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  • Utica Elem. / Middle School
  • Hinds County Agricultural High Sch
  • Census



    ZIP Code 39175 is located in Hinds County (57.40%) Copiah County (25.30%) Claiborne County (17.30%)

    39175 Street Addresses

    Adams Lake Rd ((1201-1599)) Adams Station Rd ((1100-4325)) Barlow Dr ((1300-1310)) Bear Creek Rd ((1301-5099)) Beaube Ln ((1001-1099)) Belmont Rd ((1300-2899)) Berry Rd ((1001-4899)) Bishop Dr ((1000-1099)) Bishup Dr ((1000-1046)) Bobbitt Rd ((4000-5099)) Boyd-Mccree Ln ((1000-1099)) Boyd Rd ((1000-2899)) Breeden Rd ((1901-3099)) Broadwater Rd ((1000-3699)) Brock Rd ((1200-2099)) Broome Dr ((1000-1299)) Buck Williams Rd ((3101-3599)) Carlisle Ln ((8114-10096)) Carmichael St ((201-299)) Carpenter St ((100-541)) Casey Rd ((1101-5098)) Cayuga Rd ((1000-5599)) Cayuga St ((101-1041)) Chapel Hill Rd ((1000-7604)) Chapman Dr ((1000-1199)) Chapman Ln ((1000-1299)) Chapman Rd ((100-3299)) Charlie Brown Rd ((1000-5998)) Cleveland Broom Rd ((1000-1399)) Clubhouse Rd ((1400-3799)) Club House Rd ((3200-3799)) Coleman Ln ((1000-1099)) Colonel Neill Rd ((1001-1099)) Crump Rd ((1000-1099)) Curtis Ln ((1101-1199)) Curtis Luster Rd ((1-9198)) Curtis Rd ((100-14698)) Custer Luster Rd ((3000-3199)) Davis Ln ((1201-1599)) Dentville Rd ((1000-11199)) Depot St ((300-350)) Dixon Cir ((1100-3798)) Dixon Rd ((1100-3799)) D Newman Rd ((1000-3099)) Dog Rd ((1100-3299)) Duke Rd ((1300-6599)) East St ((100-299)) Easy St ((1-399)) E Hudson Dr ((102-130)) Elijah Rd ((1000-1399)) Elm St ((300-499)) E Main ((101-3999)) E Main St ((300-699)) Ernie Martin Rd ((1100-5199)) E W Ford Dr ((11200-11298)) Ferguson St ((201-223)) Fisher Cir ((1000-1499)) Fisher Ferry Rd ((2100-7099)) Fitzpatrick Loop ((1000-2899)) Flint Young Rd ((1000-3499)) Frazier Dr ((1000-1099)) Frazier Rd ((1000-1099)) Fudd Ln ((1000-1098)) Fudd Rd ((1000-1098)) Funchess Ln ((101-1099)) Gibson Rd ((4401-5098)) Gilbert Dr ((1001-1298)) Gilbert Rd ((1601-1799)) Gonia Rd ((1000-1599)) Griffin Rd ((1000-2098)) Hand Rd ((1700-1799)) Henry Berry Dr ((201-299)) Henry Harris Rd ((1201-1299)) Herren Dr ((1400-2799)) Herren Ln ((1000-1299)) Herren Rd ((1400-2799)) Herring Rd ((1801-2461)) Hickory Ridge Rd ((10001-10099)) Hicks Dr ((1000-5768)) Hickstown Rd ((1101-2499)) Hines Rd ((1700-2199)) Honeysuckle Ln ((1000-1199)) Hood Cir ((1000-2199)) Hoodtown Rd ((1100-6198)) Hudson Dr ((101-798)) Hwy 18 ((238-34199)) Hwy 27 ((1000-21745)) Ike Dowe Rd ((1100-1872)) Jack Rd ((1074-10099)) J D Hood Rd ((1000-1098)) Johnny Davis Rd ((1300-1899)) Johnson Cir ((1000-1299)) Junior Harper Rd ((1000-1999)) Kay Broadwater Rd ((1100-2499)) King St ((400-599)) Lebanon Pinegrove Rd ((1000-6006)) Lebanon Presb Church Rd ((1000-1299)) Lee Davis Cir ((1000-1499)) Lee Davis Rd ((1000-2099)) Lighter Dr ((1000-1199)) Little Springs Dr ((1000-1099)) Louis Brown Rd ((1100-2299)) Louis C Fisher Dr ((100-6698)) Low Chapel Ln ((1000-2198)) Lows Chapel Ln ((1000-2198)) Low Water Bridge Rd ((1000-2299)) Magnolia St ((200-298)) Main Dr ((100-520)) Main St ((101-29599)) Marble Ln ((1001-1198)) Mathes Dr ((1000-1499)) Midway Rd ((3000-4098)) Miller Dr ((200-599)) Mims St ((101-105)) Mixon St ((200-599)) Mobley Rd ((1000-2899)) Morning Star Rd ((1000-11198)) Morrison Rd ((1000-6999)) Myers Dr ((1000-1199)) Myles Dr ((1000-1199)) N Berry Rd ((3701-4898)) New Zion Rd ((1000-10101)) Northview St ((100-499)) Old Adams Lake Rd ((1200-1398)) Old Adams Station Rd ((1000-3848)) Old Hwy 27 ((101-10917)) Old Hwy 3 ((1100-2097)) Old Natchez Rd ((3134-3143)) Old No 3 Rd ((1100-1998)) Old Port Gibson Rd ((1201-22098)) Oscar Moncure Rd ((1000-1399)) Paul Gallows Rd ((3900-6799)) P Bolton Rd ((1000-1599)) Pearl Frazier Rd ((3200-3299)) Pine Grove Cir ((1100-1299)) Pineridge St ((200-299)) Powell St ((200-299)) Prentiss Crump Rd ((1000-3999)) Reedtown Ln ((1200-1299)) Reed Town Rd ((2600-3698)) Regan-Island ((1000-2098)) Reverie Dr ((1000-2099)) Ridge Dr ((200-299)) Ridge Rd ((200-299)) Ross Ln ((1100-1199)) Ross Rd ((1000-2099)) S Boyd Rd ((2701-2773)) School St ((101-115)) Seaton Rd ((1000-1299)) Second Union Cir ((1000-1098)) S Junior Harper Rd ((1300-1699)) Southview St ((100-499)) S Ross Rd ((1000-2099)) State Hwy 18 ((238-34199)) State Hwy 27 ((1000-21745)) Strawbridge Rd ((1001-1099)) Taylor Rd ((1000-1098)) Templeton Rd ((1001-1198)) Thornton Rd ((1100-3899)) Tilford Taylor Rd ((1000-1299)) Tom Cain Rd ((1000-3698)) Tom Collins Rd ((1000-4699)) Tommy Ford Rd ((1100-2499)) Torrey Rd ((1000-1099)) Traxler Rd ((1000-2399)) Union Ave ((500-599)) Utica Byp ((101-798)) Utica Institute Rd ((1000-1299)) Utica Intitute Rd ((1000-1036)) Vance Ln ((1000-3199)) Waltman Way ((101-1798)) Washington Cir ((1000-4599)) Well House Rd ((101-1798)) Westway Rd ((1000-1698)) White Oak Ct ((149-299)) White Oak St ((100-598)) W Hudson Dr ((600-899)) Williams Dr ((1000-1099)) W Main St ((100-799)) Womack Rd ((1100-2098)) Worrell Dr ((1000-1199)) Worrell Rd ((1001-2599)) Yates Dr ((1000-1299))

    39175 Places and Attractions

    Adams Alabama School (historical) Alford Branch Anderson Cemetery Anderson Creek Antioch Church Barlows Pond Dam Bear Creek Bear Creek Church Beech School (historical) Belmont Cemetery Belmont Church Bench Volunteer Fire Department Biggs Gin (historical) Breeden Cemetery Brocks Pond Dam Brock Store (historical) Browning Branch Burleigh Hamilton School Byrnes School (historical) Carmichael Carpenter Carpenter Cemetery Carroway Pond Dam Cayuga Cayuga School Chapel Hill Chapel Hill Church Chatham Cemetery Commissioners Creek Cooper Branch Crawford Pond Dam Currie Creek Duke Eaton and Cooke Lake Dam Falling Spring Branch Fatherree Cemetery Fishers Bridge Fivemile Creek Five Mile Lake Flower Hill Cemetery Gees Creek Goodrum School (historical) Green Hill Church Griffin Cemetery Hart Cemetery Harts Creek Henderson Cemetery Hickory Ridge School (historical) Hill Cemetery Hoodtown Lookout Tower Horners Ferry (historical) Hubbard Pond Dam Hunts Store (historical) Husbands School (historical) Hutchins Cemetery Hutchins Store (historical) I L Trotter Junior Lake Dam Indian Creek Institute (historical) Jack Johnson Pond Dam Jones Creek King Branch Lemon Cemetery Little Mount Church Little Mount School (historical) Little Rock Church Little Rock School (historical) Little Tallahalla Creek Lowes Chapel Mallet Branch McClellan Cemetery McClellan Creek McElwee Cemetery McKee Creek Mercy Seat School (historical) Midway Church Midway School (historical) Mill Creek Miller Springs Cemetery Miller Springs Missionary Baptist Church Mixon Elementary School Morning Star Cemetery Morning Star Church Mount Olive Church (historical) Mount Zion Church Mount Zion Church Mount Zion School (historical) Mud Creek Murphy Creek New Salem Church Nixon Branch Nutt Cemetery Oak Ridge Plantation (historical) Oak Ridge School (historical) Old Auburn (historical) Osburn Branch Owens Creek Paige Grove Church Payton Branch Pear Orchard Plantation (historical) Pickett Pond Dam Potter Creek Range Line School (historical) Rather Ford Bridge Reed Lake Dam Reed School (historical) Reeds Lake Dam Reedtown Regan Island Regan Lake Reganton Ritchey Cemetery Roach Ridge Rocky Springs Cemetery Rocky Springs Methodist Church Rohelia Church Ross School (historical) Ross School (historical) Ruel-A-Lou Lake Saddlers Creek Saint John Church Saint Paul Baptist Church Scutchalo Creek Scutchalo Falls Second Union Church Second Union School (historical) Seven Star Cemetery Seven Star Church Shady Oaks Lake Shady Oaks Lake Dam Strawbridge Church Tallahala (historical) Tallahalla Creek Templeton Cemetery Town of Utica Turner Cemetery Twin Halls Plantation (historical) Utica Utica High School Utica Junior College Utica School Utica Volunteer Fire Department Vaughn Cemetery Water Valley Church (historical) Welcome Church White Oak Baptist Church White Oak Cemetery White Oak Cemetery White Oak Creek Williams School (historical) Willing Yates School (historical) Zion Traveler Church