Palmersville, TN 38241 ZIP Code Map


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38241 Street Addresses

Atkinson Rd ((300-398)) Atkins Rd ((201-299)) Barber Rd ((300-399)) Bethany Church Rd ((201-299)) Blooming Grove Rd ((501-1799)) Bowlin Rd ((600-698)) Boydsville Rd ((4401-10299)) Brann Rd ((101-141)) Branson Ln ((201-299)) Buckley Atkins Rd ((200-499)) Buckley Rd ((200-1099)) Cecil Davis Rd ((300-599)) Courtney Rd ((101-599)) Coyce Jones Rd ((100-699)) Doc Wells Rd ((201-299)) Donoho Levee Rd ((100-999)) Earl Hayes Rd ((101-599)) Emerson Rd ((101-199)) E New Hope Church Rd ((3600-4398)) Evergreen St ((600-699)) Frank Mc Kelvey Rd ((600-1098)) Frank McKelvey Rd ((901-1299)) Gerald Harris Rd ((200-299)) Glover Store Rd ((101-1899)) Harold Perry Rd ((100-199)) Harrison Rd ((101-1198)) Hicks Rd ((300-1298)) Hobbs Rd ((201-299)) Hodges Cemetery Rd ((300-398)) Hunt Rd ((201-2499)) Hwy 190 ((411-10498)) James Rd ((200-298)) Jay Bird Ln ((100-2298)) Jw Bynum Rd ((1-299)) Kay Mansfield Rd ((300-499)) Killingsworth Ln ((100-699)) King Rd ((700-1698)) Latham Hwy ((12300-13899)) Latham Hwy 190 ((10500-12098)) Latham Palmersville Rd ((12300-13899)) Laws Rd ((201-299)) Little Zion Rd ((300-10498)) Matheny Grove Rd ((1501-1799)) McClains Levee Rd ((1100-1298)) Montgomery Rd ((201-299)) Moore School Rd ((101-499)) Moores School Rd ((200-998)) Morris Rd ((100-298)) Nameless Rd ((101-398)) New Hope Church Rd ((1071-4398)) Old Austin Springs Rd ((101-299)) Old Bethel Rd ((300-699)) Old State Hwy 22 ((600-699)) Oliver Rd ((2-5398)) Palmersville Hwy ((4201-6799)) Palmersville Rd ((700-7098)) Pentecost Rd ((101-1598)) Pioneer Ln ((101-199)) Powell Levee Rd ((100-578)) Reynalds Rd ((901-1099)) Rook Rd ((500-598)) Rutherford Rd ((200-299)) School Rd ((101-1298)) School St ((300-1298)) State Hwy 190 ((411-13899)) State Hwy 89 ((63-10034)) State Line Rd ((101-7198)) Stephenson Rd ((200-898)) Webber Rd ((100-299)) Webb Rd ((101-19098)) Wendy Ln ((101-199)) Williams Rd ((201-1298)) Winsor Rd ((1-299)) Workman Cemetery Rd ((101-1899))

38241 Places and Attractions

Austin Cemetery Bible Union Church of Christ Blooming Grove Cemetery Blooming Grove Church Boydsville Cemetery Brundige Brundige Branch Brundige School (historical) Bumpas Bottom Bumpas Bottom Bumpass Store (historical) Bynum Cemetery Calvary Missionary Baptist Church Cane Creek Cane Creek Branch Cardwell Cemetery Cupp Branch Cypress Creek Dam Number Four Cypress Creek Lake Number Four Doron Cemetery Dunn Cemetery Fairview Cemetery Fairview School (historical) Fancy Griffith Cemetery Harris Cemetery Hays Cemetery Henderson Cemetery Kennedy Branch Latham Lea Branch Lemon Springs Cemetery Little Cane Creek Little Zion Cemetery Little Zion Church Little Zion School (historical) Macks Grove Cemetery Macks Grove Church Matheny Grove Matheny Grove Cemetery Matheny Grove Church Maxey Cemetery Mayo Branch McClain Cemetery McClain Cemetery McGuire Cemetery Morgan Cemetery New Hope Cemetery New Hope Church North Union Chapel Cemetery Old Bethel Church Osteen Store (historical) Palmer Cemetery Palmersville Palmersville Cemetery Palmersville Elementary School Palmersville Missionary Baptist Church Palmersville Post Office Palmersville Primitive Baptist Church Parrish Cemetery Pickard Cemetery Pickards Mill (historical) Powell Cemetery Stouts Store (historical) Stow Cemetery Stuntson Cemetery Thompson Branch Thompson Cemetery Thompson School (historical) Union Chapel Union Number 1 School Vincent Cemetery Williams Cemetery Williams Store (historical) Winstead Cemetery Workman Cemetery Zion Hill Cemetery Zion Hill Church