Mount Pleasant, TN 38474 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 38474 is located in (86%) (8%) (6%) (1%)

38474 Street Addresses

1st Ave ((100-1269)) 2nd Ave ((100-211)) 2nd Ave E ((100-199)) 3rd Ave ((100-212)) Adams Ave ((300-699)) Andrew Jackson Hwy ((4900-9198)) Appletree St ((200-399)) Arrow Lake Rd ((700-798)) Arrow Mines Rd ((100-499)) Ashwood Rd ((3050-3399)) Azalea Dr ((700-799)) Baptist Branch Rd ((100-2799)) Beckum Hollow Rd ((8700-8899)) Bedford Forrest Ln ((2000-2099)) Bellview Dr ((200-299)) Billy Irwin Rd ((8500-8599)) Bird Song Ct ((100-199)) Blackberry Ridge Ln ((3800-3899)) Bluegrass Ave ((100-399)) Bluegrass Hill Rd ((100-299)) Bobs Ln ((1200-1399)) Bond St ((200-299)) Booker Farm Rd ((3200-33399)) Booker Ridge Rd ((3300-4299)) Boswell St ((100-299)) Boykin St ((101-199)) Brisco Aly ((100-199)) Broadway St ((100-199)) Brookside Dr ((100-599)) Brownlow Creek Rd ((17840-18198)) Brownlow Ln ((116-198)) Brownlow St ((100-199)) Bryson Ave ((300-399)) Burton Ct ((4200-4298)) Campbellsville Rd ((17840-18198)) Camp Branch Rd ((1600-1799)) Canaan Rd ((100-299)) Carpenter St ((200-599)) Cecil Farm Rd ((3500-4099)) Chapman Ln ((9100-9199)) Chatman Rd ((9100-9498)) Chavers Farm Rd ((8300-8399)) Chestnut Grove Rd ((108-116)) Church St ((100-199)) Circle Dr ((600-699)) Clark Ave ((100-498)) Clarke School Rd ((1-99)) Co Hwy 949 ((301-505)) Columbian Ave ((100-299)) Conway St ((700-799)) Copeland Dr ((100-199)) Crafton Foster Rd ((3600-4398)) Crawley Hill Rd ((8400-8699)) Cross Ave ((300-399)) Cross Bridges Rd ((200-799)) Cummins Rd ((9400-9599)) Dagnan St ((500-599)) Dale Ln ((3900-3998)) Davis Cothran Rd ((8700-8799)) Diamwood Rd ((2901-2973)) Dog Branch Rd ((8601-8799)) Dry Creek Rd ((300-8998)) Dugger St ((7600-7699)) E Cooper St ((100-399)) Edgewood St ((100-399)) Elk Ridge Rd ((9000-9699)) Elm St ((200-399)) E Merchant St ((100-199)) Enterprise Rd ((7600-9199)) E Seaton Rd ((100-199)) Esque Sharp Rd ((2400-2599)) Fairview Dr ((100-199)) Finis Rd ((100-399)) Florida Ave ((300-699)) Flynt Rd ((100-299)) Frank Boshears Rd ((1501-1599)) Freedom Rd ((1-299)) Frierson Ln ((500-598)) Gant St ((500-599)) Gardenia St ((100-199)) Garden St ((500-599)) Gardner Rd ((106-199)) Garner Rd ((2000-2499)) Gibson Hollow Rd ((1301-1699)) Glass St ((100-599)) Gobbell Ave ((100-298)) Golf Club Rd ((8000-8199)) Goodloe St ((200-399)) Grannys Rd ((901-1099)) Gray Ln ((100-499)) Gray St ((700-899)) Greenwood St ((100-799)) Haley Ln ((4651-4970)) Halls Aly ((200-299)) Hamlet St ((1300-1399)) Hampshire Pike ((3020-3698)) Hay Long Ave ((100-799)) Haywood Rd ((100-199)) Henry Booker Rd ((3701-3899)) Hidden Acres Ave ((900-998)) Hidden Acres Dr ((900-998)) Hill St ((300-499)) Hodge Rd ((9300-9499)) Hoover Mason Ln ((6809-7099)) Hoover Mason Rd ((100-7399)) Howard St ((100-199)) Howell Rd ((8400-8899)) Hummingbird Trl ((100-199)) Hunter Hills Dr ((1-99)) Industrial Park Dr ((6900-7099)) Iris Dr ((100-299)) Jackson St ((100-299)) James M Roy Rd ((9000-9098)) Johnson Hill Rd ((8300-8404)) Jones Hollow Rd ((108-116)) Jon Frank Dr ((2-198)) Jordan Ave ((100-299)) Joy Rd ((8100-8899)) Kersey Rd ((9100-9199)) Kevins Way ((4500-4599)) King Hollow Rd ((8601-8799)) Lauren Ln ((100-199)) Lawrenceburg Hwy ((7900-9299)) Lawrence St ((200-399)) Locust St ((100-399)) Long Branch Ln ((1600-1798)) Love Branch Rd ((4645-4675)) Lowe St ((100-599)) Lucius Polk Ln ((100-140)) Magnolia Dr ((300-399)) Maple St ((500-599)) Massey Ln ((1000-1099)) Massey Rd ((1000-1099)) McAfee Dr ((100-199)) McAnally Rd ((1800-2199)) McClain Cir ((101-298)) McKnight St ((100-299)) Meadow Rd ((600-899)) Michigan Dr ((9100-9199)) Mill Pond Rd ((1000-7099)) Mills Hollow Rd ((8700-8798)) Mockingbird Dr ((400-599)) Monroe Rd ((4200-4299)) Monument Cir ((109-121)) Mount Joy Rd ((201-8798)) Mount Olive Rd ((301-453)) N Cherry St ((100-399)) N College St ((100-499)) N Edgewood St ((701-799)) N Elm St ((400-599)) New Lawrenceburg Hwy ((7900-8998)) N High St ((100-299)) N Locust St ((400-698)) N Main St ((100-1535)) N Old Military Rd ((301-505)) Oakwood Dr ((100-199)) Old Campbellsville Rd ((200-252)) Old Gibson Hollow Rd ((1200-1299)) Old Hwy 43 ((8200-8999)) Old Jackson Hwy ((8900-9099)) Old King Hollow Rd ((8301-8899)) Old Military Rd ((300-399)) Old Polk Ln ((900-999)) Old US Hwy 43 ((300-4952)) Olive St ((100-299)) Oscar McClain Rd ((100-298)) Park Ave ((100-199)) Pichard Hollow Rd ((8200-8399)) Pierce Pl ((400-499)) Pisgah Ridge Rd ((1200-2599)) Pleasant St ((100-299)) Pleasantwood Dr ((600-799)) Preacher Holt Rd ((1800-2299)) Presley Cir ((900-998)) Pruitt Hollow Rd ((8700-8799)) Public Sq ((1-199)) Railroad St ((301-699)) Rainey St ((100-398)) Red Row Rd ((500-699)) Ricketts Mill Rd ((1200-1799)) Rippey Lake Rd ((3900-4198)) Roy Thompson Rd ((3801-4699)) Sandy Hook St ((8300-8399)) S Cherry St ((100-299)) S College St ((100-399)) Scott Rd ((500-599)) Scotts Mill Rd ((400-1467)) Scott Town Rd ((100-199)) Screamer Rd ((872-9099)) S Cross Bridges Rd ((700-1899)) Shackelford Dr ((1200-1299)) S High St ((200-299)) Shofner St ((100-299)) Sims Dr ((103-199)) Sims St ((101-199)) S Main St ((1-1199)) Smith Hollow Rd ((8400-8899)) S Old Highway 43 ((8900-8999)) Southall Rd ((3800-3998)) Southport Rd ((400-1467)) South Rd ((3800-3998)) S Park Dr ((100-199)) State Hwy 166 ((1-17918)) State Hwy 166 Scn ((1-899)) State Hwy 243 ((1-1529)) State Hwy 243 Scn ((1-1529)) State Hwy 6 ((7900-9299)) State Hwy 6 Scn ((7900-9299)) State Hwy 99 ((3025-3698)) Stowe Ln ((2100-2198)) Summer St ((100-299)) S Walnut St ((300-399)) Terrapin Branch Rd ((1400-2298)) Thomas Cir ((100-199)) Tidlem Rd ((100-199)) Trilogy Ln ((2001-2099)) Tulip St ((1-199)) Union St ((100-199)) US Hwy 412 ((3025-3698)) US Hwy 43 ((4900-9299)) US Hwy 43 Scn ((7900-9299)) Valley Rd ((100-699)) Vandiver Ct ((100-108)) Waldrop Rd ((1-899)) Wall St ((300-699)) Walnut St ((400-599)) Walton Cir ((1-199)) Washington Ave ((300-799)) W Cooper St ((101-199)) Webb Williams Rd ((1201-1799)) W Fork Rd ((100-699)) Wheelerfield Rd ((800-1099)) Wheeler St ((100-199)) Whippoorwill Trl ((100-198)) William Earl Rd ((8700-8899)) Williams Hollow Rd ((8600-8698)) Williams St ((100-199)) Willow St ((100-7699)) W Merchant St ((100-299)) Workman Rd ((9301-9499)) W Point Rd ((4200-4599)) W Seaton Rd ((100-199)) W Sheepneck Rd ((8300-9098)) W Sheepneck Rd/sandy Hook St ((8300-8398))

38474 Places and Attractions

Aethra Akin Hollow Arlington Cemetery Arrow Arrow Lake Arrow Lake Dam Arrow Lake Mine Bachelder Bailey Cemetery Bailey Cemetery Barker Hollow Beckum Hollow Beckum Hollow Branch Beech Hill Cemetery Beech Hill Church Bethel Church Big Bigby Creek Bigby (historical) Bigby Gap Biggen Hollow Blowing Spring Blowing Spring Cemetery Bobs Lake Number One Bobs Lake Number One Dam Bobs Lake Number Two Bobs Lake Number Two Dam Booker Ridge Booker Ridge Bruce Cemetery Buckner Cemetery Bumpass-King Cemetery Camp Branch Caney Hollow Cantrell Hollow Carpenters (historical) Cecil Cemetery Cecil Cemetery Cedar Hill Cemetery Cedar Hill Church Chapel Hill Chapel Hill School (historical) Chavers Cemetery Church House Hill Coffey Cemetery Cooper Hollow Cox Hollow Cox Low Gap Cross Bridges Cemetery Cross Bridges Church Cross Cemetery Dale Branch Davis Mine Dawson Cemetery Dickson Cemetery Dickson Spring Dog Branch Dog Branch Dog Hollow Dog branch Dry Creek Dry Creek School (historical) Eagle Falls Eagle Falls Church (historical) Ebenezer Cemetery Ebenezer Church English Hill Enterprise Enterprise School (historical) Enterprise United Methodist Church Ettaton School Falls Creek First Baptist Church of Mount Pleasant Freedom Church Freedom School (historical) Frierson Town Gardenia Park Gilliam Mine Gipson Hollow Gipson Hollow Branch Goat Hollow Branch Granberry Cemetery Grimes Cemetery Guthrie Hollow Hackney Cemetery Halls Chapel Church of Christ Hampshire Baptist Church Hampshire Post Office Hampshire School Harlan Branch Hay Long Elementary School (historical) Hay Long High School (historical) Hill Branch Hills Chapel Cemetery Hills Chapel School Holt Hollow Hoover-Mason School (historical) Howard Field Park Howard High School (historical) Hughes Hill Hunt Branch Hunter Cemetery Institute Hill Ivy Hollow James E Woody Elementary School Jennings Cemetery Johnson Hill Jonesboro (historical) King Hollow Kittrell Hollow Kittrell Mine Knowles Hollow Lasley Cemetery Lawrence Cemetery Ledbetter Cemetery Little Terrapin Branch Long Branch Love Cemetery Lovetown Macedonia School Maury County Airport Maury County Airport Mine Mayhorn Hollow McClain Branch McClain Cemetery Mill Hollow Mitchell Hollow Mount Joy Mount Joy Cumberland Presbyterian Church Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant City Hall Mount Pleasant High School Mount Pleasant Little League Park Mount Pleasant Post Office Mount Pleasant Public Library Mount Zion Church Neale Cemetery Needmore Negro Hill New Zion Church Orrs Chapel Pickard Hollow Pipkin Bluff Pisgah Cemetery Pisgah Church Pisgah Ridge Pisgah View School Porter Cemetery Porters Porters Chapel United Methodist Church Porters School (historical) Powell Cemetery Pulliam Cemetery Quality Creek Rails Hollow Rails Hollow Raines Hollow Raines Hollow Branch Rattlesnake Falls Red Row Reservoir Hill Ridley Rockdale Rockdale Hill Salem Church (historical) Sandy Hook Sandy Hook School (historical) Scotts Creek Scotts Mill Screamer Scribner Hollow Seth Seton Hollow Sheepneck Cemetery Sheepneck Hollow Shiloh Cemetery Shiloh Church (historical) Smith Hollow Spencer Hill Spencer Hill Cemetery Spencer Hill Church Stauffer Chemical Dike Number Nineteen Stauffer Chemical Dike Number Seventeen Stauffer Chemical Tailings Pond Number Nineteen Stauffer Chemical Tailings Pond Number Seventeen Stauffer Globe Pond Dam Number Twenty-one Stauffer Globe Pond Number Twenty-one Stone Cemetery Strayhorn Cemetery Sugar Creek Sugar Fork Tennessee Hill Terrapin Branch Thompson Hill Turnbo Cemetery Victor Mine Virginia-Carolina Mine WXRQ-AM (Mount Pleasant) Ward-Gilliam Mine Watson Hollow Watts Hill Watts Hill Cemetery Webster Cemetery Webster Knob West Fork Big Bigby Creek West Point Church Wheeler Hollow Wheeler Hollow Williams Cemetery Williams Hollow Willis Chapel Wiltshire Hollow