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38107 Street Addresses

5th Aly ((780-815)) Alaska St ((700-1099)) Albert Pl ((800-899)) Alma St ((700-999)) Annie St ((800-999)) Argyle Ave ((1000-1299)) Arrington Ave ((500-699)) Artesian Aly ((607-899)) Ayers St ((600-1199)) Baby Row ((900-999)) Bammel Ave ((1000-1299)) Barrett Pl ((600-799)) Bethel Ave ((200-799)) Bickford Ave ((100-399)) Breedlove St ((500-1499)) Brown Ave ((1000-1999)) Burke Pl ((1100-1199)) Caldwell Ave ((100-299)) Calumet Farms Dr ((1300-1399)) Capital Ave ((1000-1299)) Castle St ((700-799)) Cedar Ave ((100-299)) Center Ln ((900-999)) Chelsea Ave ((100-1413)) Chicago Ave ((1000-1299)) Claybrook Cove ((1300-1399)) Clyde Ave ((1000-1399)) Coker St ((1100-1399)) Colby St ((1100-1299)) Coppock St ((1000-1199)) Corrine Ave ((500-999)) Coweta Pl ((1000-1199)) Crawford Pl ((900-999)) Crockett Pl ((700-999)) Crump Ave ((1700-2099)) Decatur Cove ((900-999)) Decatur St ((600-1499)) Dickinson St ((600-999)) Donnelly Aly ((1100-1199)) Dorian Ave ((500-699)) Dunlap Cove ((801-999)) E Cabana Cir ((900-1099)) Edward Ave ((1600-2099)) Edward Cove ((1900-1999)) Eldridge Ave ((900-1099)) Ella St ((1200-1499)) E Michelle Cir ((1000-1099)) Empire Ave ((1100-1399)) E Rainbow Dr ((900-1099)) Fern Pl ((1100-1299)) Firestone Ave ((600-1299)) Fleming Ave ((600-699)) Fred St ((1500-1698)) Garland St ((700-1199)) Gerard Pl ((1000-1199)) Grant Ave ((1100-1299)) Greenlaw Ave ((600-699)) Greenlaw Pl ((500-699)) Griffith Ave ((800-999)) Guthrie Ave ((200-699)) Hallwood Dr ((1900-2199)) Hastings Cir E ((600-798)) Hastings Cir W ((600-799)) Hastings St ((500-899)) Hawthorne St ((597-1099)) Henry Ave ((1-1798)) Hickory Ave ((1-199)) Huron Ave ((500-799)) Imperial Ave ((800-999)) Ivory Ave ((100-699)) Jackson Ave ((500-2099)) Jehl Pl ((800-1099)) Joseph Pl ((800-1299)) Keel Aly ((100-299)) Keel Ave ((1-1399)) Kensington Pl ((830-999)) Kney St ((800-1499)) Lagrange Ave ((900-1099)) Leath St ((600-1199)) Lee Ave ((800-1099)) Leon Pl ((800-1099)) Lewis St ((800-1199)) Life Ave ((400-699)) Lion Ct ((500-599)) Lion St ((1200-1399)) Looney Ave ((1-1299)) Louisville Ave ((1000-7098)) Love Aly ((700-899)) Luke Ave ((300-399)) Lyceum Ln ((606-799)) Lyman Ave ((600-799)) Lyndale Ave ((1400-2019)) Mahannah Ave ((300-499)) Majestic Ave ((800-899)) Marble Ave ((100-1099)) Maury St ((600-1099)) McComb Ave ((800-999)) McDavitt Pl ((500-699)) Mignon Ave ((1700-2098)) Mill Ave ((332-399)) Minnie St ((1400-1599)) Monticello Dr ((900-1999)) Morehead St ((1000-1499)) Muster Aly ((500-799)) N 2nd St ((600-1649)) N 3rd St ((604-1099)) N 4th St ((600-969)) N 5th St ((610-899)) N 6th St ((600-1156)) N 7th St ((600-1400)) N Auburndale St ((600-999)) N Avalon St ((401-1299)) N Barksdale St ((600-1099)) N Bellevue Blvd ((613-1774)) N Belvedere Blvd ((600-1199)) N Cabana Cir ((1901-2199)) N Claybrook St ((400-1399)) N Dunlap St ((600-1199)) N Evergreen St ((1-1176)) N Front St ((607-999)) Nicholas St ((1100-1499)) N Idlewild St ((600-1099)) N Lexington Cir ((1300-1499)) N Main St ((493-999)) N Manassas St ((600-1299)) N Mansfield St ((700-999)) N McLean Blvd ((598-2699)) N McNeil St ((715-1199)) N Michelle Cir ((1500-1699)) N Montgomery St ((400-999)) N Pkwy ((1657-1849)) N Rainbow Dr ((1800-1899)) N Watkins St ((635-2016)) N Willett St ((600-1099)) Oakmont Pl ((801-1099)) Old Thomas St ((600-799)) Olympic St ((700-999)) Orenda Ave ((1400-1599)) Orpah Aly ((200-299)) Orphanage Ave ((700-999)) Palmetto Ave ((1000-1199)) Pear Ave ((300-699)) Pearce St ((600-1199)) Peyton Cir ((500-699)) Plum Ave ((300-699)) Ramona St ((983-1099)) Randle St ((700-1099)) Rawlings Pl ((900-999)) Reno Ave ((100-299)) Rosebud Ln ((1600-1799)) Royal Ave ((600-899)) Saffarans Ave ((1-1299)) Saint Charles Ave ((1000-1199)) S Cabana Cir ((2000-2099)) Sexton Ave ((701-799)) Sheridan St ((800-1099)) S Lexington Cir ((1000-1499)) S Michelle Cir ((1500-1699)) Smith Ave ((1000-1399)) Snowden Ave ((1100-2099)) Speed St ((700-1099)) S Rainbow Dr ((1800-1999)) State Hwy 1 ((1657-1849)) State Hwy 14 ((500-2099)) State Hwy 3 ((402-1767)) Stonewall St ((501-1099)) Sunflower ((100-199)) Sylvan St ((1100-1299)) Terry Cir ((973-1198)) Thomas St ((500-4244)) Tm Henderson Ave ((100-899)) Tully St ((800-1399)) Tutwiler Ave ((1100-2099)) University St ((500-1398)) Uptown St ((500-699)) US Hwy 51 ((558-1767)) Varsity Ave ((1700-1799)) Vollintine Ave ((800-2298)) Waterworks Ave ((1-99)) Weakley Ave ((400-1299)) Weakley Ct ((500-599)) Wells Ave ((500-899)) Whitfield Ave ((1000-1199)) Willow Pl ((100-199)) W Lexington Cir ((1000-1299)) Woodlawn St ((500-1299)) Wortham Ave ((600-799)) Zilphia Pl ((700-799))

38107 Places and Attractions

Abundant Life Missionary Baptist Church Amazing Grace Church of God Anderson-Tully County Airport Antioch Baptist Church Apostolic Fellowship Church of Christ Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ Ayers Street Church of God Baron Hirsch Synagogue Bethlehem Baptist Church Bickford Bickford Park Brown Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church Caldwell Elementary School Centennial Baptist Church Chelsea Avenue Presbyterian Church (historical) Chicago Park School Christ Chapel Church of God in Christ Christian Unity Baptist Church Church of God in Christ Church of the First Born Church of the Good Shepherd Coleman Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Community Baptist Church Dave Wells Community Center Ellis Grove Baptist Church Faith Baptist Church Friendly Baptist Church Friendship Baptist Church General Assembly and First Born Church Gethsemane Garden Church God Save American Prayer Temple Good Samaritan Pentecostal Holiness Church Gordon School Gospel Temple Baptist Church Grace Missionary Baptist Church Grant Elementary School Greater Community Temple Church of God in Christ Greater Faith Baptist Church Greater Lewis Street Baptist Church Guthrie Elementary School Guthrie Park Holy Chapel Baptist Church Holy Ghost Spiritual Temple Holy Name Convent Holy Name School Holy Names of Jesus and Mary Catholic Church Humes Junior High School Interchange 1F Interchange 2 Jerusalem Church of God in Christ Keel Avenue Baptist Church Keel School Klondike Church of Christ Klondike Elementary School Klondike Park Leath Bayou Life Church of God in Christ Lilly of Valley Baptist Church Little Flower School Lucille Price Park Madison Heights Bayou Manassas High School McLean Baptist Church Meek and Humble Missionary Church of God in Christ Mount Austin Missionary Baptist Church Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Nazareth Missionary Baptist Church New Allen Missionary Baptist Church New Chicago Park New Fellowship Baptist Church New Jackson Avenue Missionary Baptist Church New Life Missionary Baptist Church New True Vine Missionary Baptist Church North Branch Memphis Public Library North Yards Northside Christian Community Center Northside High School Number Seventh Street Church Open Door True Church Parkview Baptist Church Payne Chapel Methodist Church Peace Lutheran Church Pearly Gates Baptist Church Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church Porter-Leith Childrens Center Reed United Methodist Church Royster Bayou Saint Anthony School Saint James Baptist Church Saint Joseph Baptist Church Saint Marks Baptist Church Saint Teresa Church Seventh Street Baptist Church Seventh Street Church Smothers Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Stewart Hall Straight Way Church of God in Christ Sylvan Heights Tabernacle Church of God in Christ The Inspirational Church Trinity Christian Methodist Episcopal Church True Church House of Prayer True Holiness Lighhouse Church Tuckers Temple Church of God in Christ Union Grove Baptist Church United Methodist Neighborhood Center Vollintine Avenue Baptist Church Vollintine Elementary School Vollintine Park WWEE-AM (Memphis) Washington Park Wolf River Lagoon