Frazer Cemetery Gill Branch Gratz Gratz Post Office (historical) Gratz Sulphur Well (historical) Greenup Creek Greenup Fork Baptist Church Cemetery Greenup Fork Church Greenup Fork Post Office (historical) Greenup School (historical) Gross Cemetery Grugin Cemetery Hallam Hallam Post Office (historical) Hammond School (historical) Hancock Cemetery Handcock Cemetery Harmony Harmony Post Office (historical) Harrisburg College (historical) Hawkins School (historical) Haydons Post Office (historical) Haydons Stand (historical) Henderson School (historical) Hensley Cemetery Hern Cemetery Hesler Hesler Post Office (historical) Holiday Ford Holiness Church (historical) Honeysuckle Hill Horney Fork Indian Creek J D Burns Landing (historical) Jones Cemetery Jones Landing (historical) Kays Branch Kemper Cemetery Lake Elmer Davis Little Indian Creek Locust Grove Church Lone Oak Post Office (historical) Long Ridge Long Ridge Post Office (historical) Lowderbach Branch Lusby/Kemper Cemetery Lusby Mill (historical) Lusbys Mill School Margaret Post Office (historical) McDowell Branch Minors Creek Mint Spring Branch Monterey Monterey Baptist Church Monterey Baptist Church Cemetery Monterey Cemetery Monterey-New Columbus Division Monterey Post Office (historical) Monterey School (historical) Monterey Volunteer Fire Department Morgadore Creek Morgadore Post Office (historical) Morrison Cemetery Mount Carmel Church Mount Hebron Baptist Church Mount Hebron Cemetery Mount Minish Cemetery Mount Zion Church Mount Zion Church Cemetery Mouth of Cedar Creek Post Office (historical) Mud Lick Branch Musselshoals Church Naill Cemetery Needmore New North Severn Creek Old Beechwood Road Cemetery Old Cedar Church Owen Air Park Owen County Owen County Memorial Hospital Heliport Owenton Owenton Division Owenton Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery Owenton Volunteer Fire Department Pauper Cemetery Paytons Ridge Perkins Cemetery Pink Ridge Pleasant Home Pleasant Home Cemetery Pleasant Home Post Office (historical) Pleasant Ridge Church Plummer Branch Pond Branch Landing (historical) Pond Creek Proverb Post Office (historical) Punchen Camp Branch Ram Branch Ransdel Cemetery Red Oak Creek Richland Baptist Church Richland Baptist Church Cemetery Richland Baptist Church (historical) Richland Creek Rockdale Rockdale Post Office (historical) Rush Run Saint Edward Church (historical) Sanders Cemetery Sand Lick Branch Sawdridge Creek School Number Eighty-Nine (historical) School Number Eighty-One (historical) School Number Forty-Two (historical) School Number Ninety-Eight (historical) School Number Sixty-Four (historical) School Number Ten (historical) School Number Twenty-Five (historical) School Number Twenty-Three (historical) Schroder Airport Severn Creek Severn Creek Post Office (historical) Shellbark Branch Shiddells Woods (historical) Singer Run Slippery Rock Creek Smith Cemetery Snodgrass Cemetery Southard Branch South Fork Church South Fork Creek South Owen Volunteer Fire Department Squiresville Squiresville Cemetery Squiresville Post Office (historical) Sweet Owen Sweet Owen Post Office (historical) Tacketts Mill Tacketts Mill Post Office (historical) Teresita Teresita Post Office (historical) Thomas Cemetery Truesville (historical) Vallandinghams Mill (historical) Vernon Ridge Waldrope Cemetery Waldrop School (historical) Wallace Cemetery Walnut Grove Methodist Church (historical) Webster Cemetery Webster Cemetery West Union Post Office (historical) White Chapel School Wiley Branch WKON-TV (Owenton) Yancey Cemetery Yancey Cemetery