Belzoni, MS 39038 ZIP Code Map


Belzoni ZIP Codes


39038 Schools


  • Humphreys Jr High School
  • Humphreys County High School
  • O M Mc Nair Upper Elementary
  • Ida Greene Lower Elementary
  • Humphreys Co Voc Center
  • Census


    ZIP Code 39038 is located in Humphreys County (85.10%) Leflore County (13.80%) Holmes County (1.00%)

    39038 Street Addresses

    2nd St ((200-398)) 4th St ((201-599)) Abraham Rd ((2-3499)) Airport Rd ((101-598)) Alleman Rd ((501-599)) Bankhead Dr ((900-2099)) Beale St ((100-298)) Bear Creek Rd ((301-399)) Beech St ((1-299)) Birdsong Rd ((100-198)) Blacklane St ((200-299)) Bodry Chisolm Rd ((2-798)) Bowles St ((100-899)) Bratton St ((100-299)) Breazeale Rd ((100-299)) Bridgers St ((100-199)) Briley St ((1-699)) Broad Lake Rd ((3501-3599)) Brooks St ((200-299)) Bud Robertson Rd ((2-998)) Cain Ave ((101-899)) Callio Rd ((149-1399)) Carter St ((100-599)) Castleman St ((100-499)) C C Rd ((1-699)) Cemetery Rd ((301-1998)) Central Ave ((100-831)) Cessna St ((100-199)) Cheatham St ((500-599)) Cherry St ((200-299)) China St ((100-2098)) Church Rd ((9000-10098)) Church St ((100-1199)) Church Street Aly ((501-599)) Cochran Dr ((101-199)) Cochran Rd ((101-199)) Cohn St ((100-899)) Compress St ((201-299)) Coolidge St ((401-499)) Cooperage St ((100-199)) Co Rd 271 ((100-10798)) Co Rd 529 ((9000-10098)) Co Rd 553 ((73201-75999)) Delmar Dr ((100-199)) Delta Company Loop ((1-99)) Deovelente Rd ((100-3298)) Deovolente Rd ((100-3898)) Duett Ln ((1-399)) E 3rd St ((40-306)) Eastside Dr ((800-1299)) Easy Money Rd ((2-2899)) E First St ((100-1224)) Eisenhower St ((400-499)) E Jackson St ((100-412)) E Kendall Dr ((100-199)) Elm St ((400-499)) February St ((101-199)) Fillmore St ((500-599)) Fisher St ((300-499)) Fisk Ave ((600-826)) Four Mile ((4300-4342)) Four Mile Rd ((500-1399)) Francis Dr ((600-718)) George Lee Ave ((100-122)) George Lee St ((101-699)) Goathill Rd ((1401-5699)) Goat Hill Rd ((3701-4798)) Gooden Lake Rd ((400-6998)) Grant St ((200-299)) Griffen Cir ((100-213)) Gunn Bayou Rd ((1-198)) Hampshire St ((200-299)) Harding St ((301-399)) Harpole St ((100-1031)) Harvey St ((102-199)) Hayden Aly ((200-598)) Hayden St ((600-1407)) Holmes Ave ((500-599)) Honey Adams Rd ((1000-1098)) Hoover St ((200-299)) Inverness Rd ((200-4342)) Isobel St ((400-499)) Jaketown Rd ((2-499)) January St ((100-199)) Johnson St ((200-299)) June St ((100-199)) Kelli Ave ((500-599)) Kennedy St ((300-598)) Lady Bird Ave ((600-736)) Latiker Dr ((2-68)) Lee Ave ((300-522)) Leflore St ((101-412)) Lincoln St ((700-799)) Longino St ((500-599)) Lowery St ((100-199)) Lyle Rd ((100-199)) Lyndale Dr ((104-1898)) Magnolia St ((100-199)) Main St ((169-225)) Malone Rd ((101-698)) Maple St ((400-499)) Marcella Rd ((75-2399)) March St ((100-199)) Martin Luther King Dr ((600-1407)) Martin St ((700-899)) May St ((100-199)) McAllister Dr ((1000-1099)) McGee Rd ((800-998)) McKinley St ((700-898)) Meadow Ln ((5300-5399)) Mound St ((500-999)) Mulberry St ((100-199)) N Hayden Dr ((100-198)) N Hayden St ((1-599)) Nixon St ((100-199)) N Kendall Dr ((100-199)) Oak Ave ((200-610)) Oakwood Dr ((1000-1398)) Old Hawkins Rd ((1-199)) Ole Lake Rd ((601-1499)) Parsonage Rd ((1-499)) Pecan St ((100-1399)) Penn Ave ((100-199)) Peterbos Dr ((100-199)) Pine St ((600-1199)) Piper St ((100-299)) Pitchford Rd ((75-631)) Pluck Rd ((301-3499)) Po Boy Rd ((100-1098)) Poplar St ((400-499)) Price St ((700-999)) Putman Rd ((401-499)) Putnam Rd ((501-1898)) River Rd ((5001-7298)) Rob Howard Rd ((2-798)) Robin Rd ((1300-1399)) Robinson St ((100-299)) Roosevelt St ((100-299)) Rose St ((500-599)) Ruby St ((200-299)) Rutherford St ((600-699)) Ryan St ((200-299)) S Belzoni St ((142-198)) Shannon St ((500-599)) Sharkey St ((201-599)) S Hayden St ((101-598)) Short St ((300-399)) Silent Shade Rd ((800-75999)) Silver City Rd ((100-599)) Silver City St ((101-199)) Silver Creek Rd ((201-299)) Simmons Rd ((1000-2198)) Smith Rd ((201-999)) Solomon Dr ((1-798)) South St ((100-263)) Sprull Rd ((1001-5399)) State Hwy 12 ((103-2399)) State Hwy 12 W ((3701-4798)) State Hwy 7 ((1-1898)) State Hwy 7s ((82101-82199)) Stearman St ((1-199)) Sunflower Ave ((200-598)) Sweethome Rd ((100-199)) Tay Parker Rd ((200-299)) Tharp Rd ((500-1198)) Townsend Lake Rd ((601-3698)) Townsend Rd ((201-299)) Truman St ((100-199)) US Hwy 49W ((103-111)) US Hwy 49 W ((2000-2015)) Van Buren St ((100-199)) Virginia St ((502-1399)) W 3rd St ((100-199)) Warren St ((100-199)) Washington St ((200-599)) Wasp Lake Rd ((201-898)) Westside Dr ((801-1921)) West St ((401-599)) Wiley St ((300-499)) Willis St ((201-299)) Wilson Cir ((100-199)) Windsor Ct ((100-2399)) Wister Dr ((401-699)) W Jackson St ((100-399)) W Kendall Dr ((100-199)) W Lincoln St ((101-199)) Woodyard Rd ((1100-2598)) Wren Rd ((75-631))

    39038 Places and Attractions

    A B Evans Lake Dam Bear Creek Beautiful Zion Church (historical) Beautiful Zion Church Number Two Beaver Dam Brake Beckwith Lake Dam Belzoni Belzoni Fire Department Belzoni Lagoon Dam Belzoni Landing (historical) Belzoni Municipal Airport B G Janous Pond Dam B G Janous Pond Dam Black Democrat Bayou Blue Hole Blue Sack Landing (historical) Bridges Landing (historical) Broad Lake Brooklyn Buck Bayou Burtonia Landing (historical) Callao Landing (historical) Calvary Church Carson Cemetery Castleman City of Belzoni Cypress Grove Church Daybreak Chapel Daybreak Plantation (historical) Deadman Lake D E C Farms Pond Dam D E C Farms Pond Dam Delta Company Pond Dam Democrat Lake Deovolente Deovolente School Ditchlow Bayou Ditch Number Eighteen Ditch Number Twenty Seven Ditch Number Twenty Six Dry Bayou Duke Lake Dam Eagle Lake Eagle Lake (historical) Eagle Lake Landing (historical) East Lake Elizabeth Church Fairview Landing (historical) Famolsa Landing (historical) Famosla Cut-Off Fisk Bayou Four Mile Fourmile Lake Freedmans Bureau Landing (historical) Fullilove Cemetery Fullilove Lake Goat Hill Landing (historical) Gooden Lake Gooden Lake Gooden Lake Church Gooden Lake School (historical) Grass Lake Grassy Lake Graves Cemetery Green Grove Church Greentree State Waterfowl Production Area Griffin Landing (historical) Gum Bayou Gun Bayou Landing (historical) Hard Cash Hard Cash Cutoff Hard Cash Lake Hawkins Lake Dam Hazel Dell Landing (historical) H B Rowland Pond Dam H D Tharp Lake Dam Henry Halls Landing (historical) Holiness Church Holly Grove Cemetery Holly Grove Church Honey Island Honey Island H O Tharp Dam Humphreys County Humphreys County Elementary School Humphreys County Fire and Rescue Humphreys County High School Humphreys County Junior High School Humphreys County Vocational Complex Indian Mound Church (historical) Jackson Bayou Jaketown Jims Island Landing (historical) Jones Cemetery Jones Chapel Lake Discovery Lake Loc (historical) Lamberts Landing (historical) Little Atchafalaya Bayou Long Lake Lousy Level Landing (historical) Macedonia Cemetery Macedonia Church Mahrud (historical) Mahrud Landing (historical) Main Ditch B Manchester Landing (historical) Marcella Markhams Ferry (historical) Marksville B Cut-Off Mathena Mathena Brake Mathena Cemetery Mathena Church Mathews Crossing Maxwells Landing (historical) Mayday Landing (historical) Moon Lake Morganza Landing (historical) Mortimer Lake Dam Mound School (historical) Mount Carmel Church (historical) Mount Carmel Elementary School Mount Everet Cemetery Mount Everet Church Mount Heaver I Church Mount Heaver II Church Mount Vernon Church Mount Zion Cemetery Mount Zion Church Mrs S O Tharp Lake Dam Murphy Ferry Nichols O J Turner Third Lake Dam Old River Ole Lake Palmatree Island Patients' Choice Medical Center Paul Roberts Lake Dam Paxton Brake Payne School (historical) Pelican Bend Perkins (historical) Perkins Landing (historical) Peteet Phoenix Landing (historical) Pickell Lake Dam Pickell Lake Dam Pickell Lake Dam Pilgrim Rest Church Pinkerton Lake Dam Pleasant Green Church Rattler Bayou Refuge Refuge Chapel Saint Paul's Church Number 1 S B Thorton Lake Dam Seitz (historical) Shady Grove Church (historical) Shell Bluff Landing (historical) Shell Brake (historical) Sheltonia Landing (historical) Sheppard Landing (historical) Shiloh Church Shiloh-Deovolente Church Shipps Landing (historical) Short Jerusalem Church Silent Shade Cut-Off Silent Shade Landing (historical) Sky Lake Sky Lake Bend Cemetery Sky Lake Swamp S L Reed Lake Dam S L Reed Lake Dam S L Reed Lake Dam Snake Creek Springwood Landing (historical) Supervisor District 1 Supervisor District 4 Tchula Lake Thomas Turner Lake Dam Thornton Lake Dam Toney Brake Townson Lake Turner Field Tuscola Landing (historical) T W Aust Ponds Twin Lakes Bayou Valley Forge Landing (historical) Wades Chapel (historical) Wakes Valley Landing (historical) Wards Landing (historical) Wasp Lake Wasp Lake Landing (historical) Watson Chapel Watson School (historical) Watsons Landing (historical) Welchs Camp Landing (historical) WELZ-AM (Belzoni) West Over Landing (historical) West Point Landing (historical) Whatley Lake Dam Whiskey Slough Landing (historical) Wilderness Landing (historical) Winter Quarters Landing (historical) Woodland Cemetery Woodland Church Woodland School Yazoo River Cutoff Youngs Landing (historical)