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  • Greenlee Attendance Center
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    ZIP Code 39108 is located in Attala County (52.10%) Choctaw County (27.60%) Winston County (20.30%)

    39108 Street Addresses

    Allen St ((14525-15198)) Ashford Rd ((301-399)) Attala County Line Rd ((200-298)) Attala Rd 2106 ((2801-4098)) Attala Rd 5006 ((9901-9999)) Ballard Rd ((1-198)) Beat Line Hinze Rd ((300-499)) Black Rd ((1-171)) Bowie St ((2201-2299)) Bradberry Rd ((1-199)) Burchfield Rd ((101-398)) Carr Rd ((101-199)) Carter Rd ((1800-2698)) Cole Creek Rd ((2801-4098)) Conley St ((2300-2499)) Co Rd 2006 ((9901-9999)) Co Rd 2106 ((2801-4098)) Co Rd 2261 ((4801-5398)) Co Rd 2262 ((2800-2898)) Co Rd 5006 ((9901-9999)) Co Rd 5009 ((2201-2299)) Dempsey-Kennedy Rd ((600-799)) Dempsey Rd ((201-1636)) Edgar Steed Rd ((400-2485)) Fentress-Panhandle Rd ((1300-7898)) Gibbs Park Rd ((101-298)) Gibbs Rd ((2-598)) Gordon Rd ((2-298)) Hannah Rd ((301-1998)) Haste Rd ((500-598)) Hb Tabor Rd ((101-399)) Higgason Rd ((101-698)) Hinze Church-Roy Leech Rd ((1701-2198)) Hinze Rd ((1-7798)) Hinze Rural Hill Rd ((1-7663)) Hopewell - McCool Rd ((2-2098)) Hopewell Rd ((1200-2398)) Hunt Rd ((100-598)) Hutchinson Rd ((300-398)) Jack Haynes Rd ((1-198)) Jimmy Dale Edwards Rd ((201-299)) Kennedy Rd ((2-799)) Knox Carter Rd ((1-399)) Lacey Rd ((401-499)) Lakeview Dr ((2001-2299)) Lobutcha Rd ((201-898)) Massey-Hisaw Rd ((1-1098)) McCool-highpoint Rd ((200-4898)) McCool Rd ((900-1399)) McMinn Rd ((400-498)) Miller Rd ((1-198)) Moore Rd ((101-298)) Morgan Rd ((801-999)) Mountain Rd ((2-5099)) Mt Calvary Church Rd ((1-2154)) Mt Zion Rd ((100-398)) Neal Ray Rd ((601-1099)) Nowell Taylor Rd ((2-1638)) Nowell-Taylor Rd ((2-1698)) Panhandle Rd ((5201-5299)) Ray Rd ((201-999)) Red Patterson Rd ((2-298)) Rhodes Cir ((200-698)) Roach Rd ((1-599)) Rockport Rd ((2100-2399)) Ronnie Spears Rd ((901-999)) Smythe St ((401-2373)) Spay Rd ((1200-6098)) State Hwy 12 ((26300-36898)) State Hwy 14 ((12601-39798)) State Hwy 407 ((2200-4399)) State Hwy 411 ((8601-10298)) Stevenson-Kerr Rd ((300-2798)) Strawbridge Rd ((900-1399)) Tootsie Carter Rd ((100-898)) Town Rockport Rd ((2100-2399)) Townsend Rd ((200-499)) Triplett Ingram Rd ((1-398)) Vowell Rd ((101-1699)) Webb-Ball Rd ((401-699)) Weir-Highpoint Rd ((201-4799)) Weir-Mccool Rd ((1-1698)) Weir Panhandle Rd ((301-5798)) Weir-Panhandle Rd ((5201-5299)) Whitmire Rd ((101-2598)) William Miller Rd ((2-198)) Williams Carlton Rd ((1-198)) Winters St ((2201-2798))

    39108 Places and Attractions

    Abraham Baptist Church Alex Faulkner Lake Dam Allen Springs School (historical) Antioch Baptist Church Antioch (historical) Ashfordville School (historical) Ballard Cemetery Bay Branch Bear Creek Bear Creek Cemetery Bear Creek (historical) Bear Creek Missionary Baptist Church Bear Creek School (historical) Berea Baptist Church Berea Cemetery Berea (historical) Berea School (historical) Black Creek Bloomingburg Cemetery Bowie Chapel Cemetery Bowie Chapel Methodist Church Bowies Chapel Bowie School (historical) Briar Creek Carr Cemetery Church of God Cole Creek Conly Mills (historical) County Line School (historical) Dry Creek Dry Creek East County Line Church Edgefield Baptist Church Edgefield Cemetery Edgefield (historical) Edgefield School (historical) Edwards Mill (historical) Egg Creek Fancher Hill Baptist Church Fancher Hill School (historical) Greenlee Elementary School Greenlee School (historical) Gregory (historical) Hannah Plantation (historical) Harmony Baptist Church Harmony Cemetery Hinze Hinze Cemetery Hinze Church Hobson School (historical) Holly Branch Hopewell Cemetery Hopewell Cemetery Hopewell Cemetery Hopewell Church Hopewell Church Hopewell United Methodist Church Hurricane Creek Hutchinson School (historical) Ironstone Hills Kerr Liberty Chapel Liberty Chapel Cemetery Liberty Chapel Public School (historical) Liberty Hill Cemetery Liberty Hill (historical) Liberty Hill Methodist Church Liberty Hill School (historical) Lignite Spring Little Calvary Cemetery Little Calvary Church Little Creek Lobutcha (historical) McCool McCool Cemetery McCool Fire Department McCool Lookout Tower McElroy Lake Dam Moore Branch Mount Nebo Church Mount Pilgrim Cemetery Mount Zion Cemetery Mount Zion Church Multona Springs Multona Springs School (historical) Nash Creek School (historical) Oak Ridge Cemetery Oak Ridge (historical) Oak Ridge School (historical) Old Bowie Cemetery Old Concord Cemetery Owens Chapel Owens Chapel Cemetery Owens Chapel (historical) Panther Creek Phoenix Mills (historical) Pilgrim Cemetery Rawhide Branch Reedy Creek Rural Hill Rural Hill Cemetery Rural Hill Methodist Church Ruth Branch Saint Pauls Church Salem Cemetery Salem Church Sand Creek Simmons Lake Dam Spay School (historical) Spring Branch Steele (historical) Supervisor District 2 Supervisor District 4 Thompson (historical) Thompson School (historical) Tibby Creek Town of McCool Unity School (historical) Vowell Cemetery Vowell School (historical) Weir Lagoon Dam White Plains Baptist Church White Plains Cemetery White Plains School (historical) Wildcat Creek