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Tchula ZIP Codes


39169 Schools


  • Holmes Learning Center
  • S V Marshall Elementary School
  • Mileston Middle School
  • Census


    ZIP Code 39169 is located in Holmes County

    39169 Street Addresses

    1st Ave ((701-899)) 2nd St ((1-399)) 3rd St ((300-399)) 4th St ((1-799)) Bealand Plantation Rd ((301-2499)) Bee Lake Rd ((3300-10799)) Belmont Rd ((2001-4562)) Bentley Rd ((500-598)) Blake St ((1-202)) Blissdale Rd ((3300-4498)) B M Smith Rd ((301-2499)) Buck St ((1-199)) Byrd Rd ((1-499)) Cedar Ave ((1-507)) Central St ((600-698)) Cheataw Rd ((1301-2537)) Cherry Ave ((1-2091)) Cooper Rd ((2101-6599)) Co Rd 126 ((3500-3998)) Co Rd 156 ((1301-4562)) Co Rd 17 ((1851-3098)) Co Rd 197 ((401-2799)) Co Rd 212 ((2101-2199)) Co Rd 218 ((101-199)) Co Rd 219 ((4801-5298)) Co Rd 221 ((3100-3798)) Co Rd 241 ((445-783)) Co Rd 376 ((100-199)) Cypress St ((1-10098)) Dawson Rd ((401-2799)) Delta Dr ((1-16199)) Dogwood Dr ((1-99)) Dulaney Rd ((300-1291)) Elm St ((1-798)) E Main St ((40-898)) Epps Rd ((100-3925)) E Railroad St ((1-599)) Eve St ((1-198)) First Ave ((1-799)) Fourth St ((1-799)) Front St ((200-1599)) Fuller Rd ((1-340)) Gin St ((1-310)) Granderson Rd ((1-499)) Gull Rd ((2-16199)) Gwin St ((2-599)) Hays St ((1-99)) Head Start Rd ((101-304)) Henry Davis Rd ((100-2298)) Holmes Warehouse Rd ((101-199)) Horseshoe-Church Rd ((1-698)) Howard Rd ((1200-11898)) Hutton Rd ((500-598)) Inside Horseshoe Rd ((1301-5299)) J Cunningham Rd ((1500-1598)) Lacy Rd ((100-199)) Lakeview Dr ((1-1799)) Liberto Ln ((100-1199)) Linden Rd ((200-298)) Lockhart St ((2-98)) Main St ((200-202)) Maple St ((1-998)) Martin Luther King ((201-398)) Martin Luther King Dr ((100-16245)) Mayze Rd ((300-398)) Mercer St ((1-410)) Middle St ((1-999)) Milestone Rd ((100-3925)) North St ((2-1598)) Oakwood Ln ((2-98)) Old Hwy 49 ((1-5298)) Old Tchula Rd ((696-698)) Outside Horseshoe Rd ((2300-8998)) Peachtree St ((1-199)) Pecan Ave ((2-200)) Pine St ((2-598)) Plum Ave ((100-199)) Poplar St ((1-699)) Quafalona Rd ((1500-1598)) Quofaloma Rd ((1400-5098)) Railroad Ave ((701-799)) Rathell Rd ((3500-3998)) Reiser St ((1-198)) Rushbrook Rd ((2-262)) School St ((1-205)) S Davis Rd ((1301-1599)) Second St ((1-798)) Seely Ave ((1-6599)) Shotwell Cutoff Rd ((8900-8998)) Smith Aly ((1-399)) South St ((1-499)) Spruce Ave ((1-807)) State Hwy 12 ((813-28636)) State Hwy 429 ((1001-1099)) Swinney Rd ((1-340)) Sycamore St ((100-499)) Taylor St ((2-199)) Telfair Ln ((1-98)) Thornton Tollarville Rd ((1-2898)) US Hwy 49E ((100-15798)) US Hwy 49 E ((501-28636)) Vine St ((1-398)) West Ave ((1-199)) Westfield Rd ((445-783)) Whittington St ((1-211)) Wigley Ln ((301-399)) Wilson Ln ((100-204)) W Railroad Ave ((101-799)) W Railroad Rd ((200-899)) W Railroad St ((1-699))

    39169 Places and Attractions

    Albino Cemetery Albino Landing (historical) Albino School Annie York Church Arcola Landing (historical) Ashton Landing (historical) Baileys Landing (historical) Bee Lake Bee Lake Bee Lake Landing (historical) Belmont Landing (historical) Bethel School Bethlehem Church Bethlehem Church Black Creek Black Creek Ditch Black Creek Landing (historical) Blanch Chapel Blissdale Bobby Thompson Lake Dam Bobby Thompson Lake Dam Bonanza Plantation (historical) Brooks Cemetery Bucksnort Landing (historical) Butler Canewood Plantation (historical) Casebow Landing (historical) Chews Landing (historical) Choctaw Choctaw Landing (historical) Cliffords Landing (historical) Coopers Landing (historical) Crescent Landing (historical) Dawson (historical) Dewberry Landing (historical) Dunbarton Landing (historical) Eagle Bank Landing (historical) Eagle Brake Fannegusha Creek Fannegusha Ditch Good Hope Good Hope Cemetery Good Hope Cemetery Good Hope Church Goodhope Landing (historical) Good Hope School (historical) Graves Landing (historical) Gum Grove Gum Grove Landing (historical) Gum Grove School Gwin Gwin Landing (historical) Hillside National Wildlife Refuge Holly Bank Landing (historical) Hookers Woodyard Landing (historical) Horseshoe Horseshoe Bend Landing (historical) Horseshoe Brake Horseshoe Chapel Horseshoe Church Horseshoe Lake Jenkins Landing (historical) Jerusalem Church Johnson Cemetery Keirn Kiern and Jones Landing (historical) Kiern Landing (historical) Linden Landing (historical) Lynchfield Landing (historical) Marcella Cemetery Marcella Church Marcella Landing (historical) Marcella Quarters Landing (historical) Marcella Quarters Landing (historical) Mileston Mileston Elementary School Mileston Landing (historical) Millstone Bayou Mount Everet Church Mount Harmon Church Mount Rosies Church Mount Sinai Church Mount Valley Church Mount Zion Church Mount Zion Church Mount Zion School New Zion Cemetery New Zion Church Oak Grove Old Black Creek Old Fannegusha Creek Omega Omega Landing (historical) Oregon Landing (historical) Oswego Oswego Landing (historical) Parker Bayou Parkers Bayou Landing (historical) Pleasant Ridge Landing (historical) Pluto Pluto Cemetery Promised Land Church Quafaloma Landing (historical) Quofaloma Quofaloma Church Ray Ann Chapel School Richardson Bend Landing (historical) Roseneath Roseneath Landing (historical) Saint Johns Cemetery Saint Johns Church Shackleford Southland Flying Service Inc. Airport Stonewall Stonewall Landing (historical) Supervisor District 5 Sweet Kingdom Church Tallequah Landing (historical) Tchula Tchula City Landing (historical) Tchula Junction (historical) Tchula Sewage Lagoon Dam Tchula Volunteer Fire Department Tesheva Creek Thornton Thornton Cemetery Thornton Church Thornton Place Landing (historical) Tipton Bayou Tipton Brake Tomes Chapel Town of Tchula Walnut Grove Church Walton Bend Landing (historical) Warmacks Landing (historical) Westfield Zion City Church