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  • Wilson Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 39739 is located in Noxubee County

    39739 Street Addresses

    Adams St ((600-699)) Allen St ((100-298)) Anthony Rd ((200-298)) Baldwyn Rd ((700-1898)) Bay Bay Rd ((501-599)) Blair Rd ((1-99)) Bob Dumas Rd ((301-399)) Buckhalter Rd ((1-999)) Calmes St ((300-698)) Canull Rd ((1-3498)) Church St ((100-499)) Clay St ((1-447)) Clayton Rd ((300-1098)) Cockrell Quarters Rd ((2-298)) Cooper St ((500-699)) Co Rd 98 ((301-399)) Cotton St ((100-199)) Cowhead Rd ((100-1799)) Cypress Point Rd ((1-99)) Davis Rd ((700-1399)) Deerbrook Ln ((600-699)) Deerbrook Rd ((100-699)) Diamond Seed Rd ((903-999)) Dora Bush Rd ((100-298)) Dora Rd ((2-1398)) Drake Hill Rd ((1301-4499)) Dwelling Place Rd ((2200-2998)) E Depot St ((200-298)) E Main St ((100-699)) Emma Conner Rd ((200-348)) Ewing St ((501-599)) Fairport Rd ((1100-4998)) Fairview Rd ((101-3799)) Farmer Rd ((1-799)) Featherston St ((401-699)) Fifer Rd ((1-298)) Fox Chase Rd ((5200-5998)) Freeman St ((1-498)) Glenn Rd ((400-998)) Gray St ((500-599)) Greenfield Rd ((2-3098)) Harrison Rd ((1400-2598)) Harris Rd ((2-2598)) Heard House Rd ((1-99)) Henry Smith Dr ((201-299)) Hickory St ((300-598)) Hines Rd ((401-998)) Hopewell Rd ((100-2698)) James Williams Rd ((901-999)) King Rd ((1501-1699)) Land O Lake Rd ((1-99)) Latham Dr ((201-299)) Lee Rd ((501-599)) Lynn Creek Rd ((1801-13198)) Lynwood Rd ((100-598)) Macon-Lynn Creek Rd ((8100-13498)) Magnolia Line ((200-299)) Marion Moore Rd ((101-4499)) Martin Luther King Dr ((301-798)) May Rd ((601-798)) McLeod Chapel Rd ((1400-3299)) Meadowbrook Loop ((400-406)) Mickens-Clay Rd ((601-1798)) Mickens Rd ((1-299)) Moore Cutoff Rd ((1200-1398)) Mount Zion ((801-1999)) Nance St ((200-599)) N County Line Rd ((2-1698)) New Street Rd ((2-162)) N Oliver St ((100-505)) N Phillip Loop ((200-399)) N Pine St ((200-599)) Nuckols St ((200-499)) Old Macon Rd ((300-4798)) Oneal St ((400-598)) Phillips Loop ((200-399)) Pilgrim Rest Rd ((101-3098)) Pugh Rd ((800-898)) Railroad Ter ((100-198)) Rail Road Ter ((100-198)) Sam Brooks Rd ((100-499)) Samuels Rd ((400-699)) Sanders Hill Rd ((500-2699)) Sandyland Rd ((863-3798)) Scales St ((227-299)) Scott St ((1-498)) Sherrod St ((1-99)) S Oliver St ((100-3841)) S Phillip Loop ((400-598)) S Pine St ((300-598)) State Hwy 388 ((12702-15113)) Stevenson Rd ((1-3199)) Stovall St ((101-299)) Stoval St ((101-299)) Stowest Rd ((2-698)) St Paul Church Rd ((2-2198)) Tate St ((100-798)) Togo Rd ((2901-2999)) Toliver Chapel Rd ((1-99)) Union Bluff Rd ((700-6298)) Upton Rd ((1101-1899)) Valley Grain Rd ((2-1198)) Walker St ((500-898)) Wells Rd ((100-499)) Wilbrook Rd ((100-599)) Wilkins St ((100-798)) W Main St ((1-599)) W Spann Rd ((2-698))

    39739 Places and Attractions

    Allgoods Mill (historical) Bigbee Valley Bigbee Valley Cemetery Bigbee Valley Church Bigbee Valley Post Office Bluff Lake Bluff Lake Dam Boyles Mill (historical) Britt Farm Lake Dam Broken Pumpkin Creek Brooksville Brooksville Baptist Church Brooksville Cemetery Brooksville Fire Department Brooksville First Pentecostal Church Brooksville High School Browning Creek Cades Lake Carpenter Cemetery Carpenters Lake Carpenters Store (historical) Cedar Grove Church (historical) Christian Hill Church Cliftonville Coles Store (historical) Crawford Lake Crow (historical) Dawkins Lake Dam Deerbrook Deerbrook Cemetery Deerbrook Lookout Tower Dickerson Arm Dixie (historical) Doyle Arm Drake Hill Church Edmunds Slough (historical) Edwards Store (historical) Eli (historical) Fairport (historical) Fairview (historical) First James Creek Church Flatwoods School (historical) Gavin Lake Grantsville (historical) Greenfield Church Green Timber Reservoir Number One Green Timber Reservoir Number Two Griffin Slough Harrison Grove Church Harrison Grove School Heard Lake Dam Hopewell Church Horse Creek Jeff Davis (historical) Land O Lakes Dam Loakfoma Creek Loakfoma Lake Loakfoma Lake Dam Long Branch Lynn Creek Lynn Creek Lynn Creek Cemetery Lynn Creek Church Mishula Tubba Prairie Mitchells Church (historical) Moore Lake Dam Moshulitubbees Prairie Village (historical) Mount Ary Church Mount Pleasant Church Mount Samuel Church Mullins Store (historical) New Bethel Church New Hope Church New Hope Church (historical) Northwest Fire Department Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge Old Chandler Cemetery P E Moore Pond Dam Pilgrim Grove Church Pilgrim Rest Cemetery Pilgrim Rest Church Popes Chapel Prairie Grove Cemetery Prairie Grove Cemetery Prairie Grove Church Prairie Grove School Ravine Fire Department District 1 Roberson Cemetery Robys Store (historical) Rocky Bottom Creek Ruhama Cemetery Ruhamach Church Saint Pauls Church Second James Creek Church Shavers (historical) Shotbag Creek Shotbag School Snowden Chapel (historical) Stockards Store (historical) Supervisor District 5 Taylors (historical) Togo Togo Cemetery Tolliver Cemetery Tolliver Chapel Town of Brooksville Union Chapel White Cemetery White Cemetery Wilkins Cemetery Wilson Attendance Center