Lauderdale, MS 39335 ZIP Code Map


Lauderdale ZIP Codes


ZIP Code 39335 is located in Lauderdale County (83.30%) Kemper County (16.70%)

39335 Street Addresses

Acker Dr ((9000-9200)) Alice Dr ((3500-3799)) Antioch Rd ((1001-11299)) Beaver Pond Rd ((1101-9999)) Bethlehem Rd ((4300-4898)) Billy Bell Rd ((9000-9599)) Butts Rd ((3600-3946)) Campground Rd ((2100-2800)) Canal Way ((8600-8750)) Charlie Johnson Rd ((900-11098)) Chicken House Rd ((4000-7799)) Church Ln ((3600-3699)) Clarence Harris Rd ((5000-5399)) Clayton Cemetery Rd ((9800-9899)) Club Dr ((8400-8798)) Connie Brown Rd ((5800-5999)) Cuba Rd ((4500-6300)) Dock Gator Rd ((421-495)) Dogwood Ln ((3900-3999)) E Cook Rd ((3100-3298)) E Pkwy N ((8800-9556)) E Pkwy S ((8300-8899)) E Prisock Dr ((1307-4654)) Ethel Clayton Rd ((9300-9499)) Everette Mosley Rd ((8300-8999)) Extension Rd ((3801-9799)) Falkner Ln ((3700-3799)) Fred Clayton Rd ((9300-10460)) Front St ((8800-8981)) Fulton Dr ((8900-8999)) Gibbs Rd ((8800-9099)) Green Loop ((2501-2798)) Green Loop Rd ((2601-2998)) Half Moon Cir ((4000-4200)) Handcock Rd ((8500-8800)) Hasson Dr ((8700-8799)) Henry Wedgeworth Rd ((301-11298)) Herlong Rd ((9000-9299)) Hickory Grove Rd ((787-1199)) Hillcrest Dr ((9100-9199)) Jimerson Rd ((200-498)) Jim Hill Rd ((1401-11299)) John C Stennis Dr ((1120-1338)) Joles Rd ((9000-9199)) Jo Thomas Rd ((7652-7999)) Katherine Dr ((3600-3798)) Kay Dr ((3500-3799)) Kempdale Rd ((1-399)) Kewanee Rd ((4300-9699)) Kim Dr ((3600-3699)) Lake Flora Dr ((8800-9199)) Lake Shore Dr ((3600-3774)) Lakewood Cir ((8500-8599)) Lauderdale Rd ((1900-9599)) Lauderdale Toomsuba Rd ((3900-9800)) Launch Dr ((8900-8999)) Leroy Naylor Rd ((4300-10699)) Lizelia Rd ((9061-9599)) Lockhart Trailer Court Rd ((8900-9049)) Loucliff Ln ((4000-4198)) Louie Ln ((8401-8499)) Louise Dr ((3600-3999)) Lou Ln ((1300-9199)) Lov Ln ((1200-9299)) Luther Ray Cobb Rd ((4901-6498)) Mae Crocker Cir ((9100-9199)) Magnolia Ln ((3600-3699)) Mallard Dr ((4100-4199)) Margaret Dr ((8300-8499)) Marina Cir ((3601-3699)) Marvanna Dr ((4001-9200)) McElroy Ln ((8800-8899)) McKinnion St ((9700-9799)) McQuarter Rd ((10700-10899)) Melda Dr ((3600-3899)) Melda Pl ((3600-3699)) Miller Dr ((3300-3398)) Morgan Ln ((4100-4398)) Mt Olive Church Rd ((9500-9599)) Myers Rd ((3100-9698)) NE Cole Rd ((1401-9600)) N Lake Dr ((3600-3799)) Null Rd ((8700-9499)) Oak Ridge Ln ((3700-3799)) Oakwood Cir ((4000-4100)) Oakwood Ln ((4001-4099)) O J Wilder Rd ((9600-10098)) Old Hwy 45 N ((9700-11099)) Old Hwy 45 Rd ((700-998)) Old Lauderdale Lizelia Rd ((2600-3899)) Old Rock Rd ((700-998)) Oxford Rd ((4300-6600)) Pamela Dr ((3600-3799)) Payne Rd ((5000-5099)) Peninsula Dr ((3801-3999)) Pinecrest Rd ((4100-4399)) Pine Dr ((3600-3799)) Pinewood Cir ((8700-8898)) Pleasant Grove Rd ((4500-4598)) Ponta Dr ((3600-3800)) Ponta Hills Rd ((299-998)) Presbyterian Church Rd ((3601-3899)) Prisock ((6000-8299)) Quarter Moon Cir ((4000-4100)) Rabbit Rd ((9500-10499)) Raymond Cobb Rd ((8001-9698)) Ridge Ln ((9100-9299)) Rollins Dr ((3600-3799)) Ruth Cir ((3600-3798)) Sandhill Rd ((4100-4299)) Serton Rd ((9500-9600)) Seth Cobb Rd ((4400-5920)) S Flora Dr ((3500-3899)) Silliman Rd ((10600-11298)) Simmons Cir ((8700-8999)) Soule Chapel Rd ((1300-1599)) Spring Hollow Ln ((8900-9099)) Spring St ((3701-3799)) Stagecoach Ln ((8800-8899)) Sunset Dr ((3600-3799)) Tamola Rd ((801-11008)) Tartt Rd ((4000-4199)) Terrell Rd ((289-399)) Terry Rd ((289-399)) Thornton Rd ((3100-3298)) US Hwy 11 ((3974-3982)) US Hwy 45 ((9029-10683)) US Hwy 80 ((3974-3982)) Vera Dr ((3600-3699)) Virginia Dr ((3600-3700)) Wild Duck Dr ((4100-4199)) Will Butchee Rd ((1900-2299)) Wood Duck Dr ((4100-4199)) W Pkwy N ((8600-8999)) W Pkwy N Cir ((8700-8799)) W Pkwy S ((8300-8699)) York Rd ((3700-6599))

39335 Places and Attractions

Anna York Cemetery Annette Lake Antioch Church Atwood School (historical) Barrett Cemetery Beatrice Lake Bethlehem Church Big Reed Creek Center Ridge Cemetery Center Ridge Church Center Ridge School (historical) Center Ridge Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department Charles Steele Pond Dam Church of God Clayton Cemetery Coonville (historical) Cotes Mill (historical) Dalewood Shore Lake Dalewood Shore Lake Dalewood Shores Lake Dam Davis Mill (historical) Delk School (historical) Dogwood Lake Dam Elizabeth Church Enondale First Baptist Church of Lauderdale Gordon Cemetery Green Valley Church Grigsbys Springs Holden Church (historical) Holiness Church H S Wedgeworth Catfish Ponds Dam Johnny Allen Pond Dam K B Mitchell Pond Dam Lake Lucille Dam Lauderdale Lauderdale Cemetery Lauderdale Census Designated Place Lauderdale Springs Confederate-Union Cemetery Lauderdale United Methodist Church Lauderdale Volunteer Fire and Rescue Little Reed Creek Lockhart Church Lost Horse Creek Martha Lake McElroys Lake Meridian Naval Air Station (Mc Cain Field) Miller Cemetery Moores Mill (historical) Mosley Branch Mount Carmel Church Mount Hebron Cemetery Mount Hebron Church Mount Olive Church Mrs Jack Morman Pond Dam Mrs R E Payne Pond Dam Naval Air Station Meridian Naval Air Station Meridian Fire Department Headquarters Oak Grove Church Oak Grove Church (historical) Pack Cemetery Payne Cemetery Pickfords Lake Dam Pine Grove Church Ponta (historical) Possum Creek R B Lynch Catfish Ponds Dam R N McElroy Pond Dam Running Creek Segars Cemetery Segars Creek Simmons Church (historical) Simmons Creek Sonny Montgomery Recreation Park Soules Chapel Sucatolba Creek Sweet Pilgrim Church Tamola Tamola Church Tamola Lookout Tower Tamola School (historical) W B Boutwell Pond Dam Wright Creek W T Simmons Pond Dam