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  • East Flora Elementary
  • East Flora Middle
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    ZIP Code 39071 is located in Madison County Hinds County (0.80%)

    39071 Street Addresses

    1st St ((100-599)) 2nd St ((100-399)) 3rd St ((100-399)) 4th Ave ((100-319)) 4th St ((100-319)) 4th St Exn ((400-404)) Abernathy Rd ((100-599)) Allard Rd ((100-299)) Bannerman Dr ((100-299)) Battmore Rd ((201-277)) Bradshaw Rd ((100-199)) Bratton Rd ((100-199)) Brookwood St ((100-140)) Burden Ave ((100-398)) Burden St ((100-699)) Calhoun St ((100-299)) Camilla Ln ((100-199)) Cane Creek Rd ((100-599)) Canton-Flora Rd ((4600-4798)) Carter St ((100-198)) Cecil Dr ((100-199)) Cedar Creek Dr ((100-199)) Cedar Hill Ln ((100-199)) Cedar Hill Rd ((100-806)) Cedar St ((100-299)) Center St ((100-3099)) Chapel Hill Rd ((100-499)) Charles Rd ((100-199)) Cherry Ridge Cove ((100-199)) Chestnut Hill ((101-199)) Childress Ln ((100-399)) Clark St ((100-298)) Coal Hill Xing ((101-199)) Compress St ((100-199)) Court St ((1-99)) Cox Ferry Rd ((101-2499)) Crawford Rd ((100-398)) Critter Rd ((100-199)) Crosswind Dr ((100-298)) Deer Ridge Dr ((100-299)) Devonshire Way ((1-99)) Easy St ((100-598)) Echols St ((100-198)) Edwards Rd ((100-199)) Ellis Rd ((100-498)) Elverse Jones Dr ((100-299)) E Madison St ((4800-5033)) E Main St ((4600-5029)) Emmit Rd ((100-199)) Ergon Rd ((100-199)) Estes St ((100-199)) Forest Park Rd ((100-199)) Gaines Ln ((100-126)) Grace Ln Pvt ((2-298)) Greenbriar Cir ((101-199)) Gresham Rd ((100-199)) Griffin Dr ((100-199)) Grisham Ln ((100-102)) Gus Green Rd ((100-499)) Hammack Rd ((100-198)) Hardacre Dr ((100-199)) Hardy Rd ((200-298)) Harris Rd ((100-799)) Harris Subdivision Rd ((100-199)) Hawkins Rd ((100-299)) Hiawatha Ln ((1301-1399)) Hiawatha Trl ((1301-1399)) Hickory St ((100-199)) Hidden Lake Rd ((100-299)) Highland Hills Ln ((100-299)) Highland Meadow Rd ((100-398)) Highlands Meadow Rd ((100-399)) Highland Trce ((100-199)) Highland Trl ((100-199)) Holcomb Rd ((100-199)) Horton Rd ((100-199)) Howard Dr ((100-199)) Jackson St ((100-399)) Jeffreys Rd ((101-199)) Joe Hall Rd ((1900-2298)) John Porter Rd ((100-199)) Johnson Line Rd ((3200-4098)) Jones St ((100-199)) Jubilee Rd ((301-599)) Kearney Park Rd ((101-683)) Kennebrew Rd ((1000-1098)) Kirk Cir ((100-199)) Knox Ave ((100-398)) Knox Ln ((300-398)) Ladner Manor Dr ((100-199)) Lake Hill Dr ((501-599)) Lake Trail Dr ((100-299)) Lee St ((1-99)) Lep Childress Rd ((200-398)) Liberty St ((100-5298)) Lincoln St ((1-199)) Livingston Vernon Rd ((300-1599)) Lonesome Pine Dr ((100-199)) Lula Baptist Church Rd ((1000-1098)) Madison St ((3000-3099)) Magnavox St ((100-199)) Magnolia St ((100-199)) Mannsdale Rd ((600-645)) Mason Ln ((101-199)) McCullough Ln ((100-399)) Meadow View Ln ((100-199)) Memorial Cir ((2300-2398)) Memorial Dr ((100-199)) Middle Rd ((100-299)) Monroe St ((100-399)) Moselle Ln ((1-1398)) Moss Creek Cove ((100-199)) Moss Creek Rd ((100-207)) Mount Leopard Rd ((100-799)) Mt Olive Church Rd ((101-107)) NE Cox Ferry Rd ((100-399)) Norris St ((100-199)) Oakdale Rd ((1-399)) Odom St ((100-153)) Old Hwy 49 ((100-199)) Parkinson Rd ((201-399)) Peach St ((100-5110)) Pear St ((100-199)) Pecan St ((201-416)) Petrified Forest Rd ((201-1199)) Phillips Rd ((100-499)) Pine Cove ((100-199)) Pine Dr ((100-199)) Pine Lake Cove ((101-199)) Pine Lake Cv ((100-198)) Pine Lake Rd ((101-199)) Pine St ((100-208)) Pine View Cir ((100-298)) Pocahontas Dr ((1000-1299)) Pocahontas Rd ((100-1798)) Porter Ln ((100-199)) Pugh Rd ((100-298)) Purvis Rd ((100-599)) Race Ln Pvt ((2-298)) Railroad Ave ((100-475)) Ratliff Rd ((300-399)) Renfroe St ((100-199)) Robinson Springs Rd ((100-999)) Robinson Springs Rd E Exd ((100-199)) Robinson Springs Rd W Exd ((100-299)) Rocking Horse Rd ((100-199)) S 1st St ((502-510)) SE Carter Ave ((100-198)) SE Clark St ((100-298)) SE Jones St ((100-199)) Shady Grove Rd ((1400-2098)) Sheppard St ((100-399)) Simmons Rd ((101-199)) Sky Meadow Rd ((100-199)) Soloman Green Pl ((100-199)) Spring Creek Rd ((100-599)) Spring Rd ((100-399)) State Hwy 22 ((100-6199)) St Charles Ave ((100-699)) St Charles St ((100-898)) Stokes Rd ((100-1269)) Stormy Dr ((100-198)) SW 4th St ((4245-5049)) SW Peach St ((100-499)) Tara Dr ((101-199)) Teresa Ln ((100-199)) Terri Rd ((100-199)) US Hwy 49 ((101-1599)) Vaughn St ((100-199)) Virginia Ave ((100-199)) Virlilia Rd ((2900-3198)) Waldrop Ln ((100-298)) Waldrop Rd ((100-399)) Watson Rd ((100-399)) Watson St ((101-199)) Weeks End Dr E ((100-199)) Weeks End Dr N ((100-299)) Wilder Dr ((300-599)) Willis Rd ((100-199)) Willow Way ((100-299)) Windy Hill Dr ((100-299)) W Madison St ((4800-5041)) Woodlands Ln ((100-198)) Woodlea Rd ((100-199))

    39071 Places and Attractions

    Abernathy Cemetery Adelle Anderson Anderson Cemetery Anderson Cemetery Andrew Chapel Balfour Creek Balfour-Gartley Cemetery Bethel Church (historical) Bogue Chitto Creek Burnt Corn Creek Burnt Corn Watershed Structure Number 3 Dam Buzzard Lake Cane Creek Catfish Lake Cedar Grove Church Cedar Hill Lake Cedar Hill Lake Dam Church of God of Prophecy Clark Cemetery Clayton Cemetery C L Hardaman Lake Dam Damascus Church Deposit Guarnty Bank Lake Dam Dodson Branch East Flora High School East Flora School E E Lane Airport Fearns Chapel Fearns Chapel Cemetery Flora Flora Baptist Church Flora Cemetery Flora Elementary School Flora Fire Department Flora Post Office Flora Public Library Flora School Flora United Methodist Church Franklin Church Freens Chapel (historical) G E Morgan Lake Dam G E Morgan Lake Dam Good Hope Baptist Church Cemetery Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church Good Samaritan Church Hall Chapel Hammack Cemetery Hinter Cemetery Holy City Church of God in Christ H S Omahvndro Lake Dam Jackson Cemetery Jones Chapel J R Edgar Lake Dam J R Edgar Lake Dam Jubilee Company Lake Dam Kearney Park Kearney Park Census Designated Place Kearney Park Industrial Area Kearney Park Lake Kearney Park Lake Dam Kendall Quinn Lake Dam Lindsey Harris Lake Dam Livingston L L Childress Lake Dam Lula Church Madison Livestock Investment Lake Dam Mound Creek Mount Center Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Mount Centre Church Mount Olive Church Mount Olympus Post Office (historical) Persimmon-Burntcorn Structure 1 Dam Persimmon Creek Pocahontas Pocahontas Cemetery Pocahontas Methodist Church Pocahontas Post Office R B Middleton Lake Dam Regan (historical) Robinson Springs Root Hog Airport Shady Grove Church Shady Grove Church Cemetery Sibley Creek Simmons Memorial Baptist Church Simmons Memorial Chapel Smith Chapel Smith Chapel Cemetery Smith School Smith School (historical) Spring Creek Stokes Supervisor District 4 Tarpley Cemetery Tate Lake Dam Tom Virden Lake Dam Town Creek Town of Flora Tri-County Academy Tri-County Academy T S Rowland Lake Dam Union Hill Church Vernon W H Lane Dam Wilson Grove Church W L Childress Lake Dam Woodman Hill Church Woodman Hill Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery