Middleton, TN 38052 ZIP Code Map


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38052 Street Addresses

Adams Way ((101-656)) Alec Rd ((1-298)) Antioch Ln ((100-498)) Antioch Rd ((200-4212)) Beaver Rd ((101-199)) Beech Tree Cove ((2-98)) Bells Way ((201-499)) Bishop Rd ((1-4798)) Blake Ln ((2-298)) Bob Rd ((1-199)) Bowden Ln ((101-219)) Brents Chapel Rd ((100-3598)) Brints Chapel ((3601-3699)) Brints Chapel Ln ((100-3998)) Buck ((301-399)) Bufford Ln ((1-599)) Burches Way ((101-398)) Burgess Loop ((1-1219)) Buster Rd ((100-3099)) C Allen Rd ((1-399)) Camillia ((100-199)) C and P Ln ((201-299)) Cardwell Rd ((100-3298)) Carter Rd ((101-1899)) Cedar Cir ((2-98)) Cedar Cove ((101-199)) Clear Creek Dr ((300-398)) Cottonwood ((200-399)) Cottonwood Ave ((301-399)) Cub Creekway ((601-799)) Cutbirth Rd ((1-698)) Cypress Cove ((200-299)) Davis Ln ((200-498)) Deer Run Way ((700-1799)) Dogwood Ave ((1-799)) Dogwood Cove ((201-299)) Dogwood Dr ((2-98)) Doyle Rd ((1501-3998)) Eagle View Way ((100-298)) Earnest Rd ((101-599)) Edgewater Dr ((2-724)) E Tennessee ((101-199)) Falcon Cove ((2-198)) Fawn Dr ((101-199)) F & B Ln ((1-398)) Ferrell Rd ((2-1899)) Florida Ave ((100-299)) Foster Rd ((1-1669)) Fox Dr ((201-299)) Fritton Spur Ln ((1-2898)) Fritton Spur Rd ((1-2844)) Gardenia Ln ((100-199)) Gentry Chapel Rd ((300-3599)) George West Rd ((102-1098)) Girl Scout Rd ((1701-1898)) Grace Rd ((101-199)) Grant St ((103-398)) Hayes Way ((200-399)) Heborn Ln ((1-598)) Hebron Rd ((101-2597)) Helton Way ((1-121)) Herschel Rd ((400-1398)) Hickory Hts ((2-98)) Holly Cove ((201-299)) Huck Finn Dr ((2-298)) Huckleberry Dr ((200-398)) Hwy 125 S ((656-11885)) Hwy 57 ((11725-17280)) Iris Way ((1-499)) James Way ((2-198)) Jessie Way ((1-698)) Jones Way ((2-298)) Kennedy Dr ((300-3398)) Kennedy Rd ((300-3298)) Kentucky Ave ((100-317)) Kirk Loop ((2-799)) Kirk Rd ((1-398)) Lacy Ln ((1-462)) Lake Hardeman Rd ((9901-13398)) Lake Vonda Way ((101-299)) Lanier Ln ((101-406)) L Crisp Rd ((500-1199)) Lenior Rd ((2-1199)) Lenoir Ln ((1-99)) Lenoir Loop ((2-254)) Lenoir Rd ((301-799)) Lily Ln ((200-298)) Lincoln Rd ((201-299)) Lisbon Rd ((101-499)) Lost Creek ((1-398)) Louisiana Ave ((101-199)) Lynn Way ((1-99)) Magnolia ((100-198)) McMahan Rd ((1-1867)) Mike Way ((101-298)) Mississippi Ave ((100-198)) Mockingbird Rd ((100-218)) Mott Rd ((501-1198)) Neely Rd ((2-2898)) New Hope Rd ((601-4232)) N Main St ((100-5964)) Norton Rd ((600-2698)) Nubbin Ridge Rd ((2-2699)) Oak ((100-198)) Oak Grove Rd ((100-198)) Ohio Ave ((100-198)) Old Enon Ln ((201-299)) Old Enon Rd ((400-2299)) Old Roger Springs Rd ((101-399)) Old State Line Rd ((600-1399)) Old Tow Rd ((1-599)) Oscar Ln ((300-398)) Pea Vine Rd ((1-10853)) Pine Crest Rd ((2-499)) Pine Tree Dr ((1-99)) Porter Creek Rd ((100-1699)) Porter Rd ((100-1599)) Powell Chapel Rd ((1-5705)) Powers Rd ((101-2107)) Pulse Dr ((1401-2999)) Pulse Rd ((1-2999)) Reaves Rd ((600-6699)) Red Bird Rd ((100-1162)) Red Bud Trl ((2-198)) Reed Ln ((1-198)) Reed Rd ((1-198)) Reindeer St ((101-127)) Reuben Creek Rd ((100-5964)) Rhodes Dr ((1-199)) Robert Crowley Loop ((1-1826)) Robin Ct ((101-199)) Rocky Springs Rd ((2-1299)) Roosevelt Rd ((100-237)) Rose Dr ((200-299)) Rose St Exd ((100-198)) Rush Creek ((100-899)) Sain Rd ((2227-15798)) Sandy Springs Rd ((1-1898)) Sasser Rd ((1-999)) See Sun Way ((101-199)) Serles Rd ((1-2598)) Skylar Way ((1-199)) S Main St ((100-799)) Smalley Rd ((100-799)) S Neely Rd ((2-2898)) South Carolina Ln ((1-199)) Southwest Ln ((1-398)) S Pine Point Cir ((2-199)) State Hwy 125 ((1-5964)) Stevens Rd ((2-1129)) Tate Way ((1-198)) Taylor Ln ((300-398)) Thurman Ln ((101-798)) Tulip Cove ((1-99)) Upton Rd ((101-1959)) US Hwy 57 ((101-19800)) Wellington Rd ((301-1898)) White Oak ((200-298)) Wild Wood Ln ((1-99)) Wiley Ln ((2-398)) Willow Rd ((100-899)) Willow St ((100-407)) Winterberry Cir ((100-299)) Winwood Farms Loop ((2-4399)) Woodrun Cir ((83-115)) Woodrun Cove ((100-298)) Woodrun Dr ((1-499)) W Sycamore Cove ((2-10099)) Yopp Rd ((201-299))

38052 Places and Attractions

Bailey Cemetery Bass Cemetery Bowder Hill Church Brints Chapel Burnette School Crystal Spring Branch Cub Creek Cub Creek Lake Number Two A Cub Creek Number Two A Dam Cub Creek Tree Farm Dam Cub Creek Tree Farm Lake Dry Branch Dry Cypress Creek Ebenezer Cemetery Fortune Branch Gentrys Chapel Grantham Cemetery Harris Cemetery Hebron Hebron Baptist Church Hebron School (historical) Hudson Branch Lacy Lake Hardeman Lake Hardeman Dam Lake Vonda Lake Vonda Dam Landis Dam Landis Lake Lee Creek Liberty Baptist Church Lisbon Magbee Branch Middleton Middleton City Hall Middleton Elementary School Middleton High School Middleton Post Office Moore Branch Mount Olive School Muddy Creek Ditch Muddy Creek Lake Number Twenty-one Muddy Creek Number Twenty-one Lake Dam New Bethel Church New Hope Church Old Aenon Church Old Antioch School Old Bethlehem Cemetery Optimist Club Lake Optimist Club Lake Dam Poor Porter Creek Dam Number Seventeen Porters Creek Porters Creek Porters Creek Porters Creek Porters Creek Porters Creek Church Porters Creek Dam Number Five Porters Creek Dam Number Nine Porters Creek Lake Dam Number Eight Porters Creek Lake Dam Number Fifteen Porters Creek Lake Dam Number Four Porters Creek Lake Dam Number Seven Porters Creek Lake Dam Number Six Porters Creek Lake Dam Number Three Porters Creek Lake Number Eight Porters Creek Lake Number Fifteen Porters Creek Lake Number Five Porters Creek Lake Number Four Porters Creek Lake Number Nine Porters Creek Lake Number Seven Porters Creek Lake Number Seventeen Porters Creek Lake Number Six Porters Creek Lake Number Three Porters Creek Number Sixteen Dam Porters Creek Slough Porters Creek Watershed Number Sixteen Lake Porters Mountain Prairie Branch Ramah Cemetery Ramah Church Reeves Church Robertson Branch Rogers Spring Lake Rogers Springs Rogers Springs Rogers Springs Dam Sandy Springs Cemetery Sasser Cemetery Serles Stanley Cemetery Stewart Branch Talley Spring Branch The Big Bottom The Mound Thompson Creek Towhead Branch Woodrun Lake Number One Woodrun Lake Number Two Woodrun Number One Dam West Woodrun Number Two Dam Yopp Branch Yopp Branch Yopp Branch Yopp Branch