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  • E Tallahatchie Voc Center
  • Charleston Middle School
  • Charleston High School
  • Charleston Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 38921 is located in Tallahatchie County

    38921 Street Addresses

    Alan ((2-699)) Allen St ((2-799)) Ascalmore Creek Rd ((1-630)) A St ((1-99)) Bailey Rd ((1201-1399)) Belmont St ((301-699)) Birch St ((1-99)) Blackberry St ((200-499)) Blackmon Ln ((1-99)) Blount St ((100-1198)) Blue Cane Rd ((2-698)) Blue Cane West Rd ((2-325)) Boclair Dr ((400-698)) Bonner Rd ((107-399)) Booker Rd ((100-199)) Broome St ((600-698)) B St ((1-99)) Burns Cir ((1-198)) Byars Rd ((1-299)) Byrd Houston Rd ((2-199)) Calhoun St ((200-256)) Carrol Dr ((1-799)) Cascilla Rd ((1529-1561)) Chestnut Ave ((101-820)) Clay St ((201-515)) Cole Dr ((2-98)) Cole Hill Rd ((2-399)) Country Club Rd ((1-99)) Covington Dr ((2-199)) Creek Dr ((1-99)) Crowder Dr ((1-99)) C St ((1-99)) Curtis Dr ((100-298)) Cypress St ((1-508)) D E Denman Rd ((1-299)) Denman Loop ((1-199)) Depot St ((1-399)) Dogwood St St ((3-99)) Dorothy St ((200-743)) Dr Martin L King Dr ((300-626)) D St ((2-99)) Dungan Dr ((2-98)) E Cypress St ((300-499)) E Gay St ((101-998)) Elizabeth St ((1-699)) E Main St ((400-998)) Enid Teasdale Rd ((213-603)) Eskridge St ((49-499)) E St ((2-99)) Eve St ((1-99)) E Walnut St ((400-499)) Fairview Rd ((100-499)) Fir St ((2-98)) Friendship E Rd ((1-799)) F St ((1-99)) Gay St ((400-498)) George Little Rd ((2-98)) George P Cossar Blvd ((300-499)) Goad Rd ((1-299)) Grassy Lake Rd ((1301-1999)) Hamilton Dr ((2-3321)) Hampton Lake Rd ((207-459)) Hargett Dr ((2-199)) Harris Dr ((2-299)) Harrison Rd ((101-479)) Henson Ln ((1-298)) Hillcrest Dr ((1-99)) Hill Repair Rd ((1-298)) Holly St ((200-599)) Honeysuckle Dr ((1-198)) Horton Dr ((1-99)) Hunter Creek Rd ((1-899)) Hwy 32 E ((6263-7139)) Hwy 35 N ((3378-5638)) Hwy 35 S ((2082-2666)) Hyde Rd ((101-199)) Industrail Dr ((401-499)) James Rd ((355-409)) Johnson Dr ((1-98)) Johnson St ((102-198)) Jones St ((314-320)) Lafayette Blvd ((100-498)) Lallie Ave ((301-414)) Lallie St ((100-116)) Lane Dr ((1-99)) Lane Rd ((1-162)) Lang Dr ((1-99)) Levee Rd ((100-198)) Leveeview Rd ((35-99)) Lindley Ln ((1-2099)) Little Hubbard Rd ((101-199)) Little Rd ((2-698)) Lowe Rd ((2-98)) Magnolia St ((2-699)) Main St ((101-211)) Marshall Ave ((100-499)) Marshall St ((1-798)) Martin Luther King Dr ((100-299)) McCullough Dr ((1-99)) McNulty Rd ((200-798)) Meeks Cir ((2-98)) Milam Ln ((100-399)) Mitchell Lake Rd ((1-599)) Morning Star Dr ((1-398)) Mounce Rd ((1-165)) Mulberry St ((400-725)) Murphy Rd ((101-598)) Nations Rd ((1-199)) N Church St ((100-414)) N Cossar Ave ((201-505)) N Creek Rd ((201-499)) Nell St ((1-898)) Nelson Dr ((1-99)) Newton Ln ((1-49)) N Franklin St ((100-499)) N King Dr ((100-799)) N Market St ((100-418)) N Panola St ((200-299)) N Pleasant Rear ((301-699)) N Sabine ((301-698)) N Sabine Ave ((100-498)) N Sabin St ((1-899)) N Sarah Ave ((1-899)) N Vine St ((100-619)) N Waverly St ((100-399)) Oak Grove Rd ((2-899)) Otter Lake Dr ((1-99)) Padgett Dr ((2-298)) Paducah Wells Rd ((200-363)) Pamplin Rd ((201-399)) Peachtree St ((2-107)) Pernell Dr ((1-99)) Peters Hill Rd ((2-922)) Pine St ((200-898)) Pumping Station Rd ((1-57)) Rabbit Ridge Dr ((101-199)) Railroad Dr ((1-41)) Railroad St ((201-299)) Robinson Rd ((1-99)) Rocky Branch Rd ((701-799)) Rosalind St ((400-499)) Rosebloom Rd ((777-899)) Sabine Ave ((2-798)) Saint Charles St ((601-899)) Sanders Dr ((1-799)) Sarah Ave ((200-799)) Sayle Ln ((1-219)) S Bluff St ((200-699)) S Church St ((101-205)) S Clay St ((300-599)) S Cossar Ave ((300-699)) S Country Club Rd ((1-98)) S Creek Rd ((401-1298)) S Franklin St ((100-598)) Shade St ((301-613)) Sharkey Rd ((39-1798)) Shaw Rd ((100-299)) Shores Dr ((100-299)) S Market St ((201-498)) S Panola St ((100-462)) S Pleasant ((101-298)) S Sabine Ave ((300-499)) S Sabine St ((300-499)) State Hwy 32 ((101-7139)) State Hwy 35 ((201-5638)) Steele Dr ((2-398)) Sunnie ((401-799)) S Vine St ((101-398)) S Waverly St ((101-499)) Tallaha Rd ((2-2299)) Tandy Rd ((42-98)) Tatum Pond Rd ((856-998)) Taylor Rd ((9600-9634)) Teasdale Rd ((100-2344)) Tippo Creek Rd ((401-447)) Tippo Rd ((1700-3398)) Toole Rd ((240-299)) Tribble Rd ((2-498)) Walnut St ((100-899)) W Cypress St ((300-699)) W Holly St ((200-699)) W Main St ((300-799)) Womble Aly ((700-799)) W Walnut St ((300-898))

    38921 Places and Attractions

    Adams Arbor Church of God Prophecy Adams Arbor Church of God Prophecy Cemetery Allen-Carver High School (historical) Alligator Lake Arbin Landing Ascalmore Creek Structure Y-17a-5 Dam Ascalmore Creek Structure Y-17a-72 Dam Ascalmore Watershed Y-17a-72 Dam Bellamy Creek Bethlehem Church Bethlehem School (historical) Black Bayou Black Bayou Blue Cane Church Brushy Bayou Buntyn Creek Structure Y-16A-1 Dam Buntyn Creek Structure Y-16A-6 Dam Buzzard Bayou Buzzard Bayou Lake Camp Talla Refuge Carver Hill Cemetery Cassidy Bayou Cassidy Bayou Landing Charleston Charleston City Hall Charleston Elementary School Charleston Fire Department Charleston High School Charleston Middle School Charleston Municipal Airport Charleston Post Office Charleston Upper Elementary School Church of Christ Church of God Church of God Church of God Cemetery City of Charleston Cowart Cowart Church Craigs Landing Crevi (historical) Effie First Baptist Church First Presbyterian Church First United Methodist Church Flautt Airport Frazier Bayou Friendship Church Grassy Lake Grassy Lake Cut-Off Gray School (historical) Holly Grove Church Horseshoe Lake Hubbard Creek Hubbard Creek Hunter Creek Indian Church Jarman Ferry (historical) Jarman Landing Kings Chapel Lake Tallaha Lee Branch Little Frazier Bayou Little Hubbard Church Locopolis Bayou Locopolis Church Locopolis Cut-Off Locopolis (historical) Locopolis Landing Magnolia Cemetery Mark Simmons Lake Dam McQuirter Bayou Mikoma Morning Star Church Mount Calvery Cemetery Mount Calvery Church Mount Levy Church Mount Moriah Church Mount Zion Church Mount Zion School (historical) Muddy Bayou Murphree Creek Murphy Branch New Salem Cemetery New Salem Church New Town Cemetery North Fork Tillatoba Creek Oakland Lake Oakland Lake Cut -Off Old Bethel Church Opossum Bayou Cut-Off Otter Lake Paducah Well Church Patterson Bayou Patterson Lake Paynes Persimmon Grove Church Pilgrim Church Platner Bayou Round Lake Rowland Branch Rowland Cemetery Saint Andrew Church Saint John Baptist Church Saint Johns Catholic Church Saint Johns Cemetery Saint Luke Church Sharkey Sharkeys Landing Sherman Creek School South Lake South Lake Bayou Starck Hollow Staten Landing Strider Academy Strider-Taylor Public Access Area Stringer Lake Swan Lake Swan Lake Landing Swan Lake Post Office Tallahatchie County Tallahatchie County Courthouse Tallahatchie General Hospital Tandy Tillatoba Creek Tillatoba Cut-Off Tippo Tippo Elementary School (historical) Turner Walnut Grove Church Walnut Lake