Gloster, MS 39638 ZIP Code Map


Gloster ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 39638 is located in Amite County (84.90%) Wilkinson County (15.10%)

39638 Street Addresses

1st St ((158-459)) 2nd St ((1-499)) Adams Hill Rd ((3400-3999)) A K Dr ((700-859)) Alex Rd ((3300-3399)) Antioch Perkins Rd ((2200-2799)) Ash Dr ((702-899)) A St ((100-199)) Ave J ((200-399)) Barney St ((100-499)) Bates Ln ((2600-2799)) Baxter Rd ((1700-1999)) Beechwood Rd ((600-1198)) Bennie Cassells ((1100-1198)) Berry St ((200-499)) Berwick Cassels Rd ((2501-5199)) Bill Bridge Ln ((4100-4199)) Blalock Rd ((4600-4798)) Bluff Springs Rd ((400-3198)) Bradley Ln ((3000-3099)) Busy Corner ((3101-4098)) Busy Corner Rd ((300-4498)) Captain Gloster Dr ((101-973)) Caston Ln ((2500-2598)) Causey Ln ((2400-3099)) Causey Rd ((2200-2599)) Chance Rd ((2201-2330)) Chandler Ln ((4500-4598)) Clark Ln ((1-2399)) Claudia St ((101-399)) Cobb Rd ((6000-6299)) Corman O'Neil Rd ((3000-3699)) Dave Collins Ln ((1700-1893)) Dr Anderson Rd ((6500-6699)) Edna Critz Dr ((1000-1098)) E Florence St ((100-599)) E Homochito Rd ((401-4898)) E Homochitto Rd ((4500-6999)) E Main St ((101-698)) Emma Ln ((4101-4199)) Enterprise Rd ((3305-4201)) E Pearl ((700-998)) E Railroad Ave ((100-698)) E Tate ((200-498)) E Tate St ((100-199)) E Walnut St ((101-599)) Fire Tower Rd ((5801-5899)) First St ((400-499)) Foreman Rd ((1500-1599)) Fox Rd ((2500-2698)) Georgia Pacific No 2 ((1501-1699)) Gladys St ((601-799)) Graves Chapel Rd ((5001-5099)) Green Ln ((2800-2899)) Hancock Rd ((600-6099)) Harper College ((4500-4599)) Helen St ((100-199)) Hickory St ((500-534)) Hinton Rd ((4000-4398)) Hiram Rd ((700-712)) Holly St ((901-1599)) Homiochitto Rd ((4800-4898)) Homochitto Rd ((5700-6499)) Hunter Ln ((3000-3198)) Hwy 24 ((3400-3647)) Hwy 33 ((5400-5705)) Issac Ln ((2600-2699)) Jerusalem Rd ((3132-3287)) Josephine St ((105-599)) Judge Rd ((4001-4399)) Julia Ann Dr ((3000-3061)) Kahnville Rd ((900-33214)) Khanville Rd ((500-4899)) King Rd ((3030-3799)) Lake Nebo Rd ((1001-5999)) Lee St ((100-599)) Leslie Ln ((3100-3199)) Lewis Ln ((3500-3799)) Liberty Rd ((100-799)) Lower Gloster Rd ((1100-4699)) Lower Liberty Gloster Rd ((3000-3911)) Lucian Ave ((400-599)) Lusk St ((301-399)) Macedonia Church Rd ((1100-1198)) Macedonia Rd ((12322-15299)) Main St ((701-799)) Marion St ((1-899)) Mary St ((401-411)) Matthews Rd ((1300-1799)) McLean St ((201-398)) McNeil Ln ((1700-1799)) Midway Rd ((300-1499)) Minnie St ((101-598)) Mockingbird Ln ((1001-1157)) Mount Carmel Rd ((400-2198)) Mount Pleasant Rd ((3000-6002)) Mullins Rd ((5101-6098)) Myra McLain ((701-799)) Myra McLain St ((2-699)) Myra St ((701-799)) N 1st St ((240-366)) N 3rd St ((322-581)) Nash Rd ((4700-4799)) N Claudia St ((201-299)) Nebo Rd ((1000-1999)) Netterville Rd ((2200-2899)) New Hope Rd ((2001-5899)) Neyland Rd ((1100-4499)) N Magnolia St ((100-499)) N Minnie St ((200-499)) Nona Rd ((3600-3699)) North St ((100-499)) Norwood Pl ((100-199)) Nub Rd ((3000-5698)) Oak St ((344-558)) Orso Ln ((200-399)) Oxford Meadville Rd ((6200-6298)) Oxford-Meadville Rd ((5600-6899)) Pearl Ln ((2300-2399)) Pearl St ((1-798)) Pecan St ((500-599)) Pepper House Rd ((700-3899)) Perry Rd ((1900-3899)) Pine St ((500-598)) Plymouth Church Rd ((4000-4099)) Poole Ln ((2000-2099)) Ramsey Rd ((1500-1599)) Ratcliff St ((101-399)) Rollinson Rd ((3728-3998)) Royal Chapel Rd ((6400-6699)) Royal Trailer Chapel Rd ((6500-6599)) S 3rd St ((149-159)) Sam McNeil ((1400-1499)) Sam McNeil Ln ((1401-1499)) Samuel Ln ((4301-4498)) Samuels Ln ((4301-4499)) S Captain Gloster Dr ((701-4198)) S Cartain-Gloster Rd ((600-4148)) Schoby Rd ((2301-2898)) S First St ((401-459)) S Minnie St ((401-499)) Smith Ln ((3900-3999)) Smylie Rd ((2500-3199)) Spruce St ((501-599)) State Hwy 24 ((200-4699)) State Hwy 33 ((600-5399)) State Hwy 48 ((1331-2499)) Sterling Rd ((501-4198)) Stump Rd ((100-2399)) Tate St ((200-299)) Toney Rd ((4000-6599)) Tower Rd ((5400-5899)) Union St ((500-899)) Van Norman Rd ((600-4499)) Water Tank Rd ((5700-5829)) West Rd ((1900-1999)) West St ((800-1199)) W Homochitto Rd ((5701-6999)) Will Floyd Rd ((2-1399)) Will Rd ((3801-3934)) W Lee St ((301-499)) W Main St ((100-698)) W Natchez Rd ((100-198)) W North St ((100-299)) W Railroad Ave ((100-1483)) W Tate St ((100-198)) W Walnut St ((100-899))

39638 Places and Attractions

Amite County Training School Antioch Cemetery Antioch Church Berryhill Cemetery Berwick Bethany Institute (historical) Bewelcome Big Antioch Cemetery Billings Chapel (historical) Birdman Branch Bond Church Bond Church Bradley Branch Brandt Cemetery Brown Branch Brown Cemetery Bryant-Harris Cemetery Buckles Creek Campbellite Cemetery Cassels Cemetery Caston Cemetery Causey Branch Cavin Cemetery Cedar Grove Cemetery Cedar Grove Cemetery Cedar Grove School (historical) Clear Prong Compromise Damascus Cemetery Damascus Church Dawson Cemetery Day Cemetery Deer Cemetery Demasters Church (historical) East Fork Waggoner Creek Ellis Creek Enochs (historical) Eunice Faust Cemetery Freeman Cemetery Galilee Baptist Church (historical) Galilee Cemetery Georgetown School (historical) Gloster Gloster Elementary School Gloster First Baptist Church Gloster High School Gloster Roselawn Cemetery Gloster Rural Volunteer Fire Department Gloster Woodlawn Cemetery Greengate Lake Greengate Lake Griffin Junior Lake Dam Hamochitto Work Center Hazelwood-Causey Cemetery Hermon Jackson Lake Dam Holy Family Catholic Church Homochitto Jackson Cemetery James Anderson Cemetery James Whittington Cemetery Jenkins Cemetery John Knight Branch Jonathan Day Cemetery Lamar School (historical) Lebanon Post Office (historical) Little Beaver Creek Long Branch Longmire Cemetery Lusk Cemetery Lyons Lake Dam Mary Springs Cemetery Mary Springs Church Mayhall Cemetery McCrain Cemetery Meetinghouse Branch Merry Springs School (historical) Merwin Creek Merwin (historical) Midway Cemetery Midway Cemetery Midway Church Mount Carmel Church Mount Nebo Cemetery Mount Nebo Lake Mount Nebo Recreation Area Mount Olive Cemetery Mount Olive Church Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Mount Pleasant Cemetery Mount Vernon cemetery Mount Vernon Church Mount Vernon Methodist Church Nebo Lake Oil Field New Hope Baptist Church New Hope Cemetery New Hope Cemetery New Hope Church Oak Ridge Church Old Mount Vernon Cemetery O'Neil O'Neil Volunteer Fire Department Oxford Oxford School (historical) Pine Hill Cemetery Pine Hills Academy Pine Hill School (historical) Pine Hills Country Club Plymouth Church Raner (historical) Red Prong Richard Anderson Cemetery Roberts Cemetery Rollison Branch Royal Chapel Royal Chapel Cemetery Saint Davis Church Sansing Lake Dam Saukum Oil Field Scotts Branch Sharron Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Shropshire Cemetery Shurin Cemetery Smiley Cemetery Smith Cemetery Smith Cemetery Smyrna Church Southwest Amite Volunteer Fire Department Star Hill Cemetery Star Hill Church Steele Cemetery Stephenson Lookout Tower Stephenson Lookout Tower Stubbs Cemetery Supervisor District 3 Sweet Home Cemetery Sweet Home Church Talbert Cemetery Tatum Tatum Cemetery Tatum Creek Taylor Cemetery Thompson Cemetery Toberts (historical) Tolar Cemetery Tom Way Branch Town of Gloster Union Cemetery Union Church Union School (historical) Walker Branch Walker Branch West Fork Waggoner Creek White Cap Whittington Cemetery Wilkinson Cemetery Wilkinson Cemetery William Huff Cemetery Woodlawn Cemetery Woodlawn Church Woodman Springs (historical) Woodman Springs Picnic Area