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  • Drew Hunter High School
  • A W James Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 38737 is located in Sunflower County (78.30%) Tallahatchie County (21.70%)

    38737 Street Addresses

    Academy Rd ((1-199)) A W Shurden Rd ((1-99)) Bayou Rd ((1-599)) Blackwood Rd ((101-199)) Blue Lake Rd ((1-398)) Bradshaw Ave ((600-799)) Bridge Ave ((100-175)) Broadway St ((100-199)) Brooks Rd ((1-461)) Country Club Ln ((1-99)) Curtis Smith Rd ((1-499)) Daniels Ave ((100-199)) Dill Rd ((1-99)) Drew Ruleville Rd ((579-799)) East St ((4000-42198)) E Broadway Ave ((100-198)) E Gertrude Ave ((100-299)) E McIntyre Rd ((1-65)) E Park Ave ((100-399)) E Shaw Ave ((100-299)) Ferguson St ((1-5299)) Freedom Farm Rd ((1-299)) Green Ave ((100-499)) Guest Rd ((2-34)) G W Manning Rd ((1-199)) Hoard Lake ((1-299)) Holland Dr ((100-199)) Hughes Ave ((100-498)) Hunter Ave ((1-599)) Hwy 32 W ((581-619)) James Ave ((100-199)) Jennings Rd ((138-156)) Joes Ln ((101-399)) Joseph ((100-498)) Joseph St ((100-498)) Lombardy Rd ((1-1477)) Long Lake Rd ((1-499)) Main St ((100-198)) Mary St ((101-121)) Maxwell Ave ((100-299)) McDaniels Rd ((4-199)) Morris Dr ((1-399)) Morrow Rd ((100-198)) N 1st St ((100-164)) N 2nd St ((100-199)) N Alice St ((100-199)) Nancy Ave ((100-279)) N Booth St ((100-299)) N Broadway St ((100-499)) N Church St ((100-434)) Neal Robinson Rd ((1-199)) New Africa Rd ((1400-1477)) N First St ((165-299)) N Front St ((100-199)) N Hughes St ((100-299)) N Main St ((100-599)) N Third St ((100-399)) N Union St ((100-199)) N Virgie St ((101-139)) N Wade Rd ((1-199)) Oliver St ((500-520)) O W Savell Rd ((1-199)) Park Ave ((1-199)) Parsonage St ((100-198)) Powell Ave ((1-599)) Powell Rd ((1-99)) Prentiss Ave ((100-299)) Promise Land Rd ((1-99)) Radio Station Rd ((500-598)) Reed Rd ((1-199)) Rickels Rd ((1-99)) Rogers Ave ((200-299)) Roosevelt Ave ((100-199)) Ruby Ave ((200-499)) S 1st St ((121-299)) S 2nd St ((100-299)) S 3rd St ((100-306)) Sage Ave ((100-299)) S Alice St ((101-199)) Sandra Cir ((119-127)) S Church St ((100-206)) S Front St ((100-399)) Shelby Dr ((300-499)) Shillings Rd ((1-299)) Shurden Ave ((101-199)) S Main St ((101-261)) South Blvd ((100-899)) Stacy St ((200-299)) State Hwy 3 ((3800-42198)) State Hwy 32 ((200-619)) Sturdivant White Rock Rd ((2-1099)) Sunflower Ave ((100-198)) S Union St ((100-199)) S Virgie St ((100-164)) Swoope Rd ((1-499)) Tharp Rd ((1-99)) US Hwy 49W ((3800-42198)) Virgie St ((100-219)) Waldrup Rd ((300-399)) Ward-Riddick ((2-80)) Watson St ((101-199)) W Gertrude Ave ((100-599)) Willingham Rd ((1-199)) Wilson Ave ((100-199)) W Park Ave ((100-499)) Wright Rd ((1-99)) W Shaw Ave ((100-399)) W Tucker Ave ((300-399)) Zama Rd ((1-99))

    38737 Places and Attractions

    A W James Elementary School Ballaston Baltzer Bear Bayou Bethlehem Church (historical) Black Bayou Black Bayou School (historical) Blue Lake Blue Lake Christian Union Church Church of Christ Church of God City of Drew Drew Drew Cemetery Drew Health Clinic Drew High School Drew Lagoon Dam Drew Public Library Drew United Methodist Church Drew Volunteer Fire Department Dwiggins First Baptist Church Fitzhugh Galen (historical) Gold Dust Church (historical) Goldfield Plantation Green Grove Church (historical) Hoard Lake Holly Grove Baptist Church Homecypress Bayou Horseshoe Brake Howard Grittman Pond Dam Hunter High School Hushpuckena River Johnson Chapel Lombardy Lombardy School (historical) Long Lake Long Lake School (historical) Looney Plantation (historical) Lutken Bayou Mount Moriah Church Mount Olive Cemetery New Hope School (historical) New Jerusalem Church Nora Smith Church North Mount Olive Church Oakland Mount Olive Church Parks Bayou Parks Church Peterson Church (historical) Pilgrim Green Church (historical) Pilgrim Rest Cemetery Pilgrim Rest Church Pilgrims Rest Church (historical) Pleasant Green Church Powell Bayou Promised Land (historical) Saint John Church Sandy Bayou Sandy Bayou Sandy Bayou Cemetery Sid Dodd Plantation (historical) Sid Dodd School (historical) State Penal Camp Farm Number 7 State Penal Farm Camp Number 12 State Penal Farm Camp Number 3 State Penal Farm Camp Number 4 State Penal Farm Camp Number 6 State Penal Farm Camp Number 8 State Penal Farm Camp Number 9 Strangers Home Church (historical) Supervisor District 5 Trotten Plantation (historical) Wade (historical) Wade School (historical) Wallace Church West Drew Church Whitney Whitney Church (historical) WKZB-FM (Drew)