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  • Quitman County Elementary School
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    ZIP Code 38643 is located in Quitman County (94.60%) Tallahatchie County (5.40%)

    38643 Street Addresses

    10th St ((207-1138)) 11th St ((600-711)) 3rd St ((1004-1038)) 4th St ((601-1032)) 5th St ((310-933)) 6th St ((401-1869)) 6th St W ((400-404)) 7th St ((200-527)) 8th St ((400-1230)) 9th St ((210-920)) Academy Dr ((212-599)) Adams Rd ((201-398)) Airport Rd ((3001-3099)) Anderson Rd ((3000-3298)) Angel Cv ((1-99)) Bailey Rd ((2-2499)) Barron Rd ((400-698)) Beaver Dam Rd ((3301-3399)) Bell Deadening Rd ((101-2699)) Belview Rd ((901-1099)) Black Rd ((1-599)) Bland Rd ((100-2598)) Bobo Rd ((100-199)) Buena Vista Rd ((1-199)) Caffey Rd ((1101-7798)) Cemetery Rd ((201-299)) Chapman Rd ((500-599)) Collins Rd ((901-999)) Compress Rd ((1901-1999)) Cooper Cir ((1-99)) Corbin Rd ((400-698)) Covington Ave ((400-1099)) Covington Rear ((600-1098)) Crawford Ave ((600-699)) Cutrer Ave ((401-999)) Darby Ave ((400-1099)) Denton Rd ((1-2999)) Dry Bayou Rd ((501-4199)) Dummy Line Rd ((885-899)) Eldorado Dr ((1-99)) Ellis Exd ((2-2999)) Ellis Rd ((1-399)) Elm St ((401-1299)) E River Rd ((101-4398)) Farris Rd ((200-799)) Greely Reed Dr ((800-1298)) Haley Rd ((300-498)) Harris Rd ((600-998)) Haynes Dr ((2-398)) Henderson Rd ((901-1099)) Hentz Rd ((1001-1298)) Horton Rd ((901-999)) Irwin St ((100-30198)) Island Lake Rd ((1300-1499)) Ivy Pl ((1-99)) Johnson Ave ((501-999)) Jones Rd ((201-899)) Killbrew ((1701-1799)) Killebrew Rd ((1701-1999)) Logan Ave ((701-837)) Madison Rd ((1200-1298)) Mattson Rd ((3301-3399)) Mays Rd ((1-1099)) Mc David Ave ((500-1098)) Mike Omar Dr ((201-915)) Mill St ((300-1099)) Milton Peggs Rd ((1600-2699)) Moon Lake Rd ((5362-5628)) Moore Rd ((500-3499)) Oak Ave ((300-499)) Old Hwy 3 ((1701-1799)) Peterson Rd ((901-999)) Pine St ((200-698)) Pinkston-Mc Cullough Rd ((601-699)) Ponderosa Rd ((1-4098)) Putman Rd ((2301-2598)) Quitman Ave ((885-899)) Rice Ave ((301-1129)) Rice Ave Exd ((1-1599)) Richardson Ave ((500-841)) Riverside Ave ((700-928)) Riverside Dr ((15-1098)) Riverside Rd ((2100-4499)) Ross Ave ((500-798)) Rush Rd ((500-599)) Russell Rd ((500-1098)) Sabino Rd ((3001-4998)) Schieleville Rd ((2-2999)) Scott Ave ((301-1298)) Scott Avenue Extended W ((1101-2098)) Shields Rd ((1700-1899)) Shine Turner Rd ((2-2498)) Sonnyboy Rd ((2001-2099)) Spragins Rd ((600-998)) State Hwy 3 ((207-1138)) State Hwy 322 ((301-999)) Stoltz Ave ((500-899)) Sweet Valley Rd ((100-2598)) Terry Rd ((901-2398)) Walker-Bobo Rd ((100-199)) Walnut Rd ((4700-5399)) White Rd ((201-299)) Womack Ave ((406-599)) Wright Rd ((100-198)) W River Rd ((8101-8799))

    38643 Places and Attractions

    Agar Lake Cut-Off Algar Lake Allen Allens Chapel (historical) Avant School (historical) Beautiful Zion Church Beaver Ruin Brake Big Creek Deadwater Black Lake Blue Lake Blue Lake Baptist Church Blue Lake Chapel Blue Lake Cut-Off Bobo Bayou Boyce Lake Brushy Bayou Buckskin Lake Buford Lake Burnt Brake Camal White School (historical) Campbell White Cut-Off Cedar Grove Church (historical) Chancy Clear Creek Church Coldwater River Croudip Lake Denton Denton Cemetery Dry Bayou Dry Bayou Plantation Duck Roost Lake First Baptist Church of Lambert Fishhook Lake Fourmile Bayou Horseshoe Lake Horseshoe Lake Cut -Off Hurricane Bayou Island Lake Island Lake Cut-Off Keefe (historical) Lambert Lambert Cemetery Lambert High School Lambert Volunteer Fire Department Station 1 Headquarters Lambert Volunteer Fire Department Station 2 Little Opossum Bayou Long Lake Longstreet Marks Cut-Off Morning Star Church Morning Star Cut-Off Mount Kingdom Church (historical) Mouth of Coldwater (historical) New Macedonia Cemetery New Macedonia Church New Mount Carmel Church Newsome Lakes Old Little Tallahatchie River Old Yocona River Oliverfried Oxbow Bend Oxbow Cut -Off Oxbow Lake Oxbows Landing (historical) Pages (historical) Patterson Lakes Pleasant Ridge Church Puncheon Bayou Quitman County Hunting Club (historical) Riverside Church Sabino Selfs Airport Shady Grove Church Sledge Bayou Smith Chapel Southside School State Penal Farm Camp B Stovall Bayou Supervisor District 4 Supervisor District 5 Sykes Church Thorn Lake Tony Sabravati Lake Dam Town of Lambert Turner Ferry (historical) Turner Landing (historical) Twin Lake Twin Lakes Visitor Chapel Walkers Chapel Walnut Walnut School (historical) White Lake Cut -Off Whites Chapel Willow Lake Willow Lake Cut-Off Woodland Chapel Wright School Cut-Off Wright School (historical) Yarbrough Yonkapin Lake Youngs Cemetery