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Macon ZIP Codes


39341 Schools


  • Noxubee Co Voc Tech
  • B F Liddell Middle School
  • Noxubee County High School
  • Earl Nash Elementary School
  • 39341 Hotels

  • Oak Tree Inn
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    ZIP Code 39341 is located in Noxubee County (94.60%) Winston County (5.40%)

    39341 Street Addresses

    1st St ((300-499)) 2nd St ((101-499)) 3rd St ((200-414)) 4th St ((100-415)) Allen Bend Rd ((2-3799)) Alma Davis Dr ((100-199)) Bailous Spann Rd ((500-699)) Baldwyn Rd ((4000-5398)) Beasley Rd ((200-799)) Beck Trailer Park Rd ((1-199)) Binion Rd ((1001-2299)) Blueberry Ln ((400-599)) Boswell Rd ((200-649)) Boswell Rd N ((601-999)) Bradshaw St ((100-399)) Brooks Rd ((100-598)) Brown Loop ((1-99)) Brown Rd ((100-398)) Brown Richardson Rd ((1-398)) Brush Fork Rd ((101-1499)) Buchanan Rd ((300-1499)) Buggs Ferry Rd ((2-16399)) Butler Rd ((5901-9599)) Carr Rd ((500-598)) Carter Rd ((100-2999)) Cedar Creek Rd ((2-1199)) Cedar Ln ((1-199)) Chancellor St ((100-316)) Cheatham Rd ((1-399)) Cistrunk Rd ((101-899)) Clay Rd ((400-499)) Cline Rd ((100-299)) Cockrell Rd ((100-199)) Community Center Rd ((2-199)) Concord Rd ((2400-5298)) Cooksville Rd ((401-9398)) Cunningham Rd ((100-298)) Dantzler Park Rd ((101-199)) Deerbrook Rd ((601-2899)) Dent St ((100-599)) Dickert Dr ((700-798)) Dixie Rd ((1-199)) Dormitory Dr ((1-199)) Douglass Rd ((2-3299)) Dr Martin Luther King Jr St ((200-299)) Duck Dr ((1-99)) E 8th St ((100-399)) E Adams St ((100-398)) East St ((200-508)) E Boone St ((101-299)) E Green St ((100-332)) Elkin Ct ((1-199)) Elm Dr ((801-899)) Elon Rd ((601-8398)) E Martin Luther King St ((100-307)) E Minor St ((300-499)) E North St ((100-499)) E Pearl St ((2-499)) E Pulaski St ((100-399)) E South St ((100-299)) E Spann Rd ((801-899)) E Swann Rd ((200-298)) Fairfield Rd ((3100-3999)) Featherston Ct ((200-299)) Featherston St ((100-199)) Firetower Rd ((700-1598)) Flatwoods Rd ((1-1199)) Forest Ave ((500-599)) Fox Chase Rd ((301-4299)) General B Dr ((2-198)) Gillespie Rd ((400-2699)) Gillis Rd ((2-1298)) Graham St ((500-599)) Grayson Dr ((1-99)) Greenbriar Rd ((2101-3699)) Griffin Rd ((4500-4698)) Grissom Rd ((1-699)) Grove Cir ((600-699)) Hale St ((100-518)) Hall Rd ((100-1699)) Hickory Dr ((1-199)) Higginbotham Loop ((5100-5299)) Higginbotham Loop Rd ((5100-5298)) Higginbotham Rd ((1-5299)) Hill Rd ((1-2999)) Hill St ((501-599)) Hopewell Rd ((100-298)) Hosford St ((400-522)) Howard Hill Rd ((2-899)) Hummer Loop ((401-999)) Hunter St ((200-649)) Industrial Park Rd ((100-112)) Jackson Rd ((1-199)) Jack Spann Rd ((2201-2699)) Jack Tate Rd ((101-199)) Jefferson St ((200-899)) Jensen St ((300-499)) Jim T Rd ((1-199)) John Colbert Rd ((400-498)) Johnny Stewart Rd ((1-799)) Johny Stewart Rd ((1-799)) Jones Dr ((1-398)) Jones Quarter Rd ((1-199)) Julius Court Rd ((300-399)) Key Rd ((100-198)) Kidd Pippens Rd ((600-911)) Kid Pippins Rd ((1-298)) King Aly ((200-299)) Koehn Rd ((400-4898)) Lake Forest Rd ((1-5398)) Landrum Rd ((2-799)) Landrum St ((600-698)) Lawrence St ((100-799)) Legan Ct ((300-399)) Lewis Rd ((1-99)) Lindley Rd ((201-299)) Longstreet St ((100-298)) Lucy Wilbon Rd ((1-199)) Lue Henry Lockett Rd ((201-399)) Macedonia Cemetery Rd ((301-1599)) Macon Lynn Creek Rd ((1-7399)) Macon-Lynn Creek Rd ((7701-9099)) Magnolia Dr ((101-5998)) Mahorner Rd ((4201-5399)) Main St ((400-699)) Mason Dr ((2-399)) McCoy St ((1-398)) Mc Leod Chapel Rd ((5101-5199)) M & I College Rd ((101-199)) Milton Stevens Rd ((1-199)) Minor Rd ((1-199)) Misso Rd ((100-399)) Mitchell Rd ((301-699)) Monument Rd ((2801-4399)) Mount Moriah Cir ((2-199)) Mt Carmel Rd ((300-1398)) Mt Moriah Rd ((1-299)) Mt Zion Rd ((2100-2699)) Murdock St ((500-515)) Murray Hill Rd ((100-398)) N 5th St ((300-419)) Nate Wayne Dr ((2-499)) N Cedar St ((300-499)) N Jefferson St ((100-708)) N Martin Luther King Jr St ((100-299)) Noah Ln ((1-199)) Noxubee Rd ((201-399)) N Washington St ((100-706)) N Wayne St ((100-415)) N West St ((100-299)) Oak Leaf Church Rd ((1-99)) Oakmont St ((300-499)) Oak St ((100-199)) Odd Fellow Cemetary Rd ((2-198)) Old Macon Rd ((431-2199)) Oliver Dr ((2-221)) Oliver Rd ((1-299)) Patterson Rd ((2-298)) Paulette Rd ((100-11899)) Payton Dr ((1-99)) Pearl St Exd ((300-440)) Perkins Rd ((1501-3899)) Perry Rd ((1-198)) Pilgrim Rest Rd ((101-1199)) Pinecrest Dr ((800-899)) Pine Ln ((1-299)) Pineview Rd ((201-299)) Pineywoods Rd ((1-5399)) Pittman St ((1-598)) Pleasants St ((200-398)) Poag Rd ((101-1498)) Polk-Farrar Rd ((1-2998)) Polk Ferry Rd ((2900-2998)) Praire Point Rd ((6379-6399)) Prairie Point Rd ((301-13398)) Prairie St ((400-699)) Red Cotton Rd ((400-498)) Rice Aly ((600-699)) Rice Dr ((1-198)) Richard Rd ((1-199)) Richardson Brown ((1-399)) Richards Rd ((1-799)) Ridge St ((400-699)) River Rd ((501-1215)) Robbins Rd ((501-599)) Robert-Cleo Rd ((1-199)) Robinson Rd ((1-199)) Rock Hill Rd ((100-2398)) Royal St ((100-199)) Ruff St ((2-516)) Sanders Hill Rd ((1700-1798)) Sanders Rd ((500-598)) Sandyland Rd ((701-5998)) School Rd ((2-3199)) Shannon Ct ((201-215)) Shannon Subdivision Rd ((200-299)) Simmons Rd ((1-1399)) S Jefferson St ((100-199)) S Martin Luther King Jr St ((100-499)) Smith Dr ((1-399)) Soule Chapel Rd ((400-9099)) Stan Tabor Rd ((1600-1698)) State Hwy 14 ((100-18525)) State Hwy 145 ((100-899)) State Hwy 490 ((17172-17182)) Stevens Rd ((601-1199)) Stewart Rd ((1-798)) Stewart St ((401-699)) Strickland Rd ((2-98)) S Washington St ((100-899)) S Wayne St ((100-799)) S West St ((100-499)) Tate Rd ((2-98)) Toliver Chapel Rd ((2-299)) Tom Bennett Rd ((500-1599)) Tommy Lee Dr ((1-199)) Trimble Dr ((2-98)) Triple K Rd ((101-498)) Triplett Store Rd ((200-685)) Turner Rd ((1-399)) US Hwy 45 ((1015-1021)) Valley St ((600-699)) W 8th St ((100-699)) W Adams St ((100-199)) Walker Rd ((200-498)) Walnut St ((100-499)) Washington St ((600-612)) W Boone St ((101-199)) Wells Rd ((101-265)) W Green St ((100-299)) Wilbon Rd ((2-199)) Wilson Rd ((2-199)) Windham Rd ((801-899)) W Martin Luther King St ((100-299)) W Minor St ((100-799)) W North St ((100-399)) W Pearl St ((100-699)) W Pulaski St ((100-399)) Wright Rd ((400-498)) W South St ((100-299)) Yellow Creek Rd ((2-7198)) Young Rd ((1-198))

    39341 Places and Attractions

    Armitage (historical) Ash Creek Aubrey Avery Lake Dam Avery Lake Dam Baldwin Church Ball Ground Creek Barge Lake Barge Lookout Tower Bells (historical) Belmont Church Big Lake (historical) Blackwater Creek Brazelia (historical) Brewer Cemetery Brewer Cemetery Brown Branch Brush Fork Church Buckhorn (historical) Buggs Ferry Bridge (historical) Buggs Ferry (historical) Calvary Baptist Church Camp Rockbrook Cavetts Store (historical) Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Fire Department District 3 Cedar Grove Church Center Point Church Center Point (historical) Centerville Church (historical) Central Academy Christian Love Church Church of Christ City of Macon Civil Ridge Church Clarks Store (historical) Clays Store (historical) Cockrell Lake Dam Cockrell Plantation (historical) Coleman Lake Dam Concord Church Conners Mill (historical) Cooksville Cooksville Cemetery Cooksville Methodist Church Coon Creek Cranford Bridge Crosby Church (historical) Cross Roads (historical) Dancing Rabbit Creek Dinsmore Dry Creek Duck Pond Branch Duck Pond Branch Eagle Banners Ranch Lake Dam Earle Creek Elon Church Elon (historical) Episcopal Church of the Nativity Erickson Lake Dam Erickson Lake Number 1 Dam Erickson Lake Number 2 Dam Erickson Lake Number 3 Dam Farewells (historical) First Baptist Church First United Methodist Church Fort Terror (historical) Foxtrap (historical) Foxtrap Prairie Friendship Church Hall Lake Dam Halls Cemetery Harlan (historical) Hashuqua Creek Hashuqua (historical) Herdon Lake Dam Hickory Grove Church (historical) Higginbotham Cemetery Higgins Cemetery Horse Hunters Creek Horse Hunters Prairie Howard Lake Hughes Lake Dam Joes Creek Jordan Creek Lake Forest Ranch Camp Lake Forrest Dam Land Lake Dam Lee Cemetery Lindley Lake Dam Lindley Lake Dam Lindley Lake Dam Little Member Church Little Yellow Creek Lucas Store (historical) Macedonia Church Macon Macon City Hall Macon Fire Department Macon Independant Methodist Church Macon Lagoon Dam Macon Municipal Airport Macon Presbyterian Church Magnolia Church Martin Chapel Mashulaville Mashulaville Cemetery Mashulaville Church Mashulaville Community Center Mashulaville Volunteer Fire Department May Cemetery May Spring McLeod McLeod Cemetery McLeods Chapel Mennonite Church of God in Christ Minor Lake Dam Moody Creek Moore Cemetery Mount Bethel Church Mount Carmel Church Mount Horton Church Mount Moriah Church Mount Moriah Church Mount Olive Cemetery Mount Olive Church Mount Sinai Church Mount Zion Church New Hope Church New Salem Church New Zion Church New Zion Church Noxubee County Noxubee County Courthouse Noxubee County Elementary School Noxubee County High School Noxubee County Junior High School Noxubee County Vocational Center Noxubee General Hospital Noxubee Lookout Tower Oak Grove Church Oak Leaf Church Odd Fellows Cemetery Old Christian Love Cemetery Paulette Paulette Lookout Tower Perkinsville Baptist Church (historical) Perkinsville Cemetery Perkinsville (historical) Plantersville (historical) Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ (historical) Plum Creek Poplar Creek Prairie Point Prairie Point Post Office Prairie Ridge Cemetery Providence Church Ravine Rock Hill Church Ruff Cemetery Saint John Church Saint Michaels Church Saint Paul Missionary Baptist Church Saint Paul United Methodist Church Salem Cemetery Salem Church Sardis Church Savannah Church Savannah Fire Department SEARAY Target Range Complex Sellers Lake Dam Soule Chapel Soule Chapel Cemetery South Haven Church South Haven School Sparkman Lake Dam Spring Hill Church Sun Creek Supervisor District 1 Supervisor District 2 Supervisor District 3 Tabernacle Church Tibby Creek Triplets Corners Triplett Lake Dam Union Chapel Vandevender Lake Dam Varner Lake Dam Walker Lake Dam Warr Cemetery West Sdie Baptist Church Wet Water Creek William Lake Dam Wolf Creek Woodlawn Church Woods Lake Dam Woods Lake Dam X-Prairie X-Prairie Cemetery X-Prairie Methodist Church Yellow Creek Yellow Creek Cemetery Yellow Creek Church Zion Hill Cemetery Zion Hill Church