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39451 Schools


  • Leakesville Jr High School
  • Greene County Vocational Technical
  • Leakesville Elementary School
  • Greene County High School
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    ZIP Code 39451 is located in Greene County

    39451 Street Addresses

    2nd St ((1913-2003)) 3rd St ((201-2009)) 4th St ((1700-1813)) Alabama St ((1027-1620)) Alice Rd ((2-1199)) Angel Ln ((1-399)) Annex Rd ((1-798)) Apple Ln ((2-98)) Arlie Davis Rd ((700-1399)) Audre Ln ((1101-1699)) Avera Rd ((1-998)) Ball Cooley Rd ((301-999)) Batley Rd ((1-99)) Bay Ave ((2000-2099)) Bernard Loop ((2-198)) Berry Rd ((200-398)) Bice Curbello Rd ((101-398)) Bluejay Dr ((1-3998)) Blue Jay Dr ((1-3998)) Blueridge Rd ((1101-1798)) Bolen Sowell Rd ((2-699)) Bradley Ducitt Ave ((201-299)) Bradley Dueitt Rd ((200-998)) Bradley Rd ((201-3298)) Breland-Mccullough Dr ((2-298)) Brewer Ave ((500-514)) Briscoe St ((2100-2199)) Brothers Dr ((200-298)) Brown Ave ((2001-2099)) Browntown Rd ((901-2698)) Brushy Creek Rd ((13703-15999)) Buddy Gray Rd ((2-498)) Bulls Rd ((701-898)) Busters Bluff Rd ((500-598)) Calaway Ln ((1-99)) Callas Ct ((500-599)) Camp Rd ((100-298)) Capital Ave ((500-698)) Carl Ball Rd ((2-598)) Cassady Ln ((301-498)) Cecil Byrd Rd ((100-299)) Center St ((1501-1912)) Chanity Dr ((1-299)) Chickadee Ln ((101-298)) Church Ave ((2000-2098)) Clarewood Ln ((301-399)) Clark Heritage Rd ((201-1099)) Clark Ridge ((2-98)) Claybern Ln ((100-198)) Clifton Williams Rd ((200-298)) Coaker Rd ((600-771)) Cooleytown Rd ((100-499)) Cow Lot Rd ((100-398)) Crawford Dr ((1-99)) Creel Rd ((201-299)) Davis Rd ((1101-1399)) Davis St ((2100-2299)) Dean Turner Rd ((2-1398)) Deer Park Rd ((2-4399)) Deer Run Rd ((1-598)) Deland Dr ((200-1798)) Denmark Cir ((100-599)) Dewayne Smith Rd ((0-99)) Dewberry Dr ((100-498)) Dimps Rd ((1-99)) Dobbins Ave ((201-299)) Double Branch Rd ((1-7098)) Douglas Smith Rd ((101-199)) Dove Branch Rd ((1601-1699)) Dunnam Rd ((300-599)) Eagle Nest Dr ((300-398)) Edmonds Ln ((2-98)) Elizabeth Ave ((401-599)) Evans Ave ((2101-2206)) Farkleberry Ln ((201-299)) Ferguson Ave ((2101-2299)) Ferrell Ln ((100-198)) Finley Rd ((100-198)) Flora Ave ((601-699)) Florida Ave ((101-519)) Fork Rd ((1200-1298)) Fort Paradise Rd ((101-398)) Fowl Rd ((1-3798)) Franklin St ((1600-1698)) Fritz Ave ((600-699)) Gatlin Creek Rd ((2200-2999)) Gilley Ln ((100-398)) Gloryland Cir ((101-399)) God's Country Ln ((400-498)) Grand Ave ((1-1017)) Gray Rd ((500-599)) Greene Lodge Rd ((200-1282)) Grimes Rd ((500-798)) H ((101-498)) Hal Turner Rd ((401-798)) Harry Eubanks Rd ((101-382)) Harvison Rd ((100-530)) Havard Wilkins Rd ((1-299)) Heidel St ((300-398)) Hembree Ct ((1-99)) Hennington Huff Ln ((100-198)) Herman Denmark Rd ((101-399)) Herndon Rd ((401-3299)) High School Rd ((100-2798)) Hillhouse Dr ((100-198)) Hillman Family Rd ((100-699)) Hillman-Williams Rd ((6501-6699)) Holland Rd ((600-1098)) Hope Ln ((1-698)) Hosford Rd ((200-298)) Howell Ln ((100-1699)) Huff Camp Rd ((500-598)) Hunt and Green Rd ((1-698)) Hunters Grace Ln ((301-399)) Hwy 57 ((37911-37913)) Ira Turner Rd ((100-398)) Issac Byrd Dr ((200-298)) Jackson Ave ((700-819)) Jake Hill Rd ((2500-2598)) Jane Dr ((1300-1306)) Jane Lee Dr ((300-1207)) Jasper Ave ((100-227)) J B Price Rd ((500-598)) Jeff Davis Rd ((400-1399)) Jeffrey Dr ((900-958)) Jenkins Rd ((3600-3698)) Jernigan Rd ((300-7399)) Jim Miller Rd ((301-1798)) Jimmy Hunt Rd ((1-199)) Jimmy Miller Rd ((1700-1798)) Jim Powell Rd ((381-399)) Joe Walley Rd ((300-398)) John Lott Rd ((72-299)) Jonah Dr ((100-198)) Jonathan Rd ((900-3199)) Joy Rd ((1-99)) Kate James Rd ((2401-2499)) Lackey St ((1301-2199)) Lafayette Ave ((500-598)) Lake Dr ((2-298)) Lake Gary Rd ((101-199)) Lamar Ave ((901-999)) Lamar Kittrell Rd ((2-798)) Landon Rd ((1-99)) Larney Bradley Rd ((100-198)) Lavon Pierce and Sons Rd ((201-507)) Leaning Oak Dr ((1-298)) Leslie Dr ((100-199)) Lillian St ((1600-1621)) Lilly Pad Rd ((1-498)) Lindsay Ave ((400-498)) Lois Ezell ((200-299)) Long River Rd ((1000-1098)) Lots Ezeil Rd ((200-299)) Louana Miss Rd ((400-498)) Louisana St ((1200-1499)) L T Ln ((1-99)) Main St ((101-815)) Maples Ave ((0-699)) Maples Mahoba Rd ((200-298)) Maples Rd ((901-2698)) Marion Pierce Dr ((100-198)) Marion St ((2201-2299)) Martin Luther King Jr ((700-8199)) Maude Dr ((1-198)) Max Williams Rd ((200-298)) Mayberry Ln ((101-299)) McDonald Rd ((100-1998)) McInnis Ave ((0-699)) McInnis Rd ((101-199)) McKay Ave ((2101-2299)) McLain Ave ((900-918)) McLaurin Ave ((901-1416)) McLeod Ave ((500-899)) Meadow Dr ((1-99)) Mellie Ln ((100-198)) Merritt Rd ((2701-5498)) Mid South Dr ((1-99)) Midway Church Rd ((901-1299)) Mission Dr ((300-398)) Mississippi St ((1400-1419)) Monument Rd ((1101-1798)) Morning Glory Dr ((201-299)) Murdock Walley Ln ((100-899)) Murdoc Walley Ln ((1-599)) Mutual Rights Loop ((348-348)) N Davis St ((2200-2298)) Neely Avera ((6201-8498)) New Hope Rd ((100-198)) N State Hwy 63 ((26381-26798)) Old Avera Rd ((700-8998)) Old Edith Rd ((201-498)) Old Hwy 24 ((10400-16399)) Old State Line Rd ((700-799)) Papa Rd ((1000-1198)) Paradise Pass ((301-399)) Paulding Dr ((500-599)) Paulding Rd ((1-2206)) Peach Ln ((2-399)) Pelican Dr ((100-398)) Phillip Walley Ln ((1-599)) Piave Plaza Rd ((4900-4998)) Pierce Rd ((100-198)) Pine Level Rd ((1-1699)) Piney Woods Rd ((2-998)) Pinto Ln ((2-299)) Pleasant Hill Rd ((9101-15998)) Plug Smith Rd ((100-899)) Polly Wiggle Rd ((600-699)) Poppa Parnell Ln ((1000-1198)) Power Line Dr ((900-958)) Preachers Hill Rd ((300-599)) Prison Ridge Rd ((2-498)) Quail Ln ((1-699)) Rainbow Dr ((101-199)) Ralph Havard Rd ((201-1199)) Ralph Smith Dr ((100-298)) Rancho Ande Dr ((100-499)) Ranch Rd ((2-3298)) Rd 223 ((4900-4998)) Reeves Dr ((200-298)) Rhinehart Ln ((800-998)) Richard Dr ((101-298)) River Rd ((600-698)) River St ((100-199)) Riverview Dr ((1901-1999)) Robin Ln ((1-3998)) Roland Brewer Rd ((600-1499)) Rounsaville Rd ((2600-7098)) Rounsiville Rd ((2600-7098)) Sambo Walley Ln ((1-198)) S and H Dr ((101-498)) Sand Spring Loop ((201-299)) Scotty Brown Rd ((300-398)) S Davis St ((1800-1811)) Seldom Rest Rd ((500-936)) Shady Hollow ((500-3199)) Shorty O-Neal Dr ((1-199)) Shorty O'Neal Rd ((1-199)) Sidney Williams Dr ((1-198)) Silcox Rd ((1-199)) Silver Dollar Cir ((1-199)) Sission Ave ((501-599)) Sisson Ave ((501-599)) Skull Creek Rd ((3401-3471)) Skyler Ln ((600-698)) Smith Dale Farm Rd ((801-899)) S Roberts Rd ((901-2598)) State Hwy 57 ((801-37913)) State Hwy 594 ((435-3426)) State Hwy 63 ((124-35681)) Stateline Leakesville Rd ((700-3285)) Steer Hollow Rd ((400-1899)) St Ellen Rd ((100-6699)) Strandberg Rd ((201-498)) Streadberg Rd ((201-498)) Stringfellow Rd ((3581-4296)) Sweetwater ((10400-16399)) Texas St ((1500-1898)) Tom Miller Rd ((300-999)) Tom White Rd ((1101-2798)) Tung Oil Rd ((400-2644)) Turner Rd ((1-2598)) Twister Turner Ln ((301-399)) Ulmer Rd ((8700-9298)) Underwood Ball Rd ((300-999)) Vernal River Rd ((8177-13199)) Vess Dr ((2-98)) Votech Rd ((1500-1999)) Vo Tech Rd ((1200-1998)) Walter O'Neal Rd ((401-499)) Wayne Ave ((100-399)) Wayne Bradley Dr ((1-99)) Welford Dr ((1-99)) Westerfield St ((1001-1806)) Whitfield Ave ((2201-2299)) W H Turner Rd ((100-199)) William Roberts Rd ((700-1298)) Williams Dr ((1300-1698)) Will Pet Rd ((201-304)) Wm Roberts Rd ((700-1298)) W Oak St ((400-721799)) Zetta Turner Rd ((100-198))

    39451 Places and Attractions

    Alec Lake Antioch Baptist Church Ashley Lake Barnes Lake Bee Branch Bethany Church Bethany Church (historical) Big Eddy Black Lake Blakely Creek Bobby McLeod Lake Boykin Creek Bradley Brown Town Brushy Creek Buckatunna Lake Bud Bluff Bull Branch Byrd Bend Cal Branch Calvary Baptist Church Cedar Grove Baptist Church Chat High Bluff Chickasawhay River Boat Ramp Christmas Branch Church of Christ Church of God Church of Jesus Christ Churchwell High Bluff Clear Lake Coaker Bend Coaker Bluff Coaker Branch Coaker Lake Colonel Merrill Lake Congregational Church Conn Creek Corinth Church Cowans Dead River Curry Lake Cutoff Lake Dedoe Lake Dam Deep Branch Dueitt East Salem Cemetery East Salem Church Ellen Branch E S Lee Lake Dam Faith Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church Faulk Ditch Faulk Lake Ferry Bend First Baptist Church First United Pentecostal Church Fishhook Branch Fivemile Creek Foshee Eddy Fourmile Creek Gants Bluff Gatling Creek Gib Bay Green Cemetery Green Creek Greene County Greene County Agricultural High School (historical) Greene County Alternative Learning Program Greene County Emergency Services Greene County High School Greene County Hospital Greene County School District Greene County Sheriff's Office Greene County Vocational School Green Lake Green Lodge Cemetery Green Lookout Tower Hammill Creek Hillman Hillman Cemetery Hogan Creek Holy Creek Holy Creek Lake Holy Trinity Catholic Church Horseshoe Lake Huff Branch Indian Creek Ivory Branch Jane Hills Jonathan Jonathan Volunteer Fire Department Jones Creek Juniper Bay Kennard Lake Kittrell Mill Creek Lake Luther Dam Leakesville Leakesville Elementary School Leakesville Junior High School Leakesville Methodist Church Leakesville Missionary Baptist Church Leakesville Police Department Leakesville Post Office Leakesville Presbyterian Church Leakesville Town Hall Leakesville Volunteer Fire Department Leaksville Lagoon Dam Lewis Creek Little Cowans Dead River Little Creek Little Creek Log Lake Long Branch Long Branch Long Lake Long Pond Lower Flat Branch Luther Lake Magnolia Cemetery Makay Lake Maple-McLeod Cemetery Maples Cemetery Maples Cemetery Maples Creek Martin Creek Mason Chapel Baptist Church Mason Creek McInnis Creek McInnis Lake McKinnis Creek McLeod Creek McLeod Creek McManus Post Office (historical) Meadow Branch Meeting House Bluff Merritt Cemetery Midway Church Mohoba Church Mohoba (historical) Mount Pisgah Cemetery Mount Pisgah Church Mount Pisgah Pentecostal Church Mount Pisgah Volunteer Fire Department Mount Zion Church (historical) Muddy Lake Mutual Rights Cemetery Mutual Rights Church New Friendship Baptist Church New Hope Baptist Church New Hope Church (historical) New Providence Baptist Church New Providence Cemetery Nichols Branch Oak Swamp Creek Oscar Dead River Pat Branch Pilgrims Rest Church Pine Forest Regional Library - Leakesville Public Library Pine Level Baptist Church Pine Level School (historical) Platt Cemetery Pleasant Hill Cemetery Pleasant Hill Church Rancho Ande Redbird Lake Redhill Branch Roads Creek Roberts Bluff Robertson Cemetery Robertson Creek Round Lake Rounsaville Rounsaville Branch Rounsaville Cemetery Rounsaville Church Saluda Lake Sandbar Lake Sand Creek Sand Creek Hills Sandy Creek Silver Hill Skull Creek South Mississippi Correctional Institute Fire Department Spring Branch Spring Lake Stalworth Camp Stalworth Camp Still House Branch Supervisor District 1 Sweetwater Cemetery Sweetwater Church Syll Branch Sylvester Cemetery Taylor Lake Tobe Lake Town of Leakesville Turkey Pond Turner Lake Dam Turners Store Upper Flat Branch Waterhole Branch Wenny Lake Williams Cemetery Wolf Branch Wooton Creek Wooton Creek