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  • Leland School Park
  • Leland High School
  • Leland Voc Complex
  • Leland Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 38756 is located in Washington County

    38756 Street Addresses

    10th St ((100-299)) 11th St ((100-399)) 4th St ((100-499)) 5th St ((100-899)) 6th St ((100-999)) 7th St ((100-898)) 9th St ((100-299)) Amy Dr ((100-199)) Atkins Rd ((500-598)) Baker Blvd ((200-399)) Bamboo Rd ((1-499)) Bassi Rd ((200-499)) Bates St ((100-398)) Beale St ((100-199)) Bell Rd ((101-399)) Bishop Ln ((110-1399)) Black Bayou Rd ((1510-5613)) Breisch St ((100-499)) Brown Rd ((1-51)) Buck Rd ((100-199)) Burdette St ((100-199)) Burdett Rd ((300-599)) California Ave ((100-499)) Carraway St ((100-199)) Cefalu St ((100-199)) Central Ave ((100-199)) Charlies Aly ((101-199)) Church St ((100-399)) Collier Rd ((201-698)) Collier St ((100-199)) Cotton Dr ((100-199)) County Line Rd ((1-99)) Crooked Tree Ln ((2-199)) Cypress St ((200-599)) Dean Rd ((200-1299)) Dean St ((100-499)) Deer Creek Dr ((700-7099)) Dobaker Rd ((2-699)) Dodd Rd ((1-149)) Dogwood St ((101-199)) Doolittle Rd ((100-298)) Dunleith Rd ((1-398)) E 2nd St ((100-699)) E 3rd St ((100-999)) East St ((100-199)) Edwards Ave ((201-999)) Elizabeth Rd ((100-1099)) Feather Farms Rd ((2-1599)) Feltus Blvd ((2-999)) Fisher McGee Rd ((1-399)) Fitzhugh St ((100-333)) Flannagan Rd ((100-2298)) Forest Acres Rd ((1-198)) Freedom Village Rd ((101-299)) Garrison St ((100-499)) Geneille Rd ((200-598)) Gerald St ((100-599)) Gower Rd ((1-216)) Griffin Rd ((2-598)) Heads Rd ((2-299)) Helm Rd ((200-399)) Helm Rd W ((400-498)) Hermitage Rd ((607-1090)) Hill St ((100-498)) Hinton ((1700-1798)) Hinton Rd ((1700-1798)) Hood St ((101-599)) Huddleston St ((100-1099)) Humphreys County Line Rd ((2801-2819)) Hutson St ((100-799)) Hwy 82 W ((3760-4299)) Jackson St ((200-399)) Jones Dr ((1-99)) Katzenmeir St ((100-223)) Kennedy Flat Rd ((100-398)) Kuhn Rd ((1-199)) Lake Rd ((129-302)) Lakeview Dr ((100-399)) Landfill Rd ((2-98)) Lewis St ((100-399)) Lilac Dr ((1-199)) Linden St ((100-198)) Long St ((1-399)) Long St Exd ((300-399)) Longswitch Rd ((1-398)) Lysbeth Dr ((100-199)) Mark Dr ((100-199)) Mark Rd ((101-199)) Martin Luther King Jr Dr ((100-698)) Mathis St ((100-499)) McGee St ((100-499)) McKay Rd ((1-187)) Milam St ((100-210)) Miller St ((200-817)) Mimosa Dr ((100-199)) Napanee Rd ((100-1398)) N Broad St ((100-899)) N Deer Creek Dr ((901-999)) N Deer Creek Dr E ((100-999)) N Deer Creek Dr W ((101-999)) Neill Rd ((2-98)) Nicholson Trailer Pk Rd ((1-99)) N Main St ((100-1099)) Oak St ((100-599)) Old Hwy 61 ((100-3386)) Old Leland Rd ((3001-4898)) Old Tribbett Rd ((101-199)) Oquinn St ((100-226)) Palasini Rd ((101-199)) Palm St ((100-599)) Pat Rd ((100-199)) Patterson Rd ((700-899)) Peninsula Dr ((100-199)) Peyton Dr ((100-399)) Plantation Dr ((100-199)) Racquet Club Rd ((1-299)) Railroad Ave ((100-799)) Railroad Rd ((2-98)) Ray Charles St ((1-96)) Redbud Dr ((100-199)) Rexburg Rd ((200-398)) Rice Rd ((100-499)) Roadway St ((100-299)) Robbs St ((100-226)) Robinson St ((27-517)) Roth Rd ((101-199)) Ruby Washington St ((701-1015)) Saint Christopher Rd ((100-298)) S Broad St ((100-699)) School Park Dr ((100-399)) S Deer Creek Dr E ((200-398)) S Deer Creek Dr W ((100-799)) Seven Oaks Rd ((100-198)) Sinclair Ave ((100-199)) S Main St ((100-699)) Stallings St ((100-299)) St Christopher Rd ((100-1492)) St Jude St ((1-99)) Stone Ave ((100-199)) Stoneville Rd ((100-198)) Stovall Rd ((1-198)) Strike City Rd ((100-198)) Sycamore St ((100-399)) Taylor Rd ((201-399)) Thompson Ave ((100-199)) Tribbett Rd ((1901-3598)) Tucker St ((100-299)) Tyler St ((100-298)) US Hwy 61 ((1602-5968)) US Hwy 82 ((801-4299)) US Hwy 82 E ((1200-4352)) Vfw Rd ((2801-3099)) V F W Rd ((3200-3399)) W 2nd St ((100-698)) W 3rd St ((100-299)) Walker Rd ((101-199)) Watkins Rd ((1-598)) West St ((100-198)) Wilcox Rd ((1901-2699)) Willeroy St ((100-399)) Wilmont Rd ((2801-2899)) Winter St ((901-999)) Yeager St ((101-199))

    38756 Places and Attractions

    Aldridge Almy Ashley Crossing Bear Lake Bear Lake Bethlehem Cemetery Bethlehem Church Beulah Grove Baptist Church Big Trail Lake Bogue Church Bogue Phalia Cutoff Bourbon Brown Cemetery Brown Lake Dam Burdette Calvary Church Charity Cemetery Church of Christ City of Leland Clear Creek Cold Water Bayou Deep Slough Delta Branch Experimental Station Airport Delta Experimental Station Pond Dam Dunleith Eastern Star Church East Sixmile Bayou Ebenezer Baptist Church Elizabeth Evening Star Cemetery First Baptist Church Geneill Glendale Church Greenlawn Memorial Gardens Harris Ranch Catfish Pond Dam Hays Heads Heads Cemetery Helm Helm Cemetery Hinds Cemetery Holly Grove Church Hollyknowe Hopkins Cemetery Huddleston Lake Huntley Airport Ingrams Isenberg Jake Cemetery Jake Cemetery Number 2 Jerusalem Temple J M Dean Pond Johnson Bayou Jones Cemetery Jones Chapel Kindling Altar Cemetery Kindling Altar Church Knox Bayou Lake Monocnoc Lakeview Baptist Church Lamont Cemetery Leland Leland Elementary School Leland High School Leland Lagoon Dam Leland Middle School Leland Presbyterian Church Leland United Methodist Church Leland Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Leland Volunteer Fire Department Station 2 Lewis Air Service Airport Lincoln High School (historical) Long Magenta McGrath Morning Star Cemetery Morning Star Church Morning Star Church Mount Ararat Church Mount Carmel Church Mount Elm Church Mount Galilee Church Mount Koram Church Mount Olive Church Mount Pleasant Church Mount Zion Cemetery Mount Zion Church Nelia (historical) New Morning Star Church New Mount Ararat Church New Whitestone Church (historical) New Zion Baptist Church Old Morning Star Church Old Whitestone Church Parkview Baptist Church Pilgrim Home Baptist Church Pilgrims Rest Church Pleasant Point Church Pleasant Valley Church Quay (historical) Randolph (historical) Red Bridge Bayou Rexburg Rolling Bayou Roper Bayou Rose Hill Church Saint James African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint James Catholic Church Saint John Church Saint Johns Episcopal Mission Saint Marks Church Saint Marys Church Saint Marys Church Saint Matthew Church Saint Matthews Church Saint Paul Church Saint Peters Baptist Church Shady Grove School (historical) Sligo Plantation (historical) Stoneville-Leland Cemetery Supervisor District 4 Tate Airport Tralake Tribbett Union Cemetery WBAD-FM (Leland) WESY-AM (Leland) WESY-AM (Leland) Whitehall Plantation (historical) Widow Bayou Wrong Prong