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39669 Schools


  • Wilkinson County Elementary
  • Wilkinson County High
  • Martin L King Career Technology
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    ZIP Code 39669 is located in Wilkinson County

    39669 Street Addresses

    Aa St ((173-799)) Adams Ln ((1-108)) Ancil Cox Rd ((1300-2943)) Apple St ((1-99)) Apricot Ln ((1-199)) Arbuthnot Ln ((1-99)) Arbutnot Ln ((1-99)) Arcole Rd ((700-998)) Arnett Ln ((1-299)) Ashwood Ln ((200-1499)) A St N ((200-399)) Azalia Apt ((1-199)) Bank St ((400-799)) Bay Ridge Rd ((101-1299)) Beach Ln ((1-599)) Beaver Creek Rd ((2500-5099)) Beech Ln ((1-199)) Bells Ln ((300-999)) Big Piney Ln ((200-399)) Bilbo St ((1801-1999)) Blackamore Ln ((1-199)) Bluebird Ln ((1-199)) Boston Row ((100-199)) Bowling Green Rd ((100-5699)) Boxwood Ln ((1-299)) Brashtan Ln ((100-399)) Briarwood Ln ((1-499)) Browder Loop ((1-398)) Brown Rd ((1-199)) B St ((401-1199)) Buffalo Creek Park Rd ((1-1398)) Buffalo Rd ((100-4199)) Bunch Rd ((1-99)) Bush Ln ((2-198)) Byrd Rd ((67-1499)) Cage Rd ((500-576)) Cal Ln ((1-399)) Camelia Ln ((1-99)) Camellia Ln ((1-99)) Camp Loop Rd ((100-1498)) Carter Corner Rd ((1-99)) Carter Ln ((100-399)) Carter Loop Rd ((1-1699)) Carters Corner Ln ((1-99)) Cavalier Ln ((300-399)) Cavass Rd ((1800-1999)) Cemetery Ln ((1-299)) Chapman Ct ((1-99)) Chapman Ln ((1-99)) Cherryfield Rd ((300-3498)) Cherry St ((1-599)) Church St ((100-999)) Clay St ((1-99)) Coachs Corner ((1-199)) Cold Spring Plantation ((300-499)) Cold Springs Rd ((1-2799)) College St ((200-499)) Collins Ln ((1-299)) Collins Loop Ln ((1-599)) Collins St ((1-124)) Commercial Row ((500-599)) Conrad Rd ((1-599)) Coons Hill Rd ((200-6999)) Cosey Ln ((1-199)) Cotton Hill Ln ((1-99)) Cotton Hill Loop ((1-17399)) Cottonwood Ln ((700-1198)) Courthouse St ((100-199)) Crop Ln ((100-199)) Cross St ((1-99)) Davis Rd ((100-299)) Dawson Ln ((100-499)) Dayton Ln ((1-499)) Dennis Ln ((1-299)) Dennis Loop ((400-499)) Dennis Rd ((1-1369)) Denstel Ln ((300-398)) Depot St ((200-699)) Desert Ln ((300-499)) Desert Way ((401-599)) Dogwood Ln ((1-399)) Doloroso Loop Rd ((300-5498)) Donegal Rd ((2-5398)) Dove Ave ((100-12652)) Dry Fork Creek Rd ((1-2399)) D St ((300-499)) E Ave ((1-99)) E C St ((300-1199)) E Julius Carter Rd ((1-299)) Eli Ln ((1-199)) Elm Ln ((100-399)) Elmslet Rd ((300-698)) Elmsley Rd ((200-398)) E Poor House Rd ((1-1399)) E St ((500-1199)) E Wayside Rd ((200-1099)) Fairfield Ln ((1-12652)) Fall Ln ((1-99)) Fallout Ln ((100-299)) F Ave ((1-99)) Ferguson St ((1-399)) Fig St ((1-99)) First South St ((300-999)) First West St N ((100-199)) First West St S ((100-699)) Fish Ln ((1-99)) F J Johnson St ((700-999)) Flower Ln ((1-1098)) Fords Creek Rd ((100-8099)) Ford St ((1-299)) Fort Adams Main St ((1-2499)) Fort Adams Main St Lp ((1-2499)) Fort Adams Pond Rd ((3100-3499)) Fort Ln ((1-99)) Freeman Ln ((1-99)) French Ln ((1-3499)) F St ((301-899)) Ft Adams Pond Rd ((100-19599)) Gaylord St ((700-899)) Glendale Ln ((1-99)) Gordon Ln ((101-899)) Green Ln ((1-299)) Greens Ln ((1-99)) Greenwood Plantation ((100-1798)) G St ((500-957)) Gunther Ln ((1-199)) Gus Ln ((1-99)) Hackett Ford Rd ((76-5954)) Hard Time Hunting Camp ((200-599)) Harris Ln ((100-199)) Hays Rd ((1-599)) Henley Ln ((1-99)) Herring Ln ((100-699)) Hill St ((1-299)) Hiram Rd ((100-283)) Hobbs Hill Ln ((500-599)) Hodges Camp Rd ((100-499)) H St ((900-999)) Hwy 24 E ((1-5698)) Hwy 24 W ((3-19999)) Hwy 61 S ((100-7899)) Hyde Park Dr ((1-99)) Hyde Park Ln ((1-199)) Hyde Park Rd ((1-799)) I Ave ((2-12553)) Ironwood Ln ((1-99)) I St ((600-699)) Jackson Louisiana Rd ((100-6698)) Jackson Point Rd ((1500-1699)) J Ave ((1-199)) Jefferson Ln ((100-698)) Jessie James St ((100-199)) Joes Ln ((1-199)) John Brown Ln ((1-630)) Jolla Ln ((100-799)) J St ((900-999)) Judydahl Ln ((1-199)) Judydahl Plantation Rd ((1-1169)) Judydahl Rd ((1-1299)) Judy Dahl Rd ((2-998)) Julia Ln ((1-338)) Kee Ranch Ln ((120-298)) Kellog Dr ((34-599)) Kirk's Ln ((100-299)) Kirks Ln ((1-199)) Kirk S Ln ((100-298)) Kirkwood Dr ((200-399)) Koonsville Ln ((1-399)) K St ((300-952)) Lake Mary Rd ((100-9798)) Lakeside Ln ((2-499)) Lanehart Rd ((900-2299)) Lillian Ln ((1-199)) Lillie Loop ((1-198)) L Leake Rd ((1500-2899)) Loch Leven Rd ((3000-3399)) Locust Hill Rd ((2-1599)) Longmire Ln ((1-199)) Lovers Ln ((2-2899)) Lower Woodville Rd ((2-9399)) Macslan St ((1000-1299)) Magnolia Ln ((2-298)) Magnolla Ln ((1-599)) Main St ((100-1299)) Maple Ln ((38-993)) Marilee Flaccomio ((1-699)) Martin Dr ((1-99)) Martin Loop ((1-99)) Martin Luther King Ave ((1-199)) Martin Luther King Dr ((1-199)) Mary Ln ((1-9099)) Mason Ln ((100-498)) McCarstle Cutoff ((100-599)) Meadowbrook Rd ((1-199)) Melrose Ln ((1-99)) Meyer Ln ((200-299)) Midland Ln ((1-199)) Midwest St ((700-799)) Millbrook Rd ((300-2598)) Miller Ln ((2-298)) Monroe ((2-98)) Moore St ((100-499)) Mount Carmel Rd ((800-2198)) M St ((300-1224)) Natchez St N ((100-1299)) Natchez St S ((100-699)) N First West St ((200-599)) N Natchez St ((100-793)) N St ((1000-1299)) Oak Loop ((1-99)) Oak Tree Ln ((1-199)) Ogden Rd ((2-1899)) Old Hwy 24 Ln W ((4500-4899)) Old Hwy 24 Loop W ((7500-7799)) Old Hwy 61 ((11001-11099)) Old Lake Ln ((1-499)) Old Millbrook Creek Rd ((1-499)) Ollie Veals Rd ((400-599)) O St ((100-199)) Otis Jackson Rd ((600-799)) Parker Rd ((2400-2899)) Pat Leake Rd N ((1-499)) Pat Leake Rd S ((200-399)) Peach St ((1-99)) Pear St ((1-99)) Pecan Grove Rd ((1700-2399)) Penn Rd ((1-699)) Percy Creek Sand Rd ((1-3099)) Perry Ct ((1-399)) Perry Ln ((2-499)) Phares E ((3300-3398)) Phipps Ln ((400-499)) Pinckneyville Rd ((37-19599)) Pine Ridge Ln ((1-99)) Pine St ((1-99)) Pine Tree Ln ((1-99)) Piney Rd ((200-1999)) Pittman Rd ((101-599)) Pizza Ln ((1-99)) Planters Rd ((1-599)) Pleasant Valley Rd ((3000-4398)) Plum St ((1-299)) Pond Pinckneyville Rd ((3200-3499)) Poorhouse Ln ((1-199)) Prentiss Hwy ((100-1244)) Prison Ln ((1-299)) P St ((100-298)) Raccoon Rd ((700-4499)) Riggs Ln ((100-299)) River Rd ((19901-19999)) Riverside Dr ((1000-17869)) Rock Rd ((2-1899)) Rose Dr ((1-99)) Rosemont Ln ((300-499)) Royal Oak St ((100-299)) Ruth Ter ((600-699)) Salisbury Rd ((2-1199)) Salsbury Rd ((1-8599)) Sam Leake Rd ((201-5199)) Sanders Fork Rd ((100-1156)) Sand Ln ((1-112)) Sansbury Ln ((1-99)) Sarah Jensen Rd ((100-1499)) School Section Rd ((400-3199)) Second South St ((100-999)) Sherman Dr ((100-199)) Shiloh Church Rd ((100-1098)) Short St ((1-99)) Sidney Mealey Ln ((1500-1613)) Silver Creek Rd ((38-1039)) Silverwood Ln ((2003-2099)) Singleton Dr ((1-598)) Sligo St ((100-1599)) Sligo St S ((100-699)) Smith Camp Ln ((101-298)) Smithland Cage Rd ((4600-5099)) Smithland Rd ((900-5099)) Smith Ln ((1-199)) Smith Loop Rd ((1-199)) Smith Rd ((100-7599)) Srop and Go St W ((1100-1398)) S St ((600-1006)) State Hwy 24 ((1-19999)) State Hwy 28 ((15900-15998)) State Hwy 33 ((1600-3699)) State Hwy 563 ((501-11834)) Stewart Ln ((1-99)) Stop and Go St E ((400-1499)) Stop and Go St W ((1500-1699)) Sturgeon Ln ((201-499)) Summer Camp Ln ((1-299)) Sumrall Ln ((1-199)) Sweeney Ln ((101-599)) Sycamore Ln ((1-198)) Tanglewood Ln ((2-98)) Tansey Ln ((1-99)) Thelma Ln ((1-199)) The Oaks Ln ((1-99)) Third South St ((501-1299)) Tilsets Rd ((100-800)) Timber Ln ((1-199)) Tolliver Ave ((1-299)) Tolliver Ln ((1-99)) Tommy Whitaker Rd ((1-2799)) Tree Ln ((1-99)) Treppendahl Rd ((300-1499)) T St ((700-898)) Tucker Ln ((1-299)) Turnbull Rd ((200-999)) Uncle Willie Ln ((100-499)) Union Ln ((1-199)) US Hwy 61 ((1-18298)) Vine Hollow ((1-599)) Vine Ln ((1-199)) V St ((300-499)) Waddell Ln ((100-570)) Walker Ln ((300-499)) Wallace Dr ((200-499)) Waterford Ln ((1-199)) Water St ((300-799)) W C St ((201-1299)) Weekend Ln ((400-499)) Wells Ln ((1-599)) Wells St ((1-199)) West St ((700-999)) Whetstone Rd ((2100-2899)) Whitaker Rd ((1-2299)) Whitestown Rd ((200-2330)) Williams Rd ((1-299)) Withers Ln ((300-499)) W Julius Carter Rd ((1-199)) Woodland Ln ((1700-1899)) Woodlawn Junction Ln ((300-699)) Woodlawn Rd ((100-5399)) Woodstock Ln ((1-399)) Woodstock Plantation Ln ((100-599)) Woodstock Rd ((1-7899)) Woodville ((6100-12399)) Woodville-Laneheart Rd ((2-6399)) Woodville Pinckneyville ((12300-13599)) W Poorhouse Rd ((200-1499)) W St ((200-399)) W Wayside Rd ((700-1298)) Wyoming Rd ((500-699)) Z St ((200-299))

    39669 Places and Attractions

    Abernathy Channel Allen School Alligator Bayou Alligator Bayou Oil Field Angola School Arcole Cemetery Arcole Church Arcole Plantation (historical) Armstrong Canal Artonish Artonish Lake Artonish Landing Artonish Oil Field Artonish Plantation (historical) Artonish School (historical) Ashwood Ashwood Church Bay Ridge School Beach Grove Church Bear Creek Beasley Creek Beaver Creek Beaver Lake Bell Creek Bells Store (historical) Belmont Lake Belmont Lake Oil Field Belmont Slough Beneral School (historical) Big Blue Hole Big Island Big Lake Big Piney Creek Blockhouse Hill Bloomer Creek Blue Lake Bowling Green Cemetery Brown Cemetery Brown Cemetery Brown Cemetery Brush Creek Brushy Bayou Buck Island Buena Vista Church Buffalo River Buffalo Volunteer Fire Department Bullet Branch Bunch Cemetery Cage Chapel Caledonia Creek Caroline Creek Carter Creek Cavass Bayou Clark Creek Clarksville Cemetery Coles Bayou Coon Cemetery Corinth Church Corner Lake Corner Lake Coulson Bayou Courtney Cemetery Crosby Lookout Tower Currier Cemetery Cypress Branch Dawson Cemetery Deer Park Cemetery Deer Park Church Deer Park Plantation (historical) Deer Park School Desert Creek Dixons Bayou Doloroso Doloroso Oil Field Donegal Dry Creek Dry Creek Dry Fork Dunbar Creek Dunbar Creek Oil Field Ebenezer Church Edgefield School Ellis Lake Oil Field Elliston School E M Kee Junior Lake Dam Evening Star Church First Zion Church Folley Creek Fords Creek Fords Creek School Fort Adams Fort Adams Bar Fort Adams Landing Fort Adams Oil Field Fort Adams Reach Revetment Fort Adams Volunteer Fire Department Foster Lake Fountainbleau Creek Fountainbleau School Fred Netterville Lumber Company/Wilkinson Community Airport Free Spring Church Gaillards Lake Geter Cemetery Good Hope Cemetery Goose Lake Grimes Cemetery Hays Cemetery Hays Creek Hazlit Creek Hazlit Creek Oil Field Highland Creek Highway Village Church Hollywood Church (historical) Hollywood Plantation (historical) Hollywood School Hooks Creek Horseshoe Lake Horseshoe Lake Hudson Cemetery Hunter Hall Plantation (historical) Hyde Park School James A Ventress Lake Dam Jim Lee Island J M Sessions Lake Dam John C Hughes Lake Dam Johnson Island Jones Creek Kaigler Creek Kings Branch Oil Field King Solomon Church LaGrange School Lake Mary Lake Mary Oil Field Lake Mary Oil Field Lake Mary Plantation (historical) Laneheart Lessley Lewis Branch Liddell Cemetery Linwood Cemetery Linwood Plantation (historical) Little Beaver Creek Little Blue Hole Little Buffalo River Little Piney Creek Lochdale Plantation (historical) Loch Leven Loch Leven Cemetery Locust Hill Branch Long Lake Macedonia Church Macedonia School Magnolia School Mess Ridge Cemetery Midway Church Millbrook Creek Millbrook Plantation (historical) Millbrook School (historical) Mill Creek Mills Bayou Oil Field Molden Creek Moldon Plantation (historical) Morning Star Church Mount Olive Church Mount Olive Church (historical) Mount Olive School (historical) Mount Ricca School (historical) Mount Zion School Netterville Landing Strip North Ellis Lake Oil Field North Fort Adams Oil Field North Lessley Oil Field Oak Hill Church (historical) Old Homochitto River Old River Oil Field Palmetto Point Palmetto Revetment Peggy Row Branch Percy Creek Percy Creek School Phipps Creek Pickneyville Oil Field Pickneyville School Pinckneyville Pinckneyville Creek Pine Creek Oil Field Pine Grove Church Pioneer Cemetery Pioneer Church Pleasant Valley Church Pleasant Valley Oil Field Pond Pond Oil Field Powell Cemetery Primmton (historical) Riverside Cemetery Rock Hill Rosehill Church Rose Hill Church Rose Hill Oil Field Round Lake Running Bayou Saint James Church Saint John Church Saint Joseph Cemetery Saint Joseph Church Saint Luke Church Saint Luke School Number 2 Saint Mary School (historical) Saint Matthew Church Saint Matthews Church Saint Peters Church Sam Miles Lake Sammy Creek Sandy Creek Sandy Creek Second Creek Silver Creek Sims Cemetery Singleton Cemetery Singleton Chapel (historical) Smith Creek Smithland Plantation (historical) Soapstone Oil Field Stamps Landing Stamps Oil Field Stamps Plantation (historical) Steels Creek Steward Island Stockfarm School Supervisor District 1 Supervisor District 2 Supervisor District 4 Sweeney Cemetery Tansey Island Tanyard Branch Tarbert Plantation (historical) Tarberts Landing The Canal Tilseys Creek Tom Bayou Town of Woodville Turnbull Union Church Ventress Church Ward Cemetery Webb Lake Westberry Cemetery West Fork Tilseys Creek Whetstone Cemetery White Creek Wilkinson Wilkinson Cemetery Wilkinson County Wilkinson County Elementary School Wilkinson County Farm (historical) Wilkinson County High School Wilkinson Oil Field Willis Branch Woodburn School Woodstock Cemetery Woodstock Hunting Club Lake Dam Woodstock Hunting Lake Dam Woodstock Plantation (historical) Woodville Woodville Attendance Center Woodville Fire Department Wyman Church Yamacrow Creek Zion Hill Church Zion Hill Church (historical)