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Rolling Fork

39159 Schools


  • South Delta Vocational Complex
  • South Delta High School
  • South Delta Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 39159 is located in Issaquena County (53.90%) Sharkey County (46.10%)

    39159 Street Addresses

    2nd St ((901-911)) 3rd St ((900-912)) 4th St ((901-909)) 6th St ((600-713)) 7th St ((600-719)) Academy Dr ((200-298)) Anderson Ln ((1-98)) Ashmore Rd ((2-498)) Athletic Dr ((2-498)) Baconia Rd ((2300-6499)) Bear Pen Rd ((2-798)) Ben Lamand Rd ((101-399)) Ben Lomand Rd ((101-399)) Black Bayou Rd ((601-699)) Blanton Rd ((8600-8698)) Brown Rd ((100-198)) Cameta Rd ((3900-4098)) Carter Bros Rd ((1-99)) Carter Dr ((1-599)) Carver Ave ((2-698)) Carver St ((1-699)) Cary Blanton Rd ((601-5998)) Catfish Aly ((1-99)) Central Ave ((1-399)) Centre St ((200-208)) Chestnut St ((2-822)) China St ((2-499)) Chucks Dr ((1-299)) Collette Ave ((2-299)) Conner Rd ((100-499)) Crabapple Ln ((1-299)) Darden Rd ((1-99)) Day St ((1-412)) Deer Creek Rd ((1601-1699)) Delta St ((1-607)) Diggs Rd ((401-599)) Dixie Rd ((101-3098)) Dorsey Rd ((100-898)) Dr Martin Luther King St ((200-298)) Dry Bend Rd ((2001-2099)) Dunbar St ((901-917)) East St ((101-415)) Ellard St ((101-307)) Fitler Rd ((2-198)) Fleming Rd ((200-299)) Flowers Rd ((100-398)) Fork Creek Rd ((1-3798)) Gloria St ((1-99)) Goose Lake Rd ((2-3598)) Grant Rd ((1-3398)) Heigle Rd ((400-498)) Helena Rd ((601-699)) Hopedale Rd ((1-2949)) Hoyt St ((1-714)) Hunt St ((1-713)) Indian Bayou Rd ((2700-3598)) Ivy Cir ((2-199)) James Rd ((1-99)) Joor Ave ((1-598)) Lewis Ave ((1-399)) Lewis Rd ((300-498)) Lindsey St ((1-799)) Little Dog ((1-198)) Locust St ((400-498)) Lorenzen Rd ((100-298)) Low Water Bridge Rd ((1200-1698)) Lumbley St ((1-799)) Magnolia Dr ((2-499)) Magnolia St ((100-511)) Mannie Rd ((101-898)) Manor Dr ((2-198)) Maple St ((1-719)) Martin Ave ((1-399)) Matthews Blvd ((2700-4399)) Mc Laurin St ((1-617)) Meadow Rd ((1-800)) Moon Lake Rd ((4-5198)) Mt Olive Rd ((100-198)) Mulberry St ((1-799)) N 2nd St ((200-312)) N Fifth St ((2-199)) N First St ((200-813)) N Fourth St ((1-299)) N Second St ((1-298)) N Third St ((1-307)) Oasis Rd ((1-99)) Owl Hoot Rd ((200-398)) Parkway St ((102-810)) Pecan St ((1-919)) Pine St ((1-999)) Plantation Dr ((1-899)) Race St ((105-807)) Realty Rd ((401-499)) Redbud St ((100-199)) Rolling Fork Rd ((2601-2699)) Rosenwald Ave ((2-624)) Russell Cir ((300-398)) S 1st St ((101-811)) S 2nd St ((100-108)) S 4th St ((100-909)) Saint Ln ((1-99)) Sandy Bayou ((1-399)) Sandy Bayou Rd ((1106-6298)) S Fouth St ((400-708)) Shaloam Ln ((2-98)) Sharkey St ((92-410)) Sias Rd ((2-198)) Sidney Alexander St ((1-799)) Sofifth St ((601-712)) Southern Ave ((1-399)) S Second St ((100-399)) State Hwy 14 ((401-1000)) State Hwy 16 ((403-822)) S Third St ((100-898)) US Hwy 61 ((802-1000)) Walnut St ((101-799)) Washington Cir ((100-498)) W Cypress St ((1-899)) Weathers Ave ((1-511)) West Ave ((100-199)) West St ((200-298)) Whiting Lake Rd ((100-498)) Willett Rd ((1501-4499)) Willis Rd ((200-298)) Willow Ln ((1-399)) Worthington Ave ((1-498)) Wright Ave ((1-399)) W River Rd ((1-1498))

    39159 Places and Attractions

    Alexander (historical) American Chute Anderson-Tully State Wildlife Management Area Atchafalaya Bayou Baleshed Landing Barge Lake Campground Bear Lake Ben Lomond Landing Black Bayou Blanton Booth Buck Point Calvary Church Cameta Cameta Cemetery Cane Bayou Carlisle Lake Carson Seale Vocational Complex Chapel Landing Chapel of the Cross Episcopal Church Choctaw Bayou Choctaw Landing Christian Home Church Christian Home Church Christina Plantation (historical) Christmas Plantation (historical) City of Rolling Fork Council Bend Plantation (historical) Cypress Bend Danover Cemetery Delta City Delta City Post Office Devils Elbow Bayou Duncannon Plantation (historical) East Prong Steele Bayou Egremont Egremont Chapel Elleslie Ellislie Plantation (historical) Elmwood Cemetery Emmanuel Assembly of God Church Evergreen Church (historical) First Baptist Church Fitler Fitler Bar Fitler Bend Fitler Bend Fitler Lake Fivemile Lake Friendship Church Goose Lake Goose Lake Goose Lake Flats Grace Fire Department Green Chapel Gross Bayou Guiding Star Church Happy Home Church Hebron Church Henry Weathers School (historical) Hickman Landing Holly Grove Church Holly Grove Church Holly Ridge Landing Holly Ridge Plantation (historical) Homochitto (historical) Indian Bayou Indian Bayou State Wildlife Area Issaquena County Kelso King David Church Little Atchafalaya Bayou Little Black Bayou Lorenzen Magnolia Church Mills Bayou Mont Helena Moon Lake Mount Hull Church Mount Lula Church Mount Olive Church Mount Sinai Church Mount Tabor Church Mud Lake Bayou New Bethlehem Church New Fitler New Hope Church Newsom Bayou Only Bar Onward Paradise Church Parks Place (historical) Plaquemine Bayou Pleasant Green Church Pleasant Green Church Pleasant Grove Church Pleasant Valley Church Pleasant Valley Church Poindexter Island Ratliff Landing Reality Plantation Airport Red Rock Riverside Junction Rock of Mount Zion Church Rolling Fork Rolling Fork Creek Rolling Fork Elementary School Rolling Fork Fire Department Rolling Fork High School Rolling Fork Landing Rolling Fork Methodist Church Rolling Fork Presbyterian Church Sago Saint James Church Saint Matthews Church Saint Michaels Church Saint Paul Church Saint Peters Church Salem Church Sam Harris Catfish Ponds Dam Sharkey County Sharkey - Issaquena Community Hospital Shipland Plantation Landing Shraderville Smedes Steele Bayou Cutoff Sunflower-Greentree Reservoir Sunflower Waterfowl Project Supervisor District 2 Supervisor District 3 Supervisor District 3 Sweet Home Church Tallula Tillman Bayou Weathers Cemetery Whiting Bayou Whiting Lake Wilderness Plantation (historical) Woodland Church