Spencer, TN 38585 ZIP Code Map


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38585 Street Addresses

577 ((204-898)) Ami Dishman Rd ((1-298)) Andrew K Parker Rd ((100-1299)) Archie Rhinehart Pkwy ((400-4199)) Archie Rhinehart Rd ((1201-1599)) Argo Rd ((2-399)) Baker and Boyd Dr ((600-799)) Baker Mountain Rd ((1-9898)) Ballard Ln ((762-772)) Banks Rd ((100-199)) Bellview Cir ((400-698)) Belview Cir ((2-399)) Billingsley St ((300-599)) Billy Field Rd ((1-99)) Bluebird Ln ((100-1999)) Bluff Ln ((1-299)) Bluff View Dr ((2-599)) Bluffview Ln ((101-599)) Bone Cave Rd ((2201-3299)) Bouldin Ln ((2-198)) Brockdell Rd ((100-1098)) Cajun Hill Rd ((2-299)) C and R Ln ((1-99)) Cane Creek Cummingsville Rd ((2301-3298)) Cane Creek-Cummingsville Rd ((100-6798)) Cane Creek Rd / Hwy 285 W ((4700-5098)) Captain Carter Rd ((400-1199)) Cardinal Rd ((100-198)) Chicago Ave ((300-30099)) Church St ((1-499)) Clendenon Rd ((2-399)) Co Hwy 1159 ((600-698)) College St ((100-2499)) Connell ((101-599)) Cook St E ((1-299)) Cook St W ((1-798)) Co Rd 1132 ((100-116)) Cummings Chapel Rd ((101-599)) Cunningham Ln ((100-198)) Davids Ln ((2-199)) Davis Ln ((1-299)) Demps St ((1-199)) Denny Rd ((1-599)) Doc Roberts Rd ((1-299)) Drake and Shockley St ((2-1199)) Dr I C Morgan Rd ((200-698)) Earls Loop ((1-499)) Edmonds Rd ((200-298)) Emery Ln ((101-199)) Evans Ln ((1-99)) Ev Rd ((2-199)) Fall Creek Rd ((200-399)) Falls Ln ((2-98)) Faye St ((1-199)) Feed Store Rd ((100-798)) Fire Tower Rd ((400-498)) Fish Pond Rd ((1-7298)) Flowing Well Rd ((1-299)) Frasier Ln ((1-199)) Friar Tuck Loop ((1-198)) Garden Ln ((1-99)) Generations Way ((1-99)) Gilbert Ridge Rd ((201-299)) Goat Rd ((2400-2498)) Goforth Rd ((901-1799)) Golden Pointe Rd ((2-1498)) Golden Point Farms ((400-1099)) Grandview Bluff Rd ((2-198)) Graveyard Ridge Rd ((2-798)) Greenbrier Dr ((100-499)) Greenfields Rd ((2500-2598)) Grissom Rd ((2-899)) Gulf Rd ((1300-1699)) Hale St ((2-2299)) Happy Ln ((1-99)) Harley Davidson Ln ((1-199)) Haston Rd ((100-198)) Herb Mooneyham Rd ((1-2798)) Hickory Valley Rd ((600-698)) Highland Village Dr ((1-799)) High Meadows Dr ((401-999)) Hillis Cemetery Rd ((501-599)) Hill Rd ((301-1899)) Hodges Ferry Rd ((2-1199)) Horseshoe Dr ((1000-1098)) Howard Rd ((2-1598)) I B Maynard St ((101-699)) Industry Dr ((300-399)) Jacks Branch Rd ((101-398)) Jenkins Rd ((100-598)) Jessies Trl ((2-98)) Joe Brock St ((101-999)) J P Hale Rd ((401-898)) Larry Davis St ((201-599)) Laurel Creek Rd ((4100-4198)) Lemont Rd ((101-899)) Lewis Rd ((1900-3398)) Little Falls Rd ((200-398)) Little Fall St ((101-399)) Little Sequatchie Rd ((201-499)) Little Tom Rd ((200-298)) Lonewood Cemetery Rd ((1-99)) Longbranch Rd ((3600-3698)) Long Branch Rd ((1601-1899)) Long Fork Creek Rd ((1-399)) Love St ((1-199)) Manus Rd ((200-298)) Markum Ln ((100-399)) Martin Ln ((2-198)) Martin Rd ((1-199)) McCoy St ((1-799)) Meadowbrook Ln ((100-198)) Meadowview Ln ((2-199)) Medical Cir ((2-198)) Medley Ln ((1-199)) Mooneyham Lonewood Rd ((800-7099)) Moon Rd ((1-298)) Mountain Crest Dr ((100-198)) Mountain Top Rd ((101-299)) Mount Della Rd ((1-398)) Murphy Ln ((1-199)) Myers Rd ((100-709)) Old Baker Mountain Rd ((200-1199)) Old County Farm Rd ((701-1299)) Old Dunlap St ((1-1099)) Old McMinnville St ((400-899)) Old Mine Rd ((1-198)) Old State Hwy 111 ((3800-8899)) Open Range Rd ((1-698)) Page St ((1-99)) Passons Ln ((101-499)) Peaceful Ln ((1-199)) Pearl Ln ((1-99)) Phifer Mine Rd ((100-2098)) Pine Grove Rd ((100-2899)) Piney Creek Rd ((500-999)) Piney Rd ((101-999)) Plantation Rd ((300-398)) Poplar St ((1-199)) Raccoon Trl ((1-198)) Ridge Rd ((1-199)) Robbins St ((1-98)) Robert Haston Rd ((1-1198)) Rocky River Rd ((6700-6798)) Rt Davis Rd ((1-3298)) Salzer Mountain Rd ((700-1499)) Salzer Mountain Rd E ((1-498)) Sawmill Ln ((1-99)) Scenic Dr ((1-198)) Seitz St ((1-499)) Shady Oaks Dr ((1-499)) Sherwood Dr ((1-599)) Shockley Cemetery Rd ((100-298)) Short St ((1-299)) Simmons Creek Rd ((101-998)) Simmons Rd ((2-299)) Simmons St ((200-299)) Smith Dr ((2-198)) Sparta St ((1-898)) Spencer Dr ((1-599)) Spike Buck Rd ((100-498)) Spokelay Rd ((200-299)) Spring Creek Rd ((101-199)) Spring St ((1-399)) Star Rd ((1-99)) State Hwy 111 ((1101-15799)) State Hwy 30 ((100-27423)) Stones Chapel Rd ((100-116)) Sunlight Ln ((100-799)) Swindell Loop ((1-199)) Taft Dr ((2-198)) Templeton St ((1-198)) Tommy Shockley Rd ((201-299)) Turkey Scratch Rd ((1-1299)) Van Winkle Rd ((200-698)) Vernon Ln ((1-199)) Victor Myers Ln ((1-198)) Walling Rd ((701-2799)) Watering Hole Rd ((201-299)) Webster St ((2-98)) Welchland Camp Rd ((1-1198)) Westview Rd ((1-1199)) Whispering Pines ((2-298)) Wilderness Ln ((2-98)) Wild Turkey Rd ((101-199)) Wilhite St ((2-198)) Willow St ((2-98)) Wilson Rd ((2501-3099)) Woodlee St ((1-399)) Yellow Flats Rd ((2-1498)) Young St ((1-99))

38585 Places and Attractions

Anderson Mine Back Creek Bald Knob Bald Knob Baltimore Branch Bear Pan Ridge Beaverdam Branch Bellview Church Benton Branch Bethlehem Church Big Hill Branch Big Sandy Branch Big Sink Black Pond Bouldin Branch Camps Gulf Branch Cane Creek Cane Creek Cane Creek Church Cane Creek Falls Cave Hollow Cummings Cove Branch Cummingsville Cummingsville Cemetery Cummingsville School (historical) Denney Cemetery Double Bridges (historical) Dry Fork Dukes Mountain Fall Creek Fall Creek Falls Fall Creek Falls Lake Fall Creek Falls Lake Dam Fall Creek Falls Scout Camp Fall Creek Falls State Park Flowing Well Branch Gillentine (historical) Glade Creek Gravel Hill Cemetery Graveyard Ridge Graveyard Ridge Cemetery Green Sea Branch Guy Mine Hale Cemetery Harrison Gulf Branch Haston Chapel Haston Point Hills Mountain Hodge Ferry (historical) Hodges Cemetery Hopewell Baptist Church Horsepen Branch Indian Camp Branch Joe Branch Johnnie Branch Laurel Cove Laurel Cove (historical) Lick Branch Lick Cove Little Sink Branch Little Whetstone Branch Lonewood Lonewood Cemetery Lonewood School (historical) Long Branch Long Fork Creek Longrock Branch Lost Cove Meade (historical) Mill Branch Mill Creek Miller Cemetery Millstone Branch Mitchell Branch Molloy Hollow Mooneyham Mooneyham Cemetery Mooneyham School (historical) Mount Della Church Mount Pleasant Branch Mount View Church New Martin School Pendergrass Mine Perry Branch Phiferes Pine Creek Pine Creek School (historical) Pine Grove Pine Grove School Piney Church of Christ Piney Creek Piney Creek Falls Piney School Rigby Number One Mine River Hill Ferry (historical) River Hill Ford Rockhouse Creek Rocky Branch Rocky Branch Mine Salzer Mountain Samples Fork Sandy Branch Shockley Cemetery Shockley Church Shockleys Chapel School (historical) Simmons Creek Smartt Mountain Smartt Mountain Mine Smiths Cove Sopha (historical) Sparkman Sparkman Cemetery Sparkman School (historical) Spencer Spencer Cemetery Spencer Elementary School Spencer Water Supply Dam Spencer Water Supply Lake Spring Branch School (historical) Spring Creek Sweetgum The Narrows Turkey Cot Cove Van Buren County Courthouse Van Buren County High School Walling Cemetery Walling Cemetery Walling Cemetery Walling Mill Creek Waterfall Hollow Welchland Welchland Baptist Church Welchland School Wheatstone Creek Woodard Hankins Mine Yates Cemetery