Louisville, KY 40203 ZIP Code Map


40203 Schools


  • Jcps Eschool
  • Kentucky Tech - Jefferson Campus
  • Jefferson Technical College
  • Jefferson County High School
  • Home Of The Innocents High
  • Heuser Hearing And Language Academy
  • Keller School
  • Dawson Orman Ed. Ctr
  • Coleridge-Taylor Elementary
  • Roosevelt Perry Elementary
  • Meyzeek Middle School
  • Engelhard Elementary
  • Central High School
  • 40203 Hotels

  • Antique Inn Of Louisville
  • Census



    ZIP Code 40203 is located in Jefferson County

    40203 Street Addresses

    Airmont Ct ((300-399)) Ardella Ct ((200-399)) Baird St ((1700-1999)) Baker Aly ((700-799)) Bank St ((1500-2108)) Baroness Ave ((700-799)) Baseball Aly ((400-499)) Bergman St ((400-799)) Bertrand St ((500-599)) Camp St ((300-799)) Cawthon St ((700-899)) Cedar Ct ((900-1299)) Cedar St ((1500-2199)) Claver Ct ((400-499)) Coke St ((501-799)) College Ct ((1-199)) Columbia St ((1600-2099)) Columbus Ave ((500-599)) Congress St ((1500-1999)) Conrad St ((400-499)) Crop St ((1600-2199)) Crystal Aly ((800-999)) Doctor W J Hodge St ((100-699)) Dumesnil St ((700-1320)) Duncan St ((1600-2099)) E Breckinridge St ((100-799)) E Caldwell St ((100-899)) E College St ((100-399)) Eddy St ((1500-1899)) E Jacob St ((100-799)) E Kentucky St ((100-799)) E Oak St ((100-799)) E Ormsby Ave ((100-3498)) Esquire Aly ((901-1899)) Esquire Ave ((1900-1999)) E St Catherine St ((100-799)) Finzer St ((400-799)) Fisk Ct ((1000-1298)) Gaddie Ct ((700-799)) Garland Ave ((500-799)) Garvin Pl ((1000-1299)) Glenn Aly ((500-599)) Graves End Dr ((300-499)) Green Aly ((1800-2899)) Griffiths Ave ((1800-2099)) Gwendolyn St ((400-799)) Henry Firpo Aly ((700-799)) Kahn Aly ((800-999)) Lampton St ((400-799)) Liberty Ct ((1001-1298)) Library Ln ((800-899)) Library Pl ((300-399)) Lyles Aly ((800-999)) Lytle St ((1400-2099)) Magazine St ((700-2099)) Malabu Dr ((177-252)) Mary J Robb Ct ((500-599)) Merchant Ct ((601-798)) N 11th St ((100-199)) N 12th St ((100-298)) N 13th St ((100-199)) N 15th St ((100-399)) N 16th St ((100-699)) N 17th St ((100-699)) N 18th St ((100-899)) N 19th St ((100-699)) N 20th St ((100-599)) N 21st St ((100-499)) N 22nd St ((500-599)) Nelligan Ave ((1600-2099)) Northwestern Pkwy ((1401-2104)) Nugent Ct ((700-799)) Oldham St ((700-899)) Ormsby Ct ((1-1299)) Owen St ((1700-1999)) Pearson Ct ((600-699)) Pierce Aly ((600-699)) Pin Aly ((400-499)) Pirtle St ((1200-2099)) Place Argente ((1200-1299)) Place Blanc ((1-1199)) Place Bleu ((500-999)) Place D'Or ((1-1298)) Place Janue ((1-1099)) Place Noir ((1200-1299)) Place Rouge ((1-999)) Place Vert ((1-1099)) Plymouth Ct ((1400-2599)) Portland Ave ((1301-2099)) Quest Dr ((500-599)) Read Aly ((900-998)) Roland St ((300-399)) Roselane Ct ((1-599)) Roselane St ((700-799)) Rowan St ((401-2099)) Roy Wilkins Ave ((201-699)) Russell Aly ((600-699)) S 10th St ((200-898)) S 11th St ((100-999)) S 12th St ((100-499)) S 13th St ((100-598)) S 15th St ((100-699)) S 16th St ((100-699)) S 17th St ((100-898)) S 18th St ((100-699)) S 19th St ((100-699)) S 1st St ((800-1318)) S 20th St ((100-699)) S 2nd St ((800-1299)) S 3rd St ((800-1335)) S 4th St ((800-1299)) S 5th St ((700-1099)) S 6th St ((500-1299)) S 7th St ((300-1398)) S 8th St ((200-1199)) S 9th St ((100-1100)) Saint Joseph St ((200-299)) Saint Paul Ct ((1000-1099)) S Brook St ((600-1299)) S Clay St ((700-1299)) S Floyd St ((700-1299)) S Hancock St ((700-1299)) Shelby Pkwy ((400-799)) Simmons Ct ((201-499)) Simon Aly ((800-999)) S Jackson St ((100-1427)) Speckert Ct ((700-799)) Spradling Ct ((701-799)) S Preston St ((700-1310)) S Shelby St ((582-1327)) State Hwy 1931 ((300-1312)) State Hwy 61 ((700-1310)) State Hwy 864 ((400-799)) Stein Ct ((300-399)) St Louis Ave ((1901-1999)) Stone Aly ((1500-1999)) St Paul Ct ((900-999)) Strater Aly ((500-599)) St Xavier St ((2000-2099)) US Hwy 150 ((500-1999)) US Hwy 31W ((100-2099)) US Hwy 50 ((100-699)) US Hwy 60 ((100-2099)) Village West Dr ((501-699)) Waterbury St ((900-999)) Watermann Aly ((800-999)) W Breckinridge St ((100-998)) W Broadway ((901-1999)) W Chestnut St ((600-2099)) W College St ((100-199)) West Ct ((402-499)) Wilberforce Ct ((400-499)) W Jefferson St ((975-2099)) W Kentucky St ((100-999)) W Liberty St ((600-1499)) W Madison St ((1400-2099)) W Main St ((1100-2099)) W Market St ((1100-2099)) W Muhammad Ali Blvd ((442-2099)) W Oak St ((100-1065)) W Ormsby Ave ((100-799)) W Saint Catherine St ((100-1098)) W St Catherine St ((800-899)) York St ((200-799)) Zane St ((500-799))

    40203 Places and Attractions

    African American Catholic Ministry Asbury Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church Baptized Pentecostal Church of Holiness Bates Memorial Baptist Church Baxter Park Beecher Playground Bible Believers Church Boone Square Park Broadway Temple African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Brown Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Calvary Episcopal Church Central High School Central Presbyterian Church Christian Church Homes of Kentucky Church of Our Merciful Saviour Coke Memorial United Methodist Church Coleridge Taylor Elementary School Corinthian Baptist Church Dawson Orman Education Center Dayspring Baptist Church Deker College Engelhard Elementary School Faith Church of Deliverance Fifth Street Baptist Church First Samuel Baptist Church First Unitarian Church Fourth Avenue Baptist Church Fourth Avenue United Methodist Church Franciscan Shelter House Full Gospel Baptist Tabernacle Greater Bethel Temple Greater Nazarene Baptist Church Greater New Hope Community Church Greater Salem Baptist Church House of God Hebrew Pentecostal Church Hughlett Temple African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Immanuel Baptist Church Interchange 135 Interchange 136A Israel Missionary Baptist Church Jefferson County High School Jefferson State Technical College Joshua Tabernacle Baptist Church Keller Day Treatment Center Alternative School Kentucky Street Original Church of God Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Lampton Baptist Church Lannan Memorial Park Liberty Temple Little Flock Missionary Baptist Church Louisville Central Division Louisville Church of Christ Louisville Deaf Oral School Louisville Downtown Post Office Louisville Fire Department Engine 2 and Truck 1 Louisville Fire Department Engine 7 Louisville Fire Department Squirt 9 Lowell School Madison Street School Magazine Street Seventh Day Adventist Church Male High School Maloney Center Manly Junior High School Manly Memorial Baptist Church Meyzeek Middle School Mount Moriah Baptist Church Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church New Ambassador Baptist Church New Beginnings Assembly of God Church New Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church New Zion United Church of God Norton Infirmary Peniel Revival Center Perry School Philippian Baptist Church Pleasant Union General Baptist Church Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ Portland Methodist Center Quinn Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church River City Transit Authority Rock Cosmopolitian Church Roosevelt School Saint Louis Bertrand Catholic Church Saint Luke Missionary Baptist Church Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church Saint Peters Evangelical Church Saint Stephen Baptist Church Seven Angels Church of Truth Shelby Park Sisters of Charity Church Spalding University Spradling Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Sweet Leaf Up Baptist Church Talbert School The Church of the Nazarene of Broadway Trinity African Methodist Episcopal Church Union Station Walnut Street Baptist Church West Chestnut Street Baptist Church West End General Baptist Church Western Branch Library Louisville Free Public Library Western Cemetery WLRS-FM (Louisville) Word of Faith Church York Street Missionary Baptist Church