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38769 Schools


  • West Bolivar Elem
  • Joe Barnes Vocational Center
  • West Bolivar District Middle School
  • West Bolivar Dist High School
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    ZIP Code 38769 is located in Bolivar County (93.20%) Desha County (6.80%)

    38769 Street Addresses

    1st St ((300-529)) 2nd St ((100-612)) 3rd St ((100-610)) 4th St ((600-612)) 5th St ((601-623)) A St ((600-614)) Beulah Rd ((1340-1898)) Bogy Rd ((5000-5098)) Bradford St ((500-699)) Brown St ((100-1199)) Bruce St ((200-698)) Buck St ((1-99)) Bush Rd ((100-298)) Canal St ((701-799)) Cattle Ranch Rd ((1-632)) Chicago St ((100-199)) Clark St ((100-398)) Conger Rd ((200-499)) Cottonwood Rd ((200-399)) Court St ((101-199)) Cutoff Rd ((2-298)) Cut Off Rd ((200-298)) Danna St ((500-599)) Dattle Rd ((200-598)) Davis Ave ((700-799)) Donaldson Point Rd ((200-798)) Dr Martin Luther King St ((401-904)) Elizabeth St ((100-302)) Fair St ((700-799)) Fitzgerald St ((500-698)) Frazier Rd ((400-458)) From Rd ((2-299)) Front St ((2-911)) Gibson Swamp Rd ((1-1799)) Greely St ((300-399)) Jackson St ((100-199)) Jd Simpson Dr ((300-399)) Jenny Washington Ave ((601-607)) J St ((100-199)) Kennedy Dr ((500-534)) Lake Rd ((101-199)) Lenalice Dr ((101-199)) Levee St ((10-1199)) Lincoln Ave ((801-999)) Lincoln Dr ((1-999)) Locust Rd ((1-120)) Locust St ((1-99)) Madison St ((401-698)) Main St ((100-5052)) Malvina Rd ((300-999)) Martin Luther King Dr ((401-499)) Matthew St ((100-199)) McKay Rd ((2-20)) Miller Rd ((1400-1498)) Miller St ((900-1498)) Minnie Ervin Rd ((400-599)) Old Malvina Rd ((1-1439)) Old Peavine Rd ((400-1398)) Parker St ((2-299)) Park St ((301-399)) Peach St ((1-99)) Pearl Ave ((400-499)) Pear St ((1-298)) Pemble Rd ((1801-1899)) Railroad Ave ((201-1015)) Railroad St ((300-716)) Railroad St Exd ((53-59)) Raymond Rd ((500-678)) Riverside Dr ((100-198)) Roseland Ave ((301-318)) Sarah St ((1-99)) Scheff 1st St ((1001-1099)) Scheff First St ((1000-10098)) Scheff Second St ((1000-1008)) Scott St ((100-399)) Shelby St ((400-599)) S St ((700-798)) State Hwy 1 ((100-5919)) State Hwy 8 ((358-1866)) St Charles ((1300-1398)) Symonds Rd ((1-499)) Terrene Landing Rd ((800-802)) Terrene Rd ((100-199)) Thicket Rd ((1-1899)) Thomas Rd ((701-799)) Thomas St ((701-816)) Township Rd ((800-887)) Vance Rd ((700-798)) Victoria St ((1300-1331)) Vorhees St ((100-599)) Welshans Dr ((100-598))

    38769 Places and Attractions

    Anns Tabernacle Cemetery Bethlehem Church Beulah Island Landing Beulah Island Number 74 Bob Malone Catfish Ponds Dam Boles Lake Bolivar County High School Bolivar County Junior High School City of Rosedale Clifford Concordia Bayou Concordia Chute Concordia Drain Concordia Island Conservation Lake Dam Conservation League Lake Cumbyville Bar Dalton Taylor Catfish Ponds Dam Ditch Number Nine Ditch Number Seven Ditch Number Seven Ditch Number Six Ditch Number Thirteen Ditch Number Three Ditch Number Twelve Ditch Number Twelve A Ditch Number Two Dry Bayou East Star Church Gill Goffs Bayou Half Moon Bayou Henderson Bayou Joe Barnes Vocational Technical Center Klondike Landing Knowlton Point Lake Beulah Lake Concordia Lane Bayou Lane Landing (historical) Log Loader Chute Long Lake Lower Rosedale Landing Macedonia Church (historical) Malvina Martin Cemetery McClellan Lake New Hope Cemetery New Hope Church Niles Old River Lake Old Tar Paper Shack Lake Pitts Chapel Pleasant Green Church Pleasant Grove Cemetery Riverton Landing Riverton Revetment Rock of Ages Church Rosedale Rosedale Bend Rosedale Bend Rosedale Cemetery Rosedale Landing Rosedale Sewage Lagoon Dam Rosedale Volunteer Fire Department Saint Andrews Church Saint Andrews Church Saint John Church Saint Pauls Church Sawgrass Lake (historical) Scotland Plantation (historical) Sharewell Cemetery Smith Point Sugar Hill Plantation (historical) Symonds Terrene Landing Tree of Life Church Waldon Cemetery Walter Sillers Memorial Park Willow Slough Wright