Celina, TN 38551 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 38551 is located in (98%) (2%)

38551 Street Addresses

7 Sisters Rd ((100-399)) Amos Arms Rd ((2-198)) Amos McLerran Rd ((1-199)) Annie Dulworth Rd ((2-299)) Arcot Rd ((2-4298)) Arcott Rd ((4400-4699)) Arlon Webb Rd ((400-498)) Arlow Webb Dr ((400-498)) Ashlock Rd ((300-9299)) Bagan's Peak Rd ((200-236)) Bell Estate Dr ((200-798)) Benjamin Hollow Ln ((101-199)) Bertie Plumlee Rd ((1501-1599)) Bessie Ln ((100-199)) Betty Buford Dr ((101-298)) Bill Hunter Rd ((1-998)) Billy Westmoreland Rd ((1-199)) Blackberry Ln ((301-399)) Bobby Bartlette Rd ((2-798)) Bobby Bartlett Rd ((2-798)) Bob Dailey Rd ((100-899)) Bob Daniels Rd ((2-299)) Bob Watson Rd ((1-199)) Boyd St ((2-999)) Breyer St ((800-1198)) Brian St ((100-198)) Bristow Rd ((2-998)) Bronstetter Cemetery Rd ((195-1198)) Bronstetter Ln ((100-199)) Brown St ((400-599)) B Thompson Rd ((1-7199)) Buford Dr ((1-698)) Burkesville Hwy ((5101-13099)) Burnette St ((101-199)) Burnett St ((100-198)) Butler Ave ((1-99)) Cabin Hill Rd ((2-999)) Cabin Ln ((101-599)) Campground Rd ((200-1599)) Carl Rogers Rd ((1-298)) Cedar Hill Rd ((2-5499)) Cemetery St ((500-598)) Charles Geralds Rd ((2-799)) Charlie Andrewsl Rd ((2-98)) Charlie Andrews Rd ((2-98)) Charlie Copeland Rd ((100-198)) Cherry Farm Ln ((100-299)) Chester Hogan Rd ((100-299)) Church Ave ((100-399)) Circle Dr ((1-198)) Clark Cir ((800-1099)) Clay County Hwy ((1-6998)) Clearview Ln ((1-199)) Clifton Rich Rd ((2-1798)) Cloud Ln ((1-99)) College St ((1-599)) Commerce St ((101-299)) Copeland Ln ((2-599)) Cordell Hull Dr ((100-198)) Cumberland Dr ((100-199)) Cummins Ct ((1-199)) Cunningham Rd ((1-498)) Dale Hollow Boat Dock Rd ((400-498)) Dale Hollow Dam Rd ((1000-1098)) Dale Hollow Marina Rd ((400-498)) Daniels Ln ((100-498)) Davistown Loop ((101-2099)) Davistown Rd ((100-6899)) Deer Run Rd ((2-998)) Delton Watson Rd ((200-298)) Dock Key Rd ((1-899)) Donaldson Ave ((100-299)) Dont Care Ln ((1-298)) Dorothy Pealer Ln ((2-299)) Dow Ave ((500-598)) Dry Creek Rd ((4400-4699)) Dry Cr Rd ((4400-4699)) Dubrey Rd ((1-99)) Dulworth Ln ((2-299)) Durell Clark Rd ((200-298)) Edgington Circle Dr ((1-199)) Eibert Scott Rd ((101-199)) E Lake Ave ((100-1099)) Elbert Scott Rd ((101-199)) Emerton Dr ((200-299)) Emerton Ln ((1-1399)) E Old Fifty-Three Rd ((801-5498)) E Old Hwy 53 ((600-5499)) Everette McClerran Rd ((101-199)) Fire Hall Rd ((100-1598)) Fitzgerald Ave ((101-199)) Forest Ln ((1-99)) Fox Run ((100-198)) Free Hill Rd ((2-2599)) Free Hill River Rd ((300-4198)) Gainesboro Hwy ((1-8497)) Garnal-Reecer Hollow Rd ((100-2599)) Gates St ((100-199)) Gentry Ln ((100-1099)) Golden Ln ((2-499)) Goolsby Ln ((100-999)) Gray Ct ((1-99)) Gray St ((100-299)) Greenie Meadows Ests ((2-399)) Green St ((200-399)) Greg Watson Ln ((101-299)) Griffin Ln ((700-798)) Happy Valley Rd ((1-2098)) Head Ballard Ln ((100-198)) Head-Ballard Ln ((2-98)) Henry Boyd Ln ((0-499)) Henry Boyd Rd ((2-198)) Hevi Duty Rd ((1131-1199)) Hiawassee Ln ((101-699)) Hillcrest Dr ((100-198)) Hilltop Ct ((100-198)) Holly Creek Rd ((1-7799)) Holly Terrace Ln ((2-98)) Horse Creek Dock Rd ((301-1099)) Horse Creek Ln ((100-198)) Horse Creek Rd ((2-1198)) Hub Rains Rd ((1-198)) Hummingbird Ln ((2-199)) Imes Rd ((100-399)) Industrial Ln ((100-198)) Jackson St ((100-1199)) Jake Rockwell Rd ((1-99)) James Kerr Rd ((1-798)) James White Rd ((1-1199)) Jefferson St ((201-399)) Jenet Ave ((2-199)) Jerry Eads Rd ((1-1399)) Jesse Bartlett Rd ((2-599)) Jimmy Reneau Rd ((1-1098)) Joe Lynn Rd ((100-399)) Joe Ridge Rd ((1-199)) Joe Stone Rd ((100-398)) John Butler Rd ((200-999)) Karin Ln ((101-199)) Keen Loop ((100-198)) Keisling Upton Rd ((1-1099)) Kerr Rd ((1-5898)) Key Ln ((101-199)) King Bluff Ridge Rd ((101-999)) King Rd ((300-1098)) Kinney Rd ((100-199)) Knob Creek Rd ((400-3799)) Knotts Ln ((100-198)) Kyle St ((100-198)) Lacy Ln ((1-199)) Lady of Lake Rd ((100-198)) Lake Ave ((600-698)) Langford Ln ((1-199)) Larry Lacy Rd ((100-198)) Lick Run ((2-199)) Lincoln Ave ((101-299)) Little Procter Creek Rd ((100-198)) Livingston Hwy ((1-6599)) Livingston Hwy 52 ((500-3299)) Livinston Hwy ((1501-5999)) Long Branch Rd ((300-999)) Lonnie Reecer Rd ((1-998)) Lower Ford Rd ((1-798)) Luke Hamilton Rd ((1300-1398)) L W Lacy Rd ((101-199)) Main St ((300-398)) Marcom Ln ((100-199)) Mayfield Brown Rd ((100-698)) Mc Arthur Ave ((200-298)) McArthur Ave ((200-399)) McColgan Cemetery Rd ((101-199)) McFarland Rd ((2-1099)) McLerran Ln ((1-298)) McLerran Rd ((2-599)) McMillian St ((2-399)) Meadow Ln ((2-199)) Mike Smith Rd ((100-199)) Millie Ridge Rd ((1-8799)) Mimosa Ln ((2-99)) Minnie Andrews Rd ((1-699)) Mitchell St ((1000-1499)) Modock Heights Ln ((300-398)) Modock Hollow Rd ((100-1198)) Monroe Ln ((200-298)) Moss Arcot Rd ((700-6299)) Mt Zion Rd ((1200-1399)) Neeley Ck Rd ((3401-6998)) Neeley Creek Rd ((401-6999)) Neeley Ln ((1-299)) Neely Creek Rd ((1101-6999)) New Clay County Hwy ((2674-2798)) New Hope Rd ((2-4698)) N Grundy Quarles Hwy ((4700-5699)) North St ((801-1199)) Obey Dr ((100-299)) Obey River Ln ((100-198)) Obey View Rd ((1-998)) Oil Hollow Rd ((700-1098)) Old 52 Loop ((1-699)) Old Burkesville Hwy ((801-5598)) Old Gravel Rd ((200-7099)) Old Hwy 52 ((1-5999)) Old Hwy 55 S ((300-799)) Old Jefferson St ((100-199)) Old Livingston Hwy ((3700-3798)) Old Logging Rd ((1-199)) Old Walker Hill Rd ((1-1799)) Otis Webb Rd ((2-8399)) Pea Ridge Fire Tower Rd ((501-3699)) Pennington Ln ((100-398)) Petermal Bend Ln ((2-1099)) Peterman Bend Ln ((600-1198)) Peterman Bend Rd ((2-1198)) Pilot Knob Ln ((2-899)) Pinkley Cir ((1-199)) Pitcock Ln ((100-199)) Ponderosa ((200-298)) Ponderosa Ln ((200-298)) Poor House Ridge Rd ((101-2599)) Poplar Grove Rd ((2-8899)) Proctor Creek Rd ((101-4499)) Pumpkin Ln ((101-298)) Rainbow Trout Ln ((2-199)) R A Terry Rd ((101-299)) Red Oak Ridge Rd ((1-8599)) Resource Dr ((101-199)) Rhoton Ln ((1-199)) Ridge Rd ((100-298)) Riley Kerr Rd ((100-1199)) River Ave ((1000-1299)) River Bend Dr ((401-899)) River Dr ((1001-1399)) River Rd ((2-1499)) Riverside Ave ((600-798)) Riverside Cir ((600-999)) Riverside Dr ((801-1199)) Riverside Ln ((100-199)) R J Bell Rd ((1-798)) Roberts Loop ((1-135)) Rock Springs Rd ((100-2199)) Ross Boles Rd ((1-799)) Rossie Anderson Rd ((101-298)) Ruby Hawkins Dr ((1-199)) Ryan Rd ((101-699)) Sam's Mountain ((368-398)) Schell Ln ((2-398)) Schell Rd ((2-98)) Scorpian Hill ((2-299)) Scorpion Hill ((2-299)) Scott Hollow Rd ((500-1299)) Serenitiy Ln ((1100-1198)) Seven Sisters Ln ((2-199)) Shanky Hill Ln ((1-199)) Shire Dr ((201-999)) Silver Dollar Rd ((100-198)) Sloan Rd ((300-899)) S Old Hwy 53 ((300-799)) Spring St ((100-199)) Stanley Dubree Rd ((1-99)) Stanley Dubrey Rd ((1-99)) Star Point Rd ((100-4199)) State Hwy 52 ((101-6507)) State Hwy 52 Scn ((101-5798)) State Hwy 53 ((1-7099)) State Hwy 53 Scn ((4700-5699)) Stephens Cir ((101-2199)) Stephens Ln ((200-1098)) Stephenstown Ln ((100-1098)) Stone Rd ((100-1699)) Substaion Rd ((2-198)) Sunshine Ln ((2-799)) Swann Ridge Rd ((100-1198)) Swan St ((200-299)) S Waterside Ln ((1-99)) Sycamore Hollow Rd ((100-4498)) Tatman Ln ((100-199)) Theater Dr ((200-299)) Thurman Dr ((1-99)) Thurman Rd ((1-699)) Tinsley Bottom Ln ((100-698)) Tinsley Bottom Rd ((400-998)) Tinsley Rd ((1-598)) Walker Hill Rd ((1-1799)) Walnut Ave ((1002-1199)) Washington St ((100-299)) Water St ((1-199)) Waterview Dr ((1-99)) Watson Ln ((112-120)) Watson Rd ((2-199)) Wayne Smith Rd ((2-399)) Weaver Botte Rd ((701-899)) Weaver Bottom Rd ((2-1098)) Weaver Keen Rd ((1-699)) Weavers Keen Rd ((100-699)) Weir Ln ((1-99)) W E Phillips Rd ((100-198)) Wes Dailey Rd ((1-399)) Wes Daily Rd ((200-298)) Westmoreland Dr ((101-199)) Wet Mill Creek Rd ((2-8499)) White Oak Ridge Rd ((100-198)) Williams Cem Rd ((1-199)) Williamson St ((200-498)) Willie Van Rd ((2000-2098)) Willow Grove Church of Christ ((2-158)) Willow Grove Church Rd ((2-158)) Will Terry Rd ((101-1499)) Wisteria Ln ((6401-6499)) Wix Rd ((100-198)) W Lake Ave ((400-599)) W Old Hwy 53 ((101-6499)) Woody Underwood Rd ((101-299)) Yale Ave ((100-199))

38551 Places and Attractions

Accordion Bluff Arcot Church of Christ Arcot School (historical) Arcott Ashburn Creek Baptist Ridge Baptist Ridge Baptist Ridge Baptist Church Baptist Ridge School (historical) Barksdale Bend (historical) Barksdales Ferry (historical) Beech Bethany Church Beech Bethany School (historical) Beech Springs School (historical) Big Hollow Boom Ridge Boone Hollow Bowe Cemetery Buford Cemetery Bufords Store (historical) Burchard Branch Burchett Hollow Butlers Landing Butlers Landing Church of Christ Butlers Landing School (historical) Caney Hollow Canoe Ridge Carter Creek Cave Springs Cave Springs Church Cave Springs School (historical) Cedar Hill Boat Dock Cedar Hill School (historical) Celina Celina High School Celina School Clay County Courthouse Clay County Hospital Cooks Branch Craig Cemetery Crossroads Cemetery Dale Bend (historical) Dale Hollow Dale Hollow Boat Dock Dale Hollow Dam Dale Hollow Dam Recreation Area Dale Hollow Fish Hatchery Dale Hollow Lake Dewberry Hollow Donaldson Cemetery Donaldson Park Recreation Area Dry Branch Dry Branch Dry Branch Dry Creek Eads Hollow East Fork Lick Run First Island Fitzgerald Cemetery Free Hill Free Hill Cemetery Free Hills Free Hills Church of Christ Free Hills Community Center Free Hills School (historical) Galton Hollow Gap Branch Geiger Island Goat Island Goodpasture Bend (historical) Grogan Hill Hall Cemetery Hamilton Cemetery Harp Hollow Hendricks Creek Hendricks Creek Hendricks Creek Hendricks Creek Hix (historical) Holly Creek Holly Creek Boat Dock Holly Creek School (historical) Hongkong School (historical) Horse Creek Horse Creek Boat Dock Indian Creek Johnson Bend (historical) Johnson Hollow Keen Cemetery Keene Bend (historical) Keislings Store (historical) Kettle Creek Kettle Creek Kettle Creek Kettle Creek Key Cemetery Knob Creek Knob Creek Bluff Knotty Hollow Kyle Branch Lanear Creek Liberty Hill School (historical) Lick Run Lillydale (historical) Lillydale Recreation Area Lillydale School (historical) Little Goat Island Little Knob Little Proctor Creek Long Branch Long Branch Long Branch Long Branch Long Branch Long Hollow Mabry Cemetery Markham School (historical) Martins Branch McColgan Cemetery McDonald Cemetery Meadows Cemetery Midway Midway Church of Christ Midway School (historical) Mill Creek Mill Creek Chapel (historical) Mill Creek School (historical) Mitchell Creek Modoc Bottom (historical) Modoc Hollow Moore Hollow Moore Hollow Moore Hollow Moore Hollow Moore Hollow Muddy Branch Muddy Hollow Natty Branch Natty Branch Natty Branch Natty Branch Neely Creek Neely Crossroads Neely Crossroads Church of Christ Neelys Cross Roads School (historical) New Hope Branch New Hope Cemetery New Hope Church New Hope School (historical) New Salem Church (historical) Oil Hollow Opossum Island Pea Ridge Pea Ridge Pendleton Hollow Pennington Hollow Pennington Hollow Peterman Bend Pilot Knob Pine Branch Pine Branch Church Pine Branch School (historical) Plainview School (historical) Pleasant Grove Church of Christ (historical) Pleasant Grove Recreation Area Pleasant Grove School (historical) Plumlee Bottom Plumlee Cemetery Poor Branch Proctor Creek Pusley Creek Pusley Creek Pusley Creek Pusley Creek Rich Branch Riley Kerr Branch Roberts Cemetery Roberts Hollow Rock Springs Cemetery Rock Springs Church Saint John Saint John Cemetery Saint Johns Church (historical) Saint Johns School (historical) Seven Sisters Bluff Sewell Bend (historical) Shanky Branch Shanky Branch Church of God Skinnicy Branch Standing Stone Dam Standing Stone Lake Star Ridge Steele Hollow Stephens Ridge Stillhouse Creek (historical) Stone Cemetery Stones Bottom Sulphur Creek Sulphur Creek Sulphur Creek Sulphur Creek Swann Ridge Talley Hollow Thompson Cemetery Thompsons Store Tinsley Bottom Tinsley Branch Tinsley Cemetery Turkey Creek (historical) Turkey Creek School (historical) Walker Bend Walker Cemetery Walker Hollow Weaver Bottom Webb Cemetery Williams Cemetery Willis Bottom (historical) Wolf River Wolf River Wolf River Wolf River Wolf River Wolf River