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Raleigh ZIP Codes


39153 Schools


  • Raleigh Elementary School
  • Community Learning Center
  • Smith County Career Center
  • Raleigh High School
  • Census



    ZIP Code 39153 is located in Smith County

    39153 Street Addresses

    Barnes Cir ((201-399)) Biakeney Dr ((300-398)) Bowling St ((400-499)) Brooks St ((300-399)) Burge Ln ((200-299)) Burrows Ln ((300-398)) Cohay Rd ((300-399)) Commerce St ((300-398)) Co Rd 101 ((201-4798)) Co Rd 105 ((200-1645)) Co Rd 119 ((241-299)) Co Rd 18-2 ((200-399)) Co Rd 581 ((2-598)) Co Rd 77 ((100-2699)) Co Rd 93 ((1601-2627)) Corley Ave ((300-399)) Coursey St ((300-399)) Court House Sq ((201-299)) Elm Ave ((300-498)) Goodson Ln ((1-99)) Hall Ln ((200-299)) Hickory St ((400-498)) Hillside Ave ((201-399)) Hilltop Dr ((400-499)) Hill Top Dr ((1-199)) Hwy 35 ((155-163)) Johnson Ln ((100-299)) Justin ((100-199)) Magnolia Dr ((200-598)) Martin Ln ((100-398)) Meadowview Cir ((300-398)) Mimosa Dr ((1-299)) Oakland Cir ((201-299)) Oswego Hwy ((3113-3184)) Park Pl ((301-399)) Pickens ((300-399)) Pickering Ln ((1-299)) Pine Ave ((400-599)) Powell Dr ((400-598)) Powell Ln ((400-598)) S Co Rd 18-2 ((1-199)) S C Rd 107 ((200-1899)) S C Rd 134 ((2-799)) S C Rd 35-6 ((300-2298)) S C Rd 52 ((101-4098)) S C Rd 90 ((300-2298)) Sellers St ((300-399)) Shady Oak Dr ((301-399)) Shady Oaks Dr ((200-399)) Shady Oak St ((200-399)) Smith Co Rd 32 ((2-1399)) Springhill Ave ((300-398)) State Hwy 18 ((2-23298)) State Hwy 35 ((73-339)) State Hwy 37 ((400-412)) State Hwy 37 N ((400-412)) State Hwy 540 ((306-346)) State Hwy 902 ((2-1399)) Sylvarena Ave ((2-23298)) Thornton Dr ((300-399)) Tullas Rd ((400-410)) Turner Chapel Cir ((201-398)) Turner Chapel Rd ((1-399)) US Hwy 401 ((3113-3184)) Welcome St ((400-412)) Wells ((301-399)) Wells Cir ((301-399)) Whiteoak Ave ((200-245)) White Oak Ave ((200-299)) White Oak Dr ((200-299)) Woodland Ave ((100-499)) Woodland Dr ((100-499)) Wyatt Wood Cir ((300-399)) Wyatt Woods Cir ((300-399)) Wyatt Woods St ((300-399)) Wyatt Wood St ((300-399))

    39153 Places and Attractions

    Austin Cemetery Bailey Lake Dam Barber Cemetery Barnes Cemetery Beaver Creek Bethany Cemetery Bethel Church (historical) Bezer Bowling Creek Burns Burns School Cantwell Branch Cedar Grove Church Chisholm Branch Christian Chapel Craft Cemetery Craft School (historical) Crossroads Church Crumpton Lake Dam Dillard School (historical) Ditch Cemetery Double Church East Side Church Elam Cemetery Fairfield (historical) First Baptist Church Flat Rock Hill Grandsir Branch Harrison Branch Heater Heater Ridge High Hill Church Hopewell Church Hordville (historical) Ichusa Creek Indian Charlie Branch Jesus Name Church Joe Branch Johnson Cemetery Liberty Church Little Creek Little Oakohay Creek Little Shongelo Creek Merchant Cemetery Mile Branch Morgan Creek Mount Nebo Cemetery Mount Nebo Church Mount Pisgah Cemetery Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Church Myers Cemetery Nelse Branch North Raleigh Cemetery Page Cemetery Parker Lake Dam Pete Branch Pitt Branch Pleasant Hill Church Pleasant Hill School (historical) Raleigh Raleigh Cemetery Raleigh Elementary School Raleigh Fire Department Raleigh High School Raleigh United Methodist Church Roberts Creek Royal (historical) Royals Cemetery Saint Paul Church Salem Church Salem School (historical) Sand Point Sharon Church Shongelo Shongelo Creek Shongelo Creek Oil Field Shongelo Lake Shongelo School (historical) Smith County Smith County General Hospital Smith Lookout Tower Spring Lakes State Roadside Park Picnic Area Supervisor District 5 Sylvan Grove Cemetery Thompson Branch Thompson Lake Dam Town of Raleigh Trade (historical) Traxler Trinity Cemetery Trinity Methodist Church Turner Chapel Elementary School Turner Chapel School Twomile Creek Union Baptist Church Upper Leaf River Number 9 Dam Village of Sylvarena Yellow Bill Creek