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Meadville ZIP Codes


39653 Schools


  • Franklin County Middle School
  • Franklin Upper Elementary
  • Franklin Career & Technical Center
  • Franklin High School
  • Franklin Lower Elementary
  • Census


    ZIP Code 39653 is located in Franklin County (94.50%) Jefferson County (3.20%) Amite County (2.40%)

    39653 Street Addresses

    2nd St ((201-367)) Adams Ln SE ((1-299)) Adams St ((2-198)) Arch Byrd Rd ((3101-3199)) Azalea Dr ((1-99)) Barlow Rd ((1-4198)) Bein Rd ((2-98)) Berrytown Cir ((1-999)) Berry Town Cir ((500-1545)) Berrytown Cir North SE ((600-799)) Berrytown Rd ((2400-9299)) Bogue Chitto Rd ((1-6699)) Bonus Rd ((200-1599)) Buie Rd ((301-337)) Bunkley Rd ((2-10299)) Burris Rd SE ((43-898)) Burt Jordan Rd ((2000-5998)) Butler Graveyard Rd ((1500-1598)) Butler Rd ((301-598)) Butler St SE ((301-598)) Causey Rd ((101-2499)) Church Hill Rd ((4200-4398)) Clear Spring Rd ((1400-1798)) Clear Springs Rd SW ((100-1398)) Coldwater Church Rd ((100-2798)) Cool Springs Rd ((100-198)) Corban Rd ((701-799)) Cothren St ((2-199)) Cotten Rd ((1201-1299)) Cotton Cir ((1-199)) Dillard Ln SE ((300-1399)) Dillon Rd ((300-1399)) Double H Ln SW ((23-898)) Eddiceton Cir S ((2-399)) Edison St ((2-199)) Ed Sullivan Ln NE ((200-698)) E Homochitto Rd ((6172-6999)) Elmo McGehee Ln NW ((1-499)) Emfinger Ln NW ((1-798)) Ern Jones Rd ((500-799)) Farmer Rd ((4400-4559)) Fifteen Mile Creek Rd ((200-2399)) First St ((2-298)) Ford Rd ((1-99)) Foster Ln ((2-498)) Fourth St ((1-199)) Franklin St ((1-399)) Freeman Rd ((800-1536)) Gloster Rd ((300-9698)) Goodson Rd ((4901-4999)) Gresham Ln SW ((2-98)) Guy Ln ((1600-6659)) Halford Dr ((1-199)) Hamburg St ((2-198)) Hancock Rd SE ((1-699)) Harris Ln NW ((1-199)) Henry Rd NE ((701-899)) Hickory Loop NE ((1-1098)) Higginbotham Rd ((1-1098)) Hill Rd ((201-1199)) Holland Rd ((500-1545)) Horse Creek Rd ((300-4998)) Hospital Rd ((401-4498)) Huff Rd ((6801-6899)) Hummingbird Ln NE ((1-198)) Huntsville Ln SE ((2-198)) Hwy 84 E ((2800-5699)) Hwy 84 W ((3339-5699)) Impson Ln SE ((100-299)) Jones Ln ((101-199)) Jones Ln SE ((1-199)) Langford Ln NW ((601-1199)) Langford Rd ((601-1199)) Lewis Ln SE ((100-398)) Linfield Ln SW ((201-299)) Low Water Bridge Rd ((500-799)) Main St ((1-599)) May St ((1-99)) McGehee Rd SE ((100-1799)) McNair Rd ((1-998)) McWee Rd ((301-598)) Meadeville Rd ((5501-5799)) Meadville Gloster ((300-9098)) Meadville Rd ((1-3298)) Middleton Creek Rd ((1-3799)) Mildred Davis Rd ((1-498)) Mile Branch Rd ((2-98)) Monroe Rd ((101-2014)) Moore Ln SE ((600-698)) Mt Olive Rd SW ((401-699)) Myers Rd NE ((301-1698)) New Hope Rd ((100-6099)) Oak St ((94-199)) Oglesby Rd ((1301-2099)) Oglesby Rd NW ((2-1698)) Oldenburg Rd ((1-5599)) Old Hwy 84 ((101-2199)) Olive St ((1-498)) Pernell Ln NW ((2-98)) Pineview St ((1-199)) Pleasant Valley Rd ((101-2799)) Pleasant Valley Rd SE ((4600-4998)) Plesant Valley Rd SE ((4600-4998)) Poplar St ((1-299)) Providence Rd ((100-3198)) Purser Ln NW ((1-299)) Robertson Rd ((401-7199)) Round Top Hill Rd SE ((101-6298)) Ruby Ln ((101-199)) S 3th St ((2-98)) Sam Laird Rd ((43-898)) Sarepta Ln NW ((100-1198)) Schmidt Rd NE ((101-1099)) Scott Murray Rd ((2400-2898)) Section St ((2-199)) Sims Ln SE ((1-99)) Smith Ln NW ((1-298)) Smyrna Rd ((200-1499)) State Hwy 556 ((100-1199)) State Hwy 567 ((7000-7112)) Steele Rd SE ((1-399)) Sullivan Rd ((1-2598)) Summit Rd ((100-699)) Temple Rd ((2-1098)) Thomas Loop NE ((2-198)) Thornton Rd ((5400-6699)) Timber Ridge Ln SE ((1-199)) Union Church Rd ((100-11598)) US Hwy 84 ((2101-5399)) US Hwy 84 E ((1100-11198)) US Hwy 98 ((3101-9598)) Velma Ln NW ((300-398)) Victor Dr ((1-298)) Victor St ((101-199)) Village Square Rd ((2-279)) Wallace Rd SE ((101-1899)) Wall St ((2-98)) Walnut St ((100-6127)) W Homochitto Rd ((6743-6999)) Wicker Ln NW ((1-199)) Wildwood Trl SE ((1-99)) Wilkinson Ln SE ((100-298)) Williams St ((1-899)) Yap Rd SE ((1601-1898)) Zumbro Rd NW ((400-498))

    39653 Places and Attractions

    Bean Branch Beulah Cemetery Bleecker Cemetery Bonus Bonus Oil Field Booker Branch Brown Cemetery Brushy Creek Brushy Creek Buckleys Ferry (historical) Bude District Ranger Station Bude Lookout Tower Bude Oil Field Bude Work Center Bunkley Bunkley Baptist Church Bunkley Cemetery Bunkley Church Bunkley Oil Field Butler (historical) Byrd Cemetery Byrds Chapel Byrds Chapel Cemetery Cameron Cemetery Cameron Creek Campbell Cemetery Cane Mill Branch Cassedy Cemetery Caston Creek Clark Branch Cool Springs Branch Cool Springs Cemetery Cool Springs Church Dick Frankin County Courthouse Frankin Elementary School Franklin County Franklin County Memorial Hospital Franklin High School Franklin School Franklin School Freeman Cemetery Galverth Lake Dam Goober Creek Grass Patch Branch Gresham Branch Griffin Cemetery Grisham Branch Hagen Branch Hammack Cemetery Hegan Cemetery Hilton Zumbro Lake Dam Homochitto National Forest Homochitto State Wildlife Management Area Hopewell Cemetery Horse Creek John Huff Cemetery Johns Creek Jones Branch King Branch Kirby Oil Field Ladds Branch Lea Creek Lee Cemetery Legett Cemetery Magee Cemetery Marvin Huff Cemetery McCall Creek McDonald Cemetery McGee Burnett Cemetery McGehee Creek Meadville Meadville Cemetery Meadville Volunteer Fire Department District 5 Middle Fork Homochitto River Middle Fork Oil Field Middleton Creek Middleton Creek Cemetery Middleton Creek Primitive Baptist Church Midway Cemetery Mill Branch Monroe Montgomery Cemetery Moore Branch Moore Branch Moore Cemetery Morgan Fork Mormon Cemetery Mount Olive Mount Pleasant Church Mount Pleasant Church Mount Zinia Church Mount Zinia Church Mud Branch Nebo Church New Fork Church New Hope New Hope Baptist Church New Hope Cemetery Oak Grove Cemetery Oak Grove Cemetery Oak Grove Church Oak Grove Church Oak Grove Church Okhissa Lake O'Neal Cemetery Owen Creek O Zion Baptist Church O Zion Cemetery Parker Branch Partridge Cemetery Pilgrim Rest Cemetery Pilgrim Rest Primitive Baptist Church Pine Ridge Church Pleasant Valley Baptist Church Pleasant Valley Cemetery Providence Baptist Church Providence Cemetery Quarterlot Branch Richardson Creek Rocky Branch Rollins Creek Rosehill Church Sandy Branch Sarepta Baptist Church Sarepta Cemetery Sawhaw Branch Schmidt Lake Dam Scott Cemetery Siloam Baptist Church Siloam Cemetery Sixteen Cemetery Strong Branch Suffolk Sullivan Cemetery Sulphur Springs Branch Supervisor District 3 Supervisor District 5 Tallys Creek Town of Meadville Townsel Cemetery Walker Cemetery Wallace Mill Branch Wesley Chapel Wesley Chapel Cemetery West Bude Oil Field Whitington Roadside Park Whittington (historical) Willis Branch Willis Branch Oil Field Wolvington Branch Zumbro Cemetery