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    ZIP Code 38753 is located in Sunflower County (88.20%) Humphreys County (11.80%)

    38753 Street Addresses

    1st St ((700-1098)) 2nd St ((401-1119)) 3rd St ((602-1199)) 4 Mile Rd ((1-99)) 4th St ((1-809)) 4th St Exd ((1-598)) 5th St ((700-899)) 6th St ((700-712)) Abney Rd ((2-28)) Black Bayou Rd ((1-99)) Bowles Rd ((1-99)) Braswell Rd ((1-99)) Brumfield Plantation Rd ((200-299)) Caile Rd ((100-198)) Chandler St ((301-499)) Compress Rd ((1-99)) Davis Ave ((600-1098)) Duncan Rd ((1-1098)) E 2nd St ((401-603)) E Caile Rd ((1-898)) E Duncan St ((401-513)) E Grand Ave ((200-1015)) First Ave ((1100-1218)) Floyd Smith Rd ((120-136)) Four Mile ((1601-5099)) Four Mile Rd ((1-5499)) Franklin Ave ((100-807)) Gene Lester Rd ((101-399)) George Baird Rd ((1-99)) Gholston St ((400-499)) Grace Rd ((1-99)) Indian Mound Rd ((3400-3627)) Inverness Rd ((1601-5499)) J L Beckham Rd ((1-98)) Katie Ln ((1-99)) Kennedy Flat Rd ((1-99)) King Rd ((1-1199)) Lamar Ave ((500-1099)) Lamar St ((500-1099)) Macon Lake Rd ((2-699)) Mamie Lee Rd ((2-199)) Marjane Dr ((700-899)) Marjane St ((700-899)) Marshall St ((700-899)) Milk ((501-799)) Montgomery Dr ((1100-1299)) Moore St ((1101-1299)) Mound Rd ((100-398)) Oak St ((900-1220)) Old Hwy 49 W ((400-1011)) Olive St ((600-698)) Parker St ((601-699)) Pat Ave ((400-698)) Pat Sheffield Rd ((1-98)) Pecan St ((500-599)) Pete King Ln ((1-99)) Poe Rd ((2-98)) Pond Ave ((1101-1699)) Price Rd ((1-99)) Robert Van Poindexter Rd ((800-1099)) S Church Rd ((1-99)) Sibley Ln ((1-99)) Simmons Rd ((300-399)) Southside Rd ((200-299)) Southside St ((1-598)) Spain Ln ((1-99)) State Hwy 3 ((1-685)) Three Mile Lake Rd ((2-799)) Toler Rd ((1-299)) Tommy Baird Rd ((100-299)) US Hwy 49 ((328-499)) Virginia Cir ((600-699)) Waco Rd ((1-799)) W Caile Rd ((101-157)) W Grand Ave ((501-1198)) Woodburn Rd ((101-798))

    38753 Places and Attractions

    Baird School (historical) Beaver Pond Beulah Church Big Morning Star Church Bobby Duncan Lake Dam Bowles Brady Landing Calvary Cemetery Calvery Church Central Delta Academy Charles Rowland Lake Dam Charlewan Lake Cordy Brake Davis Landing Duthu Lake Dam Gravel Bayou Hickory Bluff Landing Hickory Grove Cemetery Hickory Grove Church (historical) Holly Grove Cemetery Holly Grove Church Inverness Inverness Baptist Church Inverness Elementary School Inverness Fire and Water Department Inverness High School (historical) Inverness United Methodist Church King Lake Dam Lake Chaplion Church Lake Dawson Lang Flying Service Airport Lester Field Airport Little Morning Star Church Loyd Fish Farm Macon Lake Markham Church McGinnis Chapel Montgomery Airport Mossy Run Lake Mound Bayou Mound Bayou Church (historical) Mount Airy Cemetery Mount Airy Church Mount Center Church Mount Moriah Cemetery Mount Pleasant Church Mount Pleasant School (historical) New Bethley Church Newell Flying Service Airport New Hope Church (historical) Oak Bayou Oak Grove Church Onemile Lake Paxton Church (historical) Paxton School (historical) Prentiss Mound Price School (historical) Saint Johns Church Saint Pauls Cemetery Shady Grove Church Shady Grove School (historical) Short Bayou Southside South Side Cemetery Southside School (historical) Supervisor District 1 Thighman Lake Threemile Lake Toler School (historical) Town of Inverness Union Grove Cemetery Union Grove Church (historical) WABG-TV (Greenwood) WABG-TV (Greenwood) Waco Church Waco Plantation Wildcat Bayou WMAO-TV (Greenwood) Woodburn Plantation Woodburn School