Roxie, MS 39661 ZIP Code Map


Roxie ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 39661 is located in Franklin County (81.90%) Adams County (18.10%)

39661 Street Addresses

1st St ((100-199)) 2nd St ((100-398)) 2nd St Exit ((100-199)) 3rd St ((1-798)) 4th St ((1-298)) 5th St ((1-199)) 6th St ((1-398)) Alabama St ((1-698)) Arch Byrd Rd ((1-2698)) Beach Rd ((100-3599)) Bedford-Tillman Rd NW ((100-3535)) Benny Rd ((1-99)) Billy Martin Rd ((1-198)) Bonds Rd ((401-499)) Bunkley Rd ((16100-16198)) Byrd Rd ((101-699)) Calamity Hill Cir ((1-99)) Calamity Hill Rd ((1-99)) Canvas Back Ct ((1-99)) Carnegie Ln ((1-99)) Carolina St ((200-1098)) Carrie Rd ((1-198)) Center St ((1-99)) Church Loop NW ((100-199)) Church St ((1-198)) County Lake Rd ((200-898)) Cranfield Rd ((1-499)) Cutoff Rd NW ((1-599)) Davis Hill Rd ((100-2799)) Davis Loop SW ((2-11899)) Doss Rd ((2-799)) East Blvd ((100-299)) East St SW ((1-199)) Enterprise Rd ((1-2798)) Fieldview Dr ((1-99)) First St ((1-198)) Fleming Rd ((1-199)) Florida St ((100-798)) Florida St Exd ((100-199)) Forest Rd 179 ((1-2798)) Franklin Spur Rd SW ((100-598)) Freewoods Rd SW ((1-4999)) Gadwall Ct ((1-99)) Garden City Rd ((2-2699)) Gold Hole Rd ((170-1899)) Gonzales Rd ((1-99)) Hall Rd ((1-99)) Hamburg Rd ((2-6699)) Hester St NW ((1-499)) Higginbotham Rd ((200-298)) Hill St ((2-98)) Huff Ln SW ((500-598)) Judy Ann Ln ((1-99)) Kirby Rd ((100-2799)) Knoxville Rd ((2000-4699)) Lehmann Rd ((200-5098)) Liberty Rd ((1578-2099)) Log Cabin Rd ((1-4799)) Lott St ((1-99)) Louisiana St ((1-398)) Magnolia St ((1-99)) Mann Ln NW ((2-199)) Martin Bonds Rd NW Seale Rd ((700-1198)) Martin Bounds Rd ((1100-1198)) Martin Rd ((301-498)) McHand Ln ((1-99)) McNair Rd ((100-11699)) Mills St ((1-199)) Miracle Rd ((1-99)) Mississippi St ((2-498)) Morgan Fork Church Ln NW ((2-498)) Mullins Trl SW ((200-299)) Nan Ln ((1-99)) Nations Rd ((1-99)) Nelson Ball Field Loop ((1-99)) Nelson Rd ((500-598)) Nickelson Dr NW ((2-98)) Norton Rd ((1100-1299)) N Swan Ct ((1-99)) Oldenburg Rd ((5100-6899)) Old Hamburg Roxie Rd NW ((2-299)) Old Hwy 33 ((102-3099)) Old Hwy 84 W ((1601-2099)) Old Roxie Rd ((700-1598)) Old Roxie Rd NW ((1-498)) Otha & Maria's Pl ((1-699)) Palmer Dr ((1-99)) P C Cir ((1-99)) Pearly White Ln NW ((1-199)) Phares Rd ((200-1899)) Pheasant Rd ((1-99)) Pickering Rd ((1-99)) Pine St ((1-99)) Pot Hook Rd ((600-699)) Pot Hook Rd SW ((354-799)) Prentis Rd ((160-804)) Prentiss Rd NW ((160-3099)) Providence Rd ((1900-2998)) Quietland Ct ((1-99)) Railroad Ave NW ((301-498)) Railroad Rd SW ((1-199)) Roxie Exn ((1-99)) Roxie Ext NW ((1-99)) Roxie Rd ((1-499)) Sandpiper Dr ((1-99)) Sandpiper Rd ((1-51)) Sandy Creek Rd ((1-199)) Seale Rd ((101-10198)) Seale Rd NW ((400-2899)) Shadyhaven Rd ((1-99)) Shillings Rd ((101-998)) Shorts Ln NW ((100-199)) Slip Rd ((1-298)) Songbird Ct ((1-99)) Spring Lane Ext NW ((2-198)) Spring Ln ((1-199)) Spring Rd Exit ((1-199)) S Swan Ct ((1-99)) Stampley Rd ((1501-4799)) State Hwy 33 ((100-11698)) Stroud Rd ((200-1598)) Taylor Rd ((1-199)) Teal Dr ((1-25)) Tennessee St ((101-598)) Tillman Ln NW ((1-398)) Tolbert Ln NW ((1-99)) Travels Rest ((2-98)) US Hwy 84 ((101-11998)) US Hwy 98 ((601-899)) Wactor Rd ((2901-2999)) Warbler Ct ((1-99)) Wells Creek Rd ((2-198)) West Blvd ((2-366)) West St ((100-299)) West St SW ((2-98)) White Apple Rd ((600-6399)) White Oak Estate Loop ((1-399)) Wildwood Spring Rd ((100-1398)) Willie Mae Ln NW ((1-398)) Winding Rd ((2-98)) Windy Hill Rd ((1-199)) Zion Hill Rd ((200-598))

39661 Places and Attractions

Aby Branch Aldridge Cemetery Anderson Cemetery Ashley Beaver Dam Bailey Creek Bates Creek Beach Cemetery Bedford Cemetery Beech Grove Cemetery Beech Grove Church Bethlehem Church Butler Cemetery Byrd Cemetery Byrd Oil Field Caney Branch Carnes Branch Central School Clear Springs Dam Clear Springs Lake Clear Springs Oil Field Clear Springs Recreation Area Collins Cemetery Cooper Hill Oil Field Corban Branch Oil Field Corbin Branch Cory Cemetery County Lake County Lake Oil Field Cranfield Church Daughters Temple Delta Lake Dixie Oil Field Dorsey Cemetery Dry Bayou Dry Bayou Oil Field Dry Creek Dry Creek Oil Field Dupree Cemetery East County Lake Oil Field East Franklin Oil Field East Oldenburg Oil Field East Roxie Oil Field Evans Cemetery Flat Rock Flat Rock Flat Rock Oil Field Ford Cemetery Foster Cemetery Foster Creek Franklin Franklin County Lake Dam Franklin Lookout Tower Franklin Lookout Tower Franklin Oil Field Freewoods Freewoods Cemetery Freewoods Oil Field Friendship Cemetery Fulton Cemetery Garden City Garden City Oil Field Greendale Cemetery Greendale Church Guice Cemetery Guice Creek Hamburg Hamburg Cemetery Haram Branch Helena (historical) Hickory Grove Cemetery Higdon Church Hoggatt Branch Hoggatt Cemetery Holly Cemetery Holmes Cemetery Jeannette Josiah Hester Lake Dam King Cemetery Kirby Knoxville Knoxville Cemetery Knoxville Methodist Church Knoxville Oil Field Knoxville Tower Oil Field Leesdale Leesdale Lookout Tower Leesdale Tower Oil Field Lehmann Creek Levees Oil Field Lick Branch Locust Hill Oil Field Lowry Lake Oil Field McMillan Cemetery Middleton Cemetery Mills Branch Mock Cemetery Mock Cemetery Morgan Creek Oil Field Morgan Fork Oil Field Mount Carmel Cemetery Mount Olive Church Mulkey Cemetery Mundy Cemetery Natchez Coravel Pits New Hope Church New Hope Church New Hope Church New Jerusalem Church Northeast Freewoods Oil Field North Flat Rock Oil Field North Freewood Oil Field North Freewoods Oil Field North Knoxville Oil Field North Pelucid Bayou Oil Field Odum Bayou Old Beech Grove Cemetery Oldenburg Oldenburg Cemetery Oldenburg Church Oldenburg Oil Field Orange Owens Cemetery Panther Creek Panther Creek Oil Field Pellucid Bayou Oil Field Pine Grove Church Pipes Lake Dam Poplar Grove School Portersville (historical) Prophet Cemetery Providence Oil Field Richardson Creek Oil Field Rocky Branch Rowardale School (historical) Roxie Roxie Attendance Center Roxie Cemetery Roxie Oil Field Roxie Volunteer Fire Department Saint Johns Church Saint Paul Church Saint Peter Rock Number 2 Church Saint Peters Church Number 1 Sandy Bayou Seab Cemetery Sessions Cemetery Smiley Cemetery Smyrna Cemetery South Morgan Creek Oil Field South Providence Oil Field South Tom Branch Oil Field Southwest Cranfield Oil Field South White Apple Oil Field Springhill Cemetery Springhill Church Spring Hill Church Spring Hill Oil Field Supervisor District 1 Supervisor District 2 Tallys Creek Oil Field Tom Branch Tom Branch Oil Field Tony Creek Town of Roxie Tubbyville (historical) Turners (historical) Union Baptist Church Union Cemetery Walker Cemetery Walker Cemetery Wearley Branch Wells Creek Wells Creek Oil Field Wesley Chapel Oil Field West Locust Hill Oil Field White Apple White Apple Cemetery White Apple Oil Field White Cemetery Whites Creek Whites Creek Oil Field Wildwood Spring Williams Cemetery Wilsons Ferry (historical) Windy Hill Number 1 Church Windy Hill Number 2 Church Zeigler Creek Ziegler Creek Oil Field Zion Church