Louisville, KY 40208 ZIP Code Map


40208 Schools


  • Mcferran Preparatory Academy
  • Noe Middle
  • Cochran Elementary
  • Dupont Manual High
  • 40208 Hotels

  • Central Park B&B
  • Days Inn Louisville Central University & Expo Center
  • Quality Inn & Suites University/Airport
  • Census



    ZIP Code 40208 is located in Jefferson County

    40208 Street Addresses

    7th Street Rd ((2000-2699)) Algonquin Pkwy ((600-1399)) Allen Ave ((2900-2999)) Arthur St ((1600-2299)) Belgravia Ct ((400-599)) Bellamy Cir ((601-699)) Bellamy Pl ((601-1599)) Bruce Ave ((500-699)) Burton Ave ((700-999)) Central Ave ((123-1599)) Colorado Ave ((400-3299)) Commerce Rd ((1800-1899)) Compton St ((500-799)) Creel Ave ((400-799)) Davies Ave ((600-699)) E Bloom St ((200-399)) E Brandeis Ave ((300-398)) E Burnett Ave ((100-1498)) E Gaulbert Ave ((300-399)) E Hill St ((100-399)) E Lee St ((100-399)) E Magnolia Ave ((100-299)) E Ormsby Ave ((200-215)) Euclid Ave ((800-1299)) Eutropia Ct ((1-99)) Fairview Ave ((2800-2899)) Finn Ave ((2800-2999)) Floral Ter ((600-699)) Fountain Ct ((400-499)) Gnelda Ct ((1600-1899)) Hahn St ((2400-2499)) Hardy Ave ((700-799)) Haywood ((700-799)) Haywood Ave ((701-799)) Herr Ave ((1200-1399)) Heywood Ave ((300-899)) Hill Bend Pl ((101-199)) Humboldt Pl ((900-998)) Industry Rd ((400-699)) Iowa Ave ((200-999)) Jordan Ave ((600-699)) Kensington Ct ((400-499)) Kleier Ave ((2800-2899)) Levering Aly ((1400-1499)) Levering St ((1400-1499)) Lillian Ave ((1000-1499)) Lincoln Ave ((800-1399)) Lindbergh Dr ((2400-2699)) Marie St ((1400-1499)) Marret Ave ((400-699)) Mix Ave ((600-699)) Montana Ave ((400-3299)) M St ((100-799)) Myrtle St ((600-699)) Oakland Ave ((700-999)) Ouerbacker Ct ((1300-1399)) Park Ave ((300-699)) Reeser Pl ((1-99)) Reg Smith Cir ((400-499)) Riley Ave ((1600-1799)) Roadway Ave ((900-1299)) Rockery Way ((701-799)) Rodman St ((2300-3099)) Rose Ct ((1-99)) Ruggles Pl ((600-698)) S 11th St ((1500-1899)) S 1st St ((1263-1998)) S 2nd St ((923-3199)) S 3rd St ((1300-3099)) S 4th St ((1300-3899)) S 5th St ((1500-3099)) S 6th St ((1300-3099)) S 7th St ((1300-1999)) S 8th St ((1400-1499)) S 9th St ((1400-3050)) Saint James Ct ((1400-1499)) S Brook St ((816-2499)) S Floyd St ((1100-3299)) S Floyd St Rear ((1400-1499)) Sharp Ave ((2400-2499)) Shelbourne Cir ((1500-1599)) S Jackson St ((1400-1499)) South St ((400-2499)) S Preston St ((1279-1599)) S Rear St ((1500-1599)) State Hwy 1020 ((2022-3099)) State Hwy 1931 ((1300-2699)) State Hwy 61 ((1279-1599)) Taylor Blvd ((2700-3099)) Tennessee Ave ((800-1399)) Tin Pan Aly ((1400-1499)) Unity Pl ((2000-2199)) US Hwy 60 Alt ((300-3099)) Utah Ave ((2500-3201)) Warnock St ((300-361)) W Barbee Ave ((100-199)) W Bloom St ((200-499)) W Brandeis Ave ((300-399)) W Burnett Ave ((100-999)) W Cardinal Blvd ((200-499)) Weller Ave ((800-1399)) W Gaulbert Ave ((200-599)) W Hill St ((100-999)) Winkler Ave ((300-1099)) W Lee St ((100-999)) W Magnolia Ave ((100-999)) Woodbine St ((200-599)) W Shipp Ave ((600-699)) Wurtele Ave ((1400-1599))

    40208 Places and Attractions

    Bass-Rudd Tennis Center Belknap Research Building Bethlehem United Church of Christ Bettie Johnson Hall Bible Baptist Church Billy Minardi Hall Brandeis School of Law Breaking the Chain Ministry Brigman Hall Brodschi Hall Center Hall Central Park Central Station Shopping Center Cochran Elementary School Cove Baptist Church Davidson Hall Dougherty Hall Du Pont Manual High School Ekstrom Library Emmanuel Church of Christ Environmental Protection Services Center Ernst Hall Filson Historical Society Filson Historical Society Research Library First Church of Christ Scientist First Gethsemane Baptist Church Floyd Street Parking Structure Floyd Street Warehouse Ford Hall Gardiner Hall Gheens Science Hall Gottschalk Hall Grawemeyer Hall Henry Vogt Building Holy Name Church J B Speed Art Museum Jouett Hall Kersey Library Kurz Hall Living Waters Church of God Lords Chapel Church Louisville Fire Department Engine 15 Louisville Fire Department Engine 16 and Truck 3 Louisville Fire Department Engine 18 Louisville Hall Lutz Hall McCandless Hall McDonalds Field Miller Hall Miller Information Technology Center M Street Church of Christ Noe Middle School N Street Baptist Church Oakland Baptist Church Oppenheimer Hall Overseers Honor House Parkway Field Parkway Field House Patterson Hall Providing Community Transition Alternative School Ralph R Wright Natatorium Rauch Planetarium Robbins Hall Saint John African Methodist Episcopal Church Schneider Hall South Central Park Speed Scientific School Stevenson Hall Strickler Hall Swain Student Activities Center The Bingham Humanities Building The Houchens Building The Interfaith Center The Playhouse The Red Barn The Reynolds Building The University Club and Alumni Center The Wellness House Third Avenue Baptist Church Threlkeld Hall Tingley School Trager Stadium Tringle Park Ulmer Stadium Unitas Tower United States Veterans Administration Veterans Outreach Center University of Louisville University of Louisville School of Music University Tower Urban Studies Institute West End Baptist Church West Hall WLOU-AM (Louisville) W S Speed Hall